Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 11.1 – Escaping by feign death

While reading the book, Wen Renhe felt that Baili Qingmiao’s divine sense distribution was inadequate and had some obvious tendency. Usually when she got along with He Wenchao, her fellow disciples and some female supporting characters, she acted like a fool and believed everything they said. On the other hand, once He Wenchao was somewhat ambiguous with other women, Baili Qingmiao became extremely sharp and was able to spot that something was wrong on the first occasion. As long as she was around He Wenchao, she could always see the love of those supporting characters for He Wenchao.

If Baili Qingmiao hadn’t been distracted by Wen Renhe and gone down the mountain for six months to gain experience, He Wenchao would never have been able to hang out with Shu Yanyan all day long and after the first or second time Baili Qingmiao would have found it out.

He noticed something was wrong as soon as she came back, but He Wenchao tried to stop her on the way, but it didn’t stop Baili Qingmiao. He watched his younger material sister step on moon frost silk and breezily break through the window, while Shu Yanyan was removing her makeup and earrings in the mirror.

She felt the window suddenly open and turned back to see a jealous Baili Qingmiao as well as the men, who kept winking at Shu Yanyan, He Wenchao.

Shu Yanyan pretended not to see He Wenchao gaze, and at the moment she saw Baili Qingmiao, she stayed still. Her tears slid down, her knees went weak and she kneeled down.

Miss Shu was always considerate. He Wenchao wanted to hint Miss Shu not to speak nonsense before his sister. But miss Shu didn’t look at him at all, after seeing his younger martial sister she wimped out.

“Miss Shu, even if I was kind to you, You don’t need to do this.” He Wenchao said in a hurry.

“Don’t you dare say anything!” Baili Qingmiao looked at He Wenchao

She walked to Shu Yanyan and asked in a cold voice: “Why did you kneel down to me?”

Shu Yanyan didn’t speak but cried in an even more muffled voice. She couldn’t even breath and fainted with the “Weeping” sound.

Baili Qingmiao picked up the little white flower-like Shu Yanyan with one arm, and pinched her hand to wake her up then she put her on a chair with a cold face: “Miss Shu, you’re an ordinary person, no matter how angry I get, I won’t hurt an ordinary person so don’t cry.”

As soon as she said don’t cry, Shu Yanyan tears slid down again, she sobbed, “Miss Baili, you are my savior, I, I am so ashamed, sob wuwuwu…”

When He Wenchao heard Shu Yanyan say this, his face was livid as he squeezed his fists. If it wasn’t for Baili Qingmiao being here, he didn’t know what he would do.

Shu Yanyan glanced at his stiff face and sneered in her heart.

Having been together for six months, Shu Yanyan, who could read countless men, naturally saw through He Wenchao’s nature at a glance.

It was true that He Wenchao liked Baili Qingmiao, and his sister was definitely his favorite person, the friendship between childhood sweethearts was not something that ordinary people could get into. But He Wenchao distinguished his emotions from his body very clearly. He felt if he only loved Baili Qingmiao alone, emotionally unadulterated he would not wrong Baili Qingmiao. As for Shuyan Yanyan, she was just an assistant in his cultivation in the moment of confusion. When his sister wasn’t here, He Wenchao was trying to coax Shuyan Yanyan to stay with him. But when Baili Qingmiao came back, Shu Yantan was a stain that He Wenchao was dying to cover up and would never be merciful.

It was a pleasure to sneak and steal, but what you couldn’t hide was just trouble.

“Why are you ashamed to face me?” Baili Qingmiao looked back at He Wenchao, and then went back to looking at Shu Yanyan.

“I……” Shu Yanyan wanted to speak but stopped again and again.

“Miss Shu, I will tell you the truth. I can cast secret techniques of Truth words, this technique is useless against someone with higher cultivation or stronger consciousness than me, but against an ordinary person, if I wanted I could hear everything I wanted to know.” Baili Qingmiao said

Hearing this, He Wenchao continued to blink wildly at Shu Yanyan, squeezing a Qi talisman in his hand, trying to imply that Shu Yanyan had stronger consciousness than his younger martial sister. He could counter the technique of Truth words so that Shu Yanyan could feel at ease and boldly make up nonsense and he would take care of other things.

In He Wenchao heart, Miss Shu had always been a good and obedient girl, and she knew that she was not worthy of He Wenchao and would not interfere with his relationship with his younger martial sister.

At this time, Miss Shu would certainly not dare to tell the truth.

 Unfortunately, once again, Shu Yanyan did not look at him, a pair of watery eyes looked at Baili Qingmiao and softly said: “Miss Baili, I’m a little thirsty May I have a sip of tea to slow down a bit?”

“Drink up, I have time to wait.” Baili Qingmiao backed away.

Shu Yanyan gracefully got up, took out a small tea bag from the box and put it into the teapot, brewed the tea and slowly drank it up.

She looked at Baili Qingmiao with a melancholy expression and whispered, “Ever since we parted in the teahouse half a year ago, this little girl couldn’t forget Miss Baili’s heroic posture. When I landed on the ground that day, Miss Baili carried me in her arms and seeked justice for me, I was so happy.”

Seeing her like this, Baili Qingmiao’s face softened and she pulled another chair to sit opposite Shu Yanyan. He Wenchao was even more relieved! He felt that Miss Shu wouldn’t talk nonsense.

“At that time, I thought how good it would be if I could live as Miss Baili.”Shu Yanyan looked at Baili Qingmiao sadly, and reached out her pale and cold hand to Baili Qingmiao’s hand.

Baili Qingmiao did not refuse it.

She gradually felt that she had misunderstood. The love and admiration of the other sisters for their senior brother was written on their faces, and it was clear to Baili Qingmiao. But Miss Shu was different, there was no love for her older brother in her eyes, instead, she looked at her with admiration in her eyes, she’s such a self-reliant and self-loving woman that she would never do something like that.

Who knew that Shu Yanyan’s words would change as she shook her head: “But I’m not Miss Baili, after all, I’m so despicable, selfish and weak. In such a world, I simply can’t live without a source of support.”

“Younger martial sister, it is precisely because I saw this that I bought a house for Miss Shu and occasionally visited her to make her life easier. This is the one you saved. I, as a senior brother, must not let my junior sister’s kindness go to waste. ” He Wenchao picked up the conversation.

Baili Qingmiao’s brain was in disarray, she actually believed it just like this, her face showed a guilty expression as she said to He Wenchao: “Senior brother, I misunderstood you, I was wrong.”

In the other room, Wen Renhe who was observing the situation frowned, he really wanted to slap Baili Qingmiao on the head to save his sanity.

“Protector Yin, would you believe such words? Is love really so demeaning?” Wen Renhe really couldn’t figure it out, so he couldn’t help asking the only person besides him.

“Whatever Venerable says, this subordinate will believe, whatever the other people say this subordinate will only take it at face value.” Yin Hanjiang replied.

Wen Renhe shook his head, he really shouldn’t have asked Yin Hanjiang, there was no value at all.

On the other hand, Shu Yanyan saw Baili Qingmiao embracing He Wenchao, untying the knot and asking for forgiveness. He Wenchao also hugged Baili Qingmiao but also did not forget to give Shu Yanyan an appreciative look.

Shu Yanyan revealed a wonderful but strange smile, and blood flowed from the corners of her lips.

“Miss Shu!” Baili Qingmiao hugged her elder brother and realized that something was wrong, she turned around to see Shu Yanyan start bleeding from the seven orifices, and was shocked.

She looked at the teapot and poured it out to see what was inside, the teabag inside was actually a deadly poison!

Baili Qingmiao hugged Shu Yanyan and put one hand against her heart, trying to help her force out the poison with her Qi.

Shu Yanyan shook her head with great difficulty, raised her hand and gently touched Baili Qingmiao’s face, smiling at her, “How much I wanted to live as you, but unfortunately… My…life is…thinner than…paper, after all…not…you, I…feel ashamed…of you, can’t…live, if…in the next life…. …”

She didn’t say what would happen in the next life, as she closed her eyes and died.

“Miss Shu, why did you take such a desperate path? I didn’t mean to hurt you, even if you really with senior material brother… I would only withdraw silently, why ah?” Baili Qingmiao felt Shu Yanyan icy fingertips slide down her face and her heart became cold.

He Wenchao did not expect Miss Shu to choose such a method in order to hide their secret. He didn’t say anything about her relationship with He Wenchao from beginning to end, only expressing her admiration for Baili Qingmiao, not to mention even daring to look at He Wenchao.

He Wenchao also squatted down and said heavily, “It must have been someone who hurt Miss Shu while I was away. Younger martial sister, we must avenge her!”

Wen Renhe: “…”

Wait, how did He Wenchao come to this conclusion?

Baili Qingmiao took the teabag poured out from the teapot and said to He Wenchao: “Look at this sign, it’s sent by Shangqing sect to fellow disciplines!

“And this!” Baili Qingmiao took off the purse at Shu Yanyan waist and opened it, inside was a strand of long hair: “Senior brother, is this your hair?”

“Younger martial sister, don’t be suspicious!” He Wenchao quickly hugged her and said: “I Bought this tea bag, it was the one I didn’t finish when I built my foundation. It is good for the body, Miss Shu had fallen down the stairs before, and I was worried that she had hurt her vitality so I gave her these tea leaves to help her recuperate. As for why the tea leaves are poisonous and whose hair is in her purse, I have no idea!”


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