In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 88 – Competition System

Ren Sheng didn’t know about the post. Although he was a little unhappy at the beginning, he had four children to take care of, so he didn’t have time to stay online. After going offline, he quickly forgot about it. But even if he didn’t know, others knew. Elder Teng was the person who spent the longest time online, spending most of his time every day in the virtual network. Of course he stayed online for such a long time not to learn mechas, but to find information that the Human Federation could use.


Nevertheless, because of Ren Sheng, he also met some people who liked mecha such as the first group of Ren Sheng fans who used to train in the same room as them before.


“Jay! There is a threat on the anonymous forum related to Greenton!” A woman with emerald green hair contacted Elder Teng.


“Anonymous forum?” Elder Teng didn’t know anything about it.


“Click on the icon in the upper right corner and you’ll find it.” The gorgeous woman tossed her hair. “Those assholes! They don’t even know how hard Greenton is working, but they still slander him. It’s so detestable!”


“I’ll go take a look.” After searching for a while, Elder Teng finally opened the forum panel and saw the post as well. He then contacted Fang Chengjun.


“Ren Sheng’s strength is very strong. Those people can’t even compare with him, but they don’t even let him show it.” Fang Chengjun frowned. “Let me see… We can’t solve this, but Crohn should have no problem.” Recently, Crohn and Zhao Lingyu had been working together. At times like this he certainly wouldn’t watch Ren Sheng be bullied like this! Fang Chengjun’s eyes flashed as he left the network and sent a message to Crohn.


After sending the message, Fang Chengjun went to the laboratory. After Gerd’s work came to an end, he said to him, “You are pregnant with children, don’t sit for such a long time. Get up and have some rest.”


While saying it, Fang Chengjun also put his hand on Gerd’s stomach. Gerd’s belly was already showing and bulging slightly. He frowned as he glanced at his stomach and said, “Fortunately, in a few months we can surgically take them out, otherwise I absolutely wouldn’t be able to stand it.” According to the current technology of the Ruoya Empire, a four-month-old child could already survive outside after being removed from the mother’s belly. In the case of ordinary people, it was even possible to grow an embryo completely outside the body. However, for the sake of the children’s health, they planned to wait a few more months before taking the children out.


“They moved!” Fang Chengjun was surprised.


“I know.” Gerd didn’t take this seriously at all, but was more concerned about something else. “I’m hungry.”


Fang Chengjun went to prepare food for his pregnant husband, while on the other side, Crohn looked a little torn as he looked at the post. Ren Sheng was now their treasure. How dare someone offend him? He must do something about it. Now that Zhao Lingyu has cooperated with them, sooner or later he will reveal his identity so why doesn’t he ‘remind’ others first?


The internet mecha competition didn’t have a rule that minors cannot register. But minors were basically very well protected, so no one has ever registered before. Ren Sheng was the first one. The reason Blue Fatty let Ren Sheng participate in the competition was because he thought Ren Sheng was outstanding and wanted him to shine. However, he didn’t expect that Ren Sheng wouldn’t even be able to compete properly like everyone else and let others see his strength in the competition.


“Blue Fatty, you recommended this kid in the first place, so shouldn’t you be the one to solve this matter now?”


“Because he has raised so many questions, it is difficult for our tournament to continue.”


“It’s true that we always aimed for fairness, but now everyone feels that it’s unfair, so this matter must be solved…”


“He can’t participate in the tournament anymore.”




The judges in charge of the competition and many other professional mecha experts gathered together and talked about it. Among these people, there were also those who had gone to see Ren Sheng training with Blue Fatty, so they knew that Ren Sheng was capable. But Ren Sheng’s presence had really affected the normal order of the competition. No one believes how powerful this nineteen-year-old could be.


Obviously, in the virtual network, Blue Fatty suddenly felt a little hot and even subconsciously wiped his sweat. A few days ago, he went to Ren Sheng to comfort him and now… he is going to Ren Sheng to ask him to not take part in the competition? Blue Fatty didn’t want to do such a thing, but everyone else looked at him.


“I’ll go…” Blue Fatty sighed, but just at that moment, they suddenly received a message from the Emperor. Emperor? Blue Fatty and the others were shocked. In fact, the Emperor was more of a respectful title. He couldn’t rule autocratically, but he was still an Emperor after all.


“His Majesty asked us to change the procedures of the competition to make it anonymous.” Someone said hesitantly. As soon as the voice dropped, another message sounded again. This time it was a message from the Mecha Research Institute. Keith, the director of the Mecha Research Institute, who is known as the iceberg beauty in the Empire, also expressed the hope that the competition would be anonymous.


Then came the army… Duke Crohn the god of war of the Ruoya Empire specifically contacted them, saying that the contestants should be anonymous and that all of them should use standard mecha without modification of their appearance. Only then would it truly be fair. Later, many more people contacted them.


“Blue Fatty you know Greenton, who is he? Those aristocrats and high level ability users really have not given birth for two hundred years?” At last someone couldn’t help asking. It has been a long time since the Empire’s strongest people gave birth to children, so all of them thought that Greenton was just an ordinary person. But can an ordinary person get his Majesty who really made an announcement, speak out for them? It was simply not possible! Who the hell was this Greenton?


The Blue Fatty moved his mouth, somewhat helpless. “I don’t know…”


The competition rules of the cyber mecha competition changed! Previously, the cyber mecha competition required real names to participate, in order to be transparent enough. So the names would also be displayed above the heads of the participants throughout the competition. This time, however, above the contestants’ heads, only a number would be displayed without the name, for the rest of the contest.


This was… for that minor? Those who heard this news were very curious, but at this time the tournament authorities also issued an explanation.


“Recently there was a contestant in the competition who was deeply questioned. We will not randomly deprive a contestant of their right to participate, so we adopted this method of anonymous entry to ensure absolute fairness.” When the competition authorities said this in a righteous manner, many people who were unhappy with the minor’s participation in the competition said that they would definitely let that minor person have a taste of their own medicine.


Of course, there were also some people who felt that it was not appropriate to let a minor participate in such a competition. Even if the virtual network was fictional, being beaten still hurt and could even cause psychological shadows. So how could they let a minor participate?


Regardless of the arguments outside, the competition went on as usual. Ren Sheng stood in the crowd with a number 78 above his head, not conspicuous at all.


“Brother, which one do you think is the minor one?” A mecha with number 77 walked up to him.

Ren Sheng didn’t say anything so the man added, “In fact, that guy is quite unlucky. Now many people say that when they meet him, they want to beat him up hard…”


“…” Ren Sheng still did not say anything.


Ren Sheng made it clear that he didn’t want to say anything, so mecha 77 also finally stopped making a fool of himself. At this time, the competition began.


This time Ren Sheng came late. His opponent was mecha number 345. The two mechas looked exactly the same and the only difference between the two was the number on their chest and above their heads. “The match begins!” The referee robot’s voice sounded, then Ren Sheng and the man launched their attacks at the same time.


Finally he could have a good fight! Ren Sheng, who had planned not to use his tentacles in the match, didn’t hesitate to use his full strength this time, because of the anger he had experienced in the previous two matches. What happened with Ren Sheng before made the competition questionable, but also made more people pay attention to the competition. Now there were even many people watching and following the competition.


Lola was a special live sports news reporter. Most of the viewers of her sports channel are ordinary people who only watched competitions sometimes and paid more attention to all kinds of gossip. Lola also paid attention to it when she carried out live broadcasts. So now for example, she has been guessing who was the rumored minor.


“No. 267’s movements are stiff and he was already almost beaten by his opponent. I don’t know how he was able to enter this match, maybe that mysterious minor is him. Wait everyone, look at the match between No. 78 and No. 345! 78’s movements are very fast and not beautiful, but according to the AI calculations, they are the most standard movements, saving a lot of energy and effectively hitting the opponent! He is so strong that his opponent is almost completely led by his nose! No, I don’t think that he can even be called an opponent anymore. Poor 345 has simply become the object of his venting! Everyone, look, he almost beat 345 with this punch, but he withdrew it just as he was about to hit 345, he must have been teasing 345!”


Lola commented loudly, “Many regular mechas can’t reach such speed so it’s hard to believe that he can do it with a standard mecha. I didn’t have an idol before, but now I think I found one! This is 78, unfortunately he is a little bad. He could have ended this fight a long time ago, but keeps delaying…”


Ren Sheng was stalling, because he found out that his opponent was the same person who fought him during the first match. That person said that because he was minor, he refused to fight him. So now he must accompany him to practice properly! Ren Sheng’s fist become faster


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