Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 9.1 – Seven Killing Halberds

 Wen Renhe felt that it was necessary for him to have a talk with Yin Hanjiang. Yin Hanjiang is his left protector and a part of his demonic sect. So it wasn’t necessary for him to be so cautious, only daring to take a sip of wine while he was asleep.

When he first picked up this child he never wanted to make him a puppet.

With a flick of his fingertips, the black robe on the ground was draped over Yin Hanjiang’s body. Yin Hanjiang had just absorbed the snow flame and had plenty of Yang Qi. His wet undergarment clothes and long hair had already dried out. When clothes flew over Yin Hanjing stretched out his hand to put them on. At the same time, he tied up his long hair and knelt in front of Wen Renhe with his sword, respectfully and obediently.

Wen Renhe slowly said: “Protector Yin back then, when this venerable ordered you to become a sword cultivator, did you have any complaints?”

When he took the child back to his sect, he already saw his fate and aptitude. Yin Hanjiang had Single Spiritual Root and was born under the influence of the Ursae Majoris, the seventh star of the big dipper, also known as the Alkaid and god of change with great destructive power.

Because of such aptitude Wen Renhe thought that it was suitable to make Yin Hanjiang a sword cultivator and his own vanguard. So he gave the young man an iron sword and the cultivation technique that he had snatched from some unknown place. In this way Yin Hanjiang became Wen Renhe’s sword.

Rarely did Yin Hanjiang hear Ren Wenhe confide his heart to him, he raised his head to look at Venerable as a little starlight flashed in his eyes: “Venerable…”

He wanted to say something but stopped, Wen Renhe knew that Yin Hanjiang was confused ( panicked?) so he wouldn’t tell the truth without being forced by his order, so he commanded coldly: “Speak.”

With the order from Wen Renhe, Yin Hanjiang’s words became smooth and he said, “When I was five years old, the foreigners invaded and slaughtered  the whole village of this subordinate. It was only by luck that I was left with a breath of life in me. When I felt someone passing by, I thought the worst thing that could happen was just death. I don’t know where my strength came from, but I grabbed the corner of the man’s clothes and met the Venerable.”

It was rare for him to speak so much, so Wen Renhe straightened and listened attentively.

“There is something that the Lord does not know about me” Yin Hanjiang touched the storage belt around his waist, and a rusty iron sword appeared on the ground. It was the one given to him by Wen Renhe. “At the age of 18, after this subordinate built his foundation, he went down the mountain to find the foreign force that had slaughtered the village that day.”

That year… Wen Renhe remembered something in a trance.

The corner of Yin Hanjing lips curled slightly and seemed to be smiling as he stroke already old and worn out sword and whispered: This subordinate saw lord, clad in silver armor holding his spear, wearing the flame red clock of the army on his back leading a tired army division to fight against foreign enemies.”

At that time Wen Renhe raised his broken spear and said to his deathly tired soldiers: “We can escape now, but remember one thing, there are citizens behind our border. When the walls fell, our soldiers made new ones with their flesh and blood. But if we escape now, do we want our citizens to protect us with their flesh and blood? “

Wen Renhe did not use his cultivation, he sealed his own cultivation and used the strength of his own body to kill the enemy with his soldiers. A few days after the battle he guarded the border and killed all the outsiders who had slaughtered the village that day.

Yin Hanjiang was afraid that the Lord would find him, so just like a common man he hid in the frontier town, waiting for Wen Renhe to lead his battalion in triumph.

What was the slaughter path? Yin Hanjiang gradually understood it in his heart when he saw the victorious soldiers returning with a smile.

The path of slaughter can be a sword that slaughters people or it can be a sword that protects the world. Kill to stop killing, stop fighting with force, this was the way of Wen Renhe.

Yin Hanjiang held his iron sword with both hands and said to Wen Renhe: “When this subordinate hid in the corner and saw the triumphant return of your honor, he had only one idea in his heart, he wanted to be milord’s soldier.”

He held the iron sword in his arms and his palm stroked on the rusty spot that seemed to be the most precious place. Yin Hanjiang seemed to tell with every action that he was willing to become a sword of Wen Renhe.

He didn’t remember such an event that happened a hundred years ago.  In order to improve his cultivation, he participated in countless battles which honed his state of mind. In order to cultivate his mind, he often blocked his cultivation and went down the mountain, starting from being an ordinary soldier to being a general leading the troops in battles.

When the cold ice blade sliced across the face and blood splattered on the robe, Life and death were the most intuitive cruelties.

The most difficult thing in the path of slaughter was being aware of the process of killing, not blaming yourself for killing or not going crazy over killing.

After countless battles, the Seven Killing Halberds were finally refined on the battlefield. Wen Renhe thought that it would be a weapon that would devour a soul of human beings. But he didn’t think that the weapon refined in the most cruel places in the world would become a guarding weapon.

When Wen Renhe gained enlightenment in Dao, his heart and as well as his spirit were hurt and thought that after stepping on the blood and flesh of countless people to climb into the altar he would become a merciless devil. However, in the battle that Yin Hanjiang had seen with his own eyes and in battle with Seven Killers halberd had finally taken shape, Wen Renhe had to admit one thing. Since he was young, he had never changed.

The supreme elder of Ziling Pavilion couldn’t understand why Wen Renhe with the strength of Mahayana period could surpass her strength of the scattered immortal. The scattered immortal who only know how to evade the heavenly tribulation and cultivated in seclusion for eight hundred years,

How could she understand that the seven killing halberds carried not only the full power of a demon cultivator, but also prayers of the people of this world during these three hundred years when Wen Renhe has participated in numerous battles.

When the Seven Killing halberds were completed, the Stars of big dipper shone with them.

The moment Wen Renhe gained enlightenment was also the moment Yin Hanjiang entered the path of Dao.

“So it was like this.”

With the move of the single finger, Yin Hanjiang magic sword, which was full of ferocious aura, obediently fell into Wen Renhe palm. This magic sword was obtained by Wen Renhe from the Sea of Blood in the Underworld. It gathered the evil spirit of ten thousands of fierce ghosts and was a powerful weapon that was far more powerful than any other top-notch magic weapon in the world of cultivation.

The magic weapon level of the cultivation world was divided into three levels: treasures, spiritual weapons, and magic weapons and each level was divided into three grades: Upper, middle and lower above all of them were immortal weapons. Immortal weapons were not things from the mortal world and only a few great sects had a few immortal artifacts as treasures. This magic weapon corresponded to the immortal weapon, and after Yin Hanjiang incorporated it into the magic sword it was able to exert power far beyond his realm, but it was also extremely harmful to his soul.

Back then, it was Yin Hanjiang who begged Wen Renge to give him this magic sword. In order to keep up with Wen Renhe by being his left protector he fed demons in exchange for a strength far beyond his realm.

Yin Hanjiang has corpse Qi in his body, which could hold this magic sword, but it also made him suffer a lot, his soul was constantly fighting the Demon Sword. It was only through the support of his respect for Wen Renhe that he was not enchanted to be possessed by the magic sword.

“This sword is not worthy of this Venerable’s army.” Wen Renhe threw away the magic sword and raised the kneeling Yin Hanjiang with one hand and solemnly said: “This Venerable will refine a better one for you.”

“It was this subordinate’s low strength that made him rely on this magic sword to boost his strength.” Yin Hanjiang said.

“There’s no need to be anxious,” Wen Renhe said: “Even if you are just a pawn, you will naturally follow the immortal world or the demon world. Wherever this Venerable goes, you have to follow. How could you stumble over by a mere magic sword.”

The sword obtained for Yin Hanjiang cannot be overpowered by any other magic swords in any way. If you wanted to refine a magic weapon, the time, the place and the people were indispensable. The timing was of heaven needed to be just right and the war between the righteous and evil way was approaching. The heaven and earth aura and battle intent induced by the countless cultivators was an opportunity to refine the sword. As for the place, the ground of fire under the Wanli ice field was the most suitable sword furnace. Yin Hanjiang already understood the meaning of Wen Renhe’s words. He already has Seven Killing Halberds to protect himself so taking on a few thousand people was also not a problem.

The only trouble was the materials, Wen Renher rummaged through his sleeve, he had saved quite a lot of heavenly materials over the years, but unfortunately not enough that matched Yin Hanjiang so he could only do with some supplementary materials.

In the midst of rummaging, Wen Renge saw 《Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change》. When his hand fell on the cover of the book, he suddenly thought that there were many natural materials and earthly treasures written in this book, among them snow fire was one of them.

In the original book, He Wenchao absorbed snow flame and built the Nascent Soul which coincided with the war between the righteous and evil patch. The cultivator above the Nascent Soul realm had to follow the elders of the sect to form an array. The war had been going on for more than ten years and He Wenchao had only been promoted to Nascent Soul just recently and his cultivation was not as strong as the others so his soul bound magic weapon was destroyed and his foundation suffered heavy damage.

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