Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 49 – I Don’t Allow It

After leaving the Xuanyuan sect, Wen Renhe wandered outside arrogantly wanting to let the people of the righteous path know where he was, so that they could set a trap to lure him in.

He was drinking at the restaurant under the mountain of Xuanyuan sect when he heard someone beside him say something so loudly as if he was afraid that he wouldn’t hear it: “I heard that the person who recently assassinated seventeen experts of righteous path is none other than Wen Renhe from Xuanyuan sect, who also kidnapped Baili Qingmiao of Shangqing Sect now to went to the Underworld Blood Sea.”

“Baili Qingmiao? Is she very powerful? Why did he kidnap her?” Another person asked cooperatively.

You might not know it but Baili Qingmiao is less than 100 years old and already in the Soul Transformation realm. Wen Renhe specializes in killing cultivators above the Soul Transformation realm. She has such a good aptitude, how could Wen Renhe let her go!” The man said in a clear voice.

“Who did you say captured Baili Qingmiao?” Wen Renhe chimed just at the right time.

“Of course it was the Blood Devil Wen Renhe…” The man turned his head ” thoughtlessly” and cried out: “Wen Renhe!”

His companion hastily shrank into a corner and said: “Don’t don’t kill me, I’m only at the Golden Core realm, my cultivation would not even fit between the gap of your teeth, I am useless.”

Wen Renhe symbolically waved his sleeve and seriously injured the two, then he got up and went to the Underworld Blood Sea.

At this time Baili Qingmiao opened her eyes. She and Xiu Huai have been laying unconscious in the back of the mountain for two months, but when she opened the eyes this time she saw that she was hanging in a strange and terrible place. Baili Qingmiao tried to protect Xiu Huai, her apprentice, before danger strikes, bearing the pain of her dantian she woke up Xiu Huai and gritting her teeth she said: “Disciple, wake up, we must escape!”

Xiu Huai dazedly opened his eyes, looked up and saw a dim sky as well as dark red sea beneath his feet, shocked he asked: “What is this place?”

“I’m not sure,” Baili Qingmiao said: “but we have to climb up.”

They are hanging on the cliff with ropes tied around their waists. Below them was a dark red sea of blood. This place was very strange, she tried to fly up several times but couldn’t do it. Not because her cultivation was sealed, but she just couldn’t fly. There seems to be an endless suction force below, absorbing the surrounding aura, if they wanted to go up they had to climb with both hands and feet.

Baili Qingmiao should have been afraid, but at this moment her heart was incomparably calm, probably because of Zhong Liqian’s emotional stability.

It was okay, Baili Qingmiao told herself in her heart, she looked at the top left stone and grabbed it to climb up. As a master, she had to scout the way for her disciple.

But as soon as she touched the stone, the burning and corroding pain came from her palm. Baili Qingmiao hastily withdrew her hand only to see that her original white and tender left hand had been scorched black, she could vaguely see a blood bubble bursting from her scorched flesh.

“Master!” Seeing Baili Qingmiao was injured, Xiu Huai hurriedly took out the pill to treat her. The people who hung them here were very strange. They didn’t seal their cultivation or take their storage devices and just hung them here as they were.

After taking the pill, Baili Qingmiao became much better. She looked upward, but could not see a human figure.

“Where the hell is this, we were obviously in the back of the Shangqing sect, why are we here?” Baili Qingmiao asked, holding her head: “Could it be that the Shangqing sect suffered an accident?”

Xiu Huai simply wanted to hit his master’s head and turn it in the right direction, but he still said: “Master Zhong is a guest in the Shangqing sect if the Shangqing sect was in crisis, how would he let you be taken away? Now it is obvious that he is not in trouble and might not even know anything about your situation. With his strength, the Shangqing sect mountain protection formation, do you think it is possible for Shangqing sect to be attacked?!”

“This …… then why exactly?” Baili Qingmiao had actually thought of it, but could not believe it.

“Why else? Who was the last person you saw before you fell unconscious?!” Xiu Huai almost roared.

It was her elder material brother… Baili Qingmiao remembered that before she fainted, her elder martial brother came to see her at the back of the mountain. When she woke up she was already hanging here.

“It is obvious that the Shangqing sect hangs you here to do something,” Xiu Huai said: “Don’t you see that we are looking at two baits now?”

When he was a ghost cultivator, he would often use bait to lure ordinary people so after he opened his eyes he couldn’t be more familiar with this situation

“What does the sect master want to do with me?” Baili Qingmiao asked disbelievingly.

“What else could it be! Before you fell unconscious they asked you to do something that you didn’t agree with. It must be that!” Xiu Huai huffed, why is his Master so stupid?

“I…” Baili Qingmiao shook her head, it’s not that she didn’t expect it, it’s that she couldn’t believe it.

Before she fell unconscious the Shangqing sect wanted her to lure out Master Qingxue but she didn’t agree which is why she was locked up in the back of the mountain. Her elder material brother also tried to persuade her once but she still didn’t agree. The second time her elder material brother came to visit her, he knocked her out.

Xiu Huai said angrily: “Using their own disciple to lure the demonic path, what kind of righteous sect is Shangqing Sect! It’s just a bunch of petty scums!”

His voice was loud, and he even used his genuine Qi to spread it far away, so that the people on the cliff who had set up the ambush could hear.

Many people on the cliff had already set up nets waiting to kill the blood devil, hearing the shout of a young disciple like Xiu Huai some people’s faces slightly flushed but they still didn’t dare to make a sound.

On the contrary, the elder from Nanguo family who had a grudge against Baili Qingmiao and her group, stood up and walked to the side of the cliff and said to the two of them: “Everything is for the sake of eliminating the devil, what is the sacrifice of a disciple?”

“It’s you old thing!” Xiu Huai scolded, “Your Nanguo family has always been harboring hatred toward my master for exposing your true color. Now you want to use this opportunity to wipe out all of us who attended the banquet that day, right? The Shangqing sect has degenerated to the point of being in cahoots with the Nanguo family? Bah! I’m really ashamed to be a disciple of the Shangqing sect!”

He was a ghost cultivator, or a ghost cultivator who had been stealing wandering souls in the public so he could really curse like a rascal and say anything.

Anyway, they are going to die so Xiu Huai didn’t hold back any longer and desperately cursed the Shangqing sect and the Nanguo family. The vulgarity of the wording, the number of curses he knew made Baili Qingmiao jaw drop, her disciple had always been well-behaved and even if he revealed his true personality from time to time it was harmless. What’s more he had been learning under master Zhong Liqian and she never saw him swear so now Baili Qingmiao was really shocked.

She whispered: “If master Zhong heard you cursing like this ……”

Xiu Huai’s body stiffened but he continued to speak, he was still swearing, but without dirty words, and his vocabulary was still rich, such as “block”, “rat generation”, “nasty”, “chicken and dog thieves” and so on without repeating himself. Baili Qingmiao really didn’t know how he could not memorize poetry, when he memorized so many cursing vocabulary.

Xiu Huai said: “You old things, your behavior today is way worse than the demonic path!”

The righteous cultivators pretended not to hear, but the elder of Nanguo family couldn’t help scolding him so he pointed at Xiu Huai and said a few words “an ignorant youth” and then he retreated. Xiu Huai shouted until his voice became hoarse but no one responded to him so he said to Baili Qingmiao: “Your sect is not a good place, your elder material brother is even worse, don’t like him.”

Baili Qingmiao said quietly: “Elder material brother…. is also unable to disobey the sect orders.”

Xiu Huai who was almost deceived by her: “When the Shangqing Sect asked you to assassinate Qiu Congxue, you would rather be locked up in the back of the mountain than agree, how come He Wenchao didn’t disobey the sect when they asked him to use you as bait? “

Baili Qingmiao became speechless.

[Well said, disciple!]

[The female lead retarded brain needs to be scolded severely.]

[Xiu Huai male lead no. 5 is fine. Before the revision, he was killed by He Wenchao so I always  thought it was invisible. But after the revision, I found that this little thing’s mouth is so good at talking?]

[One second Baili Qingmiao was still in the back of the mountain and in the next she fainted and appeared here. At first I thought I missed reading 10,000 words but now that it was explained clearly, it turns out that He Wenchao is a shameless one. Forcing the female lead to do things she doesn’t want to do under the banner of being good to you.]

In order to control the plot at all times, Wen Renhe rushed to the underworld blood sea while still checking the book. After Baili Qingmiao woke up 《Abusive Love Affair》 changed but 《The God of Destruction》didn’t so He Wenchao should still be possessed by Blood Demon Ancestor.

He put away the book and directly appeared in the underworld blood sea pretending to be unaware of the trap and rushed straight toward Baili Qingmiao .

Baili Qingmiao was lost in thought after being scolded by her disciple so when she suddenly saw a person appear, she fixed her eyes on Wen Renhe in surprise: “Senior Wen Renhe, why are you here?”

“This Venerable said that he owes you a favor.” Wen Renhe said.

He couldn’t fly in underworld blood sea and felt the endless power from Blood Sea bellow him

He inserted a lance into the cliff wall, using the spear shaft as a foothold, standing on it and pulled Baili Qingmiao, saying to her: “Master and disciple hold on to this Venerable, I will take you up.”

“Devil Venerable there is ambush up there!” Xiu Huai only had time to warn him in a few words before a golden net appeared above his head.

Nine experts appeared above, including the recently awakened Sect Leader of the Shangqing Sect.

Wen Renhe sneered and said: “The famous sect will also use such despicable and underhanded means? But if you want to kill this Venerable you should have prepared more experts, why only nine people? Oh, I remember, during the massive demonic war your experts were almost completely killed by me so now you don’t even have ten of them hahahaha!”

He looked up to the sky as he laughed and then said to Baili Qingmiao: “Don’t worry, such few people can’t touch this venerable.”

“Senior Wen Renhe, I just helped you find flame in the snow and Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron, you don’t need to put yourself in danger to save me.” Baili Qingmiao looked at Wen Renhe, her eyes filled with tears.

“I’m not trying to save you,” Wen Renhe said coldly: “I’m just trying to show you something.”

Faced with nine experts, Wen Renhe was not afraid he had more than just his seven stars killing halberd. He casually threw a pair of twin swords, first to cut the rope around the waist of Baili Qingmiao and Xiu Huai, and inserted the second of the twin sword into the cliff wall to use it as a stepping stone to jump upwards.

The surrounding cliffs had been affected by the chaotic power and demonic Qi of the Underworld Blood Sea for many years. They had strong corrosive force so strong that even Wen Renhe didn’t dare to directly touch the cliff and could only use such a method to jump upward.

Even the top magical weapon would turn into blood and fall into the blood sea after being inserted in the cliff for more than a quarter of an hour. Baili Qingmiao saw that the double swords and lance disappear so remembering what happened to her arm she could only gulp in fear.

Elder martial brother… brought her here knowing that this place was so dangerous? Baili Qingmiao thought in confusion.

Fortunately, Wen Renhe had many magic weapons, swords, spears and halberds were constantly thrown to the cliff wall, so after a few jumps he arrived near the golden net.

“It’s just the Heaven and Earth Law Net Formation.” Wen Renhe looked at the golden net, wielding the seven stars killing halberd he swung it with all his might. Under the power of seven stars killing halberd a crack was created in Heaven and Earth Law Net Formation.

He carried Baili Qingmiao and leaped upwards into the air, looking like he was about to run. Even the combined attacks of several experts could not hurt Wen Renhe or slow him down for a bit.

Just then, He Wenchao appeared. His eyes were cold, and when he saw that Wen Renhe had been protecting Baili Qingmiao with a twinkle in his eye, he brought out his sword and viciously stabbed Baili Qingmiao in the heart.

Wen Renhe realized that this was not He Wenchao but Blood Demon Ancestor who was possessing him.

However it was enough with this sword Baili Qingmiao’s love should also die.

Wen Renhe rolled over to protect Baili Qingmiao and was stabbed in the back. Baili Qingmiao saw that her elder material brother showed no mercy and felt dumbfounded.

At this time, the consciousness of the Blood Demon Ancestor retreated and He Wenchao returned. He Wenchao looked at his hand and seemed to remember what had just happened and yelled toward Baili Qingmiao: “Younger martial sister, I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it!”

This sword had the power of the Blood Demon Ancestor hidden in it and it was able to destroy the blood cultivation engraved on Wen Renhe divine soul. Blood Demon Ancestor was the person who knew the most about blood cultivation so he also knew how to destroy Wen Renhe blood cultivation.

The exit was right in front of him but Wen Renhe was already seriously injured. He grabbed Baili Qingmiao and Xiu Huai, holding the seven stars killing halberd in one hand to block the attacks of nine righteous experts and threw Baili Qingmiao and Xiu Huai into the sky with the other hand shouting: “Catch!”

One person in the sky caught two people, it was Qiu Congxue who came in time!

“Master Qingxue…” Baili Qingmiao, who had suffered successive blows in one day, grabbed Qiu Congxue’s black robe and cried: “Please save Senior Wen Renhe, please ……”

“Too late.” Qiu Congxue stood in the clouds and quietly looked down.

In the golden net, Wen Renhe had nine different magical weapons sticking out of his body and had been pierced by ten thousand arrows.

The sword piercing his body continued to destroy his blood cultivation making Wen Renhe unable to heal his wounds even if he wanted to turn the people around him into blood mist and absorb their power.

Feeling the power of the blood cultivation in his body constantly disappear, Wen Renhe couldn’t help laughing. He knew that the Blood Demon Ancestor must have known how to kill a blood cultivator. His blood cultivation disappeared, it was not in vain that he took the trouble to team up with Zhong Liqian to set up this bitter ploy to kill three birds with one stone.

The first was to let Baili Qingmiao watch He Wenchao attack her with her own eyes, thus letting her give up on He Wenchao.

Second, use the cooperation of the Blood Demon Ancestor and Cen Zhengqi to find out the traitor and obtain the second volume. While destroying his blood cultivation and controlling his desire to absorb the souls.

Third, the Blood Demon Ancestor was suppressed by He Wenchao so he did not dare to absorb other righteous experts to recover his strength. Righteous experts in this way could also not discover him so he took the initiative to expose him, even if righteous experts were confused now they would still detect it later.

He can now blame Wen Renhe for the death of the 17 experts, but when Wen Renhe “died”, could the Blood Demon Ancestor stop absorbing others? He couldn’t do it, once the blood cultivator started the killing spree, he couldn’t stop. In the original book, the Blood Demon Ancestor did not occupy He Wenchao body until they ascended to the divine world and didn’t do evil stuff. But this time was different; he wouldn’t be able to wait till the divine world.

Everything was planned perfectly and all that remained was whether he could use the chaotic Qi in the Underworld Blood Sea to recover.

Wen Renhe’s body was pierced with magic weapons, and under the attack of countless spells of nine experts, he fell heavily into the sea of blood.

He was pretty sure about absorbing chaotic Qi because he discovered something in the third volume. As long as he was given some time, he could regain his power.

There was no oversight …… Wen Renhe secretly thought.

Just at that moment, he suddenly heard a loud hissing roar: “My lord!”

Wen Renhe fiercely opened his eyes, in the moment he fell into the sea of blood he saw a man wearing a ghost mask who broke through Heaven and Earth Law Net Formation without hesitation and followed him into the sea of blood!

Under the ghost mask were Yin Hanjiang’s crimson eyes.

“If this Venerable is gone, you can accompany me.” Wen Renhe suddenly remembered that he once said such a sentence to Yin Hanjiang.

Yin Hanjiang was a stubborn person, since Wen Renhe promised him, he would carry it out.

“No! This Venerable won’t allow it!” Wen Renhe ordered Yin Hanjiang, who was constantly approaching him.

When Wen Renhe’s mind stirred, the defensive robe on his body automatically fell down and wrapped around Yin Hanjiang.

The moment he fell into the sea of blood, Wen Renhe raised his hand and hit the robe with all his strength, pushing Yin Hanjiang to the cliff.

Yin Hanjiang was shielded by Wen Renhe and left the blood sea of the underworld, but he watched as his Venerable lord, covered in bruises, fell into the most terrible endless hell of this world.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!” The sound of painful screams resounded through the blood sea in darkness.

Polis star fell while Alkaid went mad.


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