Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 60 – What Is Infatuation?

The present him was actually the most unlike himself… Wen Renhe became speechless for a moment. He really wanted to see what Yin Hanjiang’s heart demons looked like, or rather what Wen Renhe looked like in Yin Hanjiang’s imagination.

At this moment, Wen Renhe was in a state of chaotic energy, with illusionary clothes on his body. He didn’t use the divine blood, since Yin Hanjiang was already taking a bath it would not be good if he also did not have clothes.

Wen Renhe entered the spiritual spring without stirring up the water as if he was one with the water.

He kept a palm wide distance from Yin Hanjiang’s shoulder as they soaked side by side in the spiritual spring. Wen Renhe turned his head and intently looked at Yin Hanjiang.

This was a Patriarch Yin he had never seen before, every action and every word was almost the opposite of the original, but still able to wonderfully and perfectly blend with the past Yan Hanjiang, without the slightest sense of dissimilarity.

In the past, when Wen Renhe looked directly at Yin Hanjiang, he always avoided it, either turning his face sideways or lowering his head, seldom looking at Wen Renhe.

This time, however, Yin Hanjiang looked straight at Wen Renhe, there was also still some murderous intent in his eyes that had not yet been dispersed.

He dealt with many “Xìnxiāo” today, these people were obviously subordinates of the Xuanyuan sect but they colluded with altar master Yuan, the cultivation sects and major cultivation families. Yin Hanjiang interrogated many of the “Xìnxiāo” and learned that there were many scum among the cultivation sects and families who were secretly doing things that were harmful to heaven and earth, then through altar master Yuan and the “Xìnxiāo”, all of their evil deeds were blamed on Xuanyuan sect.

The Venerable generally did not care about these trivial matters and since most of the altar masters were too lazy to care about the problems or had brain problems, these issues were piled upon the seemingly good old altar master Yuan, who then had proceeded to throw all this dirty water on Wen Renhe.

Forcibly kidnapping boys and girls for pill refining, massacring and refining souls of a whole village, kidnapping babies under one years old for refining magic weapons, killing six to nine months pregnant women to take their babies and so on. Many of these things made you feel dirty just by listening to it but Yin Hanjiang patiently listened to all of them one by one and took note of the names of those who did these evil things. He wrote down their names and killed a bunch of “Xìnxiāo” to vent his anger then he gave the remaining as gifts to altar master Miao.

Altar master Miao joyfully received these people and didn’t let go of even the remnants of their soul, claiming that it would be able to cultivate the Gu king who could control a scattered immortal – specifically Qiu Congxue.

After killing people, the alkaid triangular bayonet consumed a lot of human blood and vibrated. Yin Hanjiang forced the magic weapon into his dantian, but the excitement in his eyes could not be hidden.

The “Wen Renhe”s around him praised him, but there were also those who were not pleased, their ramblings were very annoying to Yin Hanjiang’s ears. After returning to the Xuanyuan sect he did not want to go back to his room covered in blood so he came to the spiritual spring to cleanse himself. Then he saw a “heart demon” quietly looking at him by the spring, standing out among the crowd of “Wen Renhe” so he thought of asking him to accompany him.

Killing people made him a little out of control so Yin Hanjiang needed to calm down. He wanted to his lord but did not want to be controlled by heart demons so it was better to choose the one that was least like him.

“What is the difference between me and Wen Renhe?” Wen Renhe asked, he wanted to know what Yin Hanjiang saw at this time.

Yin Hanjiang’s eyebrows were stern as he gave him a disdainful glance, seemingly unwilling to talk to his heart demons.

But Wen Renhe question still stirred up memories for Yin Hanjiang who lowered his eyes, making his long eyelashes fluttered slightly.

Yin Hanjiang reached out to cup a handful of water and tossed it on his face, the splashed water slid from corners of his eyes, not knowing whether they were water droplets or tears.

Wen Renhe placed his hand in front of Yin Hanjiang face and watched as the drop of water passed through his palm and fell into the spiritual spring, disappearing into the water. For a moment, Wen Renhe had an impulse to remove all the water in the spiritual spring to find these drops of water.

The fragility belonging to Yin Hanjiang disappeared in a flash, so if Wen Renhe hadn’t been watching him with rapt attention, he probably would have thought he was just cleaning his face.

Wen Renhe suddenly remembered that when Yin Hanjiang gave him a moon in the water, he had said that when he was bored with sword practice, he would play with water at the waterfall. How many times had he used water to hide his emotions in what appeared to be a playful act like now?

Wen Renhe’s impression of Yin Hanjiang started from a scarred child who then turned into an adult, silently following behind the devil venerable. For more than ten years of his growth, Wen Renhe was never involved so he did not know what he was like at that time.

“You shouldn’t like me.” Wen Renhe sighed, “Wen Renhe is not worth it.”

These words angered Yin Hanjiang, he had never paid any attention to the “heart demon” but he did not expect “illusion” from deep within his heart to say such a thing. Yin Hanjiang struck at Wen Renhe with his palm but when he was about to touch the “illusion”, he shifted his palm and the force brushed against Wen Renhe’s face, shattering a stone a few meters away.

As long as it was Wen Renhe’s face, Yin Hanjiang couldn’t even attack an illusion.

If this continued, how would he be able to cut through his heart demons and heal?

Wen Renhe’s heart, which was always cold and rigid, ached dully. He wanted to tell Yin Hanjiang that it would be easier to let go of his love, but he couldn’t say it.

With such a pure and sincere feeling right in front of him, how could He Wenchao claim to love Baili Qingmiao, but then go on to make out with other women? Wen Renhe really didn’t know.

In vain he looked at the sky, he had seen through a lot of the world’s mysteries so why could he not see through the love of this world.

Yin Hanjiang got up angrily, put on his clothes and returned to Wen Renhe room in rage. Heart demons” could say anything, but why would he think that Wen Renhe was not worthy of his love!

Wen Renhe followed after him and saw that his hair was still wet as he lay on his side of the bed. When he saw Wen Renhe come in, he shouted: “Get out!”

The feeling of being yelled at was very new, who was the last person who yelled at Wen Renhe? It seemed to be the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master who was still a scattered immortal more than 40 years ago, what happened to him now? Ah, it seemed that Qiu Congxue had turned him into a ghost puppet so when Xie Huai was away he could take care of Baili Qingmiao instead.

Of course Wen Renhe didn’t go out, it was only right for him to stay in his own room.

He stood in front of the bed and saw Yin Hanjiang’s chest bulging with anger, but apart from his anger, he did not suffer internal injuries due to the reversal of his genuine Qi so he put his mind at ease and sat by Yin Hanjiang’s bed.

Yin Hanjiang couldn’t do anything about the ‘heart demon’ and he also didn’t want to destroy the furnishing in Wen Renhe’s room. Finally he could only get up and stare at his ” heart demon ” in anger, and after being angry for a while, he said to himself somewhat weakly: “What am I angry about? The ‘heart demon” naturally wants to find a way to disturb my sanity so that it can take advantage of the situation and lure me into darkness. Not yet, I can’t give up yet.”

“I never thought of disturbing your sanity, I just don’t understand why you like me to such an extent?” Wen Renhe asked.

He thought he was not doing enough.

What he gave wasn’t enough, what he did was not worth gaining such pure affection.

“What do you, an ‘illusion’ who can’t even call himself ‘the original’, know?” Yin Hanjiang said coldly.

After saying that, he no longer paid attention to Wen Renhe and sat cross legged silently reciting the Clear Heart Mantra, entering a meditative state.

Wen Renhe stared at him for a while, seeing that he was in meditation and not knowing how long it would take him to finish, he turned around and went to look for Zhong Liqian: “Is there a solution for heart demons?”

Zhong Liqian: “…… You’ve only given me half a day.”

Sensing Wen Renhe’s impatience he added: “There is a scattered immortal named Yao Jiaping, who is one of the top medical cultivators in the cultivation world. Protector Shu has invited him to Xuanyuan sect and is currently negotiating.”

Yao Jiaping? He remembered that this person was one of He Wenchao little brothers who was originally a scattered immortal with an eccentric personality and excellent medical skills. He Wenchao once came down the mountain and met a young lady of the Gongxi family, who was a very unpredictable person. At first she looked down on He Wenchao but later got along with him as her last resort. He Wenchao took her to medical cultivator Yao Jiaping to ask for help, Yao Jiaping who appreciated his devotion to this woman, helped him. From then on Miss Gongxi also fell in love with He Wenchao and became one of his wives.

Medical cultivator Yao Jiaping also had a past, he once had a sweetheart who suffered the same injury as Miss Gongxi. At that time Yao Jiaping medical skills were not as good as they were not so he could only watch his sweetheart die. From then on, he became an eccentric immortal who was devoted to medical art who didn’t take anyone in his eyes. Only He Wenchao caught his eyes, and the two became close friends.

He Wenchao saw that Yao Jiaping was devoted to his dead beloved and admired him very much, he also helped him solve some troubles many times while Yao Jiaping… was a person difficult to describe.

What he wore and used day to day were things that his beloved gave him back then, he spent whole days pining for someone else and hating himself for being useless back then, like a lovesick prodigal son. But his way of doing things was also completely unfathomable to Wen Renhe, his medical skills were unmatched in the cultivation world so many people went to him for help. Yao Jiaping’s requirements were also very spontaneous, sometimes he wanted the other person’s most important thing, sometimes he asked for the wife or daughter of the person to accompany him, all depending on what he wanted at the time.

Generally, the women chosen by Yao Jiaping all had some resemblance to his beloved in appearance or character, he often would have intercourse with that woman while silently remembering his past with his beloved. Afterwards, the woman with whom he had an affair with would be thrown aside, because no one could compare to his beloved, showing an expression as if the other party was so dirty.

He Wenchao recognized that Brother Yao was an infatuated person, and promised to help Yao Jiaping find the reincarnation of his beloved if he became a god in the future. In the third volume, Yao Jiaping really found his sweetheart, and the two of them got together happily without any bitterness.

After reading the book, Wen Renhe only wanted to say that Yao Jiaping’s infatuation was really the same as He Wenchao, they were really the birds of the same feathers!


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