In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 47.1 – Little Ginseng Mining

There were so many people on planet 12534 that even if all the ships that came to the planet’s surface to pick up people were all filled up, they would not fit. So when a small spaceship filled up, several large main ships landed and continued to accept the civilians on the planet.

Over time, the planet had become more and more unstable, and many places began to collapse. Fortunately, the star pirates gathered the civilians on some large plates, so several rescue points were still stable.

However, although the star pirates had gathered people together, there were some people who left the rescue points in order to find their family and friends who had been scattered before and ended up in danger.

Even though the soldiers of the First Legion flew their aircraft around to rescue people, they were not able to bring everyone back. All of this made the people waiting at the rescue points become more anxious.

At this time, three hours had passed since Zhao Lingyu arrived on the planet.

In the beginning, Zhao Lingyu held Ren Sheng in his arms, but by this time he had already let him go and stood on the airship with no expression on his face and appeased the planet’s civilians several times.

Seeing that the Marshal had remained on the planet without returning to the safety of the main ship, the civilians, although anxious, didn’t do anything overly aggressive.

“Let’s hurry up and move forward.” The middle-aged fat man who was with Roy and Corbien urged. Most people were now pushing their way to the front, but these people around him were not anxious at all, making him puzzled.

“As a soldier, of course I have to let others get on board first!” Corbien smiled like sunshine. “Of course you can go first!”

“Those garrison troops like you are already on board.” The fat middle-aged man had a soft spot for the sergeant who called himself Cohen, so advised him, “We will go up sooner or later, anyway so why not earlier?”

Corbien shook his head. “It’s okay for me to go later, haha, actually I have a selfish intention. In order to maintain combat effectiveness, the number of people that can be loaded on the spaceship is limited. Now these main ships will be filled sooner or later so if I go at the end I will be able to go to the central main ship where the Marshal is and stay on the same spaceship as the Marshal.”

The central main ship of the First Legion was still off-planet right now, but when the several main ships parked at the rescue point today filled up, it would land sooner or later as well.

Hearing what Corbien said, the middle-aged man stopped persuading him, but still went forward after he pondered for a moment.

It was already lucky for him to see the Marshal, not to mention that even with the Marshal on the ship, he would probably not be able to get in close contact with the Marshal so he might as well board the spaceship earlier.

However, while the middle-aged man didn’t care about Corbien’s words, Roy’s eyes flashed… on the same warship as Zhao Lingyu?

Although that substitute he sent to the Zhao family was more beautiful than him, his behavior was too bold and arrogant… Even if Zhao Lingyu liked him, he should also want to taste other flavors.

He and that person both looked like teenagers, so Zhao Lingyu should also like him. He would only reveal his identity when Zhao Lingyu noticed him.

He was the only son of the president of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce. Unfortunately, he was stranded in the universe after the explosion of his ship. But that man beside Zhao Lingyu… might be a spy from somewhere.

Thinking of all the good reasons he will be able to give, Roy took a deep breath and stopped at the same place as Corbien and did not push forward.

“Young master…” Qiu Zhuang asked, puzzled.

“Qiu Zhuang, we’ve had a hard time these days. You should remember that.” Roy looked at Qiu Zhuang and found that Qiu Zhuang was puzzled so he added, “We survived after the explosion of the spaceship and we have been wandering around since then.”


“You just have to remember this. Now there are too many people here so I won’t go into details.” Roy said. Although Qiu Zhuang was not the smartest, he was very loyal to him and trustworthy.

He had not heard any news about the Thorn Chamber of Commerce being suppressed by the Zhao family. If this man didn’t want to replace him, he would have a hard time explaining why he was at the scene of the explosion. Therefore, this man should still use his identity, so he should not blame him for taking it back.

Seeing Roy’s confident look and thinking about the news of the Zhao family that came back from the capital, Corbien hid the sarcasm in his heart.

What exactly was the origin of that Ren Sheng? Nobody knew, but the Zhao family had long since said that he was not a Kay. Does this mean that the Zhao family already knew his identity? This Roy rushing in at this time was just a joke.

However, he also liked to see people making jokes of themselves, so maybe he will give him a chance to get closer to Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Lingyu “fused” the Zerg Queen energy core and survived, which was definitely worth studying. In fact, even if Yang Ye didn’t find him, he would still go to Zhao Lingyu.

Ren Sheng had no idea that someone was thinking about Zhao Lingyu. After Zhao Lingyu stopped hugging him, he sat at Zhao Lingyu’s feet, thinking about how to kiss him when they got back. At the same time, he used his roots to unzip Zhao Lingyu protective boots and wrap his root around Zhao Lingyu feet.

He liked to touch Zhao Lingyu’s skin and if it wasn’t for the dignified atmosphere, he would like to keep his roots up and touch the place where Zhao Lingyu spilled his seeds.

Today was the time for Zhao Lingyu to give him refined soil.

When he thought of the refined soil, Ren Sheng thought of his own children. At the same time, he closed his eyes and began to cultivate, transferring his spiritual power to them.

These children had a great demand for spiritual power and they were bound to become amazing people in the future. Ren Sheng was happily fantasizing about the future when he suddenly jumped up again.

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Lingyu looked at Ren Sheng in bewilderment. When Ren Sheng suddenly jumped up just now, he even forgot to release his feet. If he hadn’t been very strong now, he would have been thrown under the spaceship by him.

It’s definitely not fun for a Human Federation Marshal to fall under the spaceship when he was standing on it to stabilize the people.

“The child moved!” Ren Sheng said excitedly, this was a fetal movement!

“They’re moving?” Zhao Lingyu asked with some surprise.

“Of course they’re moving!” Ren Sheng glanced at Zhao Lingyu and sat down again – these four children on his head would move, because they found something special he needed to have a closer look.

Zhao Lingyu became even more puzzled. The four fruits move? Was it because Ren Sheng has been infusing them with spiritual energy these days, that they became different from those ginseng seeds he ate before?

Also, their body shape was now completely different from their ‘predecessors.’

There weren’t many people looking at them now, so Zhao Lingyu suppressed the suspicion in his heart then looked at Ren Sheng who closed his eyes and didn’t ask anything.

Wu Shuai and Ellie, who pretended to be Zhao Lingyu’s personal soldiers and followed Zhao Lingyu, felt like they were drowning in the sea. They could not believe what they had just heard.

Just now, Ren Sheng said “The child moved!” Was he pregnant?

Wasn’t Ren Sheng not the Kay sent by the Freedom Alliance? In that case, how could he be pregnant? Was he from a special race or something?

Their eyes fell on Ren Sheng’s flat stomach and both Wu Shuai and Eliie felt that they must be hallucinating. Judging from Ren Sheng’s appearance, how could he be pregnant?

But their Marshal hearing the word ‘child’ behaved very calmly, like he already knew about it and only wondered about ‘they are moving?’ Thinking that Zhao Lingyu lived in the same cabin as Ren Sheng these days and they were very close, they felt like it should not be a hallucination.

Ren Sheng, who was being watched by the tangled Ellie and Wu Shuai, was trying to communicate with his own children at this time.

Unfortunately, these four children did not give the slightest response to his spiritual touch, but only moved slightly in one direction, as if desperately wanting something.

This situation was exactly the same as when he found the refined soil, except it wasn’t refined soil on Zhao Lingyu this time? How come the place they wanted to go was underneath his feet?

Ren Sheng opened his eyes and touched his head while glancing under the airship.

He would be sad if he wanted the refined soil and did not get it so it must be the same for his children who wanted something, but could not get it. He didn’t even know what it was.

“Lingyu, I want to go under the ground and take a look.” Ren Sheng dwelled on it for a while and said to Zhao Lingyu directly.

He didn’t know much about this world and Zhao Lingyu even said that something might happen to him if he wandered around alone. In this case, if he had something to do he would just find Zhao Lingyu!


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