In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 83 – I Found My Son


One of the biggest selling points of the online mecha competition was that it was fair, since everyone uses the exact same mecha. Ren Sheng’s opponents looked exactly the same as Ren Sheng in appearance alone, except for the business card on their chests and the words on top of their heads.

That’s right, they had words written on their chest.

After stepping onto the tournament stage, Ren Sheng noticed that his opponent had words written on his head, so he froze for a moment before noticing that he also had words written on his own head…

The virtual network of the Ruoya Empire was very realistic. Sometimes, Ren Sheng even forgot that he was online. But after encountering such things as the name and label on his opponent’s head like now, he felt it was fake.

The judge of the match on the virtual network was also virtual. It was a flying bird and as soon as the two entered the arena, it flew around the two and said, “The match begins.”

Hearing these words, Ren Sheng wanted to make a move, but the person opposite him didn’t move. Making him become wary of the situation. Could that person have some special means?

“Greenton? You’re minor? You aren’t even an adult yet. You really shouldn’t come to a competition like this. It’s too bloody and violent! Not good for the physical and mental health of teenagers!” The man standing opposite Ren Sheng said cheerfully, looking at Ren Sheng discontentedly and still motionless.

“…” Ren Sheng speechlessly looked at the person opposite him. This person didn’t move, not because it was part of his plan, but because he wanted to lecture him?

The man saw that Ren Sheng didn’t respond so he continued. “How can your parents allow you to participate in such a competition at a young age? They are too irresponsible. If you really have good mecha talent, you should follow a regular teacher at this age to learn the basic movements…”

Ren Sheng interrupted the other person’s words with a punch. Although the man seemed to have good intentions, this was a competition! He wanted to have a good fight with someone!

“I won’t strike at minor…” the man said and before he could finish, Ren Sheng’s second and third punches had already landed. He didn’t dodge or evade, so he was directly knocked to the ground by Ren Sheng.

“Stand up!” Ren Sheng stopped after three punches. He came here to sharpen his skills, not to win by virtue of his ‘minor’ status.

“I admit defeat!” The man said directly. “Child, let me tell you directly if your parents treat you harshly, you can apply for a new guardian…”

Ren Sheng walked away without looking back, he was in a bad mood and wanted to fight someone to vent his frustration, but now… he felt even worse, totally suffocated.

Should he go to the Ruoya Emperor to change his age?

Ren Sheng was already depressed enough, but when he went off the field towards the audience, he actually heard someone say enviously from afar, “Being a minor really has too many advantages! If only I was a minor too.”

When Ren Sheng looked over, he saw a middle-aged man talking to the slim woman beside him. They were a bit far away, so they probably didn’t notice him…

After the middle-aged man finished speaking, the slim woman immediately laughed. “Being a minor of course has its own advantages, but did you ever touch a mecha when you were still not yet an adult?”

“Yes, boss, you’re hundreds of years old now, but I am afraid you can’t even beat Eugene. Could you do it just because you would be a teenager?”

“That’s right, even if he is minor, they are still better minor than you!”

“Baby, look, everyone is bullying me!” McCarthy said in a sad tone and then looked at Big Baby who was sitting next to him in the crowd.

“Uncle, you should get ready to fight.” Big Baby said indifferently. His voice was also a public voice for public logins, so there was no way for others to find out his real age at all.

But it was this voice that gave Ren Sheng some inexplicable feelings and made Ren Sheng subconsciously use the bloodline sensing spell that he had used countless times these days. The spell was quickly ready, but there was no response at all. Ren Sheng was slightly stunned before he remembered that this was on a virtual network.

His body was not his real body, so the only thing he could use was spiritual power. How could a cultivation spell work in a place like this?

McCarthy had already stood up and walked towards the preparation table, but when he was walking by, he didn’t forget to say, “God forbid I meet a low strength this time, I use the lowest level pod so my movements aren’t as flexible as those who use an advanced virtual pod…”

Watching McCarthy go, Ren Sheng hesitated for a moment before approaching these people. In this world, there were also preconceptions, sixth senses, and other things. One of Zhao Lingyu’s subordinates also had an ability like this and in the cultivation world this kind of ability was even more common. Many cultivators would sense when their close ones were in danger, so they attached great importance even to an occasional ‘heartbeat’ and Ren Sheng was certainly not an exception. Now, he subconsciously wanted to get closer.

Ren Sheng had just come from the field, so the name above his head was already gone. The mecha was also put away so he just looked like a clean teenager.

In the Ruoya Empire, the minor protection law explicitly states that information about minors cannot be disclosed freely. So although many people knew his name and knew that he was participating in the competition, the video that was circulating around of him was in mosaic, so not many people really saw him.

In this regard, Ren Sheng was a bit dissatisfied at first, thinking that he looked too ugly covered in mosaic, but now he was glad. If these people knew that he was the minor contestant Greenton, their attitude wouldn’t be as enthusiastic as it is now.

That’s right, enthusiastic.

When Ren Sheng walked to McCarthy and these people, he just wanted to say hello and learn some news. He didn’t expect that McCarthy’s wife Dounia would be very kind to him, as well as the other people who acted very friendly.

“Boy, are you here to watch the competition too?” After chatting with Ren Sheng for a while, Dounia looked at Ren Sheng with a smile on her face. She loved children, so in Dounia’s eyes, the person in front of her eyes was also a child.

Seeing Ren Sheng’s simple eyes, Dounia couldn’t help but want to talk to him even more.

“Yes.” Ren Sheng nodded. Of course he wanted to watch other people’s competitions and study other people’s fighting methods along the way.

“What a good learner! Here, would you like something to eat? In reality, a lot of junk food can’t be eaten, but here you don’t have to worry about it. So every time I go online I eat a lot.” Dounia placed a basket in front of Ren Sheng. “Try it. Although the taste is not as authentic as in reality, it’s still very good.”

Ren Sheng looked at the basket and saw a lot of fried food with grilled meat and so on. These things because of traces of toxins wouldn’t be eaten by many people, but it was very popular in the virtual world. It was also said that many women who wanted to lose weight would deliberately eat these things in the virtual world.

After taking one piece, Ren Sheng smiled and thanked her before asking, pretending to think about it, “Are you residents of the Imperial Star? Which district do you live in?”

“We are indeed residents of the Imperial Star, we live in District 9.”  Dounia smiled. The current network was very real, so there were some special areas where you could be anonymous, while in other places you used your real name. She and McCarthy were not young, so many people knew them… so their address was also not a secret so she just said it.

“That’s not far from where I live.” Ren Sheng smiled, but it was just a polite remark. The Ruoya Empire was divided into ten districts. The first few districts were relatively prosperous, so Ren Sheng who lived in District ‘W’ was a half planet away from District 9. It’s just that the distance on the same planet was nothing even in the Human Federation, let alone in the Ruoya Empire, so if he wanted to go to District 9 he could be there soon.

“Is that so?” Dounia said, but didn’t extend an invitation. Her family now had an additional small child without a family registration, so she needed to be careful. Ren Sheng also noticed Dounia’s reaction, so he continued to chat with her while paying attention to these people around him, but couldn’t figure out which one made him feel special.

But it doesn’t matter much, he had already made up his mind to go to District 9 after going offline, maybe he would be able to find a clue to Big Baby from Dounia. After Ren Sheng and Dounia chatted for some time, it was McCarthy’s turn to take the field. Seeing her husband appear on the playing field, Dounia no longer had time to pay attention to Ren Sheng beside her and instead looked at the field with full concentration.

The initial color of the mechas provided by the system was silver or white, so if you wanted to change the color you needed to spend money. Ren Sheng didn’t notice this, so he kept using silver. McCarthy, who knew about it but was never a person who liked to spend money on such a place, also had a silver mecha just like Ren Sheng, but his opponent is different.

The function of the mecha cannot be changed, but if one was willing to spend money, it was still possible to change its appearance. McCarthy’s opponent changed it and he changed a lot. His mecha was dyed red and had two long black braids, its chest was also larger while the waist was made thinner.

It might look good on a girl, but certainly not on mecha!

Although mecha have facial features, they were either for detectors or for weapons. Mecha that suddenly added two braids and a small waist looked very strange, not to mention that the person inside was also scratching his head and twisting his waist and hips.

McCarthy was stunned by his opponent’s look as soon as he got on the field, but as a result when he was still stunned his opponent had already taken the lead. Obviously, his opponent was trying to distract him with the weird appearance of his mecha.

This person who used this weird mecha was obviously much more professional compared to the one who fought against Ren Sheng before, but given the common sense of the Ruoya Empire… if this person was fighting against Ren Sheng, he would still take him seriously even with such a strange appearance.

“Ah!” When Dounia saw this, she covered her mouth with worry. The Big Baby who saw such a scene for the first time also felt a bit of panic, so his spiritual power fluctuated.

When Ren Sheng felt the familiar spiritual power fluctuation for the first time he didn’t know where the other person was, but now he was sure that the person who made this fluctuation was by his side.

Subconsciously, Ren Sheng turned around and used the Human Federation language… “Big Baby?”


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