In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 79 – Scanning Data

The decision to learn about mechas was made by Ren Sheng after careful consideration.

There was no spiritual power in this world, so no matter which spell he uses, the effect would be compromised. Not to mention that his spiritual power was of wood attribute, which was particularly bad at attacking.

If he was still in the cultivation world, he could still remedy this situation. Find some magic tools, get some spiritual plants to sign contracts with, save more spirit stones… as long as the resources were enough, if he wanted to crush others it wouldn’t be a problem.

But he doesn’t have the resources now.

The cave mansion left to him by his master has long since been exhausted after more than 100,000 years. Not to mention the spirit stones, even the pills had all been absorbed. In such a situation, how could he go out and fight others for resources?

He still has a few magic tools, but although they were suitable for use, they consumed too much spiritual power. The low level pills he refined now couldn’t make up for it and he couldn’t refine more high level ones. Therefore, if he wanted to increase his strength, he must think of other ways.

Ren Sheng noticed the mecha because of the Crohn. Crohn was already a strong level 8 ability user, but he still used a mecha. The two level seven ability users who come to the Human Federation to kidnap people also used mecha…

Because of the rapid development of technology in the Ruoya Empire, the combat effectiveness of high-level mecha wasn’t weaker than that of a high-level ability user. However, high-level mecha could only be piloted by high-level ability users. Therefore there was no precedent of a low-level ability user defeating a high level ability user with their mecha.

If you have a mecha, you can get a strong boost in strength. Thinking of this, Ren Sheng took a deep breath. These days when Zhao Lingyu was running outside, Ren Sheng checked the situation of mechas online. He has even learned a lot of mecha knowledge, but was short of practice. Of course, Zhao Lingyu wouldn’t disagree with Ren Sheng’s request. He was silent for a moment before contacting Crohn directly.

“Ren Sheng wants to learn mecha? Isn’t he too weak? Instead, why doesn’t he learn to pilot a warship? I remember when I first arrived at the Human Federation, I was amazed by your skill of piloting a warship.” Crohn said. He already knew that Ren Sheng wasn’t as weak as he thought at first, but even so, he still felt that Zhao Lingyu was stronger.

“The one who piloted the battleship in the first place was Ren Sheng.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Crohn’s entire body froze as he was full of disbelief, but after thinking about it carefully, he felt that it must be true. His contact with Zhao Lingyu these days, let him know that Zhao Lingyu was very strong. But Zhao Lingyu’s spiritual power was very average, but at that time, the pilot was clearly a person with very strong spiritual power. He just didn’t expect that this person would be Ren Sheng.

“I’ll find a simulator pod and come back so he can practice for a while and then get familiar with the ordinary mecha. If he really likes it, I can hook you up with someone to order one for him.” Crohn said. It wasn’t easy to order a mecha and usually only people with abilities and influence could order one. But Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu had the Pregnancy Pills in their hands, so many people would be willing to help.

Ren Sheng kept an eye on Zhao Lingyu. When he saw that Zhao Lingyu and Crohn had finished talking, his roots gently sent the three children to the next room, then he hugged Zhao Lingyu. “Your energy is messed up again.” Zhao Lingyu recently fused a lot of other people’s energies, which made his strength increase very quickly, but also made the energy in his body very unstable. Now, there was a lot of energy escaping around Zhao Lingyu’s body.

“In this way, my strength grows faster.” Zhao Lingyu said. In fact, he had hidden something from Crohn. The strength he showed was at level 6 or 7, but in fact… he felt that he should be on par with Crohn.

Ren Sheng entangled Zhao Lingyu and directly took off Zhao Lingyu’s clothes. Ren Sheng used cultivation to improve his strength, but there was no problem with it because he has been double cultivating with Zhao Lingyu.

Ren Sheng smoothed the energy in Zhao Lingyu’s body and dissolved the chaotic energy. He then brought the energy from the other person’s body into his own, before returning it. In this way, that energy became much softer and even after entering Zhao Lingyu’s body again, it wasn’t as aggressive as it was in the beginning.

This cycle was repeated over and over again, and by the next morning, the energy in Zhao Lingyu’s body had smoothed out a lot. Ren Sheng’s energy had also improved a lot. When Crohn sent the simulation pod over, he noticed that the energy leaking out of Zhao Lingyu’s body could already be used, so he glanced at Zhao Lingyu several times in shock.

Crohn sent more than one simulation pod. In addition to Ren Sheng, he also gave one each to Elder Teng, Fang Chengjun, and even Corbien, who followed him got one. In this simulation pod, in addition to being able to learn mecha operation, you could also access Starnet and play competitions. Of course, none of them were in the mood to play competitions.

“Ren, remember to rein in your strength when you enter the simulation pod.” Zhao Lingyu, who read the manual, said to Ren Sheng. This simulation pod has many high-tech means in order to ensure network security. Although in the Ruoya Empire it was controlled by a central computer, they still needed to be careful.

“I will.” Ren Sheng looked at the simulation pod, a little speechless.

This simulation pod, which can be said to be very advanced and expensive, that could also bring your abilities and physical strength into the virtual network, in his eyes looked more like a transparent crystal coffin.

His master had few friends, but there were still one or two of them. One of them had a daughter, who was later killed. He put his daughter into a crystal coffin with antiseptic in it… that coffin, and the simulation pod in front of him, didn’t look very different. Even the simulation pod had a liquid in it.

It’s strange to lie down in such a place… Although not accustomed to it, Ren Sheng was not hypocritical and laid down in it. As soon as he entered, he felt a strange energy coming into contact with his spiritual energy.

Ren Sheng’s spiritual energy was one of the strongest in this world, but most cultivators basically protected their own spiritual energy and wouldn’t use it to attack others. Therefore, he wasn’t very clear on how to use it. After snooping around and pondering a little, he gathered most of his spiritual energy, leaving only a small piece similar to Crohn’s in place.

After that energy mixed with a small piece of his spiritual energy, Ren Sheng felt a movement in his heart, as if something connected. At the same time, he felt a slight tingling in his muscles. With the experience just now, Ren Sheng immediately gathered all his spiritual power into his body.

His body data wasn’t the same as that of the Ruoya people. Although the equipment that came with the simulation pod could only scan the body’s condition, he still needed to be careful. After a spin, Ren Sheng found himself suspended in a sky blue space.

The body data entering the virtual network was obtained by scanning the person themselves, so their ability online was limited to their offline situation. It could also not be changed, but if you wanted to modify your appearance, there was no problem. Ren Sheng stared at his face that he had already modified and didn’t change it anymore.

After deciding not to change his appearance and listening to some instructions, Ren Sheng appeared in a very nicely decorated room and could go to different places at will. Ren Sheng pulled up his own data first.

Each person’s situation was different, so the physical condition obtained by scanning in the simulation pod was not comprehensive, but the strength of the spiritual power ‘could not be wrong’ so his spiritual power was level eight. Ren Sheng’s spiritual power level was very high, but his physical condition was very low, only level three.

These two classes were all divided into nine levels and the difference between the physical and spiritual energy for ordinary people was never different by more than two levels. Only Ren Sheng had a power difference of five levels, which could be called very odd.

Ren Sheng was not aware of this; he only felt that his body in the virtual world was a little heavy. But he didn’t care much as he directly selected the mecha square.

Mecha square was really a square. It was also surrounded by all kinds of shops selling mecha parts. In the middle of the square, there were also many people coming and going. There were even people playing on the ground. Ren Sheng didn’t even look at them and went straight to the training room.

There were a lot of people in most of the training rooms, so Ren Sheng only glanced inside before retreating. After a while, he found a vacant training room and started learning as soon as he entered.

The first thing he had to learn was the basic movements, which Ren Sheng thought would be difficult, but to his surprise, he quickly did all of them. Once the basic movements were done, the next step was to start walking…

The mecha slowly walked back and forth on the training ground. Ren Sheng had walked many circles and wanted to speed up when he accidentally pressed the wrong key.

The length of human fingers was limited, so after pressing the wrong key, there was no way for Ren Sheng to remedy the situation. Just as he thought that he would fall to the ground, seven or eight roots grew out of his hand.

Wasn’t his human form scanned? How could he also bring his roots inside? Because of the shock, Ren Sheng didn’t even have time to press the undo button and stabilize his body, so he ended up falling face down to the ground.

“You can’t even walk steadily, did you come here to disgrace yourself?” Just as Ren Sheng was controlling the mecha to get up, a male voice suddenly sounded.

When Ren Sheng looked up, he saw a mecha that was similar to the one he was wearing. That mecha looked down at him and even stretched out his foot to step on his body.


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