In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 81 – Underage Protection Law

In the Human Federation, you became an adult at the age of 18. This was also the identity that Zhao Lingyu arranged for Ren Sheng at the beginning, just old enough to be an adult.

In fact, if it was not for the fact that underage people couldn’t do many things. Given Ren Sheng’s situation at that time, it would be normal to register him as 14 or 15 years old.

When they came to the Ruoya Empire and rearranged their identities, the people who arranged their identities looked at Ren Sheng’s information and then looked at Ren Sheng who had shrunk again because of his injuries and then copied his original age.

So, the information that the network police officer pulled out just now, showed that Ren Sheng was 19 years old.

There were many ordinary people in the Human Federation and their average life expectancy was one hundred and fifty years. Even with surgeries to extend their lives, it was difficult to exceed two hundred years. So at the age of nineteen, most people had already learned everything they needed. But in the Ruoya Empire, it was different.

The average life expectancy in the Ruoya Empire was hundreds of years and children were very precious. Because of it, minors were extremely well protected and in the eyes of most people, a nineteen year old was still a child.

Hearing the network police officer, all eyes landed on Ren Sheng, revealing that he only reached Eugene’s chin with his head and his appearance also looked very young. He was indeed underage.

Eugene was young in the eyes of most people, which was why no one would target him before, but now, the one who was in conflict with him was a man half his age…

Mr. Greenton was insulted by Mr. Eugene while using the public training ground and injured Mr. Eugene when he fought back, that’s what happened. Mr. Eugene you insulted a minor which is not conducive to the harmony of the network. You will be banned from the network for twenty days and will need to go to the Network Security Center to listen to six educational classes. Mr. Greenton, although you have used violence on the Internet, according to the regulations on the protection of minors, you do not need to be held responsible. You only need to receive counseling from a psychiatrist, but because it was an accident during the battle you cannot receive counseling.” The network police officer gave the final disposition of the results.

Everyone except Eugene had no objection to this result, but Ren Sheng was vaguely embarrassed after he realized that Greenton was his current name.

He was definitely older than all the people present put together, but he was treated as a minor…

Uh, in the Human Federation underage people couldn’t get married and it could be considered an abuse… Him and Zhao Lingyu being together should not be illegal here, right?

Ren Sheng was still pondering about it, when Eugene glared at him before turning his head angrily. “He is not yet an adult? How is that possible! Isn’t he a student of the Royal Academy? Also minors can’t come to Mecha square, wasn’t that a rule?”

Obsevator students can attend the Royal Academy despite their age, so even as minors they can enter mecha square.” The network police officer said, “Mr. Eugene, do you think that a person who beat you is not qualified to become an audit student at the Royal Academy?”

Eugene clenched his teeth, unable to say anything. Until now, he had thought that Ren Sheng was just an old guy pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger, so he wanted to teach him a lesson. He didn’t expect him to be underage… he lost a lot of face!

Not being able to stay there any longer, Eugene just went offline.

Ren Sheng was still standing in the same place, because of the off-balance sitting of the mecha he was not able to move.

If it was in reality, he would not lose so much strength just because of such a fight, but before the scan of his body he restrained his spiritual power, so his physical strength level became very low, which makes him unable to support it.

However, such a situation was not a bad thing for him now, after fighting with someone and venting a bit, he felt much better.

“Little friend, you’re really good!” Someone came up to him and greeted Ren Sheng with a smile. He was very impressed by the fact that Ren Sheng had attacked so quickly earlier.

“Yes, you’re only nineteen years old and can pilot a mecha. That’s amazing!”

“Aren’t you a bit tired? Your spiritual power and body are still underdeveloped at this age, so you must pay more attention to it and get a good rest.”

Most people left after watching the fun, but some people went up to talk to Ren Sheng. There was even a famous person in mecha. “Little guy, your performance just now was very good. I can see that your hand speed is very fast. A month from now there will be a network mecha contest. Only amateur mecha pilots are allowed to participate. Do you want to sign up? Those who win the top three in the network mecha competition will have the opportunity to get a master tailor-made macha.”

“The mecha contest? I’m in!” Ren Sheng agreed without hesitation. His master used to say that if you wanted to learn how to fight, you needed to fight more. At that  time, he was only a man of three inches, who only liked to bask in the sun, so his master taught him very little, but now he can learn by himself.

“Come on, sign up.” The chubby middle-aged man brought up a panel between the two and gave Ren Sheng a pen so he could enter his information.

Ren Sheng didn’t remember his specific information, so he simply opened his information panel and wrote slowly. This kind of scene attracted all kinds of goodwill smiles from people around him.

“Sure enough, he is really a minor. He doesn’t even know his direct connection information…”

“Blue fatty is also too detestable to even cheat a child’s handwriting.”

“This child is so lovely!”

“His writing is very good!”



“A direct connection message?” Ren Sheng also heard the words of the people around him and looked curiously at the redhead beauty next to him.

“Yeah, just press your personal terminal on it.” The red-haired beauty said, making a demonstration gesture and then went back to see how Ren Sheng was doing.

“Er… Number of Internet access 1? What kind of data is that?” The red-haired beauty was full of shock. The number of times she went online was 76508…

My first time online.” Ren Sheng smiled.

So that’s how it is! It’s also true that the Empire has always disapproved of minors going on the virtual network… Wait, since you went online for the first time today, how could you defeat Eugene?” The red-haired beauty was very confused.

“In fact, I could only move my hand. When I fell down, I was just learning how to walk. Fortunately, that man from before never stood up.” Ren Sheng said. He was telling the truth.

Before he basically only used punch movements because he was not very skilled at others movements. His final jump was only possible because he could control his spiritual energy just right.

“…” So in that previous video, this person didn’t fall down on purpose to draw Eugene’s anger, but really couldn’t walk? Eugene was actually beaten up by an underage person who hadn’t learned to walk with a mecha yet? The red haired beauty was shocked.

The chubby middle-aged man was also shocked. He thought that Ren Sheng could go to a network mecha competition to learn, but Ren Sheng just started learning. This child would be beaten as a sandbag and eliminated in the first round, right?

The blue uncle regretted pulling this kid to sign up, but it was too late now. This child signing up was already done.

Don’t worry guys, I’m a quick learner and I can still use my spiritual power if I can’t.” Ren Sheng said.

No wonder he became an audit student at Royal Academy when he was not yet an adult. He could use his spiritual power to completely control the mecha, which can only be done at level 7! This child must have great potential!

The blue middle aged uncle felt that he was particularly wise to get close to him.

“Go for it!” The blue bearded men patted Ren Sheng’s shoulder with an encouraging expression.

“Greenton, so there you are.” At this time Elder Teng and Fang Chengjun finally came over to identify their relatives.

“You guys are here! Let’s learn mecha together.” Ren Sheng said.

“My spiritual power is very weak…” Fang Chengjun said hesitantly. In fact, his spiritual power was more than weak. It was almost non-existent and he couldn’t control it at all.

Without spiritual power you can still control it completely with commands, different combinations of buttons have different effects.” Ren Sheng said. While talking, he went inside the mecha.

In this training room, three mechas doing basic moments soon appeared. One of which would often repeat a certain action over and over again, performing them better than the previous time. The transitions between movements were also fluid, but the other two mechas were different…

In the two mechas, Elder Teng and Fang Chengjun, once again flopped to the ground, making Ren Sheng speechless.

These two people’s most practiced move now, was probably how to climb up.

Sure enough, in the next second, the two mechas slowly changed from a sprawling position to a kneeling position, with their hands on the ground, then to one knee, and finally stood up slowly.

Unlike them, Ren Sheng sometimes used commands and other times used spiritual power. In a very short time, he memorized most of the movements.

There were quite a few people, who had started to pay attention to Ren Sheng after the previous incident. At this time, they naturally started to admire him and speculate on Ren Sheng’s situation.

Although Ren Sheng had no online record before, his movement wasn’t like that of a beginner. In that case… maybe Ren Sheng came into contact with mecha in reality.

The price of an ordinary macha wasn’t very  expensive. 1/3 of the people on imperial Star could afford it. But the maintenance cost was too high and it wasn’t very useful, so most people wouldn’t buy it.

But if your child has talent in this field, it would be totally different! No matter how poor parents were, they would certainly apply for a children’s education subsidy and buy it for their child!

Of course, if Ren Sheng was so talented, his parents must also be very strong, so they wouldn’t be short of money… he was probably a descendant of some aristocrat.

Ren Sheng didn’t know about it, but seeing that the people around him were not surprised by his actions, he was relieved.

At this time, McCarthy, with his own team. came to mecha square and surrounded a young man who was looking around curiously.

“Baby, don’t talk later, okay? If people knew that I let a three or four year old use a public login helmet to use the net, I would be arrested.” McCarthy said to the young man in the middle.

Now the Internet was basically bound to the account, but there were also some public accounts available for those who didn’t want to use their own identity to go online. He somehow couldn’t refuse the child and let him use it.

Although a lot of things can’t be done with a public helmet and you could basically only watch from the sidelines, it was still illegal to bring such a small child online…

I won’t talk.” Big Baby nodded and continued to look around curiously. Which one was his father anyway? How come the people in this place say different things from what his dad said?

“That’s good, let’s go sign up first. Although I don’t have a mecha, I’m considered a famous mecha master on the internet! I made it to the top two hundred last time!” McCarthy said enthusiastically.


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