In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 4 – Marshal was Assaulted

Shen Qiushi felt a little strange as she watched the little child gazing at her son’s residence with his eyes wide open.

What was this drooling expression about? There used to be a lot of women who thought of her son that way, but now that they know about her son’s condition and that he could explode at any time, who would come to visit?

“Are you Roy?” Sighing darkly, Shen Qiushi softened her voice and asked.

“My name is not Roy. My name is Ren Sheng.” Ren Sheng withdrew his gaze with some difficulty.

Although none of the people here were cultivators, the person in front of him had a very, very strong energy and was at least at Jidan stage. Before his injury, he would be able to escape, but he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to now.

As for fighting, Master had ascended before he taught him this….

This person is so strong, he definitely can’t jump to the refined soil. He wondered if she would give him a little if he became her apprentice. He just needed a little.

Shen Qiushi frowned slightly at the news. How could this person not be called Roy? Is there a problem here? But if there was a problem, how could this person be so frank? “Why did you change your name to Ren Sheng?”

“I’ve always been called Ren Sheng, I’m…” Ren Sheng wanted to say that he was a ginseng, but soon stopped talking. His master said that he could not let others know that he was a plant spirit.

Shen Qiushi looked at Ren Sheng’s guilty expression and felt it was even more wrong. Although she was far away from the Freedom Alliance, the signal station was destroyed by the Zerg Queen, and her connection with the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce wasn’t close, but even so, its President said that his son Roy, despite his Kay heritage, was very intelligent and that his IQ was higher than that of many human beings. This one before her…had a high IQ?

Shen Qiushi looked doubtfully at the private soldier she sent to pick up Ren Sheng.

“Madam, Ren Sheng was the only one present at the ship’s explosion, he is a plant ability user and his identity should be no problem. This can also be proved by the former subordinate of the Marshal that worked on the Dream Star after his retirement.” The soldier who was sent by the family, deliberately mentioned Dino, because they were originally comrades. As for Ren Sheng, a Kay who couldn’t even understand what they were saying, how could he be a spy?  

The man was mostly frightened from the ship’s explosion, which was why he occasionally babbled nonsense.

His identity had no problem, so was it the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce who lied to her? Shen Qiushi knew that her son’s private soldier had done intelligence work and was a good judge of character, so she was much less suspicious of Ren Sheng. “Ren, right? I’ll take you to see my son first and then we’ll talk about it.” After she sees his reaction, she can then determine if he has any malicious intent towards her son.

Ren Sheng was grabbed by the hand, but his eyes were still glued to the building. After finding out that he was actually being led towards it, he was itching to fling away Shen Quishi’s hand and rush ahead.

But she was too strong. Ren Sheng gulped down the saliva in his mouth as he got closer and closer to the building.

The building, which had not been built far from the Zhao mansion, was made of an alloy normally used to build spaceships. Although very resilient, the house was covered in cracks and looked like it would crumble at any moment. So much so, that the house didn’t even have a door, or it once did, but now it was gone. Through the wide open door, a large metal bed could be immediately seen, on which lay a man whose only covering was a piece of cloth on his waist.

Perhaps sensing someone outside, the man was awake. He turned his head slightly, which finally allowed Ren Sheng to see his appearance.

He looked a little scary, as he didn’t have even a single uninjured place on him. Whether on his face or body, there were many wounds, and a very powerful energy constantly escaped from those wounds. These wounds actually healed very quickly, but right after they healed, new wounds would often appear, leaving the man with a neverending appearance of countless wounds. His flesh and blood could be seen at a glance.

“Marshal…” As soon as Dino and others saw the man laying down, they covered their eyes in pain, and Ren Sheng unconsciously felt a little pain himself.

The man’s body was filled with energies that were much too powerful, that tore his body apart, inch by inch, then healed it, just to tear it apart again… This kind of pain was unbearable! Just thinking about encountering it themselves… it would definitely be very painful.

Just how did this person manage to get all that miscellaneous energy and refined soil in his body? Such destruction and regeneration over a short period of time was actually good for the body if it was repaired well, but it would definitely kill him if it went on for a long period of time.

Ren Sheng looked at the man inside the house, with a confused look on his face and tried to restrain himself. It wasn’t like the first time he saw the refined soil his master had given him, where he rushed forward to entangle his roots in it.

A burst of pressure came from her son and the violent energy caused Shen Qiushi, who was a powerful ability user to tremble. She thought Ren Sheng would be scared, but… why was there sympathy, salvation, and curiosity on his face, but no fear?

Taking a deep breath, Shen Qiushi said, “Ren Sheng, as you can see, Lingyu is now in this state. He may soon go completely out of control… if you don’t want to stay here, I will send you away. Don’t worry, I will still give you the agreed on supplies.” The Zhao family was about to die, so she really didn’t care about that small bit of supplies.

“I don’t want to go!” Ren Sheng immediately said. It would take him tens of thousands of years to grow up again somewhere else, but it would be different if he had this refined soil! Although some of the energy rioting in the man’s body would hurt him, he wouldn’t need to care about it because of the refined soil!

What’s more, he was able to help sort out those energies, so the refined soil would be his reward for saving this Lord Marshal, right? Reaching out quietly, Ren Sheng avoided the messy energy and secretly absorbed a little refined soil. He immediately felt comfortable all over.

“You’re not leaving? Something could happen to Lingyu at any moment.” Shen Qiushi was suspicious again, Ren Sheng was acting too strange.

“I want to stay here.” Ren Sheng blinked and looked at the man in the house, right into the man’s black eyes.

Those eyes were filled with perseverance and restraint. If it were anyone else, they would have already been delirious, scattering the energy everywhere because of the pain. However, he could control himself and tried his best to control the energy rioting in his body.

“Send him away!” A hoarse voice suddenly appeared after the scattered energy. Then a second sentence also appeared, “Send me away as well.”

It was Zhao Lingyu who laid on the bed who spoke and along with those two sentences, he vomited a mouthful of blood on the ground.

The blood carried powerful energy and even had the scent of refined soil. After repeated destruction and regeneration, this person’s body had been infiltrated by the refined soil.

But this man wanted him to leave!

Ren Sheng looked at the blood red eyes and suddenly rushed out, “I won’t go! I want to stay! I want to marry you!” Didn’t Dino say that he could stay if he married the Marshal?

Shen Qiushi was originally looking at them from far away in the safe zone. Seeing Ren Sheng rush out, she subconsciously wanted to pull him away, but he unexpectedly, flexibly ducked. She hurriedly chased after him and was knocked down by her own son’s violent energy.

These days, the energy in Zhao Lingyu’s body was becoming more and more uncontrollable. Once someone approached him, they would be automatically attacked. Only plant ability users were slightly better off. What Shen Qiushi encountered just now was Zhao Lingyu’s counterattack. Although she was powerful, she was still swept away by the shock wave.

Shen Qiushi’s original suspicion of Ren Sheng disappeared. If the child had malicious intentions, he would be trying to please her, rather than getting close to her son who was already close to dying. Looking at the current situation, this child was clearly foolish!

Even if the strength of the plant ability user is not strong enough to be rejected, it was still necessary to be cautious and wear protective clothing. Wasn’t he just looking for death like this? Shen Qiushi’s eyes became red as she could almost foresee the young man’s appearance after being hit by the violent energy.  

Ren Sheng did indeed suffer a lot. Although some of the energy around him could be absorbed, some of the energy had cut through his clothes and skin, causing him to bleed.

His body felt painful, but Ren Sheng didn’t stop moving. He ran into the house and hugged Zhao Lingyu, “I’m not leaving! I want to stay here!”

Zhao Lingyu knew how terrifying he looked right now and even more so how dangerous he was. But while everyone else circled around him, this child hugged him! For a moment, Zhao Lingyu even suspected that he was dreaming.

Ren Sheng entangled Zhao Lingyu with his roots … no, with his hands and feet and then he winced. The energy slicing through his skin made him feel very, very sore. He was even shedding a lot of blood….

Forget it, he will just consider it as a payment for getting the refined soil. When his master gave him the refined soil, didn’t he also not only give his blood, but also provided ginseng seeds? Ren Sheng felt a bit distressed about losing the spiritual power he had just recovered. A bit of his essence had flowed out with his blood. But he was reluctant to let go of the root system that entangled Zhao Lingyu… er, no, his hand and feet, so he moved them straight to Zhao Lingyu’s mouth and fed it to him.

With so much blood essence lost, it would take him thousands of years to recultivate it, and now that it was gone, he didn’t know if he would shrink again…

Ren Sheng’s heart ached, but his arms and legs only wrapped tighter around Zhao Lingyu. Shen Qiushi, who had crawled up from the ground, watched the scene, but doubted her eyesight.

Was her son just assaulted?


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