Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 31 – Happy Marriage

Zhong Liqian was prepared to be tortured by the Xuanyuan sect, forcing him to do something against his conscience and morality. Perhaps even losing his soul, so he was determined that no matter how Wen Renhe torture him, his choice would be worthy of the path of a gentleman.

The second day after he arrived at the Xuanyuan sect, he was sent to the Xuanyuan sect’s Underworld’s Fire Altar, but Wen Renhe did not show up. The man, whom Protector Shu called Shitan, was the new altar master of the Underworld Fire Altar.

“Are you seriously planning to put him in my place?” The master coughed sickly, “cough, cough, cough, the Underworld’s Fire Altar is under the Ghost Mountain. I do not dare to go there myself but you want to send him there? No, no.”

“You are the altar master of the Underworld’s Fire Altar yet you are not even in control of your own territory, and you still dare to compete with the other four altar masters for the position of Devil Venerable? What were you thinking?” The Right Protector, who had met and understood countless people, found that she never bothered to understand- Underworld Fire Altar Master Qiu Congxue’s obscure motivation before this.

“Cough cough, just because I didn’t dare to go back on the promise to help altar master Yuan assassinate the two other altar masters, Miao and Ruan,” Altar master Shitan’s face became more and more pale: “How could I become Devil Venerable with my strength and connections? I only had this small desire of becoming an altar master but I didn’t know it would turn out like this, cough cough! Cough!”

He coughed up a few small gu worms which were put inside by altar master Miao as punishment; this was part of Wen Renhe’s division of punishment.

“You even let altar master Miao plant gu worms in your sick and half dead body, so how could you be afraid of underworld Fire ?” Shu Yanyan thought while secretly retreating two steps, thankful to Wen Renhe for returning before she enjoyed quality time with altar master Ruan and Shitan, otherwise she may not be able to deal with this sick Qi.

The altar master glanced at Shu Yanyan in melancholy and asked: “Protector Shu, I heard that you had a good relationship with altar master Qiu, then you should know, what kind of cultivators are the subordinates of this altar?”

“Who said I have a good relationship with Qiu Congxue? She was the ghost cultivator and all her subordinates of Underworld Fire Altar are naturally  ghost cultivators, only you ……” Shu Yanyan stopped there, finally understanding the true nature of Shitan and the difficulty Venerable faced when dealing with him.

A cultivator at the peak of the Void realm who could make even a Mahayana stage expert sick, his strength should not be underestimated. When he was under anyone, this altar master could not rest in peace. He was in the Underworld’s Fire Altar where all cultivators were ghosts who did not have a body or were dead. The best preserved body was of a thousand-year-old zombie, what kind of sickness could he pass on? Which one of them can take care of him?

“That year, after Devil Venerable took over Xuanyuan Sect he received me once, but after that one time protector Yin became ill, so Devil Venerable said that for the sake of the unity of the Xuanyuan Sect, I will be sent to the Underworld’s Fire Altar ……” the altar master wiped his the non-existent tears: “After I became the altar master, it was difficult to take in a few injured ghost cultivators below the Soul Combination and also obey the order of Venerable to double cultivate with Altar Master Ruan, protector Shu do you think it was easy for me?”

Shu Yanyan did not speak, as she just looked at the Zhong Liqian and said: “Zhong Liqian you are a gentleman. if you don’t do bad things on weekdays, you will not be afraid of ghosts knocking on your door in the middle of the night.’. When we go to the Underworld Fire Altar it is up to you to protect me.”

Zhong Liqian: “……”

In this way,  he came to the Underworld’s Fire Altar with the altar master who reluctantly cleared out a ghost free path for him. He did not know how long ago it was built: the inscriptions on the beams were actually oracle bone inscriptions. The altar master heard before that Zhong Liqian liked to study so he got a lot of books and journals from somewhere and gave them to Zhong Liqian to pass the time.

The books were heavy with Yin Qi and some of the bamboo slips had weird bloodstains. Some of them even stated that a certain person died on a certain day in a certain month in a certain year, and next to them were inscriptions such as “Nonsense, I obviously didn’t die like this”, “So I only have this sentence in the history books”, “This laying history is really unreadable, how dare you! The words “I died from the wind on the horse.” made me really angry!”

Other than that, everything went well, but the altar master took two drops of blood from his fingertips, which made Zhong Liqian a little uneasy.

At that time, he said to the Altar Master: “ The four great families of the cultivation world do not dare to carelessly open branches and spread leaves afraid that someone would use their blood to curse the core disciples. Because of this, all families have methods of cutting off the influence of the bloodline, and taking away my blood will not have any effect on the Zhong family.”

The altar master sighed long and sadly, and with his sickly appearance, he looked really miserable, and even Zhong Liqian who was very determined, could not help but ask: “What is the altar master so sad about?”

“Well, it’s not a big deal, it’s just that a certain person is coming back.” The altar master looked at Zhong Liqian seriously: “How do you think she became a person? She’s actually a human being!”

Zhong Liqian: “……”

All of the Xuanyuan sect was weird and strange and people said things even he could not understand and  didn’t even want to think about.

Knowing that his blood would not harm the Zhong family, Zhaong Liqian stayed in the Underworld Fire Altar studying at ease. After studying for three months, only the altar master would come to chat with him from time to time during this period of time, saying he wanted to rub off some of his popularity.

As a matter of fact, Wen Renhe didn’t want to throw Zhong Liqian away for three months. Zhong Liqian had already sent several letters to his family but he stopped all of them. Before everything was done he did not intend to let him see these people.

The reason why Qiu Congxue had been unable to send Baili Qingmiao to the Underworld’s Fire Altar was because a major event happened in the Shangqing sect, which could also be seen in books from the perspectives of two books.

Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change(revised version) 》mentioned that Baili Qingmiao after obtaining Seven-colored Blue Lotus Heart she joyfully went back to the sect, thinking that her elder material brother’s injury would be finally healed. But who could know that after she arrived back at the sect, she would hear bad news.

As in the original text, He Wenchao and Liu Xinye had a relationship and Liu Xinye’s spiritual roots were destroyed. Because she nearly lost her life, she was sent to the Hall of Medicine to recuperate. He Wenchao was so badly injured that he did not fully recover even with Liu Xinye’s dedication, but he still recovered to the Foundation Building realm.

He knew that he had slighted his sister when he was seriously injured, and was so upset that he left the sect to find a spiritual medicine that could save his material sister and then he returned to the sect with Baili Qingmiao who was going back and forth. He Wenchao did not find any spiritual medicine but instead his own cultivation was raised to the Soul Transformation realm. He claimed to have found a cave of an ascended power house and received a gift of immortal pills left by ancestors and was promoted to Soul Transformation realm.

He Wenchao said that after becoming stronger he could definitely think of a way to save his martial senior sister Liu in the future, hoping that the Sect master would give him a chance to change his ways.

There were not many seniors left in the Shangqing Sect and Soul Transformation realm cultivators could  be regarded as experts so it was rare to see such an outstanding junior. In this way he naturally could not be blamed and only Liu Xinye was wronged.

When He Wenchao was in a high spirits, Baili Qingmiao returned to the sect but before she could take out the Seven-colored Blue Lotus Heart she heard about the overall situation as she registered in the deacon hall to go back to the mountain. Hearing the news she cried in the Deacon Hall on the spot, crying so much she almost triggered her heart demons. She cried until her master Qing Rong, elder of the Deacon Hall, and Elder Qing Yue all ran to comfort her.

At this time He Wenchao came along and confessed to Baili Qingmiao just like in the original text, telling her frankly that he was unconscious at the time and did not like Sister Liu at all, hoping that she would understand him. At the same time, he also said he was ashamed of what he did to sister Liu and asked her to help him find a way to help Liu Xinye.

His method of coaxing people was first class. Baili Qingmiao, just like in the original text, was coaxed to forgive He Wenchao. She also sympathized with weak looking Liu Xinye who ran to Deacon Hall. She wanted to give the Seven-colored Blue Lotus Heart to Liu Xinye so that senior material brother would owe her a favor.

Just when she was about to speak about Seven-colored Blue Lotus Heart, elder Qing Xue who was frowning as she flipping through the rules at the deacon hall of the Shangqing sect said a words that changed the whole situation: “He Wenchao why don’t you marry Liu Xinye?”

The crowd: “……”

She turned over the door rules and pointed to one of them and said, “If a disciple under the Shangqing Sect has the same heart, he can report to the division and then become a cultivators couple, isn’t it written in the sect rules?”

When Liu Xinye heard it she looked at He Wenchao with watery eyes, waiting for him to say something.

Baili Qingmiao also did not expect that her master Qing Xue would say something like this. This is the same as breaking her way to elder martial brother. How could she agree with it?

“This ……” Deacon Hall Qing Yue elder said: “Cultivator friend Qing Xue, you should look at the rules of forming a cultivation couple. It’s required for both parties to reach the Nascent Soul realm. It will take some time for Liu Xinye to reach the Nascent Soul realm.”

“Is it still possible for her to reach the Nascent Soul realm?” Qing Xue asked.

The crowd: “……”

Qing Xue’s words penetrated the hearts, Liu Xinye held the wall and cried: “I am indeed a useless person now! If I stay I will only drag the sect down so it’s better if… if I die now, once and for all.”

As she spoke I was clear she was going to hit the wall to her death. There were so many people in the Deacon hall, so how could Liu Xinye die? He Wenchao grabbed Liu Xinye face first and said: “But, but I didn’t mean to ……”

At first he swore that he only loved Baili Qingmiao, but in front of Liu Xinye, he could not say this. He could only turn to Baili Qingmiao for help so she could plead with elder Qing Xue.

Baili Qingmiao looked at him as if he lost her soul, hugging Qing Xue waist she said: “Master Qing Xue, I, I like my older brother, if they get married, what should I do? Woo woo woo ……”

“It’s not impossible,” Qing Xue said, lovingly stroking Baili Qingmiao’s hair and pointing to Liu Xinye, “Look at her, she is already like this. She will not live more than 10 years and once she dies her position can be yours.”

Baili Qingmiao: “……”

The elder Qing Xue words were not foul and her rare thought process actually persuaded the Shangqing sect crowd.

He Wenchao was saved by Liu Xinye, so he owed her karma in this life. If he didn’t pay it back, the heavens would sooner or later force him to pay his debt. It was better to marry Liu Xinye which would also be good for him in the future. As for Baili Qingmiao feeling…. As the elder Qing Xue said, time did not matter in the cultivation world, cultivators could live for thousands of years. Maybe they really can tie the knot after Liu Xinye’s death.

In this way, several elders talked about it and finally agreed to the marriage.

During this time, Baili Qingmiao wanted to take out the Seven-colored Blue Lotus Heart, to save Liu Xinye from marrying her senior brother. But at this time elder Qing Xue reminded her: “After eating the Seven-colored Blue Lotus Heart she would be directly promoted to the Soul transformation realm and become even more qualified to get married.”

Baili Qingmiao cried all night, begging her master to allow her to go down the mountain and avoid this wedding.

She seemed to have a devil living in her heart, obviously she had the spiritual medicine that could save elder martial sister Liu in her spirit storage, but she did not want to take it out. She wanted to give herself this ten years to go down the mountain and relax. If sister Liu would still be alive after she come back to sect after this ten years she would directly hand over the spiritual medicine to bless the two of them. It would also be considered as repaying her brother’s friendship to her. Now she could not let go, so she would rather let heaven decide it.

Qing Xue was very supportive of her, a few days before He Wenchao and Liu Xinye wedding she left the Shangqing sect with the Baili Qingmiao .

When she went down the mountain, Baili Qingmiao looked back at the lofty mountain, thinking that there were still five days before her brother would be married. But fortunately Master Qing Xue was willing to accompany her.

This is the end of the revised version of the plot, after reading it, Wen Renhe went to read the comments-

[I agree with this marriage! I wish you all happiness! ]

[Hahahahahahaha! How did she manage to say “Liu Xinye will only live another 10 years” without changing her facial expression? Well done!]

[Now that He Wenchao is married to Liu Xinye I want to see if he will still have the face to marry the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master in the future. In the previous version he was still single and the future head of the Shangqing Sect, so he was more than capable of marrying the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master, but now…. I am looking forward to the future chapters.]

[He can marry two and choose one as a concubine, hahahaha!

[I am looking forward to the way the author will revise it. God knows that I would prefer such a realistic version with the revised version to the original story. I’m sure you’ll be able to get a lot more out of it.]

Wen Renhe put down the book with satisfaction and went to see the revised version of 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1 )》, the plot was similar to that of 《Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change》 and only expanded the story of how He Wenchao found the powerful remains under the guidance of his master (blood devil old man) to found the relics of powerhouse and took the pill to restore his cultivation in this section of the plot. After going back to the sect some things happened but the comments were very different.

[Why do you want to fix the text? The original text was quite good, why do you need to revise it? A confused face.]

[Net Internet cafe, it’s not allowing the main character to start the harem in the same way, many authors revised their novel so I understand. But this plot… was there something wrong with it?]

[If all the beautiful girls are accepted, I still like Liu Xinye very much. But if you can only marry one Liu Xinye is too poor, her aptitude is not as good as her younger material sister. Her brain is not as good as his original first wife and her appearance is also average. ]

[Even if he can marry many, the first wife cannot be Liu Xinye. She is too poor to match the main character at all! Is that new elder Qing Xue poisonous? I thought she was brother He’s new wife.]

[Qing Xue is the most popular female character I have ever seen, second only to Shu Yanyan from the demonic sect. The author is also talented enough to make this two pretty girls so poisonous. ]

There was a great difference between the comments of both sides. After thinking about it, Wen Renhe decided that he still preferred the comments from 《Abusive Love Affair》which was relatively more normal.

“With all due respect to the Devil Venerable, altar master Qiu has returned to the mountain.” Yin Hanjiang’s voice came from outside the door.

Recently, Yin Hanjiang was not too clinging to Wen Renhe like in the past, as long as Wen Renhe did not drive him away Yin Hanjiang would always follow vulnerable even to his rooms. He did not know when it started but after Wen Renhe entered his rooms, Yin Hanjiang would not follow him inside but silently guarded outside the door.

“Where is Baili Qingmiao?” Wen Renhe asked.

“Her blood has already been taken to the Underworld Fire Altar.” Yin Hanjiang said through the door, “Altar Master Qiu and Protector Shu are fighting at the main altar, should we stop it?”

When Wen Renhe pushed the door open, Yin Hanjiang who was in front of the door, took a few steps back and distanced himself from his lord.

Wen Renhe looked at Yan Hanjiang strangely and was just about to ask when he heard the sound of smashing rocks from outside, he said with a cold expression: “Follow this Venerable.”


The author has something to say.

Qiu Congxue: I just can’t understand all your mess. Isn’t the solution very simple?

Shu Yanyan: You are even simpler.


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