In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 84 – Father and Son Recognize Each Other

Big Baby looked blankly at Ren Sheng, Big Baby? What was this thing?

People with public internet access couldn’t make too many expressions, so Ren Sheng stared blankly at an expressionless face that was a little bigger than his own for a long time. Before remembering that he used to call his eggs ‘babies.’

“Baby?” Ren Sheng said again and probed the Big Baby with his spiritual power, softly covering the whole body of Big Baby. Ren Sheng’s spiritual power was very familiar to Big Baby, so without even thinking about it he rushed toward Ren Sheng, but just halfway he was picked up.

“Brat! Don’t you know that you can’t molest minors? How dare you try to hug someone! How dare you!” The Blue Fatty carried Big Baby in his hand and said in a good-natured manner, he was a bit fat, but his strength was definitely very strong.

This is my son! Ren Sheng who was waiting for his son’s hug was suddenly interrupted by someone and puffed up at once before looking at the Blue Fatty. But after thinking of current situation, he held back and didn’t say anything,

Ren Sheng was just a bit angry, but Dounia and the others thought he was scared. They harbored a child and let him use unsafe public Internet access, if others knew about it… hearing the word ‘minor’ they become very anxious!

Wait, this person said molesting a minor while picking up their baby, so the “minor” he meant was the young man next to them and not their baby?

“Let go of me!” Big Baby struggled discontentedly, turning to Ren Sheng and waiting for a hug.

If he was using his own body this would definitely be a very cute scene, but he was now using a public use body…

The expressionless 1,8m tall man shouted while struggling, while wanting to pounce on Ren Sheng. This scene didn’t look cute at all, but rather made other people think he was a horny man. Even Dounia, who was very fond of children, was stunned seeing such a scene. Only Ren Sheng, who has spiritual communication with Big Baby didn’t care. He held Big Baby’s hand very heartily and said to the Blue Fatty, “Let go of him first, he has no malice.”

“No malice, but how could he do something like that to a minor?” The Blue Fatty said. But he still put Big Baby on his seat and patted Big Baby’s shoulder while pulling Big Baby’s hand away from Ren Sheng. “Young man, you can’t just hit on minors, you know? You’d better sit here and don’t move. “

Big Baby who was very wronged was about to cry. If he was using a high-level simulation pod like Ren Sheng, he would have been able to show his facial expressions with eyes and so on, but he was using the lowest level of public Internet access…

Therefore, others just saw him staring straight at Ren Sheng.

“Good boy, it’s okay.” Ren Sheng reached out and touched Big Baby’s head. Big Baby immediately calmed down. If not for Ren Sheng’s spiritual power telling him to not call him daddy, he would have been unable to resist calling it out.

But even though he didn’t call out, he still nodded. “En, I’m good!” He finally found his daddy!

Although his face couldn’t make more expressions, Big Baby’s actions were very ‘amazing.’ After nodding like a good boy, he grabbed the hand that Ren Sheng patted him with and actually stuck out his tongue and licked it. Big Baby’s spiritual power wrapped around Ren Sheng’s spiritual power, making Ren Sheng’s heart soften while others were dumbfounded.

The Blue Fatty who originally wanted to lecture Big Baby became a little embarrassed. “I thought this person was acting so strangely, it turned out that there is something wrong with his brain…” Normal people wouldn’t have a similar reaction as Big Baby.

My son has no problem with his brain! Except his sons, who in this world could be so powerful just a few months after birth? Ren Sheng looked at the Blue Fatty indignantly and finally remembered something.  “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to tell you to not feel bad. You are very strong. Everyone knows it.” Blue Fatty said. Before, Ren Sheng’s opponent forfeited because Ren Sheng was a minor. Ren Sheng must not have felt good about it.

“I know, I won’t be upset.” Ren Sheng said. He was no longer sad. He was so happy that he almost jumped! He just didn’t have the heart to talk to Blue Fatty, because he was looking forward to getting offline early to find his son.

“That’s good for you.” Blue Fatty said.

“Yes.” Ren Sheng nodded and wanted to say goodbye to the others and go offline, only to find that McCarthy returned at that time and overheard his conversation with Blue Fatty.

“You are Greenton? What brought you here?” McCarthy looked at Ren Sheng in disbelief. Just a moment ago, he majestically defeated his opponent and thought that he would be welcomed by his family and regarded as a hero returning triumphantly. But unexpectedly, no one watched him fight, because everyone’s attention was on Ren Sheng.

The person they were just talking to turned out to be the person they were talking about before… Dounia couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed as she glared at McCarthy. “Greenton just came over to talk to us.”

Dounia’s words were simple, but in fact she also had some suspicion. Ren Sheng was too friendly to them before. This person was not yet an adult, but he could attend the Royal Academy and learn how ro pilot a mecha. He must be from a good family, so how could he just come to chat with them? Most importantly, their baby’s reaction after seeing Ren Sheng was too strange.

“I came alone so I became a little bored. McCarthy, you had a great fight.” Ren Sheng said politely, after saying that he wanted to leave. As a result, McCarthy, who won the competition and had no one to praise him, took his word and talked about the competition. “Do you think this fight was wonderful, too? That guy thought he could distract me with that strange appearance, he really underestimated me!”

The reason McCarthy’s opponent made a weird look to distract his opponent was because his skills were not very good, but for someone as knowledgeable as McCarthy, how big of an impact could a strange appearance be?

At first, he was stunned by the other person’s appearance, but when the other side attacked, he found the weak side of the other person. So in the end, McCarthy won quite easily! McCarthy went on and on, so everyone was forced to talk for a long time about a very short competition. When he finished speaking, the Blue Fatty bid his goodbye and left hurriedly. “I have something else to do, so I will leave first.”

“I have something to do at home, so I’ll go offline first.” Ren Sheng also said hurriedly.

Seeing Blue Fatty and Ren Sheng leaving, Dounia glared at McCarthy again. “What are you showing off?”

“I’m trying to get rid of them, aren’t I?” McCarthy whistled triumphantly, thought about it and said, “Let’s go offline, baby is still young. It’s not good for him to surf the Internet for a long time… he has already gone offline?” Didn’t this kid want to go online earlier? What’s going on?

McCarthy and the others went offline one after another.  

McCarthy and others have gone offline, and at the same time Ren Sheng has climbed out from inside the simulation pod.

Second Baby, Third Baby, and Fourth Baby were in the outer room, watched by Gerd, but Zhao Lingyu wasn’t. Ren Sheng looked at the contact terminal in his hand and immediately called Zhao Lingyu. Zhao Lingyu quickly connected the communicator, calmed his breathing, and looked at Ren Sheng on the other end. “Ren, what’s the matter?”

“I met Big Baby on the internet! He is in the ninth district!” Ren Sheng said immediately.

“Really?” Zhao Lingyu’s eyes were full of surprise.

“It’s true. Where are you? I’ll… We’ll meet in District 9.” Ren Sheng was not familiar with transportation and wanted Zhao Lingyu to take him there, but it suddenly occurred to him that he could not rely on Zhao Lingyu for everything.

“I’ll be right back to pick you up.” Zhao Lingyu said and immediately hung up the communicator. He knew what Ren Sheng was thinking, but he didn’t feel comfortable letting Ren Sheng act alone. Zhao Lingyu soon returned, wearing different clothes from those he wore when he left home this morning. Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu and wanted to ask some questions. After a while, the automatic navigation system also made a sound. “We have arrived at District 9, please slow down the speed.”

They had arrived in District 9! Ren Sheng pricked his finger, squeezed out a drop of blood, and then used the blood spell with the energy of this drop of blood.

“He’s very close. He should be right over there, but I don’t know specifically where he is.” Ren Sheng frowned. He has lost a lot of energy, but surprisingly, he still couldn’t find the place. In this era, some high technology seemed to have some impact on the spells.

“I’ll ask around. You said he was with a man named McCarthy?” Zhao Lingyu asked. While asking, he clicked on his own contact terminal.

“Yes, it’s McCarthy and his wife’s name is Dounia.” Ren Sheng said.

“McCarthy… Dounia… I have it! These two are jobless, but McCarthy has an old spaceship, so from time to time he goes to abandoned planets to pick up things to sustain their lives. Let’s go and have a look.”

“Good.” Ren Sheng nodded. Zhao Lingyu piloted the aircraft and drove straight to McCarthy’s residence. Because of the small number of people on Imperial Star, McCarthy’s home was very large. But compared to the place where Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng lived, it’s standard was still lower. The not-so-small yard was piled with a lot of debris or garbage. The house also looked old, but although this place looked shabby there was laughter coming from inside.

“Will Big Baby be inside?” Ren Sheng asked, suddenly not daring to use his spiritual power to check.

“Certainly, he is our Big Baby!” Zhao Lingyu held Ren Sheng’s hand.

“If Big Baby is found, we can’t call them by those names anymore. We have to give them nice names.” Ren Sheng said. When Big Baby disappeared, he didn’t have the heart to give the children names, so he simply called them like this. But when he thought about it now, he also felt it was a bit too rustic.

“Yes, we have to name them.” Zhao Lingyu said. Taking a few steps forward, he reached out and knocked on the door of the house.


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