Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 33.2 – Unexpected

Her silver ribbon shivered several times when it touched the bug of the man in red, throwing the bugs off.

Baili Qingmiao ran in front, but the men in the red clothes soon caught up with her and said: “Why did Master Shitan and altar Master Ruan think I am ugly? It was obviously not like this when Master Qiu was around. Master Qiu liked me and often praised me. I miss Master Qiu so much. Hey, why do you smell like Master Qiu? Don’t go, wait for me!”

Baili Qingmiao did not know this Master Qiu, she only knew that the poor altar master Ruan who was forced to kiss with the man in red was very pitiful. Her heart jumped and she ran wildly all the way, but she couldn’t shake off the man in red. She felt that she was not unable to beat the other side, but she did not dare to fight.

In desperation, her left eye suddenly saw a room glowing with a light so she quickly pushed the door and rushed in, locking the door and then covering her wildly beating heart. Holding her breath she was afraid that the men in the red outside would find her.

The man in red stood in front of the door, tilted his head and looked for a while, bowing twice before saying: “This is the room of guests invited by the master that can’t be disturbed. I have to go.”

As he said it he turned around and left, missing master Qiu.

Baili Qingmiao heard the footsteps fading away and finally no longer felt scared. She patted her heart, observing the environment of this room, but her left eye saw a man in white with a book in hand. The attention of the men dressed in white was also focused on her, the left eye of Baili Qingmiao was so glued to the other person she could not look away.

Zhong Liqian: “……”

He just suddenly felt a palpitation, as well as fear, knowing that it was a compulsion Gu attack. He was trying to find a way to calm down his mind when a woman rushed to his room. Since then, Zhong Liqian could not leave this woman, only feeling that her figure was pasted in front of his eyes.

It was as if…. this person’s face was in front of his eyes. Her body was also blooming with bright light and even when his two eyes felt painful from it he could not move them away from her.

Zhong Liqian mind was filled with Baili Qingmiao face, was this some new torture technique?

Her right eye was still able to observe the surroundings, but the difference between the two eyes was too uncomfortable. She felt that there were double shadows in front of her eyes so when Zhong Liqian moved, Baili Qingmiao felt so dizzy she wanted to vomit.

It seems that only blindfolding will help Zhong Liqian mind so he took out a cloth to blindfold his eyes. The cultivator can sense the surrounding environment so even if he can’t see with his eyes it will not be a problem.

The other party’s action immediately woke Baili Qingmiao up as she pulled off a sleeve and tied it diagonally over her left eye, revealing only her right eye, which was much more comfortable.

With her right eye she could clearly see Zhong Liqin’s appearance, an elegant gentleman. Seeing him move Baili Qingmiao became so frightened that she stuck to the wall, frantically spinning windless silver moon ribbons in front of her and saying in fear: “Don’t move, just keep this look and don’t release the bugs!”

Zhong Liqian felt her panic and silently recited poetry in his heart to calm himself and Baili Qingmiao, then he said with a light smile: “Do not worry, girl, I was born with this look and I will not change it. I am Zhong Liqian, may I ask for your name?”

“Zhong Liqian? From the Zhong family? ” She found that she had calmed down and guessed, “Was your honour also caught here?”

“Sort of.”

Zhong Liqian’s peaceful attitude made Baili Qingmiao relax. Putting away her live bound magic weapon she cupped her hands and said: “ Baili Qingmiao from the  Shangqing sect, I traveled down the mountain with my master and while passing through Ghost Mountain we were caught here. Master’s whereabouts are now unknown so I am looking for her now. Does Master Zhong know what this place is?”

“Xuanyuan sect, Underworld Fire Altar.” Zhong Liqian replied modestly.

The doubts in his heart grew more and more, why would Wen Renhe tie him to such an ordinary disciple of the righteous path? Also, this woman seemed to have known nothing about it.

Xuanyuan sect?” Baili Qingmiao instantly felt it must be wrong, she had met Wen Renhe before and clearly, Wen Renhe was a very good senior. He also met master Qing Xue so he should not hurt her?

Could it be that elder Wen Renhe had met with an untimely death and the Xuanyuan sect has changed hands? No, it was also possible that the people of Underworld Fire Altar did it without his permission.

Baili Qingmiao took out the token given to her by Wen Renhe from her storage belt, she originally did not intend to use this token in her life, but for the sake of her master she still had to try it out.

Wen Renhe who was secretly observing them saw the token and thought that he had made a mistake. He must not let Baili Qingmiao use the token to summon him. Once he appeared, how could Zhong Liqian still be alone with Baili Qingmiao?

When Yin Hanjiang saw that his lord showed a rarely seen difficult look, he put on his ghost mask and changed his aura around him, entering the room as a shadow and snatching the token from Baili Qingmiao’s hand.

“Who are you?” Baili Qingmiao and Zhong Liqian immediately leaned together. They felt that Yin Hanjiang’s strength was not bad so the two of them who shared the same heart immediately decided to join forces against the enemy.

The ghost masked men held the token stroking with his fingertips Seven flower pattern, and said in a deep voice: “You are not worthy to have this.”

Wearing the ghost mask Yin Hanjiang did not have to hide his expression. He had been depressed in his heart for the past few days and felt that only at this moment, when his face was covered, could he reveal his real expression and relax a little.

Then he looked somewhat gloomily at Baili Qingmiao and Zhong Liqian, thinking of the phrase “I don’t know when I fell in love with him, but I was in love with him.” and felt his heartache.

If it wasn’t for these two, how would he have sensed his own feelings, and how could he have been in such pain as he was now?

If he hadn’t known, how good would it have been?

Yin Hanjiang put the token close to his heart and, not hurting the two of them, returned to Wen Renhe’s side. Removing his mask he once again revealed a quiet and loyal expression.


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Baili Qingmiao: I seem to become wiser, it’s not an illusion!

Zhong Liqian: Well it was indeed my intelligence.


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