Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 47 – Deception

“Unreasonable!” He Wenchao said angrily, holding a transmission talisman.

This transmission talisman had appeared inside his room at some point, stating that Wen Renhe had been eying Baili Qingmiao and might come to the Shangqing sect to kidnap her, reminding He Wenchao to take extra precautions.

Even though he had been married to Liu Xin Ye for many years, He Wenchao still liked his junior material sister. Moreover, as his cultivation  gradually improved, his status in the Shangqing sect also gradually increased so he slowly believed that it was okay for men to have three wives and four concubines. The head of Nanguo family was also a Mahayana realm cultivator with a large number of wives and concubines, who respected and loved his wife, who managed his backyard for him. He was now the youngest void realm cultivator in the cultivation world and he was definitely going to advance to the Mahayana realm in the future, so he was perfectly capable of marrying several wives.

In the He Wenchao heart the position of main wife was always reserved for his younger material sister, so when he heard that Wen Renhe liked Baili Qing,iao, he was naturally furious.

Recalling the encounter on Taiyin Mountain, Wen Renhe before leaving asked his younger material sister to go with him, but fortunately she refused.

The thought of such a master having thought about his younger martial sister made He Wenchao unable to bear it so he asked: “Master, how can I get rid of this scum of the cultivation world?”

“This is ……” the Blood Demon Ancestor laughed in his sea of consciousness: “Your master has just woken up, hasn’t he? You lend your body to me and I will use your identity to tell him something.”

“Why should I lend my body to you?” He Wenchao was a little reluctant, every time after his master borrowed his body, he would lose a period of memory and wouldn’t know what happened during that time. Which made him feel a little uneasy, so deep down he had a sense of resistance to his master.

“Because I suspect that after the encounter on Taiyin Mountain, Wen Renhe has put Gu on you so I am afraid that he might even know what you were thinking. So it is best if I use your body so you become temporarily isolated from this matter, otherwise our plan might fail and there would be no way to deal with him. When the time comes, your little sister will be snatched away and because the demonic sect has so many secret spells, just one evil spell will make her forget you completely.” Blood Demon Ancestor said.

He Wenchao hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth and saying: “ Alright, I will lend my body to you for a few days.”

This was the end of the revised version of 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1 )》, the plot of 《Abusive Love Affair 》was more complete than 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1 )》and wrote about He Wenchao visit to Baili Qingmiao. During this visit Baili Qingmiao vaguely felt that her brother was a little different from the past, but before she could ask about it she was knocked unconscious by He Wenchao. It also seemed that Xiu Huai was also knocked unconscious.

The readers of 《Abusive Love Affair 》were confused, was it Liu Xinye pretending to be He Wenchao to harm Baili Qingmiao? The comment section was full of questions and plot discussions, but Wen Renhe knew that the He Wenchao should be now possessed by Blood Demon Ancestor and didn’t know what was happening.

Strange, if it was Cen Zhengqi, he knew that He Wenchao was the main character and had no excuse for occupying the male protagonist’s consciousness, but why did he knock out Baili Qingmiao? Wen Renhe originally thought that by letting the other party concentrate on Baili Qingmiao, he would be able to focus the story in 《Abusive Love Affair 》and get a glimpse of the other side in the book. But unexpectedly the other party had thought about it and knocked unconscious Baili Qingmiao.

There was something wrong with this situation.

There was a go board in front of Wen Renhe so he picked out two white pieces and put them down. The situation on Go board instantly changed, the black pieces were being surrounded by white pieces without even knowing it.

The 《The God of Destruction》has three volumes, the other side guessed that he had the first volume, which was not difficult. But 《Abusive Love Affair 》has only one volume and he was the first to get the book. The only one who should know about it was his trustworthy Yin Hanjiang so this matter shouldn’t be exposed.

Wen Renhe took two black pieces and closed his eyes quietly, thinking how he should play these two pieces in order to change the game disadvantage.

Cen Zhengqi, Wen Renhe, Blood Demon Ancestor, He Wenchao, Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven….

He opened his eyes suddenly and decisively landed two pieces, making the situation turn immediately. Wen Renhe smiled faintly, no matter who the opponent was, he just had to respond to the changes with constant change!

Two months later, after receiving the message from the disciple strolling outside, altar master Yuan dragged his fat body to meet the venerable.

“Venerable, something is wrong!” Altar master Yuan said in panic: “Xìnxiāo” received transmission from the cultivation world that in the past two months seventeen experts of the Soul transformation realm and above died, all of them from the righteous path of four great cultivation families. Among them was even a Mahayana realm expert, their death….”

The “Xìnxiāo” was a special organization of the Xuanyuan Sect, managed by the altar master Yuan who was in charge of the main altar affairs and discipline register of Xuanyuan sect. They were known as casual cultivators and sometimes became guests of the four major cultivation families, they were responsible for spying for any kind of news about the cultivation world.

“What is it all about?” Wen Renhe said unhurriedly.

“They were all absorbed and died by the hands of a blood cultivator…” Altar master Yuan looked fearfully in the eyes of Wen Renhe then retreating two step and said: “The Shangqing sect published a detailed record of killing of Blood Demon Ancestor ten thousand years ago, informing the world that blood cultivators can only rely on absorbing others cultivators to improve their cultivation. Then the blood cultivator will become the true demon. If someone dies of this reason, it means… that true demon is present. “

“Shut up!” Yin Hanjiang, who was standing behind Wen Renhe, kicked altar master Yuan and pointed the tip of his sword toward his neck.

Most people in the Xuanyuan Sect knew that Wen Renhe had changed to blood cultivation, they were at peace with it but were also unaware of the blood cultivation method. Now hearing the announcement of Shangqing sect, altar master Yuan rightfully panicked. But Yin Hanjiang would never allow him to insinuate that these people were killed by Wen Renhe.

Although his lord was the leader of the demonic path he would never become the true demon. Even if he kills someone, he will definitely fight head-on just like during a massive demonic war or during the destruction of Taiyin Mountain. He would never do something as petty as backstabbing people.

“Patriarch Yin does not need to be angry, Altar Master Yuan is just reporting the truth.” Wen Renhe said pacifying Yin Hanjiang.

Seeing Yin Hanjiang depressingly withdraw the sword, Wen Renhe caressed his hand and said: “This is a wonderful move, directly trapping a sect in a place of no return.”

After occupying He Wenchao’s body , the Blood Demon Ancestor had secretly murdered the experts of the cultivation world, thus improving his cultivation while guiding the Shangqing Sect to disclose the secret of the blood cultivation heart method, making people believe that the seventeen experts were killed by Wen Renhe.

Once the news was announced, the righteous cultivators as well as the cultivation families would definitely find a way to focus their efforts on exterminating the Devil Venerable.

The people of Xuanyuan sect will definitely panic after hearing about the Blood Cultivation Heart Method so it would be difficult for them to fight against the whole cultivation world just for Wen Renhe and might even want to backstab him secretly.

At the same time, the Blood Demon Ancestor who absorbed seventeen experts, had probably recovered to the peak strength of the Mahayana realm.

Not only will Wen Renhe be isolated, but it will also let the righteous path unite with four major cultivation families. Using Wen Renhe as a shield to enhance their strength while avoiding the revision of the plot. Everything was done in the dark, it was really brilliant.

“Venerable, venerable master, I heard that they are already preparing to revolt against you, how should I, how should we respond?” Altar master Yuan got up and took a few more steps backward, backing away from Wen Renhe as he asked.

“We?” Wen Renhe raised his eyebrows: “Is the Xuanyuan sect still willing to fight together with this venerable at this moment?”

“We are naturally loyal to Venerable, even if venerable absorbs us to improve his cultivation we have no complaints.” Altar master Yuan said as he stepped back.

“Listen” Wen Renhe said to Yin Hanjiang with a smile: “If I really brought this group of people to meet the enemy I would only be afraid that they would stab this Venerable in the back. ‘

“No, Venerable.” Yin Hanjiang put down his sword and walked unarmed to Wen Renhe, proving his loyalty and trust in Wen Renhe with his actions.

“You are the only one who still believes in this venerable.” Wen Renhe touched Yin Hanjiang’s neck and found that the skin under his palm trembled unconsciously several times.

He restrained his smile and said coldly: “If you believe in it, why are you shaking?”

“Subordinate did not, subordinate was ……” Yin Hanjiang did not know how to explain so he just raised his head and stopped speaking.

Seeing that he didn’t continue, Wen Renhe said: “That’s all, you do not trust this venerable so this venerable cannot trust you either. Patriarch Yin, you have disappointed this venerable.”

After he said that, he turned into blood light and left the Xuanyuan sect.

“This… the venrable is gone, what should we do?” Altar master Yuan looked at Yin Hanjiang and asked helplessly.

“In the absence of Venerable, vice Patriarch is the acting head. If the Vice Patriarch is not here, the Right Protector will act, so do what you have to do!” Yin Hanjiang said, picking up the Alkaid Sword and flying towards the direction where the blood light left.

Altar master Yuan had no choice but to summon the right protector.

When Shu Yanyan received the message, she was nestled in Helian Chu’s arms eating spiritual fruits, so she heard the news together with him.

“Protector, will the Venerable really absorb other people to cultivate?” Helian Chu with a fearful face hugged Shu Yanyan even more tightly.

Shu Yanyan pushed him away and said: “You obviously are not afraid so don’t pretend. If Venerable wanted to absorb you would you be able to escape?”

Helian Chu blushed and said: “This subordinate is not taking this opportunity to get closer to the protector. Does the Protector think Venerable is the kind of person to secretly absorb other people? It looks… unlikely.”

“How so?” Shu Yanyan asked.

“Thirty years ago, after the massive demonic war when the venerable returned to the sect he had possessed this subordinate. Do you still remember?”

“Oh? Haven’t you always been reluctant to mention this?” Shu Yanyan asked with interest, Helian Chu was possessed by Wen Renhe causing Shu Yanyan to not find at first that Venerable came back to Xuanyuan sect. After revealing his ambition, his status plummeted and he was almost killed by Shu Yanyan. After being left out for a long time, relying on 30 years of hard study, he learned two poems by heart and regained his favor.

“The situation is different.” Helian Chu said seriously: “When the venerable possessed this subordinate, he could have destroyed this subordinate’s soul, but he did not do so. I think that Venerable is not a person who would secretly harm other people, if he wanted to absorb someone he would probably first hand an invitation to announce it in advance. Then he would absorb the other person after defeating him openly and honestly, he would never act so sneaky.”

“Reading makes you smarter.” Shu Yanyan touched his face, her smile gradually disappearing before she said seriously: “If even you think like this, probably as long as there are people with working brains, they will not believe in this matter.”

Shu Yanyan got dressed, got up and went to the main hall to take over the affairs of the Xuanyuan sect. The others also received the message from altar master Yuan and gathered together in the general altar.

The first to arrive was Protector Qiu, when she saw Shu Yanyan she said: “I don’t believe it, I can tell with my toes that Wen Renhe didn’t do it.”

Shu Yanyan showed a smile as bright as a peach plum, pointed at her and said to Helian Chu, “Look, even people without brains don’t believe it.”

Protector Qiu: “……”

Helian Chu: “……”

After everyone arrived at the general altar, Shu Yanyan said, “I understand that you all have questions in your minds, and some people want to do something while they have the opportunity. But I advise everyone to hold back first, even if you want to compete for the position of the Devil Venerable you have to wait until the news is confirmed. The last punishment, we all know in our hearts, right? This Protector does not want to be punished again in such a short period of time. “

Remembering the last punishment, altar master Ruan shivered and was the first to shout: “Whoever likes to backstab might do but I don’t dare to do it.”

Several altar masters also expressed their fear.

At this time, a messenger talisman flew to the general altar, it was sent by“Xìnxiāo”. Altar master Yuan opened the  messenger talisman and played it for everyone to hear, “We have received news that Baili Qingmiao has been taken captive by the Blood cultivator to the Underworld Blood Sea, and her life is in danger.”

The messenger also had an illusion attached to it so when altar master Yuan opened the message an image appeared in the void – Baili Qingmiao and Xiu Huai were hanging over the Underworld Blood Sea, the two of them unconscious, and from time to time, water splashed from the Underworld Blood Sea fell on them.

Underworld Blood Sea was a seal arranged by the innate gods, which contained most of the initial chaos Qi of heaven and earth. Blood Sea looked just like red seawater, but in fact it was a shadow of chaotic Qi so every drop of seawater contained a terrifying amount of Chaos Qi.

The 180,000 sealed demon gods kept attacking the seal of Blood Sea and after many years the demonic Qi fused with the chaos Qi and became powerful enough to devour heaven and earth. Baili Qingmiao’s leg was splashed by a drop of seawater and half of her leg flesh and blood instantly rotted. She woke up in pain and looked around, realizing that she was no longer in the back mountain of the Shangqing Sect.

At this time, countless water splashes flew up again, and Baili Qingmiao hugged Xiu Huai beside her holding up the windless silver moon ribbon to block the water splashes. But her cultivation was not enough to resist the power of the Underworld Blood Sea, the windless silver moon ribbon shattered into countless pieces and Baili Qingmiao soul bound weapon was destroyed while her Dantian was severely injured. She spit a mouthful of blood, holding Xiu Huai, she lost consciousness again.

“Such a thing!” Seeing this scene, Protector Qiu no longer cared whose trap it was and rushed out, obviously going to Underworld Blood Sea to save people.

“Ouch, how cruel.” Shu Yanyan rubbed her temples and said: “Qiu Congxue this fool is actually going seeking death, I should hurry up and stop her.”

After saying that, she took Helian Chu to chase after her, leaving the four altar masters to look at each other.

The four altar masters did not intend to help and without knowing the full situation they didn’t dare to act. After a moment of silence, altar master Yuan said: “Why don’t we each guard our own branch altars and wait for what will happen next. When the dust settles, then we can decide who will be the devil Venerable, how about that?”

A few people thought about it, even if it was chaotic at this time it shouldn’t be as chaotic as last time. Things happened too suddenly so there might be some conspiracy behind it, no one wanted to be used so it was better to follow altar master Yuan’s example and hide.

After the crowd left, a figure came to the Xuanyuan sect’s forbidden area, where the only immortal weapon of the Xuanyuan sect was – Burning sky drums.

“Wen Renhe was lured away, Yin Hanjiang followed after him. Protector Qiu and Protector Shu are also away, this is just enough time to take over Burning sky drums.”

The man fished out a book from his bosom, which was none other than 《The God of Destruction (Volume 2)》

He flipped through the book and opened a page that read: Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven was actually Yin Hanjiang, the left protector of Xuanyuan Sect in the Cultivation World. He was seriously injured in the Cultivation World and left only a wisp of his soul hidden in the Burning sky drums to recuperate. Burning sky drums was a magic weapon left by the immortal when the immortal found the Burning sky drums in the cultivation realm and wanted to to refine it again, he was swallowed by Yin Hanjiang, who was already integrated with the Burning sky drums. After Yin Hanjiang possessed him, he became Burning Heaven Immortal Emperor. He was loyal to Wen Renhe so he was hostile to He Wenchao and others and kept trying to assassinate He Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao in the immortal world. He didn’t refine the soul of the immortal at the beginning so he could only send his men to assassinate them. But thousands of years later, Yin Hanjiang finally absorbed the immortal spirit and went himself to kill He Wenchao.

“Although the Burning sky drum was that immortal’s original magic weapon, it has been left behind in the cultivation world for many years, and has long since been disconnected from the immortal. As long as heart blood and part of soul is fused with Burning sky drums starting from the weak soul sealed in it to be devoured you can refine both immortal and demonic Qi in it and become the strongest immortal venerable between heaven and earth.” The man said while reading the content of the book: “Since I got this book, I have been waiting for this opportunity. Wen Renhe will fight against Blood Demon Ancestor, even if he doesn’t die, he will become a monster who will only want to devour living beings, Yin Hanjiang would be the first to be devoured, hahahahaha ……”

“Who did you say was the first to be devoured?” Before the man’s laughter ended, he heard a voice coming from below the forbidden area just above Burning sky drums.

A man leaped out from the abyss, it was Yin Hanjiang!

“You, didn’t you follow Wen Renhe?” The man said in disbelief.

‘Venerable ordered me to guard the Burning Sky Drums.” Yin Hanjiang raised his sword and said: “Why are you here, Altar Master Yuan?”



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