Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 61 – The Trick Is The Trick

Zhong Liqian was using the treatment of Baili Qingmiao as an excuse to entrust Shu Yanyan with finding the medical cultivator, but he understood what kind of character the right protector was.

Baili Qingmiao sought death in the Xuanyuan sect for more than a year but no one thought of inviting the medical cultivator. Instead they asked altar master Shitan to stay for the night but Baili Qingmiao’s condition only worsened and she slept for more than a year.

However, it was not more than ten days after Yin Hanjiang returned to Xuanyuan Sect when Zhong Liqian asked the right protector to seek out a medical cultivator. It was self-evident for whom this medical cultivator was.

But Shu Yanyan did not reveal it, after all, she also thought that Yin Hanjiang’s current state was not right. When Wen Renhe was still around she already sensed that Yin Hanjiang had a tendency to become obsessed.

What she didn’t expect was that just as she sent someone down the mountain, she would meet Yao Jiaping, known as the number one medical cultivator in the cultivation world, which made her a little wary.

After entering the cultivation path more than six hundred years, protector Shu had assisted three Xuanyuan sect Patriarchs and had experienced countless things. As a cultivator who often made troubles for others she firmly believed that things that were very easy to get were mostly traps, while things that were sent to her door were either bait or poison.

So she immediately reported the incident to Yin Hanjiang, saying that the altar master Zhong is looking for a medical cultivator to treat Baili Qingmiao. First, to let Yin Hanjiang help her to take care of it and also to push this matter to Zhong Liqian and Yin Hanjiang, so if there was a problem with Yao Jiaping, the responsibility would not be hers. Secondly if Yao Jiaping was really here to treat Baili, he could also meet with Yin Hanjiang and then secretly observe Yin Hanjiang illness.

After the report, Shu Yanyan personally served Yao Jiaping a cup of finest spiritual tea and ordered her subordinates to serve countless spiritual fruits as she herself gracefully sat in the chair and said: “I have heard that you never visit patients personally but today you were willing to come to Xuanyuan sect as a guest, I am really grateful.”

Yao Jiaping said: “Today is really a coincidence, I happened to be out looking for medicine, and came across your people, I happened to be in a good mood, so I came to have a look. But I have a few rules for healing people, I only treat those who were already treated by others and couldn’t be cured. If your symptoms aren’t rare enough you won’t be treated, those who cannot afford to pay for the consultation fee will not be treated.”

His appearance was above average, comparable to Zhong Liqian but his tone was very arrogant.

But it was still reasonable, Yao Jiaping was a scattered immortal and his strength in the cultivation world was not low. His medicinal skills were also excellent so there were always people who would come to him to seek medical treatment, naturally he had reason to be arrogant. Zhong Liqian’s own strength was not enough, but the Zhong family as a whole was strong so he naturally could also be arrogant.

“The first two points are in line,” Shu Yanyan said: “But I wonder what kind of consultation fee master Yao wants?”

Yao Jiaping stroked Shu Yanyan’s finger and arrogantly said: “That’s something to be determined after seeing the disease.”

“I have already sent someone to bring her here.” Shu Yanyan didn’t seem to feel Yao Jiaping gaze and clapped her hands gently making her two subordinates lift Baili Qingmiao up.

At the same time, Yin Hanjiang, who was dressed in red, also came to the waiting room. He stood outside the door and did not enter, but met Zhong Liqian who came in a hurry at the front of the door.

Zhong Liqian had dealt with Yao Jiaping in the past. When traveling for thirty years, Xie Huai had been injured and Baili Qingmiao took Xie Huai to seek medical treatment from Yao Jiaping. Yao Jiaping was an eccentric so he asked Baili Qingmiao to give him her nascent soul or body in exchange for  saving Xie Huai. In order to save Xie Huai, Baili Qingmiao chose to give her nascent soul to Yao Jiaping. Fortunately, Qiu Congxue arrived in time to “convince” Yao Jiaping to save people and since then this group of people formed a feud.

When he heard that Shu Yanyan had invited this person to the sect, Zhong Liqian’s original intention was to test Yao Jiaping first to see if this person had the ability to heal Yin Hanjiang. If not he would drive him out of the sect and if he was capable… everything could be discussed. Coincidentally, Wen Renhe also had the same idea, Yao Jiaping behavior had nothing to do with Wen Renhe since he didn’t believe that he would speak big in Xuanyuan sect. So he concealed his body and followed Zhong Liqian to the waiting room, unexpectedly he also met Yin Hanjiang.

Zhong Liqian was slightly surprised so he approached Shu Yanyan with his divine sense, deliberately making her aware of his probing, to show his doubt. Shouldn’t healing Baili Qingmiao be first reported to the Patriarch?

Shu Yanyan pretended not to notice Zhong Liqian, making up her mind to play dead. Anyway, she did not offend Yin Hanjiang.

“It’s you?” Yao Jiaping, seeing Zhong Liqian raised his eyebrows, and then looked at the unconscious Baili Qingmiao surprised: “The person you want me to heal is actually her?”

When he saw Baili Qingmiao, his face flushed with a hint of surprise, but it was quickly concealed. Ignoring Zhong Liqian he directly went to examine her injuries, with a serious and responsible attitude,  completely unlike the appearance of a former enemy.

Yao Jiaping’s unusually gentlemanly checked Baili Qingmiao pulse, then frowning said: “Her soul-bound magic weapon was destroyed making her dantian severely injured. There is also a hidden demonic qi in her body, her soul is unstable and she also has a high fever, how strange that a cultivator would suffer from a mortal’s disease! In addition, she seems to have been inflicted with gu worms and spells, but I can’t be sure which one for now.”

Zhong Liqian’s face was expressionless, Baili Qingmiao’s illness could also be credited to him.

“That’s all that can be seen for now, whether there are any other symptoms, further examination is needed.” Yao Jiaping withdrew his hand and said: “I need a quiet room where I would not be disturbed.”

Zhong Liqian and Shu Yanyan were both stunned, Yao Jiaping attitude was completely different from what they had thought.

Yao Jiaping was narrow-minded, vengeful, and had a grudge against Baili Qingmiao, even if he wanted to save her, he would at least name conditions. How could he treat Baili Qingmiao so easily and with such concern?

“Master Yao hasn’t mentioned the consultation fee yet?” Shu Yanyan took the lead and asked.

“There is no hurry, saving people is the most important, as for the consultation fee, anyway, the consultation has not yet begun.” Yao Jiaping said.

“Master Yao is really a kind-hearted doctor, regardless of past grudges, Liqian apologizes for his previous mistake.” Zhong Liqian also said.

“That’s not necessary, it was just a small conflict. Who could remember what happened such a long time ago.” Yao Jiaping waved his hand generously: “I need a quiet room for my medical treatment, just prepare a separate room quickly.”

“I’ll order someone to prepare it.” Shu Yanyan said.

“No need.” Yin Hanjiang, who had been standing outside the door, pushed the door open and looked at Yao Jiaping with a smile: “I was worried about not having a chance to lure out He Wenchao, but you have come to my door.”

Zhong Liqian’s eyelids jumped when he heard Yin Hanjiang’s voice, he quickly said: “Patriarch Yin, he ……”

Yin Hanjiang interrupted Zhong Liqian: “I know what you want to say, you think that although Yao Jiaping has a bad character, his medical skills are still first-class, which is the reason why he has not been killed yet after rampaging the cultivation world for so many years. You also know that his ‘chance encounter’ with the disciples of Xuanyuan sect has another purpose, but altar master Zhong thinks that whatever his purpose is, as long as he can heal people, there is a need to negotiate, right?”

Without waiting for Zhong Liqian’s answer he looked at Shu Yanyan and said: “And you, is the right protector afraid of me?”

Shu Yanyan’s looked astonished, and her lazy and casual expression instantly became serious. She wore a thin lavender dress, revealing her perfect curves. But when Yin Hanjiang’s eyes swept over her, Shu Yanyan instantly wore additional white cloak on her body, covering herself from neck to feet so that not a single piece of flesh was shown.

“As a subordinate, isn’t it proper to fear Patriarch Yin?” Shu Yanyan said with a dignified smile.

She did not dare to show her charm to Yin Hanjiang. Whenever she saw those ruthless eyes, Shu Yanyan would only feel a toothache. In the past, with Wen Renhe around, Yin Hanjiang was silent and reserved, so Shu Yanyan still dared to be reckless. But now Yin Hanjiang was like a fierce beast without the shackles, she really didn’t know what he would do next.

“You are not in awe, you are afraid,” Yin Hanjiang showed a smile without the slightest warmth: “You’ve seen the look in my eyes before and think I have a tendency to become possessed by heart demons. That’ s why you used Baili Qingmiao as an excuse to find someone to treat me? It must be the idea of altar master Zhong, right?”

As Yin Hanjiang spoke, their hearts trembled and they did not dare to speak again.

It was the first time that Wen Renhe had seen Yin Hanjiang handle the affairs of Xuanyuan sect, Yin Hanjiang who no longer dealt with things according to devil venerable ideas was unrestrained and dazzling.

“You guys think that this patriarch has heart demons, I will admit it.” Yin Hanjiang’s eyes swept over their faces as he said: “But this neither affects my control of Xuanyuan sect, nor will it hinder this patriarch from getting rid of the experts of the righteous path, you two do not need to worry about this anymore. This patriarch doesn’t need treatment.”

Wen Renhe was shocked, what did Yin Hanjiang mean by this? If you have a disease, you need to cure it. If he let the heart demons continue, sooner or later wouldn’t he die?

“As for you…” After Yin Hanjiang suppressed the arrogance of the two, he looked at Yao Jiaping smiling happily and cruelly: “Do you really think that this patriarch does not know that you are He Wenchao’s best friend?”

Seeing him coming towards him, Yao Jiaping was forced by Yin Hanjiang momentum to take a few steps back and hit the wall. He squeezed his medicine pouch around his waist, and a silver light flashed, protecting Yao Jiaping’s body.

“Body protection immortal jade?” Yin Hanjiang said, “You’ve collected a lot of good things over the years by healing people. Unfortunately, it’s useless.”

With a casual move, he sheathed his alkaid triangular bayonet and broke the space with a single move, breaking the body-protecting immortal jade. The sharp tip of the blade stopped in front of Yao Jiaping who shouted: “This is impossible, this is an immortal jade that can withstand full strength of heavenly immortal’s attack!”

“It’s a little worse than the Shangqing Sect’s Mountain Protection Formation.” As Yin Hanjiang spoke his genuine Qi struck Yao Jiaping body, making Yao Jiaping feel as if a sharp knife was thrust into his meridians. At the slightest use of his Qi, his meridians were as painful as if they had been cut by countless sharp knives.

You knew that this patriarch had been hit hard by heavenly lightning and the Shangqing sect Moon Departing Bell so I must be seriously injured, so you were loitering around Xuanyuan sect waiting for someone to bring you up to the mountain to heal me, right? He Wenchao should have begged you to save Baili Qingmiao, right? You wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to heal me to ask for Baili Qingmiao in exchange for the consultation fee so that you can take her to meet He Wenchao. Maybe, you can also leave a little hidden danger when healing me, so that you can easily deal with me in the future, yes or no?” Yin Hanjiang asked.

He said their exact plan, making Yao Jiaping shocked: “You, how did you know?”

How did he know? This routine had been written too many times in 《The God of Destruction (Volume 2)》, after Yao Jiaping had ascended to the Immortal Realm, he had been pretending to not know He Wenchao, and once He Wenchao had a grudge against someone, he would pretend to be a casual medicinal cultivator and defect to the other side, then he would cooperate with He Wenchao from the inside to defeat his opponent.

This time it was also true, Yao Jiaping admired He Wenchao’s “deep love” for Baili Qingmiao so hearing He Wenchao say that his younger material sister was kidnapped by the people of demonic path, he thought she would suffer a tragic death. Seeing his appearance, Yao Jiaping remembered his beloved who died tragically back then and could not bear to see the couple separated from each other, so he agreed to help rescue her. He thought highly of himself, thinking that even if people of Xuanyuan sect knew his intentions, they would take into account his status as a medical cultivator and not do anything to him.

But the new patriarch, Yin Hanjiang, had no qualms and was not polite to Yao Jiaping who shouted, “Yin Hanjiang! Don’t think I can’t see that you have been consumed by heart demons, even if you have strength comparable to a higher Immortal, you will surely die in less than ten years from the disorder of your meridians! The more you forcefully use the strength beyond the cultivation world, the faster you will die. I dare to guarantee that I am the only one in the cultivation world that can cure you, so sooner or later you will come on your knees begging me to cure you!”

“No need.”

A triangular bayonet pierced through his throat, nailing Yao Jiaping to the wall as he bled heavily.

Of course a scattered immortal wouldn’t die easily, Yao Jiaping struggled but only found that alkaid triangular bayonet was also piercing his soul at the same time. The more he struggled, the easier it was for his soul to split.

Seeing that he finally became honest, Yin Hanjiang tore off the corner of Baili Qingmiao’s clothes and wiped his hands and then threw it at Yao Jiaping’s face.

Altar master Shitan.” Yin Hanjiang said, “I remember you have a method of skinning to reshape someone’s body?”

At this time, a person without a sense of presence that was hiding at the door, shivered and ran toward them in small steps: “Yes, the skin is stained with person qi so it’s difficult to distinguish the real from the fake.”

“I want this skin.” Yin Hanjiang licked his lips: “Ugly is ugly, but his body is about the same size as mine. Baili Qingmiao has been a guest of the Xuanyuan sect for more than a year so it’s time for someone to send her back to the Shangqing sect, isn’t it?”

“I, I can go back by myself.” Baili Qingmiao, who had come to her senses at some point, sat on the ground holding her knees, looking at Yin Hanjiang with a fearful expression. “That’s not good.” Yin Hanjiang coldly glanced at Baili Qingmiao, who suddenly no longer dared to speak.

Patriarch Yin, although Yao Jiaping has bad intentions, his words are indeed true, we need to save your life.” Zhong Liqian who received Wen Renhe urgent voice transmission , said stiffly against the pressure: “Patriarch Yin may not care about his own life, but if there is a ten-thousandth chance for venerable Wen Renhe to return, he will definitely not want to see you injured, Patriarch Yin.”

Zhong Liqian’s words moved Yin Hanjiang. The hostile aura on the man in red was not as heavy as before, he asked: “Altar master Shitan, will skinning kill someone?”

“No, how would a scattered immortal die just because of skinning!” Altar master Shitan said seriously: “This subordinate will be careful and will definitely not hurt his life.”

“Yin …… you dare …… to touch …… me, just …… wait to die ……, I …… will never …… heal …… you ……,” Yao Jiaping said with difficulty as his throat was pierced.

Yin Hanjiang simply ignored him, there were too many ways to make Yao Jiaping agree.

“Within three days, this patriarch wants an intact skin. Altar master Zhong, in addition to “Xìnxiāo” I have also given you a list of those cultivators who committed devil deeds and pushed them on the Xuanyuan sect. Within a month, I want to see these people alive. I also want to charge some interest for borrowing the Xuanyuan sect name.”

After Yin Hanjiang issued commands he no longer bothered and turned around to leave the waiting room. Venerable once said, there are various specialists for specific fields so it was alright to leave troublesome things to subordinates, it was enough for the patriarch to wait for the result.

Wen Renhe ignored the troubled Zhong Liqian and followed Yin Hanjiang back to the room, then he immediately asked: “Why don’t you let Yao Jiaping cure you? Isn’t it ok to skin him after healing you?”

At this time, Yin Hanjiang finally answered, stretching out his hand and stopping just when he was about to touch Wen Renhe face, he whispered: “After being healed I won’t be able to see my lord.”


The author has something to say:

Altar master Shitan: Seeing the way that altar master Zhong and Protector Shu did not dare to raise their heads in front of Patriarch Yin. I suddenly feel that I am being respected, am I going to be on top of my life from now on? Cough cough cough!


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