Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 54 – Delirium

After Yin Hanjiang read the book he was dumbstruck for a long time, what he was thinking about during that time, he couldn’t remember afterwards.

In a trance, he remembered that Venerable said that Baili Qingmiao had karma with him so he needed her to become a god in order to pay it back. He also remembered Zhong Liqian telling him that the reason why Wen Renhe desperately tried to save Baili Qingmiao was not because he did not value his own life, but because he had a plan.

He sat at the table and tilted his head, a little unclear whether this memory was real or imagined by him.

Yin Hanjiang turned his head to “Wen Renhe” who was sitting on his left and asked: “Does venerable like Baili Qingmiao?”

“Wen Renhe” said: “Don’t you remember what this venerable said to you?”

Yin Hanjiang asked “Wen Renhe” who was sitting on his right side: “What does my lord think?”

“Wen Renhe” said: “This Venerable has told you that what is written in this book is destiny, and destiny is hard to change.”

The two “Wen Renhe” were repeating in Yin Hanjiang’s ear what the venerable had said during his lifetime. Yin Hanjiang was confused, he didn’t know who was correct anymore, and he didn’t even know if these two people around him were real.

He raised his hand to cover his ears, but it was so good to hear his lord’s voice that he couldn’t stop himself from hearing it.

Yin Hanjiang shook his head, vaguely feeling that he was acting somewhat abnormal.

He put away the book, sat on the bed cross legged, and silently recited the Clear Heart Mantra in an attempt to calm his mind and dispel his delusions.

But the two “Wen Renhe” sat close to Yin Hanjiang, they were so close to each other as they asked: “Patriarch Yin is chanting the Clear Heart Mantra, don’t you want to see this Venerable again?”

Yin Hanjiang only felt the stagnation of the meridians in his body, making him unable to even use his genuine Qi. He forcibly opened his meridians, but violently spat out a mouthful of blood. The pain in his dantian was also severe.

“Fake, it’s all fake.” Yin Hanjiang took out Wen Renhe’s robe and hugged it in his arms, which made him feel better.

He clutched the robe firmly and closed his eyes quietly, not knowing whether he was unconscious or asleep.

In a trance he seemed to have a dream, it didn’t seem like a dream but like something that had really happened. In the dream, Venerable was saved by a woman of the righteous path after a massive demonic war, venerable liked this woman so much that he even died in the end saving this woman from falling into Underworld Blood Sea.

Before falling into the blood sea, Venerable threw this woman wrapped in his robes, along with a blood-red stone, into Yin Hanjiang’s arm. His last words were: “Protect her for this venerable.”

The heart-breaking pain woke Yin Hanjiang up, as he stared at his arms there was only a piece of clothing without a woman.

Huh? Strange, how did Venerable get there?

Yin Hanjiang shook his head but couldn’t remember.

Two memories appeared in his memory, one was that his lord was good and gentle toward him, getting snow flame for him and refining his soul bound magic weapon for him and giving him the magic robe, but in the others …… In the other He quietly watched his lord treat that woman well, so good that it caused him heartache, so good that he put on his ghost mask countless times in the middle of night to use his sword to carve wood into that woman’s likeness. Then he used his fingernails to scratch the carved face off, turning the wood carving piece by piece into wood chips.

Which one was real?

Yin Hanjiang went through his storage bag and saw many wooden carvings of Wen Renhe which he had carved secretly in private, each of them so ugly that he did not dare to show them to his lord.

Wooden carvings? So it’s true that Venerable liked that woman and him being good to him was just a delusion of his heart?

“Protector Yin, your body is cold, drink the blood of this venerable to warm up.” A “Wen Renhe” stood in front of Yin Hanjiang and held out his hand, asking him to drink his own blood.

Yin Hanjiang ignored the “Wen Renhe” and stretched out two fingers and pressed his fingertips deep into his two eyes, gouging them out so that he could not see the illusion

The sting awakened him abruptly as he regained some of his senses.

Yin Hanjiang put away robes and wooden carvings and pushed the door open to walk out of the room. He met Xiu Huai who was carrying the white bones to Zhong Liqian. When the white skeleton saw Yin Hanjiang, all the joints clicked together, he was not sure if it was afraid or cursing Yin Hanjiang.

“Don’t move, your bones might break and then Jiu Yang essence might really be lost!” Xiu Huai pressed Qiu Congxue’s skeleton, not allowing his master to speak.

Seeing Yin Hanjiang, Xiu Huai hurriedly pressed the white bones and half kneeled down saying: “Getting patriarch Yin.”

“Who are you?” Yin Hanjiang had blood in the corners of his eyes as he stared fixedly at Xiu Huai.

Xiu Huai hurriedly said: “I am a disciple of Baili Qingmiao, and Zhong Liqian’s student who has not yet joined the Xuanyuan Sect. My name is also written in the Shangqing Sect roster…. I don’t know if I can even be considered a disciple of the Xuanyuan sect. If possible I hope to enter the Underworld Fire Altar, hehehe ……”

Xuanyuan sect was the best sect for ghost cultivators like Xiu Huai, and Wen Renhe or Yin Hanjiang were all legendary figures for him. Originally, Qiu Congxue also belonged to this category, but it was a pity that after getting along for so long, Xiu Huai knew very well the virtues of his master, and really couldn’t respect it.

“I don’t remember you.” Yin Hanjiang stared at Xiu Huai; he was not sure if his memory had gone awry or if he really never met him.

“I had a one-time encounter with Patriarch Yin at the Purple Spirit Pavilion in Taiyin Mountain. I am just nobody so it’s normal for Patriarch Yin not to remember me.” Xiu Huai scratched his head and said.

“You are Baili Qingmiao’s disciple?” Yin Hanjiang raised his hand, he remembered that Baili Qingmiao was the woman his lord liked, he couldn’t kill her. But he could kill her disciple, right?

Xiu Huai who did not notice the danger, answered honestly: “Yes, my master and I were previously captured by the Shangqing Sect, and thanks to Venerable Wen Renhe saving us, Xiu Huai is willing to join the Xuanyuan Sect and serve Patriarch Yin like a loyal dog.”

“Venerable Lord …… saved Baili Qingmiao? In Underworld Blood Sea? ” Yin Hanjiang withdrew the hand that was about to fall on Xiu Huai.

“Exactly, it was so dangerous, those people in the righteous path are really not worth anything, and that He Wenchao is #¥%*&@……” Mentioning it, Xiu Huai began to swear again, while Zhong Liqian and his master were not around, he could curse these righteous people until their ancestor’s tablet began to smoke.

Yin Hanjiang had never heard many of these words but it didn’t prevent him from understanding, after listening for a while, he just patted Xiu Huai’s shoulder and said: “Scolded very well.”

“Hey…” Xiu Huai laughed in embarrassment: “Master and teacher Zhong don’t like to hear me swear., if the patriarch likes it, how about I secretly swear at them to you in private?”

“That’s fine,” Yin Hanjiang said: “Where does Baili Qingmiao live?”

“Protector Qiu’s room, there is more spiritual energy there, teacher Zhong said that it would help master recover.” Xiu Huai said with some doubts, “Master’s spirit doesn’t seem to be quite normal after she came back from the Underworld Blood Sea, teacher Zhong said it’s not only because of her broken heart , but there seems to be something else controlling her soul.”

“Hmm.” Yin Hanjiang did not say anything more to Xiu Huai and went straight towards Baili Qingmiao’s room.

No one in the Xuanyuan sect dared to stop him, Yin Hanjiang entered Qiu Congxue’s room without any hindrance and saw a beautiful woman lying on the bed, her brow furrowed, as if she was having some kind of nightmare.

He sat beside Baili Qingmiao’s bed and stared intently at the woman, who was very beautiful.

Yin Hanjiang took out the Alkaid triangular bayonet touching Baili Qingmiao’s face. He pointed the tip of the bayonet touching Baili Qingmiao’s nose, and thought to himself, should he start with the face? Or should he start with the nose?

No, it’s not a wooden carving that he could destroy at will, venerable told him to take care of Baili Qingmiao.

There was also a blood-red stone that was thrown over. Where was it? What stone was it? Did Baili Qingmiao have it?

Yin Hanjiang seemed calm but the thoughts in his head had repeated millions of times. His killing intent was sometimes strong and sometimes weak, but Baili Qingmiao, who was stimulated by his killing intent, finally opened her eyes slowly.

The moment she opened her eyes, she saw the Alkaid triangular bayonet close to her face.

Baili Qingmiao took a deep breath and said weakly: “Yin, Patriarch Yin, what are you, what are you doing?”

When alone, Yin Hanjiang could be reckless and crazy, but in front of outsiders, he needed to be a perfect Xuanyuan sect Patriarch so that he could put people’s hearts at ease.

‘Visiting you.” Yin Hanjiang spoke slowly, each sentence required a lot of reflection before he could speak.

As he spoke, the Alkaid triangular bayonet was still hanging over Baili Qingmiao face, while she had thought that it would be okay to die like this. But when she saw Yin Hanjiang, all hairs on Baili Qingmiao’s body stood up,

She didn’t know from where her strength came from but supporting her body with her arms she moved to the edge of the bed, trying to move herself out of the attack range of the Alkaid triangular bayonet.

When Yin Hanjiang saw her move, he moved his magic weapon again and continued to point it at the tip of Baili Qingmiao’s nose.

A deep chill spread to her heart as Baili Qingmiao asked in a trembling voice: “Yin, Patriarch Yin, I want to sit up, can you move the weapon?”

“Oh.” Yin Hanjiang looked at the Alkaid triangular bayonet as if he had only just noticed it, and said with a sudden realization: “This is a magic weapon that Venerable refined for me, with the Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Baili Qingmiao said hurriedly: “The Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron was obtained by Senior Wen Renhe, Patriarch Yin, Master Qingxue and me together!”

“Then this is true.” Yin Hanjiang’s face seemed to show a hint of a smile as he moved his weapon away.

Baili Qingmiao sat up, feeling like she had just escaped death and gasped heavily.

Then she saw Yin Hanjiang holding the Alkaid triangular bayonet and waving it in front of her eyes, like a child showing off something: “This is a quasi-immortal weapon venerable refined for me using Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron, which is very suitable for me and powerful. This is my soul-bound weapon.”

“Yes, senior Wen Renhe also found the snow flame to expel the Yin Qi in your body.” Baili Qingmiao said, “It’s all my fault that senior Wen Renhe…”

She remembered that when she saw He Wenchao viciously attack her at the Underworld Blood Sea, her heart already turned to ashes. Thinking that since her senior material brother wanted her to die, she might as well die.

At that time, the thought penetrated her mind like a parasite and she couldn’t get rid of it. At that moment, Baili Qingmiao couldn’t feel anything, just wanted to die.

“How can I be like this?” She raised her hands and said in disbelief: “This is not me, even if I want to die, I can’t be so selfish. I am also connected to Brother Zhong by compulsion Gu. If the compulsion Gu is not released, won’t I affect brother Zhong sanity?”

Only at this point, under Yin Hanjiang’s killing intent, Baili Qingmiao seemed to wake up from her dream and shudder as she recalled what had happened this year.

“Have I gone crazy? Or have I been controlled by something? Heart demons?” With no one else in front of her, Baili Qingmiao could only ask her only listener, Yin Hanjiang.

“Not sure,” Yin Hanjiang took Baili Qingmiao robe and wiped Alkaid triangular bayonet blade with it: “I only know that if a cultivator is crazy, it must be because he wants to be crazy himself.”

The cold metal surface of the triangular bayonet reflected Yin Hanjiang’s somewhat distorted face.


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