Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 5.2 – Praise the Lord

“I am poor and humble, and I don’t care what other people think of me. But how can you who is as bright as the moon try to buy happiness with money?” Shu Yanyan turned around and looked at He Wenchao sadly.

She didn’t accept money, not only because of her own integrity, but also because of her heartache for He Wenchao. How considerate she was!

“But I…. After all, I am just a common girl.” He Wenchao reached out his hand and helped Shu Yanyan put a strand of her undone hair behind her ear. He also inadvertently touched her red cheek, making his heart tremble again.

Shu Yanyan said with a gentle smile, “Isn’t it often said in story books that saving a life should be reciprocated with the body? Master He is a great hero, and maybe this concubine should also follow this principle to repay him.”

Her words gradually soothed He Wenchao’s guilt. He thought that he had helped Miss Shu many times, but this woman had no ability and could only repay him in this way. Moreover, she was already in his arms and trusted him wholeheartedly. No man could resist this.

But what should he do with his junior sister Baili Qingmiao?

But things having turned out like this, wasn’t it because his sister Baili hadn’t come back for a long time? If she had came back earlier, he would not have had to act so improper in order to save her!

The more He Wenchao thought about it, the more he felt that he was right, except that he didn’t know how to explain it to his beloved younger martial sister.

He was fond of Baili Qingmiao, and there were no secrets between them. He Wenchao took care of Baili Qingmiao since she was seven or eight year old. He watched Baili Qingmiao grow from a little girl with baby fat to such a beautiful girl, and his feelings were not to be compared with those for Shu Yanyan.

Shu Yanyan didn’t want to interfere in other people’s feelings either. She put her soft hand on He Wenchao’s shoulder and said understanding, “Don’t worry, you will know it, I will know it, but no one else will know.”

Yeah, no one else would know, right? Miss Shu looked like a clever girl, she would understand.

He Wenchao’s Guilt had completely dispersed as he hugged Shu Yanyan.

Afterwards Shu Yanyan put on her clothes and fell into a deep sleep. She tossed and turned and looked very exhausted.

When He Wenchao looked at her sleeping face, he felt some pity for her.

After staying for a while, He Wenchao remembered that he had accidentally injected his Qi. His shifu often reminded his disciples that they should not practice with others before reaching Nascent Soul stage, because it would be easy to destroy their own cultivation. He Wenchao hurriedly checked his situation, but saw that his skill not only had not decreased but had even increased a lot, from the seventh layer to the ninth layer of Golden Core!

Shu Yanyan, was a master at the sixth layer of Void stage. Cultivating by using  such methods, it was easy for her to help a young generation at the Golden Core stage to improve their strength. However, she had also absorbed the power of thunder and fire and that mysterious power from He Wenchao’s body, so she had gained a lot of benefits. She was just waiting for He Wenchao to leave before she started cultivating.

Why did his cultivation increase? He Wenchao was very puzzled.

He looked at Shu Yanyan and remembered that he had read a book about dual cultivation in the library. At that time, when he found that he had fallen in love with his younger martial sister, he went to search for a method for dual cultivation. That book also said that before reaching Nascent Soul stage dual cultivation was not allowed, except for people with two kinds of constitution – the body of nine Yin and the body of nine Yang.

If a woman with a body of nine Yin  would dual cultivate, even if she was just an ordinary person, she would still help the other person improve their strength, which had many advantages. Did Miss Shu have a nine Yin body constitution?

While He Wenchao was absorbed in thoughts, Baili Qingmiao finally arrived with elder martial brother Yao. She gasped as she said, “Elder Martial Brother, I’m sorry I’m late!”

He Wenchao gently touched her head and said, “Don’t worry, Younger Martial Sister. Miss Shu is alright, I’d like to apologize to elder martial brother Yao for his wasted trip.”

Elder martial brother Yao looked at Shu Yanyan, whose face was just like peaches and plums, sleeping on the bed and a trace of doubt rose in his heart as he asked, “How did she recover?”

He Wenchao didn’t want him to check Miss Shu’s specific situation so he said in a low voice, “It’s not convenient to talk here. Let’s talk about it when we go out.”

When the three of them left the thatched hut, He Wenchao said that the situation had been urgent and that Shu Yanyan had almost died from vomiting blood, so he had helped her take some medicine used by cultivators and took out the medicine bottle that was missing one pill as proof.

“Can ordinary people withstand this kind of medicine?” Elder martial brother Yao smelled the medicine bottle and said, “This is the pill that can only be used at Qi Foundation stage. Ordinary people’s meridians can’t stand such a powerful aura. After taking this pill they will die from their meridians breaking.”

“I used my soul force to help her absorb it,” He Wenchao said simply.

“But…” Yao Wendan recalled the steps of absorbing the pill. His main direction of cultivation was pill refining and naturally, he knew that it was necessary to have skin-to-skin contact.

“But what?” Baili Qingmiao simply looked at Yao Wendan. She was still young and hadn’t learned this yet.

He Wenchao stared at Yao Wendan. Yao Wendan got his hint and said, “I was just worried that my brother didn’t understand the matter of refining medicine, but hasn’t the treatment already taken place? Now that Miss Shu has recovered, there is no reason to worry.”

Baili Qingmiao was relieved and said she would go to see Miss Shu. He Wenchao said that it was no longer a critical moment now, and it was no longer proper to let single men and women stay alone together, so he let Baili Qingmiao go on her own.

As soon as she entered the room, Yao Wendan raised his eyebrows and jabbed He Wenchao with his elbow, before giving him a mischievous smile. “Martial Brother, have you done something wicked?”

He Wenchao said in a righteous tone, “There are priorities in regards to this matter, and I am also an expedient. At that time, I covered my eyes.”

He behaved so righteous that Yao Wendan said with doubt, “Then why didn’t you tell your younger martial sister just now?”

He Wenchao sighed and shook his head. “It’s not like you don’t know younger martial sister’s temperament. When younger martial sister Liu came to ask me questions about cultivation she already made a fuss. I, as elder martial brother, have the obligation to help each younger martial brother and sister in cultivation when Master is too busy. I even taught you the basic mental skill, how can I not help younger martial sister Liu?”

“That is also true,” Yao Wendan said. “Sister Baili is good at everything. She is just a big vinegar jar.”

“That’s right, and it is not good for Miss Shu to speak of it. It is better to stop here. Human life was at stake so it was also a virtue for me to do so,” He Wenchao said.

Yao Wendan believed in He Wenchao’s words, and after Baili Qingmiao made sure that Shu Yanyan was alright, they went back to the sect.

After they left, Shu Yanyan got up rubbing her skin, kicked the thatched bed and said angrily, “This thatched bed is too staging, it’s too uncomfortable to sleep!”

“Why didn’t you just tell Baili Qingmiao about you and He Wenchao?” a voice sounded in the thatched hut.

When Shu Yanyan looked up, she saw her Lord had appeared in the room, so she smiled. “Lord, you are a man of iron blood. You only see beauties as rocks, so how can you understand the thoughts of those dignified hypocrites. When they are in bed for free they say sweet words, but when they put on their clothes and turn around they don’t even recognize people anymore. If I dare to say anything now, He Wenchao will turn me into a monster the next day and push everything on me.”

After hearing this, Wen Renhe thought it was true. It was written in the book that He Wenchao insisted that Shu Yanyan had captured him. How could he defeat the Right Sect Protector of the demonic sect? 

“Then when will you say it?” Wen Renhe asked. 

He wanted Baili Qingmiao to see He Wenchao’s  true face as soon as possible, so that she could start cultivating the merciless path and become a goddess as soon as possible. Only after she successfully integrated with her divinity, would the grace of Wen Renhe’s master be paid off. 

“I have to wait for a while,” Shu Yanyan said, leaning lazily against the wall. “After He Wenchao returns to the sect, he will come back to me in a few days. After tasting it once, which man can stop thinking about it? Besides, I can help him improve his cultivation. After another visit or two, there will be more. If the first time was forced, were the second, third and fourth time also forced? Then, even if he tries he will not be able to deny what happened!”

She frowned slightly and said, “But doesn’t the Lord want me to win him over, go fishing for a long time, and inquire about news of the upcoming battle between the sects?”

“Well,” Wen Renhe nodded, “that needs to be done too, but it’s better if Baili Qingmiao changes her heart, betrays her sect and starts cultivating her merciless path as soon as possible.”

“Ha?” Shu Yanyan was puzzled. What did the Lord mean? If he wanted to see Baili Qingmiao betray her sect and turn to the devil path, or even try to get her in his grip, why should she still cultivate the merciless way?

“Just do it!” said Wen Renhe. 

“Then I have to find some subordinates to distract Baili Qingmiao and provide opportunities for He Wenchao. Every time they go down the mountain, they stick together, so it’s hard to find opportunities,” Shu Yanyan said.

“No need, I will distract Baili Qingmiao for a while,” replied Wen Renhe.

“You are going to distract her yourself?” Shu Yanyan’s face became stiff.

“Is there a problem?” Hearing that Wen Renhe raised an eyebrow. 

“How could there be?” Shu Yanyan said with a dry smile.

Seeing that she did not believe Wen Renhe, Yin Hanjiang said angrily, “The Lord ordered Baili Qingmiao to get the snow flame. It will not only help us get the treasure, but also make it convenient for you to lure He Wenchao away from Shangqing Sect. It is like killing two birds with one arrow.”

“I see!” Shu Yanyan stood in awe, kneeled down on one knee and said, “The Lord is wise.”

“Mm-hmm.” Wen Renhe nodded with a wooden face.

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