In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 82 – The Competition Begins

Ren Sheng disconnected from the network and climbed out of the simulation pod, just to see Zhao Lingyu feeding their three children, but… It seemed that most of the food had entered the mouth of Second Baby.

His three children were half ginseng spirits, so it wasn’t necessary for them to eat. Usually they would only bathe in nutrient solution. Feeding them has more to do with others.

They didn’t force the children to eat much, so the situation was just like this.

Zhao Lingyu scooped a spoon of paste and as soon as he stretched out his hand, Second Baby would say “Awww” and take a mouthful of it. Then he would take another spoon of paste and reach toward Third Baby, but only halfway there Second Baby would reach out and swallow the paste.

Zhao Lingyu stared at Second Baby for a while, then he reached out and carried the sweet-smiling little guy to his back and saw that Third Baby was sleeping lazily so he simply scooped up a spoonful for Fourth Baby. As a result, when the paste reached Fourth Baby’s mouth he didn’t open his mouth, but looked at the paste in the spoon with some disgust. Then Second Baby climbed from his back and stared at him with a pair of black eyes.

This little baby looked just too cute! Zhao Lingyu finally fed the paste into his mouth.

The paste was nutrition paste for toddlers prepared by Crohn. It wasn’t only nutritious, but also delicious. Because he has seen the good appetite of Ren Sheng, he has prepared a lot of it.

However, even if Zhao Lingyu prepared enough for five or six children to eat a meal of this paste, in the end it still fell into the mouth of Second Baby. But Second Baby was still not satisfied… he looked at the empty bowl drooling!

“You should divide it into three bowls and let them eat it by themselves.” Ren Sheng said.

“They can eat by themselves?” Zhao Lingyu asked curiously. These children were born only two months ago, but they could already eat by themselves?

“Of course they can eat by themselves, they just eat a little differently…” Ren Sheng said, before Second Baby buried its whole face in the bowl to eat, while Third and Fourth Baby used their roots.

“Hmm?” Zhao Lingyu was a little confused.

Ren Sheng however, stretched out his roots and then gently wiped the paste from the face of Second Baby. He also absorbed saliva and everything else on his face.

Zhao Lingyu, seeing this scene, understood everything in seconds.

The other day he had found that these children, although they couldn’t turn into full ginseng like Ren Sheng, they could still grow roots so… his children must be absorbing these paste like mud.

Their own children were really different.

“How did you feel when you went online before?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

It felt good and it’s also convenient to learn mecha online. It felt very real.” Ren Sheng said. He used to exhausted his physical strength online and it felt surprisingly good to have a little sore body. It seemed true that exercising his body online could benefit the body.

“It is certain that Ruoya’s technology is much more advanced than that of the Human Federation.” Zhao Lingyu said, taking out his PDA and digging up some information to put in front of Ren Sheng.

Ren Sheng couldn’t understand many things in this information, but he was certain that it was some kind of technology. “What do you want to do?”

“These are the technologies that Gerd has sorted out that could be useful to the Human Federation. We intend to bring them back.” Zhao Lingyu said. Gerd was pregnant with children, so he couldn’t do things like fighting, killing, and learning mecha operation, so he became very dedicated to stealing technology.

“Mm-hmm.” Ren Sheng could now understand a lot of things and had much more knowledge about unfamiliar words than in the beginning. When he heard Zhao Lingyu talking about it, he just nodded. “This is really good.”

“The Ruoya Empire should also acquiesce. These radical groups are also difficult to deal with. Ren, I will try to develop my own forces next.” Zhao Lingyu said. Depending on others wasn’t safe in the end and he also understood the current situation of the Ruoya Empire these days, so he naturally wanted to organize his own forces.

Also relying on Ren Sheng’s pills, of course not the Pregnancy Pill, but the Face Nourishing pill and Qi Replenishing Pills.

He will never take out the Pregnancy Pill again until the eldest baby is found.

“I’m going to take part in a mecha competition.” Ren Sheng suddenly thought that he hadn’t told Zhao Lingyu about this matter yet.

“Mecha competition?” Zhao Lingyu looked at Ren Sheng in some confusion.

Ren Sheng explained the situation and said, “I think this kind of competition can help me hone myself. I just hope that I won’t meet strong people in the first round…”

“Come on.” Zhao Lingyu didn’t stop him. In the past he always wanted to protect Ren Sheng, but now it was no longer realistic.

“Dad, don’t talk.” Just then, Second Baby suddenly slapped Ren Sheng on the foot.

“Dad will stop talking.” Knowing that the child was unwilling to be left out by them, Ren Sheng smiled. His expression changed from serious to soft.

As a result, before he could pick up Second Baby, it slapped him and bit him on the big toe.

“What are you doing! Don’t you know that you shouldn’t bite daddy?” Ren Sheng immediately picked up Second Baby.

“Yeah, you can’t bite.” Zhao Lingyu also said and frowned at the same time. When he saw Second Baby lying on his feet, trying to ‘taste’ it. He looked very cute, but to eat adult feet… just thinking about it made him feel awkward.

This was a toe! Even if Ren Sheng’s feet were white and lovely, he has touched it at most and never bit…

Zhao Lingyu thought like this but Ren Sheng…

You can’t bite daddy, if you want you can bite your father’s feet.” Ren Sheng pointed to Zhao Lingyu’s feet with a serious expression. His three children were born with great strength, so if they bit heavy, they may be able to bite through his skin. He certainly could not let them bite him, but if they really wanted to bite Zhao Lingyu would be a good choice, since his skin was hard enough to not be bitten.

Second Baby, hearing Ren Sheng’s words, immediately looked at Zhao Lingyu’s feet.

“…” Zhao Lingyu silently put his feet back, he liked to take a shower as soon as he got home, so he was barefoot now. But now it seems… he’d better wear socks or slippers in the future.

Third Baby rolled over and continued to sleep, while Fourth Baby glanced at his second brother with a cold expression. When he first came out of the shell, why was he a step late? It was all his father and daddy’s fault, because he held him at the bottom!

In the following days, Ren Sheng would spend ten hours every day practicing various movements online.

Because of Eugene, many people online paid attention to Ren Sheng. In the first few days, they saw this minor child practicing very hard so it was very lively. But when they found out that Ren Sheng was persisting every day and was even willing to repeat some movements countless times, there were many people who became silent.

Most of them after learning a movement would let go, but Ren Sheng? He tried his best on every movement!

When practicing mecha online, especially when practicing basic actions, the system would give the person practicing a score of up to ten points, while six points was a pass.

It was very difficult to get a score of even seven or eight points and even more difficult to advance from a score of seven or eight points to ten. Because of this, most people would move on when they could score seven or eight points, but when they saw Ren Sheng… even after getting a ten, Ren Sheng was still practicing.

Were all the minors now so terrible? Why doesn’t he feel annoyed or bored?

He was only 19 years old and he had hundreds of years to learn slowly, so why would he spend ten hours a day learning these movements every day?

Many people couldn’t understand Ren Sheng, but even if they couldn’t understand it, they still would practice more after seeing Ren Sheng work so hard.

Ruoya civilization was indeed strong, but the decreasing number of people made it full of hidden problems. This point was clear to many people.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for the online mecha competition to begin.

A month had passed and Ren Sheng had practiced all the movements that needed to be practiced so well, that they had almost become instinctive. Even Elder Teng and Fang Chengjun, were able to do a lot of movements and became especially good at driving at the full engine to escape at the request of Ren Sheng.

On the first day of the competition, Ren Sheng and Elder Teng went to the competition field early in the morning. It was a huge circular square, which was almost boundless. It was a hundred times bigger than the Human Federation’s convention and exhibition center.

Standing at this end of the circular square, you couldn’t see the other end at all. However, since it was an online competition, if you turned a switch you could have amazing long distance eyesight so the audience wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to see.

Ren Sheng read the competition information. In the later stages you would fight one on one in the square, but in the beginning…

The square was divided into sixteen parts and these sixteen Venues would start the competition at the same time. When one ended, it would immediately begin another, until the end of the first round.

Of course, the time required for this wouldn’t be particularly long, because the number of people in the Ruoya Empire was very small and older or famous people wouldn’t take part in such a competition. Therefore, the participants would only add up to just two or three thousand people.

The Big Baby looked at the number of participants in the last competition and then looked at number 198th place which was McCarthy. He speechlessly looked at his temporary adoptive father.

198th place, the number looked good, but it didn’t sound impressive at all!

“It’s actually pretty good, haha! With you as my mascot this time, I’m sure I will be able to enter the top 100.” McCarthy said.

“That’s because no one as old as you would go to a competition like this.” McCarthy’s wife, who has been in good spirits lately also came to watch the competition. She spoke without mercy, yet her eyes were full of love, when she finished speaking she also kissed McCarthy’s face. “Go for it!”

“I will!” McCarthy hugged everyone present.

“Go!” Big Baby who was also hugged by McCarthy, also encouraged the other person loudly, perhaps infected by the surrounding atmosphere, he was also excited and flushed.

He seemed to feel the spiritual power fluctuation of Big Baby? Ren Sheng, who was scheduled for the second round and was waiting in the competition area for a long time, wanted to turn around and leave after sensing this.

Just as this thought rose, he noticed that Big Baby’s spirit fluctuation had disappeared again and at the same time, the first group entered the field while he was asked to get ready.

Glancing at his opponent who was making preparations next to him, Ren Sheng suddenly wanted to vent.


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