In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 71.2 – Attacked And Coming Out Of The Shell

“An artificial intelligence appeared? That’s what they show on TV.” Ren Sheng said curiously, but soon this curiosity disappeared because of the tragic state of the people around him.

It was the first time he faced death directly, so the smell of blood coming from around him made him retch a little as he took a step back. At the same time roots spread out from his hands and wrapped around some robots that wanted to attack the people attending the exhibition.

Ren Sheng’s action was fast, but Elder Teng’s action was even faster. Little green in his hand quickly became bigger and longer, as it began to entangle more and more robots.

Zhao Peng’s fusion ability wasn’t very effective against the robots, while Fang Chengjun’s and Elder Fang’s ice ability couldn’t be used on a wide scale without harming the ordinary people in the venue. Ren Sheng and Elder Teng, who could spawn poisonous or coma-inducing plants, were useless against the robots.

In the end it was little Green who was the most powerful and quickly restrained most of the robots, so that those who came to the exhibition could escape.

At this time after the initial panic, there were already people who started to organize others in the venue to hide in the corners. In fact, they wanted to escape from there, but the doors of the venue were closed.

“Watch out!” Ren Sheng wanted to smash the door open after restraining the robot, but suddenly he felt two powerful auras, as these two kinds of energy filled the entire venue.

Someone was trying to deal with them? Ren Sheng raised his head and let some roots grow from his hands, so he could wrap them tightly around the baskets.

It was also at this time that two people in small mechas appeared in front of Ren Sheng and the others.

Although it was a small mecha, it was still three meters high. Because the strength of the people driving the mecha was so strong, it brought great pressure to Ren Sheng and the others.

In their group, both Gerd and Shen Qiushi were pregnant, so they basically couldn’t be considered combat power. Ren Sheng, who protected four children, also couldn’t do his best at fighting, which only left Zhao Peng, Fang Chengjun, as well as Elder Teng and Elder Fang.

Fang Chengjun and Master Fang on seeing the two mechas, used their ice ability at the same time, while Elder Teng commanded Little Green towards the two mecha coming toward them.

However, such an attack didn’t have the slightest effect on the two mechas, as a faint blue fire appeared on their surface. In less than a second, both the ice abilities and Little Green had disappeared without a trace. This faint fire light made everything around it become a pool of molten iron as it spread on the ground.

This kind of fire had almost caught up with the red fire that his master used to refine pills! Ren Sheng wrapped his roots around Shen Qiushi and Gerd and retreated quickly when Fang Chengjun and Elder Fang attacked. At this time, he felt the energy fluctuation behind him making his expression change instantly, as he used his spiritual power to make himself run faster.

Ren Sheng almost turned into a residual shadow as the fire had almost arrived at the edge of the exhibition center. Letting go of Shen Qiushi and Gerd, Ren Sheng hit the wall of the exhibition center with all his strength.

Although Ren Sheng’s strength was very low compared to same level cultivators, in terms of attack he was above everyone in the Human Federation except Zhao Lingyu. Now his attack has blown open the walls of the exhibition center, destroying a thin protective cover integrated with the walls. However, when he touches the outermost protective cover, it dissipates and only makes that protective cover shake.

This protective shield should be an ability. Among the two people that suddenly appeared inside, was one of them the owner of this ability?

“You can’t escape.” It is not known from which mecha the woman’s voice could be heard, but at the same time a bomb flew towards Ren Sheng.

“Sisi, you must be careful not to hurt them.”

These people won’t die so easily.”The woman added, it was obvious that she was the one who attacked Ren Sheng.

The two people driving the mechas chatted idly in the Federation language, not taking Ren Sheng and the others into consideration at all. But Ren Sheng and the others didn’t dare to act co*ky.

Gerd used his ability to condense some metal weapons towards the other side, but didn’t see the slightest effect, while Shen Qiushi’s attack was also like a tickle for them…

Ren Sheng stuffed two Qi Replenishing Pills into his mouth. Fearing the other side’s blue flame he didn’t dare to use his own roots and could only use two techniques to launch the attack.

The huge energy struck the top of the mecha that was chasing them, causing the other party’s mecha to tremble and stop its attack.

“You’re strong.” The woman who was driving the mecha found that her own mecha was actually damaged. She was even shocked by his unexpected energy, so she spoke with a tone full of resignation. “So I can’t let you do this again…”

And as soon as her words fell, some small missiles launched toward Gerd and Shen Qiushi, while an iron claw extended from the top of the mecha to grab the two baskets Ren Sheng was holding onto with his own roots.

Her relentless and repeated attacks made it impossible for Ren Sheng to catch them all, but the man who came with her said something in the Ruoya language with some dissatisfaction.

It didn’t take long for Crohn to learn the Human Federation language, so Ren Sheng simply decided to learn the Ruoya language and naturally understood these words. “We want them alive!”

They were from the Ruoya Empire? Trying to capture them? Are they working with Crohn and Keith? Ren Sheng’s face suddenly became a little pale, but he still didn’t dare to slack off to prop up the protective shield.

“I’ll try.” The woman replied. They were ordered to take Ren Sheng, Gerd, and Ren Sheng’s children alive, but she had no intention of showing mercy.

Even if they are dead, she could still study them. She didn’t want to let go of the people who broke her mecha and hurt her.

The various attacks had already arrived, so although the shield that Ren Sheng had condensed with his spiritual energy blocked the first wave of attacks, it was quickly shattered by the second wave from the other side.

At this time, a nearly transparent, emitting a strong sense of coldness shield appeared above their heads, this shield blocked most of the attacks, but with Fang Chengjun being hit from the other side, he suddenly vomited blood.

Moreover, after coming this far Fang Chengjun was no longer able to fight.

“Someone is coming over, grab the people and go!” Kicking Fang Chengjun and Zhao Peng out of the way, someone said in the Ruoya language.

“Boring!” The woman stretched out some ropes and wrapped them around Ren Sheng and the others.

At this time, a greater chill filled the space, but this time it was raised by Elder Fang who suddenly seemed very old. With this chill the two mecha suddenly became frozen and from Elder Fang himself, blood suddenly flowed from his eyes and nose.

Only as the blood flowed out it had already condensed into ice in the cold environment and hung on Elder Fang’s face forming red ice.

The previous attack of Fang Chengjun, although it was at his strongest strength, didn’t go beyond the category of an S-class ability user. But the attack this time from Elder Fang was much more.

Without the help of Little Green, Elder Teng was much less powerful and had previously only been standing behind Elder Fang, responsible for harassing the two mechas. He was already very nervous before and at this time his heart was suddenly beating violently as boundless panic filled his chest so his hands couldn’t help trembling.

Fang Chengjun was also startled. “Grandpa!”

Elder Fang’s attack was so strong that he not only froze these two mecha, but even all the survivors in the Convention and Exhibition Center felt a bone chilling coldness as they huddled together shivering, many of them even freezing to death directly.

But even so strong an ice ability only blocked the two mechas for a short time.

The two three-meter tall mechas had already arrived in front of Ren Sheng, putting a considerable amount of pressure on him.

Ren Sheng had, in fact, been somewhat overwhelmed before.

He was a plant and never thought too deeply or had desires, life was just a life.

Because of this, even after being chased, he only thought of escape, but didn’t felt much heat. Even now, he doesn’t remember his enemy’s face.

He has always felt that such a state of life was very good and he was very satisfied with it. But at this time, he suddenly felt regret, regret that he didn’t follow his master properly to learn his skills.

If he could learn more skills and become stronger, could such a thing be avoided?

His master left him a magic weapon, which was almost destroyed when he was chased. It was only a piece of defensive turtle shell, but this turtle shell was not easy to activate.

Ren Sheng spat a mouthful of blood towards the turtle shell and then felt his body’s spiritual energy flowing rapidly, all into the turtle shell. The turtle shell dribbled before hovering above them, protecting all of them at the same time. At the same time, he almost could no longer maintain his human form, his whole body felt limp.

The two people originally thought that the task of capturing Ren Sheng would be very simple. At the beginning, they even thought that as long as they controlled the robots in the exhibition center, they could do it. But they didn’t expect that as two seventh class soldiers, they would need to spend so much effort and still couldn’t catch the person they wanted. At this moment, even reinforcements were coming.

That man was anxious and without thinking much launched the strongest attack on the turtle shell.

The turtle shell that dribbled around paused, but was still running. However, its strength doesn’t stop the people behind the scenes. On the contrary, it attracted even more attacks, so that the convention center was shaken by the aftershocks of the attack.

At this time, the protective shield outside the convention center was suddenly broken by a punch and the faces of two people changed as a faint blue flame rushed towards Ren Sheng.

Ren Sheng, who had always been afraid of fire, immediately let out a cry, making some loopholes in his defense. At this time, a small shield opened at his side, covering a basket at his feet, and before he could react snatched the basket.

“Baby!” Ren Sheng screams, but at this time he couldn’t even lift his hand, even his legs were turning into prototypes.

The one who broke the shield outside was Zhao Lingyu. As soon as he came in, he saw this scene. His expression immediately changed as he rushed towards the man, his already recovered ability running at full power, trying to snatch back his babies.

The mecha who was stealing the children with the protective shield felt that his energy was fading fast, while a chain hit the basket, knocking one of the eggs flying, rolling another egg, while carrying the others.

No one knows if that chain had too much force, but just as the egg rolled away it suddenly cracked and a white and tender foot stretched from the inside.


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