In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 62.1 – A Bowl of Tonic Soup

Fang Chengjun didn’t hate Gerd.

Although Gerd has been targeting him, he would not use any intrigue and every time it would be a head-on conflict, so he could easily block it. Sometimes, in fact, he looked forward to Gerd challenging him.

Probably because of this, when his pregnancy pill was robbed by Gerd, he was not angry at all. But when he saw Zhou Lingyu and Ren Sheng’s expressions, he couldn’t help gloating a little.

Anyway, he wasn’t as anxious as Gerd to give birth to a child. Since this was the case, je would wait and see the effect on Gerd first.

Seeing Gerd looking at him smugly, Fang Chengjun smiled faintly. “Having a baby is not something you do by yourself, are you sure you can find someone?”

“How can I not find anyone?!” Gerd looked at Fang Chengjun with an ugly expression. Although he had once been robbed of someone he liked by Fang Chengjun, he had also had other women, so how could he not find someone to give birth to his child now?

“The provider of the other half of your children’s genes, you wouldn’t find someone random, right?” Fang Chengjun asked again.

“Of course not! For my wife, I definitely want to find the best one!” Gerd said without hesitation, also pondering a little. He spent most of his time researching battleships and recently added in mechs, so his acquaintances were few. Originally he wanted to pick one from his subordinates to give birth to his children, but now that he thought about it, he didn’t want those women to give birth to his children.

The mother of his children, was something he should consider carefully.

In the meantime, he can help the First Legion upgrade their warships.

Gerd has always been a man of his word. Since he promised, he wouldn’t go back on his words so now he went directly to the First Legion’s station.

Zhao Lingyu had not gone to the First Legion since the wedding. So naturally, he now received a lot of attention, but most of the people’s attention was still on Ren Sheng.

Didn’t they say that Ren Sheng was a Kay? Why has he suddenly grown taller?

Other people paying attention to Ren Sheng was something that Zhao Lingyu also noticed. Holding Ren Sheng’s hand tightly, he couldn’t help but sigh secretly.

He didn’t want others to find out that Ren Sheng was different, but there were some things that he could just not hide. After all, he couldn’t always keep Ren Sheng at home.

Gerd upgraded the warship by adding metal reinforcement to the warship or repairing some worn parts. It was something that was a big project for the army engineers to do, but it was very simple for him because of his metal ability.

Of course even if it was simple, it was still very energy consuming, because of the size of the warship. Even if he used up all his ability, he might not be able to repair a warship… recovery consumes more powers than destruction.

After repairing a scout ship from start to finish, Gerd sat down next to it exhausted. “Zhao Lingyu, the damage on these warships of yours is too serious, you’d better purchase another batch of metal, I’m afraid the original one isn’t enough.”

“No problem.” Zhao Lingyu nodded his head.

“Also, how are you using this battleship? Some of the gears are almost worn out. If I didn’t help you upgrade it, they would be scrapped.” Gerd added. He used to help upgrade the Second Legion’s warships, but he never found so many problems inside their warships.

These were actually the warships that needed to be scrapped after the previous battle with the star pirates. Of course, Zhao Lingyu wouldn’t tell the truth. “First the Zerg Queen and then star pirates, many of the First Legion’s warships have problems.”

Gerd froze, just as he remembered what happened. Compared with the Second Legion, the first Legion encountered a lot more battles. It was really… he didn’t complain as he took out his PDA and began to enter all kinds of data. “I will write down all the data of the First Legion warships and note which aspects have defects so I can improve them later.” The battlefield was the most appropriate place to test the data of warships, so he really should look at the situation of warships that have been on the battlefield.

Although Gerd agreed to help upgrade the battleships, there was still some reluctance at first. But now, all this reluctance has completely disappeared.

Zhao Lingyu noticed the change in Gerd’s mood and asked, “Then do you need the army’s engineers to help? They are ordinary people, but they know a lot about battleships.”

“Yes.” Gerd said. His ability gave him a talent in this area that no one could match, but it didn’t mean he didn’t have to learn. In fact there had been many ordinary people who had given him inspiration before.

Gerd soon began chatting with the First Legion’s engineers and as they talked, a group of them even sat together on the floor and then climbed into the bilge of the warship to look at various parts.

When Gerd climbed out of the warship bunker, his body was covered with oil and Fang Chengjun seeing this scene from afar was vaguely surprised.

Compared with ordinary people, ability users were very powerful and because of this most of them would look down on ordinary people. But Gerd spoke with these engineers who had the status of an ordinary person with a completely equal attitude.

Even he couldn’t do it. Fang Chengjun has always been polite to ordinary people, but this was only because of his upbringing. He really couldn’t be like Gerd, he really couldn’t do it.

Surprisingly, Fang Chengjun had some good feelings for Gerd.

Gerd had just learned from the engineers that a certain part of the warship was particularly prone to wear, when he saw that Fang Chengjun was looking at him from afar. He immediately gave him a vicious stare.

After the glare, he became a little upset after seeing his own image. He was really dirty now… he should have put on some over clothes before going down there to investigate!

Fang Chengjun’s peach blossom eyes were really too attractive. If he didn’t take care of himself it might not be easy for him to find an object in the future to rob. Thinking like this, Gerd couldn’t wait to immediately go change his clothes, but then he remembered he was now with the First Legion.

How many women were in the first Legion? There didn’t seem to be many…

Thinking like this, Gerd soon relaxed, but as soon as he relaxed, he saw a woman with a hot body slowly coming from afar.

This woman was completely in line with his own aesthetics! Gerd subconsciously combed his hair back and touched his head before he remembered that he had cut the overgrown hair. Not only that, but his hands were also black from oil!

Ellie looked at Gerd with a dark forehead and it took her a lot of effort to restrain herself from laughing. “Mr. Gerd, Mr. Fang, the Marshal invited you to the canteen,” she said with a twisted expression.

“I’m afraid Mr. Gerd will want to take a bath first.” Fang Chengjun looked at Gerd funnily, wanting to be handsome but ending in tragedy… but he was still happy seeing it happen.

Gerd was just thinking about keeping his demeanor in front of Ellie, but when he saw Fang Chengjun laughing at him, his attention became completely diverted and he didn’t care about Ellie anymore. As soon as he reached out, he grabbed Fang Chengjun’s hand and patted him hard with the other. “Yes, I’m going to take a shower. Let’s go together!”

Why would you want to take a shower together? Ellie looked at the two people in front of her and  sighed a little. Why are all good men attracted to men these days?

In the days that followed, Gerd had been helping the First Legion upgrade their warships and quarreled with Fang Chengjun, who came here from time to time.

It was at this time that Yang Ye’s invitation arrived to the three of them. His fiancee had almost recovered and was now ready to get married.

For Yang Ye’s engagement Zhao Lingyu looked for an excuse to not go. Not intending to go, he casually threw the invitation to the side. However, even if he didn’t intend to go, Fang Chengjun and Gerd intended to go.

“Yang Ye should invite a lot of people for his wedding. Maybe I will find the right one.” Gerd thought. After taking two doses of childbirth medicine, he has been staying in the First Legion, where there were very few women so he immediately said, “I’ll also go. After all, we have many business dealings. He even bought a bottle of nourishing potion from me yesterday for ten billion.” Fang Chengjun smiled faintly.

Yang Ye got married a month and a half after Zhao Lingyu’s marriage.

In a month and a half, his four children became twice as big. But even after they grew so much, not many people knew about it. But the change to Ren Sheng was visible to the naked eye.

The sound of the machine sounded from the instrument for measuring weight and height. “Height 178 cm, weight 55 kg. 10 kg too light, it is recommended to add enough protein and fat…”

178! 178! Ren Sheng looked at the numbers on the measuring instrument and wanted to hug the measuring instrument and give it a few kisses.

Although he was shorter and thinner compared to Zhao Lingyu who was two meters tall and full of muscles, he has finally grown up! Now he will no longer be regarded as a child. Although his face was still tender, he could only be regarded as a young man now.

Ren Sheng smiled very happily. Zhao Lingyu who looked at him had a tangled gaze.

Ren Sheng has been growing a lot.

As his ability gradually recovered he could absorb the energy from that golden crystal, making the disordered energy in his body gradually disappear. His whole person became relaxed and at the same time he also grew taller, growing more than 20 centimeters.


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