Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 26.2 – Straightening the Sect

Yin Hanjiang ignored her and continued: ” As for the four altar masters, as Venerable said their greatest sin is not committing crime but incompetence, these four only cared about killing each other and let the right protector benefit from it. Not worthy of being altar masters because they were cheated so easily by the right protector. However, it was not easy for altar master Ruan, a single person, to defeat two other altar masters Shitan and Miao, so his punishment can be reduced appropriately. “

Wen Renhe was a bit surprised as he looked at Yin Hanjiang and said, “I thought you treat everyone equally except me. I never thought that your relationship with altar master Ruan was so good.”

Yin Hanjiang pursed his lower lip and did not answer. It was not that he was on good terms with Altar Master Ruan; he just fought side by side with altar master Ruan during the Massive Demon War.

“Then it will be as Protector Yin said.” Wen Renhe tapped his fingertips on the armrest and gave the order.

Shu Yanyan’s mouth was still useful so he didn’t seal her mouth but made her destroy all the beds, burn everything she bought to his cultivation place as well as made her subordinates  do all chores of the general altar. Altar master Miao put gu worm on everyone so as long as one of them had even an idea of being intimate with Shu Yanyan, altar master Miao would know immediately.

As for the four altar master, Wen Renhe thought that incompetent people only deserve to be punished by incompetent people so he told altar master Shitan, Yuan and Miao to think of the way to punish each other and then report the result. As for the altar master Ruan, since Protector Yin begged for mercy, he let him go.

In just one day, Wen Renhe has straightened out the messy Xuanyuan sect, making everyone peaceful and no longer daring to have any dissenting thoughts.

After watching the three altar masters for a while he also used gu parasites on them. After punishing them Wen Renhe became slightly bored so he took Yin Hanjing back with him to his rooms. Shu Yanyan has already broken the big bed with tears, and put it back to the earth one by one, a few years later it would become a jade mine. She even said to herself that the bed had just been moved in and it would  come back before she had done anything about it.

Looking at Shu Yanyan’s expression when she said this, she seemed to be quite regretful. Regretting that she didn’t enjoy it even once before the venerable came back.

As soon as he entered the room, Yin Hanjiang detected a fragrance that belonged exclusively to Shu Yanyan which stuck to the room due to her bed. He frowned and unsheathed his alkaid sword, used his sword Qi to drive the smell away.

“No need to go through this trouble.” Wen Renhe said “Just let Shu Yanyan clean this room of mine with her own hands.”

“I don’t need her. This subordinate will go and do it.” Yin Hanjiang held his breath and said.

Wen Renhe did not stop him and just asked Yin Hanjing about altar master Ruan.

Yin Hanjiang told him everything, even how altar master Ruan did not miss scolding him at that time. Wen Renhe raised his eyebrows hearing it and said: “Oh? It turns out that altar master Ruan has such a habit, it seems that we can’t satisfy him.”

“Satisfy?” Yin Hanjiang directly cut his next words, becoming silent. How can he be satisfied?

Wen Renhe, seeing his shocked expression quickly added: “Didn’t he miss his granny? Choosing one of Altar master Qiu ghost cultivators, whose corpse is already rotting and full of maggots. This venerable really wants to see how he wants to live!”

Yin Hanjiang became relieved and said in a low voice: “It’s just some lip service.”

“I was just scaring him.” Wen Renhe said: “When this venerable is not here the order of the sect is up to you as my protector. During the massive demon war, what you did not only saved this venerable but also reserved the situation of the whole war. Ruan Weiyi helping you is what he should do, so there is no need to thank him. This venerable also wants him to know that he can’t talk nonsense about you and not everyone can scold you!”

Seeing that Wen Renhe was supporting him, Yin Hanjiang felt a sweet taste in his heart, he silently stood behind Wen Renhe and let the devil venerable help him out.

The ghost cultivators of altar master Qiu had long been taken over by master Shitan. As soon as he heard that he could personally choose punishment for altar master Ruan while coughing and patting his chest, he said that he must carefully select a subordinate to double cultivation with altar master Ruan, and also deliberately begged for a copy of the heart method from Protector Shu. The ghost cultivators under him who still had flesh heard that they could find Ruan altar master to make up for it and signed up to offer their bodies with great enthusiasm.

Yin Hanjiang: “……”

He always felt that master Shitan couldn’t scare him any more.

After Wen Renhe saw that Xuanyuan sect cultivators returned to the previous mode of “harmonious coexistence.” Instead of going all out to make trouble and harming ordinary people, they had contained their ambitions internally. He became very satisfied and then went back to his cultivation place to read calmly.

Naturally it was to read 《Abusive love affair》.

It has been about a month since Baili Qingmiao bid farewell to him, so even if altar master Qiu wanted to drag it out she should have already returned to Shangqing sect. He was also eager to see He Wenchao’s side and whether his nascent soul cultivation had recovered.

The author also revised the text again, recording the whole process from Baili Qingmiao’s point of view, since she bid farewell to her brother in the Shangqing sect to the search for treasure in the Immortal Spirit Illusion Realm. The Comment section exploded after the text  revised, their number much larger than that of the original text –

[Wait, wait! What did Baili Qingmiao say about this senior’s name? Wen Renhe!? How could my overbearing and handsome male lead number 2 become Baili Qingmiao’s elder?]

[To tell you the truth when this black-clad senior who gave Baili Qingmiao a fire feather cape so she could go to the Wanli Ice fields and the author did not describe his appearance in detail I thought he was some old man.]

[You are right with the old man part. Wen Renhe is more than 300 years old but still has a good face. No matter how old he is, wasn’t He Wenchao married to a 1000 years old Purple Spirit Pavilion master? Our devil venerable is only 300 years old so isn’t he still considered young in the cultivation world?]

[If the senior in black is Wen Renhe, then the man who absorbed the flame in the snow is Yin Hanjiang? Uwuwu, the shadow of childhood has come back, who will light the corpse oil lamp for me?]

[After rewriting the text, Wen Renhe said that Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron was for Yin Hanjing’s sword training? Wait a moment, I need to run through it, Wen Renhe was protecting Baili Qingmiao so she could find snowflame in the snow for Yin Hanjing, took Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron for Yin Hanjing, give the heroine a token because of Yin Hanjing…. I seem to have found something remarkable.]

What was the author stimulated by in recent years? All female lead’s things were given by the male lead number two to male lead number four. Plot of male lead being saved by the female lead was also given to…. I don’t know where it went. Maybe elder Qing Xue, who comes out of nowhere and seems to have a problem with her brain? ].

[Speaking of Qing Xue, I have a good feeling about her. She really takes care of the female lead all the time and ignores He Wenchao. With her protection, the part of the story where Baili Qingmiao being imprisoned by He Wenchao’s wife should also change, right? ].

[but the imprisonment plotline is an opportunity for Baili Qingmiao and Zhong Liqian to meet! If Qing Xue protects the female lead, how can Zhong Liqian still appear? I love him the most, wuwuwu 】

[I just can’t, I am looking more and more forward to the future plot. The author didn’t revise to the point of Baili Qingmiao going back to the sect so I don’t know if He Wenchao still sleeps with sister Liu, in case he did….. I am looking forward to Elder Qing Xue’s reaction.]

[Looking forward to elder Qing Xue + 10086. Killing He Wenchao and rising a reincarnation flag, praising Qing Xue!]

The revised plot did not reach a point until the female lead went back to the sect with Qiu Congxue, Wen Renhe closed the book and thought about how to kidnap Zhong Liqian.

“Call the right protector here, there is a chance for her to redeem herself.” Wen Renhe said.


The author has something to say:


Altar Master Shifan: Master Ruan, this is the subordinate carefully selected by this altar master according to your requirements. Do you like this skeleton? Or do you like the rotting corpse?

Altar master Ruan: “…”

Wen Renhe: “Say again, who do you want to date?”

Altar master Ruan: “…”


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