In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 16 – The Marshal Must Guard Against Wolves

Fang Chengjun glanced at Ren Sheng in surprise. The fact that the president of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce and a Kay gave birth to an ability user was well known. It was also equally well known that this was the person who married into the Zhao family this time, but if that was the case, how could this person not be a Kay?  

“Ren is not a Kay, nor is he son of the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce.” Shen Qiushi said again. She couldn’t find out Ren Sheng’s identity at all. The fraud hadn’t happened yet, so why not end it before it starts? 

“You’re the little sister!” Ren Sheng stared at Fang Chengjun discontentedly. His master said that little sisters were women and they didn’t have a ding dong! But he did!

“Sorry.” Fang Chengjun apologized again, while being a little sad that it was neither a little brother nor a little sister. So who was he? 

“Xiao Fang, children don’t like to be called small.” Shen Qiushi knew that Ren Sheng might have something else in mind when he said that, but she still gave him a reason to stall first.

“…” So the truth was that simple? Fang Chengjun glanced at Ren Sheng whose sensory tail was puffing up and his heart couldn’t help feeling itchy at the same time.

He was so cute! But was it really a good idea for such a small child to be Zhao Lingyu’s partner? Or maybe he was not a future partner, but a foster son of the Zhao family?

Thinking about it, Shen Qiushi only said that this child was a member of the Zhao family and didn’t say that this child was going to be Zhao Lingyu’s partner. Fang Chengjun felt it should be the truth.

I’m not a child! Ren angrily puffed up his cheeks and quickly covered his mouth again – he almost forgot to hide his identity again. When Master used to take him out, he deliberately hugged him while carrying him around to avoid others from finding out his true identity. Now he definitely couldn’t tell others that he was more than a hundred thousand years old. 

Shen Qiushi fooled Fang Chengjun in the twinkling of an eye. When she saw Ren Sheng covering his mouth and eyes, not knowing to hide his guilty expression, she couldn’t help hugging and kissing him on the face. It was only after the kiss that she became a little tangled. She was a powerful ability user, but now she behaved like a weird aunt… 

Ren Sheng was tickled by the kiss and hugged his fox tail to block his face, showing only one eye. “Auntie, no more kisses!”

The villain in Shen Qiushi’s heart kept whispering. It was not easy to restrain her ‘evil thoughts’ of hugging and rubbing him. “Okay, Auntie will stop kissing you. Today, this brother will pay the bill so shall we buy more clothes before we go back?”

“Yes!” Ren Sheng immediately nodded. “I want to wear it for Lingyu!”

Her son was so good? How come Ren Sheng thought about him everywhere? Shen Qiushi felt  depressed while she packed all the lovely clothes paid for by Fang Chengjun.

The Fang family was also one of the five big families and they would never be short of money anyway.

Mrs. Locke, who was ignored until this moment, looked at the scene happening in front of her. She was so angry that she left while stomping loudly in her high-heeled shoes.

Seeing her leave, Shen Qiushi, who didn’t even look at her before, curled her lips slightly.

The people of the Locke family would definitely be investigating her son now. However after Zhao Peng’s recovery, all the Zhao family subordinates and Zhao Lingyu’s soldiers who were transferred due to the matter of Zhao Lingyu’s self destruction were all called back home. Now, without her consent, even a fly wouldn’t be able to go in. 

Ren Sheng felt very, very satisfied.

This was great! He could play any kind of spirit in the future. What’s more, Shen Qiushi liked to see him wear these clothes, so Zhao Lingyu would probably like them too!

Returning to the Zhao residence with a large pile of clothes, Ren Sheng ran to Zhao Lingyu’s house at the first opportunity. “Look at me, do I look good?” 

Small vest, small leather pants, and moving furry ears and a tail… Zhao Lingyu discovered for the first time that he had very little self control towards this fluffy stuff. 

However, this little guy felt that he was not stimulated enough and even took off his vest and then the rest of his clothes. Then nakedly put on the vest and jumped on him again…..

Sooner or later he will be forced into this special hobby….. Zhao Lingyu closed his eyes helplessly and simply compressed the energy inside him again.

At this time, Ren Sheng groped Zhao Lingyu and placed a few kisses on Zhao Lingyu’s chest with satisfaction.

He didn’t know if it was because Zhao Lingyu practiced that cultivation technique but there was much less energy of the refined soil escaping around him so he didn’t have to worry about wasting what belonged to him!

Shen Qiushi watched this scene from afar and  asked the butler, “Go and help me find some information about sex education, especially those on how to fend off against perverts. By the way, it seems that there was anti-wolf simulation skin that sold very well recently? Buy some for me.” Ren Sheng was too innocent to guard against other people! 

“For Young Master Lingyu?” Mr. Butler asked curiously.


Finally, Shen Qiushi didn’t buy the anti wolf skin and just dragged Ren Sheng to watch cartoons that taught minors how to guard against perverts, while persuading him, “Children must protect themselves, some bad people are very hateful. They must not be bullied by them!”

“Right.” Ren Sheng nodded his head repeatedly. In the past, those cultivators who broke into his house were just like these bad guys in this cartoon. They all wanted to grab him, eat him, or something. In future, if he encountered someone like this, he would definitely avoid them!

After watching, Ren Sheng immediately went to pester Zhao Lingyu, incidentally telling him about the video he had just watched, while not forgetting to teach him what he just learned from Shen Qiushi. “Do you know that you are mine? If someone wants to bite you, you must avoid it. Only I can pester you!”

“…” Does this count as belittling yourself? Would Zhao Lingyu still become a victim?

Well, now he looked like a victim… 

Closing his eyes, Zhao Lingyu continued to practice in silence.

Ren Sheng took this time to suck up the energy of the refined soil until he couldn’t absorb any more, then he happily went to his sunroom, even burping a few times on the way.

“Young Master Ren Sheng is worthy of being a plant ability user. These plants are growing better and better.” As soon as he entered the sun room, Ren Sheng noticed that grandpa butler had moved two more flower pots into it.

They grew well, but it had nothing to do with his plant ability. It’s just because when he absorbed the refined soil, he couldn’t avoid leaking a little to them.

“It’s not just plants. Even I feel stronger when I stand next to Ren Sheng. Young master Ren is really blessed!” The butler also thought that Ren Sheng had a smell which was not very pleasant to smell, but as long as he smelled it, he felt comfortable. But of course, he didn’t dare to say it directly. 

There was an overflowing energy around him? Ren Sheng took a few deep breaths and soon discovered the problem. Recently, he had absorbed a lot of refined soil energy. He was growing well, but his ginseng scent became overflowing like Zhao Lingyu. 

In the past, his master tried to use his bath water as ginseng soup to do good deeds during the plague. But it didn’t work and even made him bleed. Maybe now it would work? Grandpa butler often secretly gave him additional nutritious meals to eat so should he give him some bath water? Grandpa butler was an ordinary person so eating ginseng seed would not be enough.

Forget it, the bath water didn’t seem very good, he better use his hand washing water!

The chattering butler was completely unaware that he was about to get a big bowl of hand-washing water and said another thing, “Young Master Ren Sheng, those subordinates of the young master want to meet you, would you like to meet them?”


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