Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 44 – Innate Godhood

He put aside his doubts for the time being and continued to read, expecting to get information about the Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven in the third volume.

But the third volume, except for the dialogue of the main characters, mentioned the name of the Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven twice, and then never mentioned it again. Wen Renhe quickly skimmed through the third volume. The story of the book started after He Wenchao entered the divine realm and was recognized by the gods who he was good friends with in the past life as the reincarnation of the acquired god who had fallen. He then continued to slap faces of some acquired gods. The divine realm at that time was already full of acquired gods since all innate gods had already fallen.

The first two-thirds of the story was quite harmonious, He Wenchao’s former friends and wives had ascended to the divine world and in the divine world made new friends and married new wives. Just like in the first volume, there were also many scenes where Baili Qingmiao disappeared from time to time while Purple Spirit Pavilion master had been following He Wenchao and had a good relationship with his new wives.

After 1/3, the plot went straight downhill. First of all, one day, He Wenchao’s friend who was the post-apocalyptic god went berserk and became a demon, then their group killed their companion in pain. At the same time, it was reported that the Underworld Blood Sea boundary was broken and the 180,000 demon gods sealed by the ancient gods had rushed out from the demon realm and destroyed the earth. That friend who became a demon still had a direct bloodline on earth so this bloodline was used to turn him into a demon.

First, the cultivation world fell, then the immortal world also fell. Gods tenaciously resisted but the infectious and destructive power of the demon gods was too strong, so everyone was either killed and absorbed or became a demon. In order not to let 180,000 demons invade the divine world, He Wenchao’s friends had gone to the immortal world to resist. He Wenchao who at that time was already the leader of the gods also wanted to go to the lower realms but the master in his mind that he always trusted turned his back on him.

It turned out that his master was also a demon, a blood cultivator. The reason why he patiently cultivated He Wenchao was to gain an opportunity to devour his body. The blood demon ancestor had been holding back until the world was in turmoil to appear and with the help of the devilish energy from the outside world, wanted to take over He Wenchao body.

When He Wenchao could no longer resist, Baili Qingmiao, who had been hidden for more than 800,000 words, appeared and formed a soul contract with He Wenchao to protect him.

However, Baili Qingmiao was also seriously injured by the Blood Demon Ancestor and died. Due to the soul contract He Wenchao should also have died along with her but Baili Qingmiao also used some way to protect He Wenchao before she died so even after forming the soul contract they would not die together.

After Baili Qingmiao’s death, He Wenchao cried bitterly, the world changed and the three realms collapsed. The human world, the immortal realm, and the divine realm merged into one in an instant. All living beings in the three realms died and the gods and people of the three realms were defeated.

Only at that moment did everyone discover that Baili Qingmiao’s past life was that of the last innate goddess born from heaven and earth Qi. She was the goddess of calamity, bringing down death and disaster on earth. Her mission was to bring down death and disaster, balancing excessive production, and achieving a balance between creation and destruction.

When she was in the human world, she had already acquired her divine personality and could return to the immortal world, but she gave up her innate goddess character because of her deep love for He Wenchao. Without Baili Qingmiao’s divine control, the divine personality began to stir up calamities on earth indiscriminately, and with the resentment of countless living beings the divine personality became tainted with demonic Qi releasing 180,000 demons from Underworld Blood Sea.

Even if Baili Qingmiao and the gods were no longer connected, her existence still maintained the order of the three realms.The moment Baili Qingmiao died to save He Wenchao the last innate god fell and heaven and earth energy got rid of the shackles and wanted to return to the state of chaos. It wanted to fuse the three realms, using the Demonic god to absorb the energy of all three realms. Then it transformed into chaotic energy, causing everything to return to nothingness.

After He Wenchao knew everything, he brought all his wives and friends to meet for the final battle. All of them died including demons and demonic gods.

After the death of the last wife, the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master, only He Wenchao was left alone in the world. He stood in front of the temple of the God Realm, which had already turned into ruins, and looked at the pale earth that was scorched everywhere. Then he entered the demonic energy that was already being transformed into chaotic energy with his body.

At the last moment when his whole body was being disintegrated into chaos, the soul contract between He Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao worked and he actually absorbed Baili Qingmiao’s divine personality, gained the original control of chaotic power of heaven and earth, making a breakthrough to become a real god.

However, heaven and earth were already empty. He became a God with the power to create and destroy the world. He divided the heaven and earth into three realms according to his memory and then re-created his friends and wives according to his memory. The Purple Spirit Pavilion Master and Baili Qingmiao were also revived. Everyone lived happily together, spending every day happily, then it was the end of the text.

Wen Renhe: “…”

This ending, seemed happy but when you think carefully….

The world was different in everyone’s eyes, and Wen Renhe who read both 《Abusive Love Affair》and 《The God of Destruction》was well versed in the truth of it. He Wenchao memory of his friends and family as well as his impression of the three worlds, how could it be real?!

In the end, He Wenchao chose to accept everything and let the three realms of chaos destroy themselves and give birth to new life, it would still be a new life. Creating the world according to his memory to reunite with friends and his beauties or will He Wenchao hold on to his imagination for billions of years of solitude? Was his choice to create the world or to destroy it?

Not only did Wen Renhe ask such questions, even the readers of 《The God of Destruction》were questioning this ending –

[I don’t care about the emotional scenes, as long as the plot is good and the protagonist gets stronger in a cool manner but this ending…… Are you sure it is HE? 】

[Turning over to the cover to see the title 《The God of Destruction》, then to the ending I shudder. ]

[Wise people don’t speak in secret, I am cheap and I like stallion novels. I like protagonists who marry countless wives, but I want my wives to be alive! I don’t want an imaginary wife, even if he becomes the god who is able to create life isn’t it in the end just fantasy in his head?]

[After thinking about the ending for a long time, isn’t the ending kind of bad? It seems not bad they all resurrected! But… Why doesn’t it feel right?]

Of course, there were also readers who praised the author for this divine ending. The novel’s title also fit the ending perfectly, but there were still some questions and confusion.

Wen Renhe also wanted to know whether he could remain sane after spending hundreds of millions of years with false people in his arms. Would he become the demon? The story ended here but were the people in the story really happy?

At least the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master didn’t think so.

Wen Renhe already had the experience of reading novels so it was no longer necessary to read it for seven days and seven nights as he did when he read《Abusive Love Affair》. He learned to glance at ten lines and grasp the key points using his powerful divine sense so in just a half a day he skimmed through the third volume. At this time the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master was still breathing.

When he saw Wen Renhe put down the book and gave him a sight, he said: “This book mentions that you were removed by He Wenchao when he was still in the cultivation world. It also involved me so I didn’t want you to know about this and didn’t dare to give this book to you.”

“This venerable knows, if you want to provoke this venerable with this, there is no need.” Wen Renhe said.

He knew the destiny and the ending that the author gave to the Devil Venerable Wen Renhe since he read 《Abusive Love Affair》but he did not care.

Wen Renhe who cultivated the path of Slaughter had long looked down upon life and death. If he was alive he would have done his best to live but if he died he would die peacefully. If he could go against heaven and change his fate he would do it but he would not be overly sad if he was destined to go.

“Is that so?” The Purple Spirit Pavilion Master looked at Wen Renhe expression and smiled bitterly under his breath and said: “I am different from you, I am afraid of death. Not only am I afraid of dying, but I’m even more afraid of being ‘created’ after death and living by someone else will. First wife? Heh, I know myself I must have married He Wenchao because I found out that Baili Qingmiao is infatuated with him and wanted to use this affection to force Baili Qingmiao to take over her innate godhood.”

Unfortunately, the divine character was destined to belong to Baili Qingmiao. No matter how Purple Spirit Pavilion Master in the book framed Bai Qingmiao, she was able to stubbornly survive. He Wenchao, who was originally in the palm of her hand, became stronger and stronger and got beyond her strength. She started to wear the mask of a gentle and generous first wife. Fortunately by following He Wenchao she could always get good things so her strength soared while she endured it.

“But now it’s different, if I had known that the soul contract with Baili Qingmiao had such benefits, why would I still hold on to He Wechao and let her go? It would be better to use the male body I possessed to marry Baili Qingmiao. At least I will not marry dozens of wives like He Wenchao and will be devoted to her. How could I be worse than He Wenchao? Then her innate godhood will be mine and the position of god will also be mine. The one who survives in the end will also definitely be me!” Purple Spirit Pavilion Master’s handsome face twisted, due to emotional excitement, countless gu under his skin surged causing his whole body to twitch in pain.

“You are reasonable to have such an idea.” Wen Renhe did not despise the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master, but instead praised him.

Daring to possess the body and change the gender without care if it was a man or woman, the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master was really a ruthless person. It’s just a pity that the woman described in《The God of Destruction》 was a fake mask he used to disguise himself. All readers thought that she was an affectionate first wife who never complained, much better than the noisy Baili Qingmiao.

Naturally she had no resentment, there can’t be resentment without love. In order to extract benefits from He Wenchao, the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master couldn’t wait for He Wenchao to marry a few more wives, so he will touch her less.

Only Baili Qingmiao, who was infatuated, was unaware of this.

Things are often not as simple as they seem. How many truths are hidden under the calm water surface and how many people could see them clearly?

Wen Renhe put the book away and glanced at the distressed Purple Spirit Pavilion Master and said: “I said one thing from the beginning, if you hand over the book I will not kill you. But I have one more thing to ask you, you can possess a male or female body , this Venerable has some interest in this method.”

Wen Renhe was already aware of the biggest secret so Purple Spirit Pavilion Master also no longer resisted and very willingly handed over the heart method. Wen Renhe knew after learning the method that it was not suitable for him, the scattered immortal used this technique to turn its body into an immortal spirit and after driving away the soul of the other party, the immortal spirit will be injected into the hundred acupuncture points, not only to retain the strength of the scattered immortal but also to have a physical body.

This possessing technique was very good but unfortunately it is only effective for scattered immortal and useless for Wen Renhe.

He secretly sighed and summoned the altar master Miao, ordering him to take out the gus from Purple Spirit Pavilion Master.

Altar master Miao with a disappointed expression walked bitterly to Purple Spirit Pavilion Master, muttering in a low voice: “Couldn’t you fight for a little bit longer!”

Purple Spirit Pavilion Master: “……”

What kind of people were in the Xuanyuan sect!

“Venerable, should this person be killed or nullified?” The altar master Miao looked like a subordinate who was willing to share his lord’s worries.

The Purple Spirit Pavilion Master gritted his teeth and said: “Wen Renhe, you said that you would let me go if I handed over the book!”

“This Venerable never breaks his words but what I promised was to keep you alive. I never said anything about letting you go.” Wen Renhe coldly said.

In the original book Purple Spirit Pavilion master endured even after going to the divine realm but after knowing the plot of the book Purple Spirit Pavilion ruthlessly changed his character. This mentality made even Wen Renhe feel inferior so this person couldn’t be easily released.

He thought about it and said: “Give her to Protector Qiu, she worked as an undercover agent in Shangqing sect and made ..… no contribution but still worked hard, losing even her Underworld fire Altar subordinates, so this venerable wants to reward her a little.”

‘Reward’ Purple Spirit Pavilion Master: “…”

Give him to Protector Qiu. Wherever Protector Qiu killed or refined Purple Spirit Pavilion Master into a ghost or immortal, or shook hand to prepare to join forces to assassinate Devil Venerable, Wen Renhe ignored it.

Altar master Miao was full of disappointment, but did not dare to disobey Wen Renhe order, and took the Purple Spirit Pavilion master to find Qiu Congxue.

Wen Renhe led the increasingly silent Yin Hanjiang back to his room thinking about his next move.

The content of the third volume told Wen Renhe that Baili Qingmiao not only couldn’t die but must also accept her divine personality and have enough power to suppress this innate goodness. Otherwise all living beings in the three realms will return to chaos.

Baili Qingmiao, must cultivate the merciless path.

However, there was a mystery that kept Baili Qingmiao from archiving dao. After every heavenly tribulation all her feelings would be completely cleansed, leaving only the attachment to He Wenchao. Who did it? The heavenly dao or the former He Wenchao?

No, it should be neither.

Wen Renhe, who didn’t understand feelings, pondered over the question he didn’t understand and couldn’t help but ask the person beside him: “Patriarch Yin, what does it take for a person to tell themselves countless times to forget someone, yet they can’t forget? Every time after making up their mind they repeat their mistake and cannot get rid of it.”

He was just asking casually, after all, Yin Hanjiang was also a person who did not know much about love and affection.

Wen Renhe didn’t expect to hear the answer but Yin Hanjiang answered: “It’s because he himself can’t forget and doesn’t want to forget.”

Wen Renhe turned back in surprise and saw Yin Hanjiang looking at him intently, their eyes met as Yin Hanjiang spoke: “This subordinate…”

“Patriarch Yin is right!” Wen Renhe said: “You reminded this Venerable.”

The only person who can make Baili Qingmiao give up was herself! The divine personality was a part of her from birth, after being ripped off by the innate deity, the powerful divine personality gained its own consciousness. It was born to be obedient to the will of heaven and to become one with heaven and earth. Using the power of the heavenly tribulation countless times to influence Baili Qingmiao’s mind, it forcibly injected her feelings for He Wenchao into her divine soul!

Heaven and earth need to be emotionless and loveless, so do the innate gods. Focusing on one person’s emotion you simply were not able to accept the divine personality at all.

In the ending of 《Abusive Love Affair》Baili Qingmiao had obviously gotten her divine personality, but suddenly came out with thoughts like”the elder martial brother doesn’t like me to kill people” and “the teacher teaches us to think for the sake of the world”. In fact she failed in subduing her divine personality.

Only a strong mind with pure ruthlessness and great love for all things in the world without distinction was good enough to become an innate god. Baili Qingmiao forcibly contained her divine personality and failed, which led to the subsequent series of events.

No one influenced her, what controlled Baili Qingmiao was always herself, or rather heaven and earth.

Baili Qingmiao must cultivate the merciless path, if she cannot accommodate her divine personality it would be better to just kill her, not letting her to form a soul contract with anyone so when the heaven and earth reshuffled it would be better than the end of last volume which was the imagination of one person.


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