Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 48 – Blooming of the flower

Wen Renhe was not like Zhong Liqian who was a very detailed person, in terms of wisdom he also knew that he was not as good as him or even as insightful as Shu Yanyan.

But through the ages, there were few emperors who were as wise as demons. As the leader of Xuanyuan sect, he didn’t need to think of everything, he only needed to put the right person in the right position and ‘trust’ in them.

When all the suspicions pointed to Yin Hanjiang, things became easier. Wen Renhe just needed to believe that Yin Hanjiang would not betray him.

So Wen Renhe summoned Yin Hanjiang and asked him if he recalled someone besides him who had the possibility of knowing that he possessed two books, and who could conceal his identity without any trace in Xuanyuan sect.

Yin Hanjiang always thought that he had a pretty good memory, on the day his lord got the《Abusive Love Affair 》only he was there, but there was a person who repeatedly asked him “What secret book did Venerable get, should we hold a celebration banquet”. Yin Hanjiang would never neglect anything related to Wen Renhe and he still remembered when Wen Renhe went into seclusion to read the book and altar master Yuan went back and forth in front of the door of his lord several times.

Altar master Yuan also proposed to hold a celebration banquet once. After a massive demonic war between the righteous and the demonic path Venerable returned to the sect with greatly improved cultivation, but altar master Yuan never mentioned holding the celebration banquet even once. He also never mentioned it after the sect opened after 30 years of seclusion.

After Yin Hanjiang talked about this matter, Wen Renhe analyzed the character of several subordinates of Xuanyuan sect. Protector Shu was fine, Protector Qiu was direct, altar master Miao and sinister, altar master Ruan was reckless, altar master Shitan was weak and altar master Yyan was slippery. They shared the same ambition, but the person who after getting the book could hold back for thirty years without striking, was probably only Protector Shu, altar master Miao, altar master Shitan and altar master Yuan.

Protector Shu died after being framed by Cen Zhengqi in the book. She was also at odds with He Wenchao. In 《The God of Destruction》all characters had on surface a good relationship with He Wenchao so it was absolutely impossible for protector Shu to get the book.

If altar master Miao got the book he would definitely become suspicious after learning that the male lead’s main wife suddenly became a man and while torturing Purple Spirit Pavilion master with poisonous Gu, he would ask for the whereabouts of the third volume. But he did not do so, making him less suspicious.

For the remaining altar masters Wen Renhe in order to confirm his suspicions, summoned Zhong Liqian and asked him for advice on what kind of person could change his name in the Xuanyuan sect for hundreds of years without being discovered.

Zhong Liqian, who received the messenger, became speechless. Why should he be asked to analyze the internal affairs of the Xuanyuan Sect as an outsider?

Even so, Zhong Liqian still thought carefully, after listing countless possibilities he came to conclusion – the person in charge of the roster was the most likely one.

At this point, altar master Yuan has become the most suspicious. Of course, Wen Renhe had no evidence, but did the Xuanyuan sect needed evidence to do something? Does he need a reason to kill one of his men?

However, in order to get the second book and to eliminate the hidden danger in one fell swoop, Wen Renhe decided to hold back for the time being.

The person in possession of the second book had been hiding his identity for two purposes: first, he wanted Wen Renhe to die. Second, he wanted to improve his strength.

There are certainly few opportunities for the cultivation world that could be mentioned in the second volume that took place in the immortal world. According to the current clues, only one thing could be determined from the name of Burning Heaven Immortal Emperor and Burning Sky Drum. Burning Sky Drum was an immortal weapon so how could it have nothing to do with the supreme Being of the Immortal Realm? At the very least, it had to be related to him in one way.

Therefore, there are two places Cen Zhengqi will go, one was Underworld Blood Sea to help He Wenchao kill Wen Renhe and the other was the forbidden area where the Burning Sky Drum was located.

At this point, it didn’t matter whether Cen Zhengqi and the altar master were the same person, as long as he was able to guard these two important paths, they would be able to catch him. This was Wen Renhe strategy, it was a little rough but the general direction was still alright.

At the same time, he also wanted to take this opportunity to enter the Underworld Blood Sea and distract Yin Hanjiang who might follow him. When Yin Hanjiang came to look for him after guarding the Burning Sky Drum, no matter if it would be success or failure, everything would already be settled.

Not knowing the above analysis, altar master Yuan said smilingly: “What are you talking about, Patriarch Yin? I was worried about the safety of Venerable so I wanted to use the Burning Sky Drum to help him! More than thirty years ago, didn’t Patriarch Yin also use the Burning Sky Drums to help Venrable when he was fighting twenty-one experts of the Righteous Path? Why is it something that only Patriarch Yin can do and altar master Yuan can’t?”

Yin Hanjiang remained unmoved, staring at the book in altar master Yuan hand and said: “For so many years, no one seems to know altar master Yuan real name.”

Shu Yanyan, Qiu Congxue, Ruan Weiyi, Shitan Xin, Miao Qiuqing, Yin Hanjiang saw all these names on roster, but what about the altar master Yuan?

The cultivation world’s rosters were different from the real world roster, the roster itself was also a magic treasure and when you recorded your name you needed to leave a drop of your heart blood so if that person died outside or their cultivation went astray the roster would be able to reflect it. The name on it also could not be changed casually. Names were something that was given by parents and in ancient times, there was a saying that calling one’s name was the same as calling their soul, this means that there is cause and effect between the name and the soul, and if the name on the magic treasure does not match the heart and blood, it could be found.

“At this time, what else can we do? Shouldn’t we go to the Underworld Blood Sea and find Venerable quickly?” Altar master Yuan’s chubby face was full of anxiety, but his heart was extremely calm.

He knew that there should be no way to hide it at this moment, and Yin Hanjiang hiding here meant that Wen Renhe was suspicious of him.

Altar master Yuan didn’t understand why Wen Renhe would suspect him, after all his guess that Wen Renhe had also a book in his hands with Baili Qingmiao as the main character was also a coincidence.

When Wen Renhe got a book and went for closed-door cultivation, altar master Yuan had some doubts. Wen Renhe cultivated the slaughter path and every time his cultivation improved he was always on the battlefield, he would also only glance at the cultivation method offered by his subordinates and would rarely go into seclusion because of it. At that time he only thought that Wen Renhe had gotten the immortal law so he tried to check it with Yin Hanjiang but it didn’t work out so he kept it in his mind, thinking of finding an opportunity in future to steal it.

Unexpectedly, more than 30 years ago, when Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang went out to kidnap Zhong Liqian, a book suddenly fell from above altar master Yuan head, it was《The God of Destruction (Volume 2)》and in the opening summary was written “Wen Renhe was killed by He Wenchao in Underworld Blood Sea.” altar master Yuan was very happy to see this.

However, the task of the first page of the book was: [Volume 1: the plot has changed dramatically, the chance of Wen Renhe death is reduced, Baili Qingmiao and He Wen Chaochao are gradually separating. Choosing a person who has the deepest malice towards Wen Renhe in the book to change the plot, help the male lead kill Wen Renhe and win Baili Qingmiao’s heart.]

After reading the second volume of the plot, altar master Yuan found that his real name Cen Zhengqi appeared in the book, and that he was He Wenchao’s little brother which made him feel very discontent. He decided to take this opportunity to make He Wenchao and Wen Renhe kill each other and take over Yin Hanjiang’s opportunity to get Burning Sky Drum.

However, as soon as he got the book Wen Renhe announced that Xuanyuan Sect would close the mountain for thirty years. But thirty years later when altar master Yuan was going to make a move, there was a rumor that the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master was a man.

Through the Purple Spirit Pavilion master he deduced that the third volume appeared at the same time as the second volume so the first volume should also appear at the same time. But then again, it didn’t make sense. Wen Renhe obviously got a book many years ago and had already started to change the fate of heaven.

Altar master Yuan repeatedly thought about it and found that at the very beginning Wen Renhe did not hurt He Wenchao but instead looked for Baili Qingmiao. In his mind a bold idea arose: could Wen Renhe have two books in his hands? The other book would not be the 《The God of Destruction》 but the book with Baili Qingmiao as the main character.

Regardless of whether his guess was correct or not, to be on the safe side, he immediately changed his real name in the roster, and then contacted the Blood Demon Ancestor to knock Baili Qingmiao unconscious to avoid exposing his plan.

He met the Blood Demon Ancestor when he secretly observed He Wenchao, then the two of them temporarily reached an understanding and had a brief cooperation.

Altar master Yuan didn’t understand, he had already considered everything so how could Wen Renhe still guess it?

Of course, he said these words now to lower Yin Hanjiang’s guard, expecting to convince Yin Hanjiang to let him go for the time being, trying to relax his vigilance.

But after only a few sentences, altar master Yuan realized that this would not work. Yin Hanjiang was like an emotionless puppet, no matter what he said, he wouldn’t waver.

Altar Master Yuan sighed and said: “It seems that Patriarch Yin does not believe me, so I have no choice but to protect myself.”

After saying that, he brought out his poisonous dragon whip, which was altar master Yuan’s soul bound weapon that no one in the Xuanyuan sect had even seen in all these years.

Externally, altar master Yuan had always shown power of a void realm cultivator, which was the weakest among the four altar masters and the two Protectors. In the early years of cultivation, altar master Yuan foundation was damaged, making him unable to advance to the Mahayana realm. In the book, after he met He Wenchao, he became the younger brother of the male protagonist and with his help he got the opportunity to be successfully promoted to the Mahayana realm.

He found the clue to advancement in the second volume and thirty years ago he found numerous opportunities to cure his wound and advance to the Mahayana realm. Without sufficient strength, he wouldn’t dare to lay his hand on the Burning Sky Drum.

As soon as the poisonous dragon whip appeared, it became surrounded by an aura filled with poison. Ordinary poison had no effect on the cultivators but altar master Yuan poison was very powerful and the longer it was absorbed the weaker your strength would become. The cultivator was bound to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth in battle, so Yin Hanjiang’s strength would become weaker the longer he engaged in battle.

Altar master Yuan ‘stalling’ technique of throwing out charms, spirit stones, disposable defense treasures and setting up quick formations, was all done in order to force Yin Hanjiang to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and delay the end of the battle.

Yin Hanjiang, who was only in the Void realm, was not much stronger than altar master Yuan and his Qi was not much higher than altar master Yuan. Fortunately, he was a sword cultivator, who were the strongest when it came to combat power in the same realm. But what he fears most was altar master Yuan stalling battle style, every technique of sword cultivator consumed a lot of genuine Qi so absorbing the heaven and earth aura after the move was instinctive, Yin Hanjiang fighting style was reckless so even if he knew that the aura was poisonous, he wouldn’t stop absorbing it.

He wasn’t able to take slippery altar master Yuan with ten moves so his heart became more and more anxious. The spiritual energy that rushed into his dantian caused some delay in his moves.

When an expert engages in battles even if you show a flaw just for a moment the opponent would seize opportunity. Altar master Yuan, seizing the opportunity, swung the poisonous dragon whip hitting Yin Hanjiang with a whip, who didn’t evade. Knowing that when he was attacked, altar master Yuan would not have time to protect himself, Yin Hanjiang also created his own opportunity!

The poisonous dragon whip hit his body at the same time when Alkaid sword wrapped in Yin Hanjiang genuine Qi struck altar master Yuan. Even a newly ascended immortal would be seriously injured by this move.

However, altar master Yuan had a plan. He tapped his chest and a gold light flashed, a golden armor appeared in the void to firmly block Yin Hanjiang’s sword.

“Wen Renhe left only you here, do you really think you can defeat me?” Altar master Yuan smiled mercilessly, his body shape kept changing. From a short fat body into a tall and thin appearance of an ordinary man.

The appearance of the cultivator will not change after they advance to Nascent Soul realm, but a demonic cultivator has countless bone shrinking methods. Altar master Yuan was accustomed to using two faces, one tall and thin, one short and fat, not to do anything, but just in case.

The first to ascend in the second volume were He Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao but later his little brothers also ascended one after another. After they ascended they would briefly tell He Wenchao about their experiences in the cultivation world. Altar master Yuan used this experience to find beforehand the great golden immortal armor that in the original plot belonged to his first wife, the Purple Spirit Pavilion master. Which he now used to block Yin Hanjiang’s sword.

It doesn’t have to be mentioned that Yin Hanjiang was only in the Void realm. Even the Mahayana realm cultivator wouldn’t be able to cut  through the armor that the author has prepared for the male lead first wife.

Altar master Yuan didn’t hold back with the great golden immortal armor protection he lashed Yin Hanjiang body time after time. Making the poison enter his body but Yin Hanjiang only felt a coldness in his dantian as he was unable to mobilize even half of his genuine Qi.

“Hehehe,” seeing Yin Hanjiang lying motionless on the ground, altar master Yuan finally smiled smugly: “Patriarch Yin, you are so loyal to Wen Renhe but unfortunately you have to go before him, when I finish you, I will go to the Underworld Blood Sea to watch him die.”

He didn’t stop his hand while he was speaking. Altar master Yuan was a very careful person so naturally he wouldn’t give Yin Hanjiang even a little chance to stand up. The length of his poisonous dragon whip was nearly 30 meters so the farther he was from Yin Hanjiang, the better.

The Alkaid sword fell to the ground as Yin Hanjiang was no longer able to hold his sword. When he heard the altar master Yuan say that his lord would die, he suddenly stopped moving and struggling.

“What, are you already dead? Or are you faking your death to trick me?” Altar Master Yuan would not be fooled, and wouldn’t stop until he drew out Yin Hanjiang’s divine soul.

Under the urging of Altar Master Yuan, the poisonous dragon whip changed its shape and turned into a snake shadow that lunged at Yin Hanjiang. This snake shadow wanted to pull Yin Hanjiang’s divine soul out of his body!

The snake’s fangs were just about to bite Yin Hanjiang’s neck when a drum sound came from afar.” DONG!”

The Poison Dragon Whip was blocked by some kind of force and stopped.

“What’s going on here?” He waved the whip again to attack Yin Hanjiang, only to see Alkaid Sword, which had fallen calmly on the ground, piercing through the Poison Dragon Whip. At the moment, the Alkaid sword had already changed its shape and no longer looked like a gentleman’s sword, but just like a Triangular boyonet.

It could no longer be called an alkaid sword but an alkaid triangular boyonet.

“DONG DONG DONG!” Two war drums clashed. Yin Hanjiang, who was already lying on the ground and unable to move, stood up. At some point he wore a ghost mask on his face.

Altar master Yuan took a few steps back and used his genuine Qi to activate his armor, he then panicked and called back his Poison Dragon Whip. Seeing that the situation was not good, he was ready to escape.

It was very difficult for a Mahayana realm cultivator to die so even if he lost the fight he would be able to escape as long as he was determined to do it.

“DONG, DONG, DONG!” The sound of war drums became louder and louder, a huge war drum flew out from the valley and floated in the stagnant air behind Yin Hanjiang.

The expression under the ghost mask couldn’t be seen but Yin Hanjiang at this time seemed to already be unaffected by poison. He appeared in a flash beside the Alkaid triangular boyonet, holding the Poison Dragon Whip with one hand and pulling it with force, actually snatching altar master Yuan soul bound weapon right from his hands!

Under the ghost mask of Yin Hanjiang, a ruthless smile appeared in his eyes as he with a casual wave of his hand actually hit the Burning Sky Drum with the Poison Dragon Whip.

“Boom!” The blow did not land on Burning Sky Drum and clearly hit altar master Yuan soul hard using the power of his own soul bound weapon.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Altar Master Yuan immediately severed his connection with his soul bound weapon and tried to escape although he was already seriously injured.

But just as he threw away the Poison Dragon Whip and prepared to run away, countless flowers around him bloomed.

“Aiya,” Shu Yanyan’s gorgeous face appeared from the flowers as she said with a smile: “I was scared to death, thinking that Patriarch Yin really wouldn’t be able to beat you and I would have to betray the Venerable.”

She had been hiding in the shadows ready to help altar master Yuan or Patriarch Yin depending on who would win.

“You are a Mahayana realm cultivator who is very powerful so I didn’t dare to approach you. But now that you have endured the pain of losing your soul bound weapon and showed weakness, how could this protector miss this opportunity?” Under the peach blossom, Shu Yanyan moved mercilessly.

The flower stamens tied altar master Yuan firmly while stamens absorbed his blood and petals his cultivation. Shu Yanyan who stood in the flower smiled toward altar master Yuan who kept struggling, just like a delicate man-eating flower: “Fortunately, the winner was Patriarch Yin so I don’t need to wrong myself.”

She looked at the plain face of the altar master Yuan and shook her head, “Even if you are bending to someone, you still have to choose a good-looking one.”

With her words, altar master Yuan’s body completely disappeared, only the Mahayana realm soul flew out wanting to use this last chance to flee.

However, there was no such chance, Alkaid blade pierced into altar master Yuan soul tearing it apart. Mahayana realm cultivator soul was destroyed just like this.

Yin Hanjiang, still wearing ghost mask picked up the《The God of Destruction (Volume 2)》that altar master Yuan had no time to put away and then opened it looking at the first synopsis – He Wenchao killed Wen Renhe in Underworld blood sea. After finally avenging his family and taking back his younger material sister Baili Qingmiao, the couple of immortals ascended up to the immortal world together, leaving countless beautiful stories in the cultivation world.

The eyes under the mask instantly turned crimson.


The author has something to say:

Q: Why didn’t you step in at the beginning when Yin Hanjiang was at a disadvantage?

Shu Yanyan: I just wanted to see what would happen, in case there was still hope? Altar master Yuan is really too ugly. I started to become afraid that with such a boss in future I will start to doubt my life and my cultivation may go wrong. I am unscrupulous, but still have principles, how can I sleep with someone so ugly? 


Triangular Boyonet or Spike Bayonet:


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Proofread by: Nio


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