Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 16.1 – Fishing For The Moon

Jiuding Mountain had a seal so Qiu Congxue’s cultivation was suppressed, making her strength almost the same as that of Baili Qingmiao.

Baili Qingmiao dodged Qiu Congxue’s arm and rolled under her to avoid the attack.

After Baili Qingmiao had escaped, she was about to say something when she suddenly blushed and ran into the distance. After a while, she ran back with a black robe in her arms and threw it at Qiu Congxue, turned her face sideways as she spoke to Qiu Congxue “Senior, you …… put this on.”

“Huh?” Qiu Congxue looked down on her body,that was a fleshy and gorgeous body. What was wrong with it?

The Altar master Qiu was used to walking around with a skeleton and head so she had long forgotten what it felt like to have a physical body.

She was still angry when Baili Qingmiao avoided her attack. But now Qiu Congxue calmed down, knowing that her cultivation was suppressed and she couldn’t use her genuine Qi. She didn’t continue to try to take revenge, but looked coldly at Baili Qingmiao’s various actions of blushing, running away, and giving her clothes.

Qiu Congxue slowly put on her black robe and squinted at Baili Qingmiao suddenly asking: “Your name is Baili Qingmiao?”.

“Yes.” Baili Qingmiao checked if Qiu Congxue was fully dressed before she dared to turn around and look at her “Senior, when you were unconscious, did you hear me talking to you?”

It was not like she heard her talk, but instead it was like someone was reading a story to her ear, telling her that the women in front of her was Baili Qingmiao

Speaking of it, the name Baili Qingmiao also sounded familiar.

Qiu Congxue was not like Su Yanyan who always had devious ideas and was sneaking around behind people’s backs. However, the Altar master Qiu could do it without even moving her hands, as it was the hungry ghost who moved her hands.

They were all waiting for an opportunity to assassinate Wen Renhe. Shu Yanyan was the Right protector who helped the Venerable to take care of the affairs of Xuanyuan Sect managing the small sects that were dependent on Xuanyuan Sect in a satisfactory manner. Not forgetting to pick out a few good-looking ones to raise, in this manner she gained trust of Wen Renhe step by step. Waiting for a moment of good luck to suck up the genuine Qi of this Mahayana cultivator.

However, Wen Renhe’s eyes were blind to beauty and he treated beauties as dirt. As long as Shu Yanyan showed even a hint of any intention of seduction, she would be taken care of. So she settled down over decades.

On the other hand, Qiu Congxue refused to accept Wen Renhe and never concealed her intention to fight. Wen Renhe agreed to her challenge every ten years and up till now she was defeated five times.

Shu Yanyan said that Qiu Congxue’s brain was sucked dry by the fierce ghosts of the Hungry Ghost Path. Qiu Congxue idea was similar after all she had a thousand year old fierce ghost in her mind, with would assist her in the attack but she could not use him easily.

Baili Qingmiao …… Qiu Congxue pondered for a long time, and finally remembered that eleven years ago, Shu Yanyan mentioned that there was a potential disciple, for Wen Renhe who wanted to dig her up from Shangqing sect to let her cultivate the merciless path .

“You are a disciple of the Shangqing sect, golden core realm?” Qiu Congxue asked.

“Yes, have you met this junior before senior?” Baili Qingmiao said

The eighteen-year-old golden core realm cultivator was unprecedented, but now Baili Qingmiao was 29 years old so it was meaningless if she was still in the Golden Core realm.

“Hold out your hand.” Qiu Congxue was used to commanding hungry ghosts in her daily life, so she had become accustomed to a commanding tone. Fortunately, Baili Qingmiao was a clever and respectful junior who respected her as a senior in the Mahayana realm so she didn’t doubt her as she obediently offered her hand.

Qiu Congxue checked Baili Qingmiao’s pulse as her pupils trembled slightly. She asked: “Golden Core completion?”

First stage of Golden Core realm and Golden Core completion were two different concepts, and the Golden Core completion meant that Baili Qingmiao had already stepped halfway into the threshold of the Nascent Soul realm, only heart cultivation technique and tribulation were needed.

If one could reach the Nascent Soul realm when you are younger than 30 means they are really gifted and even someone as cold-blooded as Qiu Congxue couldn’t help but cherish such a talent.

It’s no wonder that Devil Venerable Wen Renhe wanted to take her as his disciple. If Baili Qingmiao cultivated for another hundred years she might not be unable to defeat Wen Renhe.

‘If I can’t defeat Wen Renhe, shall I rob him of his disciple?’ Qiu Congxue looked up and down at Baili Qingmiao.

Baili Qingmiao was afraid that the senior might be possessed by demons, what would happen if she became crazy after waking up? She carefully tugged on Qiu Congxue’s robe and said: “Senior, I have been away from my sect for a long time. Senior has already recovered, so why don’t we just say goodbye?”

To Baili Qingmiao, it was enough to save the life of the person in front of her.

“Wait!” Qiu Congxue held Baili Qingmiao by her collar and said: “Let’s go down the mountain together.”

Although Qiu Congxue was a thousand years old, her appearance was still that of a young girl. With snow white like skin and black hair scattered by her shoulders, her eyebrows were like February new leaves with a slight curve. Her pair of phoenix eyes were both gentle and merciless, making her a natural cold beauty.

In an informal way they went down the mountain, she lifted her robe many times and her bare thigh was in plain view. When you only have white bones left like Qiu Congxue you don’t shy away from other people.

Baili Qingmiao tried to cover her face several times, but she was afraid that she would make Qiu Congxue feel uncomfortable so she put up with it.

After climbing down the mountain, she immediately said to Qiu Congxue: “Senior, this junior has a robe, the quality is a little lower, but …… it can cover your body.”

Baili Qingmiao took out a light green dress, which was given to her by Wen Renhe. At first, she insisted on not accepting it, but Wen Renhe forced it on her.

Qiu Congxue put on the clothes, she was tall and had a slim waist just like a willow. This skirt really suited her. Baili Qingmiao looked at her and took out an ordinary Jasper hairpin bought in a small town at the foot of the mountain helping Qiu Congxue tie her hair and put on the hairpin.

“Senior is so beautiful.” Baili Qingmiao lightly exclaimed.

“What’s the use of that?” After descending from the mountain with her power unrestricted, Qiu Congxue checked her condition and was so angry that she almost fainted from the anger.

Her cultivation realm was indeed the same as before and her Qi was quite profound. However, the ghost Qi she worked so hard to cultivate was gone. Instead, her body was full of immortal Qi, turning her almost in a scattered immortal!

Qiu Congxue tried to call on the nearby wandering souls again, but none of them came.

She squeezed her fist tightly. With this kind of body, how could she go back to Xuanyuan sect and fight with Wen Renhe for the position of the sect master? How could she teach Shu Yanyan a lesson?!

Fortunately, Altar Master Qiu was a determined person. She was able to devote herself to the Hungry Ghost Path and endure severe pain to embark on the merciless path. Today she was able to become scattered immortal!

After calming down Qiu Congxue, Baili Qingmiao felt relieved and said goodbye to her wanting to return to her sect however Qiu Congxue grabbed her by her hair.

“Oh, dear!” Baili Qingmiao covered her hair and said softly: “What else can I do for you, elder?”

“I remember that your Righteous Path …… cough, the Shangqing sect has a rule that accepts scattered immortals as guest elders. As long as the guest elder is willing to stay in the Shangqing sect and make contributions to the sect. According to the contribution point, they can practice heart techniques left by other guest immortals in the Hidden Book Pavilion.” Qiu Congxue asked.

The Scattered Immortals had a very special existence in the realm of cultivation. If their cultivation was on Mahayana realm or higher they could fight immortal of the upper realm so every sect welcomes scattered immortals who had no sect. Of course, the sect’s core cultivation technique could not be handed over to outsiders but scattered immortals were allowed to practice some secret technique passed by ancestors. At the same time the visiting immortals needed to leave their own technique in exchange. Over time the Shangqing sect gathered a lot of scattered immortal methods which was exactly what Qiu Congxue needed.


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