Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 59 – Advancing And Retreating Together.

Fortunately, Wen Renhe had not yet used the divine blood to transform himself into an entity, but was lying on the robe with a body made out of chaotic energy.

In fact, it was very simple for Yin Hanjiang to realize that Wen Renhe was real, as long as he called Zhong Liqian, Shu Yanyan, Qiu Congxue and others, anyone could reveal the truth but was this really feasible?

Yin Hanjiang was an introvert who always hid his true nature under normal circumstances, and would only occasionally put on a mask to let off steam when he couldn’t stand it anymore. In the latest version of the 《Abusive Love Affair》, Yin Hanjiang did not show any signs that he was dealing with heart demons in front of Zhong Liqian and Baili Qingmiao, expect for giving Baili Qingmiao murderous looks, there was nothing else.

Even when he was delirious, he still remained calm in front of people and never revealed any weaknesses. What would happen to Yin Hanjiang if everyone told him that what he saw was not a result of his heart demons? Would he gladly accept it or completely collapse?

Wen Renhe didn’t dare to gamble, it was a consequence he could not afford.

If after returning to the sect at the beginning, he went straight into the main altar and announced to everyone that he had come back, everyone would have been informed at the same time and Yin Hanjiang would have accepted it gladly. But if that had been done, Yin Hanjiang would have chosen to continue to hide his feelings. The heart demons that affected his mind would have never disappeared just because Wen Renhe was still alive and the nature that had always been suppressed would destroy Yin Hanjiang sooner or later.

It was good, at least in this way he could secretly observe Yin Hanjiang from the side, understand his closest subordinate and most trusted person and then slowly eliminate his heart demons.

For the first time, Wen Renhe, who had always been straightforward and violent when deciding things, felt helpless. It was as if he was using the strength needed to lift a mountain just to embroider a flower with a needle.

Sweating profusely, he handled it lightly for fear that he might damage the flower and sting people.

After Yin Hanjiang got up, he didn’t look at Wen Renhe, even he himself did not know how many “Wen Renhe” there had been in front of his eyes, each of them talking to him so he had learned to ignore it. When he was alone, he would pay attention to whoever he wanted but in front of people, he remained Patriarch Yin who was strong enough to crush the experts of the righteous path.

He woke up, cleared the smell of alcohol with his spiritual skill, sat down at the table with a clear head, and sent a few messenger talismans.

The first one was to Zhong Liqian: “Altar Master Zhong, after you have finished curing Protector Qiu, bring me a plan to get rid of the eight experts of the righteous path as well as He Wenchao. If you can’t give me a satisfactory answer before my patience runs out, I will act according to my idea.”

The second one was to Shu Yanyan: “Protector Shu, you have had contact with He Wenchao and know that his weakness is women, so you and Baili Qingmiao should discuss a way to lure He Wenchao into a trap and force him to betray the blood demon ancestor as soon as possible.”

The third transmission talisman was for Wen Renhe, Yin Hanjiang refined it, but did not send it out.

There was only one simple sentence on it: “Young master Zhong has been invited to become altar master of the main altar, Xuanyuan sect is alright, please cultivate at ease Venerable.”

After refining the transmission talisman, Yin Hanjiang held the talisman in his hand, but did not activate it. To send the transmission talisman, you must first determine the other party’s location and awaken the other party’s spiritual awareness. Only when the other party’s spiritual awareness was awakened could it be sent, so there was no way to send this message talisman to Wen Renhe.

“I know, you did a good job.” Wen Renhe sat opposite Yin Hanjiang and said to him seriously.

Yin Hanjiang didn’t even care about this hallucination that couldn’t even call itself “the original” and just left the room after he was done.

After Wen Renhe cast an illusion on himself in the room so that no one else could see him, he followed Yin Hanjiang out and saw that he went to the main altar to get the full roster of “Xìnxiāo”. The “Xìnxiāo” was originally a force cultivated by altar master Yuan so the large part of it was directly under the command of his command instead of under Xuanyuan sect so it was possible that not all of the members would be on this roster.

Holding the roster, Yin Hanjiang coldly summoned altar master Miao and then left Xuanyuan sect’s main altar quickly thinking of cleaning up the sect.

Wen Renhe wanted to follow him, but he was worried about being detected and he still had to make some preparations so he could only act separately for the time being.

He knew that Yin Hanjiang could definitely find the traitor in the “Xìnxiāo” and reorganize the Xuanyuan sect’s personnel,, but he still couldn’t help being a little worried. It had nothing to do with trust, he was just worried about it. At this point Wen Renhe could not help but sigh, if only there was a book with Yin Hanjiang as the main character so that he could always keep an eye on Yin Hanjiang whereabouts.

As soon as Yin Hanjiang left, Wen Renhe immediately went to the main altar Spirit Gathering Formation, at this time the only person who could help him with advice was Zhong Liqian.

Zhong Liqian had just helped Qiu Congxue recover from her injuries when he received Yin Hanjiang’s message. He picked up the pile of jade slips from the main altar and sorted out the most important information to read. Even if he had extraordinary wisdom, he still had to know the situation and enemy before he could act.

The most important thing now was finding out a way to satisfy Yin Hanjiang while also discouraging the other party’s desire of destroying half of the cultivation world.

While he was studying hard, Zhong Liqian suddenly felt a gust of wind blowing. He had blindfolded himself for more than 30 years now so now his spiritual senses had become sharper than ever.

Zhong Liqian put down the jade

Zhong Liqian put down the jade slips and released his spiritual awareness. He couldn’t feel anyone in the room, but he felt that the aura in this room was many times more dense than before!

No, it was not aura or even immortal Qi. Zhong Liqian as a Mahayana realm cultivator was in contact with scattered immortal Qiu Congxue so he already knew about immortal Qi. But the aura in the room was even more powerful than immortal Qi.

“Who is the expert?” Zhong Liqian asked.

“Crane Hair Scholar is really true to his name, this venerable has concealed his body so even a cultivator with good eyesight may not be able to see me, but you were able to find out.” As he spoke, Wen Renhe revealed his true form, which Zhong Liqian’s spiritual sense immediately detected.

He took a deep breath and said with an arch of his hand: ”Master Wen Renhe is still alive, but Liqian is not sure whether to congratulate Venerable from escaping death or on his great increase in power.”

He also added: “Have you informed Patriarch Yin of your return, venerable? Patriarch Yin nearly destroyed the Shangqing Sect for Venerable’s sake, he will be very happy to know that you are safe and sound.”

After first complimenting Wen Renhe, he then subtly suggested to the devil venerable: “Hurry up and go see Yin Hanjiang, two more days and he won’t be able to resist a killing spree.”

“This Venerable knows.” Wen Renhe said: “This Venerable has come here to discuss a matter with altar master Zhong.”

Hearing Wen Renhe address him as altar master, Zhong Liqian’s face stiffened slightly and he said modestly: “I am really not worthy of being Altar master… “

“If Yin Hanjiang says you should be, then you should be.” Wen Renhe interrupted Zhong Liqian’s words: “This venerable also has something for you to do, after this is done, I will lift the tracking spell and the compulsion Gu for you.”

Zhong Liqian: “……”

Originally, he thought that Wen Renhe would take charge of the overall situation after he came back and Yin Hanjiang would no longer be obsessed with revenge so that harmony would be restored in the cultivation world. After eliminating the blood demon ancestor and helping Baili Qingmiao get rid of her love. Then Zhong Liqian would be able to become a free scholar and travel the world teaching but now…

Alas, there are nine out of ten things in life that are not as good as they should be, cultivating the truth the cultivator must be open minded and transparent. Zhong Liqian adjusted his state of mind and still good-naturedly asked: “I do not know what venerable wants to order?”

“Two things, first, collect all the secret books on heart demons and look for medical practitioners who can cure them. Second, cooperate fully with Yin Hanjiang and help him subdue Xuanyuan sect, let him do whatever he wants to do, without paying attention to this Venerable’s previous plans.” Wen Renhe instructed.

Wen Renhe knew clearly that Yin Hanjiang’s condition could not be hidden from Zhong Liqian who might have already sensed it and just not said anything. So instead of hiding it from Zhong Liqian, it would be better to bring in a helper. With Zhong Liqian covering his tracks, Wen Renhe could act secretly and slowly guide Yin Hanjiang to recovery.

“Venerable, do you know what Patriarch Yin’s original plan was?” Zhong Liqian said cautiously: “He originally planned to unify the cultivation world by high-handed means and kill everyone who opposed the Xuanyuan sect’s rule. Starting with eliminating all the sects that participated in the attack against you.”

Wen Renhe really didn’t know about this. The book only stated that Yin Hanjiang wanted to kill He Wenchao, he thought about it for a moment and then said with a low laught: “He is ambitious.”

There was no hint of blame in his words, and even a little appreciation.

Zhong Liqian: “……”

He boldly released a ray of spiritual consciousness to circle around Wen Renhe carefully observing Wen Renhe’s state at this time and a guess arose in his heart: “Before venerable meet me, is it possible that you went to find Patriarch Yin first? Did he …… say something to you?”

Wen Renhe gave a slight pause, before looking carefully at Zhong Liqian. Seeing the other person’s determined expression as if he had seen through everything, he could not help saying: “Altar master Zhong is really blind, but this Venerable is not. I advise you not to guess any further, you also do not need to say what you have guessed, this venerable already has a clear idea. You just need to cooperate with this venerable and act secretly, do not let anyone know that this venerable has returned.”

“But if Patriarch Yin insists on killing people, Liqian will definitely stop it.” Zhong Liqian saw that Wen Renhe was going to fully support all the decisions made by Yin Hanjiang, so he also made his position clear.

“He will not.” Wen Renhe said with certainty, Yin Hanjiang was a child he personally taught, even if he was a bit shy and silent, he was still a good child.

“What if?” Zhong Liqian insisted on an answer.

What if? Wen Renhe thought for a moment before he said: “Then altar master Zhong can unite the entire cultivation world against Yin Hanjiang but this venerable will still work together with him.”

This …… Zhong Liqian could not help but shake his head and smile: “I really should let Baili Qingmiao see with her own eyes how venerable treats Patriarch Yin.”

“What does altar master Zhong mean?” Wen Renhe looked at Zhong Liqian in disbelief.

“Nothing meaningful, when venerable wants to know, he will naturally understand.” Zhong Liqian said.

Inexplicably and thoughtlessly, Wen Renhe urged Zhong Liqian to do his work, and made the already overworked altar master share his workload.Zhong Liqian then sent a message to the right protector, saying that Baili Qingmiao was so desperate to die that if it continued, he was afraid that he would develop heart demons so he asked Protector Shu to find a medical cultivator with excellent medical skills. 

He also asked altar master Shitan who cultivated seven sufferings of the earth, to collect the secret books on the two sufferings. At the same time, he entrusted altar master Ruan with inquiring about the techniques to cure heart demons.

At the same time, he continued to memorize the contents of the jade slip with great speed, and by the time Yin Hanjiang returned with a bloody aura, Zhong Liqian already knew the Xuanyuan sect like the back of his hand.

Yin Hanjiang left all the remaining trustworthy “Xìnxiāo” to Zhong Liqian, leaving it to him to manage these people. He himself went back to the spiritual spring to cleanse himself from the smell of the blood.

Wen Renhe, seeing that he didn’t try to avoid him, also entered the spiritual spring, sat on the edge and said: “In just one day you made “Xìnxiāo” bend down, Patriarch Yin really impressed me.”

Wen Renhe thought Yin Hanjiang would still ignore him as usual, but unexpectedly Yin Hanjiang suddenly looked at him and coldly ordered: “Come in.”

“Me?” Wen Renhe was not sure which heart demon Yin Hanjiang was referring to, after all, he could not see the world from Yin Hanjiang eyes.

“It’s you, the one most unlike the vulnerable.” Yin Hanjiang said.


The author has something to say:

Zhong Liqian who witnessed the large double standard scene: I feel a little tired and need to rest.

Wen Renhe & Yin Hanjiang: You don’t need it.

Zhong Liqian: …is this kind of common in and out?


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