Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 50 – Out Of Sight

Wen Renhe was not willing to conceal his own plan from Yin Hanjiang, but he was not sure if he could succeed.

Although Wen Renhe had some guesses about the situation in the sea of blood he was 30% to 50% sure.

Two books described the end of Wen Renhe, he would die in the Underworld Blood Sea. But this time he made a dangerous move, he came to the place of his death on his own initiative, which was the same as going against the heavens and fighting for his life against the fate that was written out for him.

If he was bound to die, Wen Renhe would never hide it from Yin Hanjiang. After Yin Hanjiang knew, wherever he was willing to die with him or live it was his own choice, Wen Renhe would not force him. But if he succeeded in surviving, it would be great joy for both of them.

But life and death still needed due time, Wen Renhe was not sure what Yin Hanjiang would do during this time, he was also worried that he would enter the Underworld Blood Sea without knowing whether he would live or die. Wen Renhe knew that he still had a chance of survival in the Underworld Blood Sea but Yin Hanjiang did not.

So he thought of a way to get the best of both worlds – he lured Yin Hanjiang to deal with altar master Yuan.

Yin Hanjiang’s strength was similar to altar master Yuan and even if altar master Yuan used the second volume to get some opportunities, his cultivation was still only slightly better than Yin Hanjiang. With the help of Shu Yanyan he wouldn’t lose. Wen Renhe knew Shu Yanyan, at that time his right protector would definitely choose the good-looking side.

After the battle with altar master Yuan, Yin Hanjiang would be seriously injured, and this injury would be difficult to heal in the short term. In exchange for saving Baili Qingmiao, Wen Renhe asked Zhong Liqian to go to Xuanyuan sect and persuade Yin Hanjiang while he was still recovering from his injuries and tell him the true purpose of Wen Renhe ‘s actions and ask him to wait patiently.

At that time, it will take several years for Yin Hanjiang to recover from his injuries, and after several years, whether Wen Renhe was alive or dead would already be determined.

If Wen Renhe would not be able to return at that time, if Yin Hanjiang was still willing to follow his master into the Underworld Blood Sea, Zhong Liqian would not stop him.

What Wen Renhe did not expect was that Yin Hanjiang would win with a power that far exceeded that of altar master Yuan, and would arrive at the Underworld Blood Sea almost instantly. Yin Hanjiang was not good at instant travel and usually using his full speed sword flight it would take him at least a full day to arrive. But who knew that at this moment that he would be able to travel ten thousands of miles across the entire continent in less than half a quarter of an hour.

The last sound Wen Renhe heard was Yin Hanjiang scream of despair as he fell into the sea, he thought: This was really the worst possible outcome.

It seemed that Wen Renhe death and Yin Hanjiang madness was a predestined ending that couldn’t be changed.

Yin Hanjiang saw Wen Renhe fall into the blood sea without even making a splash, it was like his whole body was swallowed and melted before finally disappearing. At this moment, he could no longer suppress the darkness in his body, he wanted to follow but his lord didn’t allow him to do this.

He gripped the black robe with gold pattern to his body, his scarlet eyes swept towards the nine experts around him as well as He Wenchao who was still fighting with Qiu Congxue for Baili Qingmiao. His mouth was filled with the taste of blood as he slowly spoke: “The righteous path, die!”

As he spoke, a silver light fleshed as the Alkaid Triangular bayonet head pierced directly into the body of the elder of the Nanguo family who didn’t even have time to react before he was seriously injured.

However, the flesh trauma caused by this kind of weapon was very easy to heal. Elder of the Nanguo family took pills and ran his genuine Qi to force out the weapon that was inside his abdomen.

Who knew that just at that moment the Triangular bayonet would release three fierce sword lights, instantly dividing the body of the Nanguo family elder into three parts making his physical body instantly die.

Just as his soul escaped, he saw a huge drum appear in the sky, and Yin Hanjiang who half kneeled on the drum slapped his palm on the drum surface.

“DONG!” Under the sound of the drum, immortal and demonic Qi stirred and Nanguo family elder instantly split apart under the sound wave attack of the Burning Sky drum, the remnants of his soul were absorbed by the Burning Sky Drum.

“This is an immortal weapon, there is someone who could command an immortal weapon in the cultivation world! Retreat quickly!” The Shangqing Sect master was very knowledgeable and made an immediate decision: “The heavenly tribulation is coming, with it we will have time to retreat!”

As soon as his words fell, the thunder clouds came crashing down on Yin Hanjiang. The use of immortal weapons in the cultivation world was already against the laws of the three realms, so the heavenly laws would surely punish Yin Hanjiang.

“But junior martial sister is still in the hands of the Demonic Sect!” He Wenchao anxiously said to his master.

“We can’t control it, let’s go!” The sect master grabbed He Wenchao and took him back to the mountain gate. The Shangqing sect was guarded by immortal weapons so the mountain protection array would not break easily.

The eight experts who were still alive and He Wenchao retreated in eight directions. Yin Hanjiang had already remembered the faces of these nine people and his first target was He Wenchao of the Shangqing Sect.

The heavenly tribulation was already above Yin Hanjiang’s head, but he did not dodge it, manipulating the Burning Sky Drum to block it. He reached out and returned the Alkaid Triangular bayonet to his hand, then Yin Hanjiang rushed toward two people of the Shangqing sect.

“Why is he so fast, isn’t he afraid of the heavenly thunder?” The Shangqing Sect master was shocked.

Just as Yin Hanjiang was about to catch up with He Wenchao and was just half a step behind when a second thunder with a thickness of several tens of meters came down from the sky, blocking his footsteps.

Yin Hanjiang stood in the middle of the thunder as if it didn’t hurt him, he looked up at the sky as the clouds of heavenly tribulation became thicker and thicker, it was impossible to catch up with them without settling this heavenly tribulation.

He opened his hands and endless heaven and earth Qi poured into his palms as two rotating air currents gradually appeared in his palms, exactly in the shape of two drumsticks. He released his hand and used this technique to control the drumsticks and drum the Burning Sky Drum.

“Boom boom boom boom boom boom!” Amid the rapid drum sound, the Burning Sky Drum ignited with a golden-red flame.

The flames shone with a pure golden light, this was not an earthly fire but an immortal sacred fire that had been hidden in the Burning Sky Drum for hundreds of thousands of years. The flame turned into a golden dragon and rushed toward the sky directly against heavenly thunder. The dazzling light flashed, and the golden ripples swayed away. The heavenly tribulation was scattered by the fire dragon, and it started raining from the sky.

When the fire dragon returned to the burning Sky Drum, Yin Hanjiang only felt that his internal organs had become a mess. With the strength of the Mahayana realm, he forced himself to use Burning Sky Drum and had overdrawn his strength with every move.

But it was still not enough, he wiped off the blood from his chin and directly chased after Shangqing Sect. The Burning Sky Drum was extremely fast and soon caught up with them. The sect master of Shangqing Sect saw Yin Hanjiang catch up with them, and pulled He Wenchao with him as he rushed into the mountain protection formation.

The formation closed before Yin Hanjiang arrived, stopping him in his tracks.

Yin Hanjiang’s eyes were red as he looked at He Wenchao and the sect master of Shangqing Sect through the formation. He knew that the real culprit who planned to kill his lord was Blood Demon Ancestor inside He Wenchao.

He pointed his finger at He Wenchao and said: “Come out.”

He Wenchao held his sword and said: “Yin Hanjiang, Wen Renhe was a blood devil that would destroy the whole cultivation world. It’s not just a matter of righteous path, killing him would also be good for the demonic path, you…”

“Shut up!” Yin Hanjiang invoked a spiritual technique and Burning Sky Drum became louder, shaking people’s heart and soul. The sound waves impact also impacted the Shangqing Sect Mountain Protection Formation, making it shake like it was about to collapse.

“Dang!” The sound of a chiming bell came, it was the guardian immortal weapon of the Shangqing Sect Mountain Protection Formation, the Moon Departing Bell.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Elder Qing Yue activated the Moon Departing Bell to resist the Burning Sky Drum which was also a top-level immortal weapon. The power of Burning Sky Drum was actually stronger than the Moon Departing Bell but the opponent, Yin Hanjiang, was no longer able to mobilize the Burning Sky Drum.

“Dang!” The drumbeat sound was counterbalanced by the sound of the Moon Departing Bell. Yin Hanjiang who ran out of energy was no longer capable of executing his ultimate move.

Wearing a ghost mask he fiercely stared at He Wenchao, clenching Wen Renhe robe tightly.

There were too many enemies, and the future was long.

Yin Hanjiang, holding his Alkaid Triangular bayonet pointed at the sect master of Shangqing Sect and He Wenchao and said: “I want the lives of these two, today you are hiding in the formation but I don’t believe that you will hide here for the rest of your lives. I, Yin Hanjiang, will use your corpses to refine oil to light an everlasting lamp for my Lord!”

After he said that, he stabbed with vengeance the mountain protection formation with Alkaid Triangular bayonet, which was blocked by the Moon Departing Bell.

Yin Hanjiang withdrew the Burning Sky Drum and turned into a light and left. Seeing that he was already far away, the sect master of Shangqing Sect breathed a sigh of relief and said with an unsightly expression on his face: “We just got rid of one Wen Renhe and now another Yin Hanjiang appeared who already looks like he is possessed.”

He paused for a moment, then suddenly thought of something and said hurriedly: “Quickly go and check on Master Qing Yue!”

He took He Wenchao and a few other disciples who could still move and ran toward Moon Departing Bell . Only to see Qing Yue half kneeling in front of the bell, with pale white hair, it was obvious that his spiritual power was exhausted.

Qing Yue lifted his face, his originally young face was already full of wrinkles as he muttered: “Fortunately, God has blessed Shangqing sect, if he had struck one more time I would not be able to use the Moon Departing Bell.”

“Younger martial brother!” Holding up the elder Qing Yue and looking at his old face, he knew that his younger martial brother’s foundation had been destroyed and he would never be able to recover to his former strength.

Who on earth was this Yin Hanjiang, why is his strength so strong? Why didn’t he show his strength during the massive demon war!

Yin Hanjiang, who had left, wanted to rush to the Underworld Blood Sea. But he lost his strength halfway and fell, not knowing where he was. He fell from mid-air and fell heavily into the snow.

Yin Hanjiang got up from the snow pile and took off his mask. After the fierce battle, the ordinary ghost mask was full of cracks.

He looked at the mask and smiled bitterly, Venerable was not here so he no longer needed to wear the mask.

He wore a mask when he was unable to suppress his emotions, now that the person he wanted to hide them from was gone he didn’t need to use it anymore.

Putting the mask back into his storage bag, Yin Hanjiang sat in the white snow, staring blankly at the blankness around him.

“It’s Wanli Ice field…” Yin Hanjiang recognized this place.

Now, thirty years later, the Wanli Ice field that was torched twice by Wen Renhe was no longer Wanli ice field from that time, it was covered with snow in winter, and in the spring the ice and snow would melt letting the flower bloom.

As far as the eye could see there was endless whiteness. Yin Hanjiang seemed to see a figure waving to him from the white field, when he got closer it was Venerable.

Showing his wrist he cut out a wound and pressed it toward Yin Hanjiang face saying in a gentle tone: “You are cold, your body can’t withstand the coldness of Wanli ice field. Drink my blood so you can withstand it for a period of time.”

Yin Hanjiang was stunned. He obediently lowered his head and opened his mouth to drink from the wound but his lips were only filled with wind and snow.

The gentle and caring Wen Renhe had disappeared.

It was an illusion.

Yin Hanjiang covered his face and heard another voice in his ear saying: “This is snow flame, you can absorb it to dispel the Yin Qi in your body.”

He dropped his hand to look around, it seemed that every snowflake turned into Wen Renhe and surrounded him. He reached out and these figures turned into snowflakes again to be blown away by the wind.

It was fake, it was all his hallucinations.

Only this was true. Yin Hanjiang hugged the robe and curled up in the snow, closing his eyes and covering his ears.

He did not dare to open his eyes, otherwise there would be his lord everywhere. He could only shrink himself in the snow, frozen like ice, absorbing little by little Heaven and Earth Qi to heal his injury.

He didn’t know how long he slept in the snow, long enough for ice to melt and the spring flowers to bloom.

When Yin Hanjiang woke up in the unsealed ice lake, he saw an apricot tree shuddering and blossoming.

He saw Wen Renhe sitting on the tree and stretching out his hand toward him, Yin Hanjiang also raised his hand and grabbed it hard, but there was no Venerable and he only picked an apricot flower.

“Fake.” Yin Hanjiang clenched his fist and crushed the tender flowers in his palm.

Yin Hanjiang spread his hand, the crushed flower was blown away by the wind and the flying petals looked like Wen Renhe leaving him.

“It’s still fake.” Yin Hanjiang told himself not to look and not to listen, it was all hallucination made by his mind so he could not fall for it.

He still had things to do, he could not be struck down by his heart demons.

Yin Hanjiang walked step by step out of the Wanli ice field warmed by the spring sun. This place was no longer the same as when he and his lord had last visited. His lord was also no longer here. 


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