Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 46 – Luring Snake Out Of The Hole.

Since the Wen clan had been exterminated, Wen Renhe had long since developed the habit of preparing for the worst in everything, and would not take any chances with anything.

He would never think: “Maybe it wasn’t Cen Zhengqi, it might not necessarily be known that the plot has changed.” He always needed to think of the worst result first.

At present, it was known that the Purple Spirit Pavillon master did not know who had the first and second volume. Similarly, the owner of the second volume did not know about Baili Qingmiao and her divine personality. According to the plot of the two volumes in hand, it could be deduced that the story of the second volume was about He Wenchao flying into an immortal world. In the first volume, He Wenchao’s younger brothers also ascended one after another so it was also possible that the second volume owner knew this from the synopsis. Wen Renhe died at the end of the first volume and the most powerful person in the second volume was Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven.

After getting the book Cen Zhengqi has two choices, one to recognize He Wenchao as the protagonist, and focus on being his little brother and mix his life with him. Second, not willing to be subordinate and in due time snatch the male protagonist opportunities to become the strongest person.

From the time when the first and third volume appeared it could be presumed that the second volume also appeared thirty years ago. In these 30 years, the name Cen Zhengqi did not appear in the revised version of Volume I. A person who takes the trouble to befriend another person, will certainly appear early and devote himself to help. For example, although Wen Renhe had no intention of befriending Baili Qingmiao because he had no ill feeling toward her appeared ten years ahead of the book plot, readers also commented that Wen Renhe appeared far earlier than in the original plot.

Cen Zhengqi did not, which means that the first possibility of wanting to be the younger brother was very slim so he went the other way.

He should be a person with ambition and brains, what will he do at this time? Wen Renhe had always been less ambitious and not quite understanding his Xuanyuan sect subordinates, but he could ask them.

Cen Zhengqi was a man so all four altar masters were unreliable. As for the two protectors, let’s forget about protector Qiu but protector Shu was even killed by He Wenchao and Cen Zhengqi in the book so she couldn’t be that person.

“Call the right protector.” Wen Renhe said.

Yin Hanjiang listened to the order and summoned the right protector, Shu Yanyan flew to the main hall of the General Altar, she was still properly dressed, but her face was a little flushed, apparently she was cultivating just now.

“Protector Shu, this Venerable has a matter that he doesn’t understand and needs you to resolve for him.” Wen Renhe said.

“Venerable master please ask, if this subordinate knows something she will say it.” Shu Yanyan said meekly.

Wen Renhe: “If one day, you get a heavenly book that can foretell the future and it’s clearly written in the book that Wen Renhe will die and you become the patriarch of Xuanyuan Sect. But afterwards, you will ascend to the Immortal Realm and become the subordinate of someone and assist him in killing Immortal Sovereign along the way. With this book, you can predict the future, so how would you act?”

Shu Yanyan: “……”

Her heart was frantic, could it be that the Venerable knew that she wanted to wait for an opportunity to kill him to become the new devil venerable? Then ascend to the immortal realm and after years of lurking she would take out the immortal world leader, was he testing her now?

She thought about it again, and felt that it was wrong. She wanted to be a devil venerable, was there even people who didn’t know about it? Did it still need to be concealed? No, Venerable was not such a petty person and he always encouraged Xuanyuan sect disciples to be ambitious. This matter couldn’t be this simple.

So Shu Yanyan said with a smile: “Venerable must be joking, if this subordinate gets such a book, she will definitely not let Venerable die. Venerable cultivation is so strong, how can this subordinate willingly kill you, if I could ……”

She raised her head to look at Wen Renhe, but before she could look at him her eyes stung by Yin Hanjiang’s killing intent.

Shu Yanyan saw that Yin Hanjiang had put on a ghost mask at some point, so his eyes looked red under the mask and much different from his usual appearance.

“Venerable ……” she pointed at Yin Hanjiang.

“What’s wrong?” Wen Renhe turned around and saw Yin Hanjiang standing behind himself holding his sword as usual, only the tips of his fingers holding the sword were white and seemed to be in pain.

Wen Renhe squeezed his palm and said in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry, Patriarch Yin this Venerable will not die easily. Also I promised you that after my death, you can go to the Yellow Springs with me.”

Yin Hanjiang pulled out a puppet-like smile, as if every muscle was rigid and needed to be molded with his genuine Qi, there was also no emotion in his voice: “This subordinate will follow orders.”

With such an order, Yin Hanjiang probably wouldn’t go crazy. Wen Renhe nodded his head and turned back to continue questioning Shu Yanyan.

Shu Yanyan: “……”

No, venerable, Patriarch Yin doesn’t look like he wants to obey your orders at all with this look. He put on this mask again, and his eyes looked as if he wanted to kill someone very much.

Shu Yanyan had been in the Demonic Sect for many years, she also followed the old patriarch so she was accustomed to seeing all kinds of demonic cultivators. But she had never seen Yin Hanjiang like this, as if he was crawling out of the Inferno, eerie and terrifying.

Her strength was already close to the peak of the Mahayana realm but she was so frightened by a mere Void Realm that she took a half step back. Patriarch Yin’s strength was not right!

“Protector Shu?” Wen Renhe’s voice was tinged with impatience, he was still waiting for Shu Yanyan to answer.

Shu Yanyan calmed down her heartbeat, feeling that this answer seemed to be a death sentence no matter what she said. If she said something false to flatter her lord, Wen Renhe would not be satisfied; if she said something true, the way Yin Hanjiang looked now it didn’t seem she would be able to beat him now.

With a dilemma on both sides, Shu Yanyan said: “If it were other protectors or altar masters they would probably use this ability of foresight to secretly lurk around waiting for the opportunity to kill Venerable and eliminate the enemy. If it’s about the immortal world… Kill them together, seize the opportunity and kill both of them to become the true god. But this is about someone else this subordinate would definitely give the book to the venerable, never letting venerable encounter the slightest danger.”

Then she said to Yin Hanjiang wearing the ghost mask: “This subordinate is absolutely loyal to Venerable.”

Only after saying this did Yin Hanjiang slowly remove his mask in front of Shu Yanyan tilting his head to look at her and slowly pulling out a smile.

Shu Yanyan: “……”

She suddenly felt that the venerable must stay alive, if the venerable really died then probably no one would be able to control Yin Hanjiang, this fierce beast.

With Shu Yanyan’s words, Wen Renhe fully understood Cen Zhengqi’s thoughts. The first step was to collude with the Blood Demon Ancestor to kill Wen Renhe and take over Xuanyuan sect. The second step was to find details about the Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven and kill him. While appearing submissive to He Wenchao but actually waiting for the opportunity to strike. The third step was to kill He Wenchao .

Since the other party hid and even his tail couldn’t be seen it was better to take advantage of the situation and frighten the snake by luring it out of the hole.

After Wen Renhe made up his mind, he said to Shu Yanyan: “Call the left protector and the four altar masters to come to the main altar. This venerable has something important to discuss. Shu Yanyan, the problem just now…”

“What problem?”Shu Yanyan had a sudden amnesia: “Have Venerable asked me a question just now?”

“Very good.” Wen Renhe smiled.

The right protector was very effective and in less than hour the most important people of Xuanyuan sect stood in main hall of the General Altar, the last time everyone gathered at the General Altar was before closing the sect and before that it was a meeting about Massive Demon war so they didn’t know what big deal it was this time.

Wen Renhe scanned the expressions of all the people, except for those who were eager to know what was happening the rest of them were all ambitious and eyeing the position of Devil Venerable, Qiu Congxue the most undisguised among them.

“I believe you all know that this venerable has his eyes on a disciple named Baili Qingmiao from Shangqing Sect.” Wen Renhe said: “She is exceptionally talented, and this venerable wants to cultivate her as a rival and attaches great importance to her. However, she is now being punished by the Shangqing Sect because of Protector Qiu, so this Venerable is worried that the disciple he fancies will have her spiritual roots drained by the Shangqing Sect, I wonder what do you think?”

Qiu Congxue wanted to make a suggestion but was silenced by Shu Yanyan who transmitted to her: “I know you have no brain, but this time listen to my advice and don’t speak first.”

Protector Qiu froze, which preempted altar master Ruan.

Altar Master Ruan said: “The Shangqing sect is already at the end of its strength, let’s force them to hand over Baili Qingmiao.”

“This venerable fear that they will not comply, if they hurt Qingmiao …… my disciple will no longer be good.” Wen Renhe said.

Shu Yanyan: “?”

Was it just her illusion that the venerable words just now seem to reveal a hint of affection for Baili Qingmiao? No he deliberately spoke in this way to make others feel that he seemed to have secret feelings for Baili Qingmiao but did not want other people to know but in fact he just wanted to use Baili Qingmiao as bait!

She closed her mouth firmly, not daring to say a word.

“She can practice ghost cultivation instead.” Qiu Congxue shared worries with Wen Renhe.

“I don’t want her to be hurt,” Wen Renhe stared at Qiu Congxue: “Protector Qiu, you are Baili Qingmiao’s master, don’t you have any compassion for her? Hmm?”

The last “hmm” actually carried an unprecedented anger.

Qiu Congxue froze, wasn’t changing to ghost cultivation reflecting her care and fondness for Baili Qingmiao? She had taken out her best method and refined Purple Spirit Pavilion Master so when Baili Qingmiao turned into a ghost cultivator and swallowed Purple Spirit Pavilion Master she would immediately be able to become a Mahayana realm cultivator, she was very concerned about her disciple!

“Venerable, I ….”

Before Qiu Congxue finished speaking, Wen Renhe waved his sleeve and sent her flying, making her spit a mouthful of blood.

“That’s enough you bunch of useless things, this venerable will think of the way!” Wen Renhe got up “angrily” and gave Shu Yanyan a brief glance before leaving.

Shu Yanyan, the most intelligent woman in the Xuanyuan sect: “…”

“Cough cough what is wrong with venerable? Acting in such a way.” Altar master Shitan trembled and relying on the fact that he had three points of beauty leaned toward Shu Yanyan and said: “Protector Shu, I have become altar master just a short time ago and only saw Venerable a few times so I don’t know him well. Can you give me some pointers? Cough!”

Shu Yanyan understood the task that the Venerable gave her and was worried about having an opportunity to speak, hearing altar master Shitan opening she touched her chin and said: “You asked the right person. From my point of view, spring has come for Venerable and he has fallen in love.”

“You mean. …” The eyes of the four altar masters except Qiu Congxue lit up.

“Who would have thought that such a cold-blooded man like our Lord would like such a clean, simple and innocent woman? Hey, if I had known that Venerable liked this type I would have played it.” Shu Yanyan deliberately said with a regretful expression: “I have seen a lot of men, but a man like Wen Renhe whose heart was unmoved for hundreds of years and does not understand love, once his heart is moved, it’s like an old house catching a fire it will become uncontrollable. If he likes me, it’ll really be for the rest of his life.”

“Who, like who?” Qiu Congxue who just climbed up asked.

After Shu Yanyan saw her, her smile disappeared and the expression on her face became indifferent: “Anyway, it;s not you.”

“So, Baili Qingmiao now has a place in the lord’s heart and can’t be touched.” Shu Yanyan smiled wryly and left after speaking these words.

That night, a person in the room holding a book, flipped through a few sentences, whispering: “I thought that Wen Renhe infatuation with Baili Qingmiao and fighting against He Wenchao for her was just a fake story. A person like Wen Renhe who is so cold-blooded how could he infatuated with a woman? But now it seems that he really has fallen in love?”

The man, whose appearance could not be seen in the shadow, kept looking at the book and muttered: “But Wen Renhe should also have the book, does he not know about his death? Is this a trap, or is it an opportunity?”

He picked up a transmission talisman, which was given by Blood Demon Ancestor with He Wenchao body at the beginning, according to his speculation, as long as the Blood Demon Ancestor occupied He Wenchao’s body what happened should not be recorded in the book. Therefore he did not reveal his true name when he came into contact with He Wenchao and only when Blood Demon Ancestor occupied He Wenchao body he revealed his identity.

“Wen Renhe, Blood Demon Ancestor, He Wenchao, Baili Qingmiao… none of you will know your intentions, even if it’s a trap. As long as I am careful not to reveal my identity at any time.” The man thought hesitantly.

“Okay, if you want to lure a snake out of his hole I will be a fisherman. Regardless of who wins the battle, the final victory will be mine.” The man in the shadow of the lamp finally made up his mind and secretly sent the transmitting talisman to Blood Demon Ancestor.

After Wen Renhe angrily reprimanded his people he calmly returned to his room, Yin Hanjiang said: “If Venerable wants to save Baili Qingmiao, this subordinates can break into the Shangqing sect and will save her even if it cost his life.”

Hearing these words, Wen Renhe body froze, seeing Yin Hanjiang’s sincere expression of willing to go and die for him. Just like the description of male lead number four in the book who silently guarded Baili Qingmiao.

Wen Renhe moved his lips, not knowing how to explain it to Yin Hanjiang.

The reason why he avoided Yin Hanjiang seeing the book context of 《Abusive Love Affair 》was because the book plot only changed halfway and the second half was still of the original plot with countless scenes where Wen Renhe sacrificed his life for Baili Qingmiao and even give up his life in the end. Wen Renhe himself did not want to read it and much less let Yin Hanjiang do it.

The second half of Wen Renhe death had not been no matter if it was 《Abusive Love Affair 》or 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1 )》

He thought about it and could only confess: “Baili Qingmiao is very important, not only to this venerable but also to the entire Three Realms, so this venerable has to help her.”

Yin Hanjiang half-kneeled in front of Wen Renhe and quietly listened to his lord’s words.

“My lord is not hiding anything from you, perhaps there is one person who knows more than this venerable. But he is hiding in the shadows so this lord is trying to draw him out this time. The words just now, there are both true and false, it is indeed an act for him, but whether it will be successful this venerable is not sure.” Wen Renhe said.

Yin Hanjiang boldly held Wen Renhe hand, his voice very restrained: “Is Venerable in danger?”

“I’m not sure.” Wen Renhe shook his head: “The other party may not be weaker than me, so your lord has to use this opportunity to solve the hidden danger.”

“My lord will not die.” Yin Hanjiang said almost stubbornly: “This subordinate will not let his lord die.”

“Who knows, planning is in the hands of man, success is in the hands of heaven.” Wen Renhe sighed, his blood cultivation was also a hidden danger.

Yin Hanjiang saw his expression and felt the Alkaid Sword jump a little. He squeezed the hilt of the sword and hid the menace under his eyes.


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