Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 43 – Burning Heaven Immortal

No matter what, Wen Renhe was going to take Purple Spirit Pavilion Master today. As for the matter of the disciples of the Shangqing Sect not being able to save the sect master without the Lock Core herb it had nothing to do with him. In fact he was the one who injured the sect master so it would be a joke if Wen Renhe helped him now.

He Wenchao saw that Yin Hanjiang was going to take the Purple Spirit Pavilion master away, and wanted to rush forward to save him, but was pulled back by fellow disciples.

“Elder martial brother, even immortal Qingxue  is an undercover agent of Xuanyuan sect. We don’t have any chance to win, rather …… we need to bear it.” Liu Xinye said as she hugged He Wenchao waist.

He Wenchao’s body softened, but his fists were clenched hard, regretting his powerlessness.

They didn’t scream in front of this devil venerable anymore so Wen Renhe naturally decided to not kill them. In addition, He Wenchao was related to the plot of the third volume, before seeing the 《The God of Destruction (Volume 3)》, Wen Renhe decided to keep him for the time being.

Before leaving, Wen Renhe looked at Baili Qingmiao who looked lost and transmitted his voice: “You can go back to Xuanyuan Sect with this venerable.”

Qiu Congxue deliberately exposed her identity in order not to be pushed out to fight Wen Renhe. Wen Renhe also didn’t care, he never expected Qiu Congxue to have any effect as an undercover agent. But being able to stir up the relationship between He Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao to this point had far exceeded his expectations.

But her identity will definitely put Baili Qingmiao in an awkward situation. If she returned to the Shangqing sect, what awaited her was unknown. That is why Wen Renhe let Baili Qingmiao choose.

Baili Qingmiao shook her head but didn’t speak. She was hit hard if Zhong Liqian didn’t forcibly control her emotions, she would have cried on the spot.

Qiu Congxue stretched out her hand to Xiu Huai. She planned to train Xiu Huai as a master of Underworld Fire Altar.

Xiu Huai silently refused, his master was too stupid he had to follow her.

Zhong Liqian nodded to Wen Renhe, their compulsion Gu who provided balance so he must return to Shangqing Sect with Baili Qingmiao. With him around, Baili Qingmiao will not need to worry about her life.

The people of the Shangqing sect could only watch Wen Renhe and the others leave. After a moment of standstill, Baili Qingmiao took out her windless silver moon ribbon and rushed to fire. He Wencho yelled: “Martial sister, what are you doing?”

“Saving people!” Baili Qingmiao wiped away her tears, Zhong Liqian’s calmness made her understand what to do now.

She was no longer sad over Master Qingxue’s betrayal, or shocked by Wen Renhe ruthlessness, but searched for survivors in the sea of fire, saving everyone she could.

Zhong Liqian who felt Baili Qingmiao’s mood, secretly sighed and said to Xiu Huai: “Do you know why no matter how confused Baili Qingmiao, I will find a way to help her get rid of her love?”

Xiu Huai shook his head.

“Because she has great love.” Zhong Liqian removed white cloth blindfold, looking down at the sea of fire beneath his feet: “Knowing that Qiu Congxue is a member of the Demonic sect, knowing fully well that she saved the wrong person she doesn’t regret it and still lends a helping hand to those in need.”

After 22 years together, Xiu Huai saw Zhong Liqian eyes for the first time. It was a pair of wise eyes full of indifference and thoroughness.

With the help of the tracking spell, Zhong Liqian clearly saw things that others could not see.

He saw that when Baili Qingmiao rushed into the sea of fire, the mountain fire withdrew and opened up a path for her. The mountain fire was afraid of her and couldn’t bear to hurt her. She was burned by fire but didn’t retreat and kept searching.

The other disciples of the Shangqing sect didn’t help her look. He Wenchao who wanted to go with Baili Qingmiao was stopped by Liu Xinye who held him firmly by the waist. Indicating that if he went, she will accompany him to death. He Wenchao was angry but couldn’t bear to push Liu Xinye away.

After watching for a while, Zhong Liqian closed his eyes and covered them with the blindfold.

“Master Zhong?” Xiu Huai looked at him in confusion.

Zhong Liqian said to the Shangqing sect crowd: “See for yourself.”

They saw a person rush out of the sea of fires, her palm pulling windless silver moon ribbon. At the other end of the windless silver moon ribbon were dozens of unconscious Purple Spirit Pavilion female disciples, one of whom was holding mature Lock Core herb in his arms.

Baili Qingmiao’s legs were burned by the mountain fire so she relied on Xiu Huai to stand firm. She rubbed off the ashes on her face, and said with a grimace: “The disciples of the Purple Spirit Pavilion are not dead, but they were transferred to the unripe Lock Core herb by someone. The Lock Core herb was ripened by the mountain fire so the power that flared up when it matured protected them.”

She also saw that He Wenchao had helped the elder martial brother who had been injured by Qiu Congxue and returned his soul to his body. Wen Renhe turned her world upside down but no one died, only the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master was taken away.

Baili Qingmiao looked at Zhong Liqian and fainted, in order to resist the mountain fire her genuine Qi had been depleted.

The people of the Shangqing sect finally got the Lock Core herb so they took Purple Spirit Pavilion disciplines and Baili Qingmiao and traveled back to the sect. On the way back no one spoke, everyone’s mood was very complicated.

He Wenchao clenched his fist and said to his master in his mind: “Master, the demonic path is too arrogant. Back then, he set me up with a beauty ploy that led to the breaking of the Desperate Spirit Formation. Now he almost killed all Shangqing Sect and Purple Spirit Pavilion disciplines. I want to become stronger and get rid of the demonic path leader, Wen Renhe!”

“Well…” the Blood Demon Ancestor said in his mind, “Actually, there is a way.”

“What solution?” He Wenchao’s eyes lit up.

“Because I’m an ancient cultivator, I can see that the cultivation heart method Wen Renhe is using makes it easy for him to be possessed by heart demons. If his cultivation goes wrong it will be easy to deal with him but you will need a helper.” The blood demon ancestor said.

He was the first blood cultivator in the cultivation world. Naturally he could see that Wen Renhe did not absorb the other people’s blood and souls so he was already at the end of his life.

“What kind of helper?” He Wenchao asked.

“This well …… I’m not too familiar with the current cultivators, but the other day didn’t you befriend a nameless cultivator friend? I always felt that he was a bit off. Did he leave you a way to contact him?”

“Yes, that fellow cultivator is both righteous and evil, but he is very loyal. I think he is worthy to befriend.”

The blood demon ancestor with “hehe” said: “I think his cultivation is mainly demonic.”

When the people of Shangqing Sect returned, Wen Renhe had already taken the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master back to Xuanyuan Sect. He directly called the altar master Miao and threw the person to him saying: “

“This venerable wants two things, first, he must voluntarily hand over a book. Second, don’t destroy his soul for now, use a milder technique.”

When Altar Master Miao heard Wen Renhe order, he actually revealed a cheerful and excited smile: “Yes, sir.”

Altar master Ruan who stood next to him couldn’t help wincing.

Everyone knew that the one who liked dead people the most in the entire Xuanyan sect was Protector Qiu, and the one who disliked killing the most was Altar Master Miao. During the ten years of the Massive Demon War altar master Miao would often say that it was a pity to kill these righteous cultivators and it would be good to leave one or two alive to raise Gu worms.

For so many years, Wen Renhe had been suppressing the Demon Sect’s protectors and altar masters, not allowing them to strike at ordinary people. Even if you dealt with the cultivator, you needed to pay attention to the cycle of heaven and the cycle of cause and effect.

Altar master Miao held back for many years and was not able to raise any new poisonous Gu. He could only raise them using his own body. However, his body couldn’t be invaded by any kinds of poisons, so he couldn’t see the effect of the Gu worms he raised himself. He raised hundreds kinds of poisonous Gu but he couldn’t experiment, which made him even more ambiguous.

Today, someone gave him a living person to feed a poisonous gu to after so long so the altar master couldn’t help feeling very happy. He repeatedly promised that he would not let the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master die and will definitely make him live well.

Altar master Ruan looked at altar master Miao’s joyful expression and couldn’t help wrapping his Xuanwu armor around himself that looked like a large turtle shell , going further and further away from altar master Miao.

After throwing the man to Altar Master Miao, Wen Renhe stopped paying attention to him. He only cared about the result, as for the process, Wen Renhe did not care.

Chasing away the disciple of the general altar, he walked slowly back to his rooms, Yin Hanjiang still followed behind him, without a single question about his lord’s actions.

“You go out.” After returning to the room, Wen Renhe turned his back to Yin Hanjiang and said to him.

“Yes.” Yin Hanjiang turned to leave and was about to close the door when he was dragged back into the room by a huge force.

Only to see a person in front of him staring at him with red eyes. The palm of his hand pressing against Yin Hanjiang’s neck, and his fingertips pressing against his chin, carefully examining his face, as if hesitating where to start.

“My lord?” Yin Hanjiang looked at Wen Renhe without any sense of crisis, but the Alkaid sword held by him emitted the sound of protecting its master.

The divine weapon protected its owner so whenever the sword sensed danger, it would emit sound to alert its owner.

Yin Hanjiang usually did not put his own magic weapon into his body so the Alkaid sword vibrated and popped out of its scabbard, the tip of the sword pointed toward Wen Renhe.

The seven stars killing halberd in Wen Renhe body feeling the hostile intent of the alkaid sword trembled to alert Wen Renhe.

Wen Renhe licked his dry lips, quietly closed his eyes and let go of Yin Hanjiang.

“Venerable?” Yin Hanjiang restrained his wildly beating heart and suppressed his arms that wanted to hug his lord so he clasped his arms with  both hands, and said calmly, “What are venerable orders?”

“Patriarch Yin, in some time this venerable will go to the Underworld Blood Sea. Then you will stay in the Xuanyuan Sect, acting as the patriarch. Before that, this Venerable hopes that you can advance to the Mahayana realm as soon as possible to convince others.” Wen Renhe turned his back to him to not look directly at Yin Hanjiang.

Yin Hanjiang’s gaze was stagnant for a moment, he knew that Wen Renhe was a blood cultivator and would definitely have to go to the Underworld Blood Sea to cultivate in the future. He also knew that he was not powerful enough to survive there, and it would be better to stay in the Xuanyuan sect to make him worry less about future.


He lowered his head and said firmly: “This subordinate will follow your orders.”

After leaving Wen Renhe’s room, Yin Hanjiang immediately felt a formation laid behind him, making it impossible for him to feel his lord’s aura.

He stared at his slightly trembling hands, took out his ghost mask and put it on his face.

After the ghost mask was put on, Yin Hanjiang miraculously calmed down. It was as if a voice in his head was saying: “It’s okay, just wait for Venerable to set off, then you can secretly follow again.”

After the ghost mask was taken off, Yin Hanjiang thought to himself: But what should we do with the Xuanyuan sect if Venerable will be gone for too long?”

Putting on the ghost mask, the voice in his head said: “Is it not easy to govern the Xuanyuan sect? Protector Shu and Protector Qiu don’t get along, Protector Qiu also wanted to kill altar master Shitan to take over the Underworld fire altar. Altar master Ruan has a grudge against altar master Miao.  Altar master Shitan can restrain altar master Miao’s gu and altar master Yuan is worried that Protector Shu would kill him to take over the general altar master position. Think of the way to make them fight each other for a hundred years, by then venerable should already be back.”

Yin Hanjiang took off his mask, his eyes were dull but after a while he moved his neck stiffly like a puppet and showed a bright smile.

Inside the room, Wen Renhe summoned the seven stars killing halberd, holding the magic weapon that was about to flee, the magic weapon became one with him.. The blood Qi boiled as it wanted to break out of his body, no longer recognizing him as master. Wen Renhe stared at the seven stars killing halberd and in his brain image suddenly emerged the thought that he could turn seven stars killing halberd into blood fog and absorb it using this method.

He slapped his forehead hard and only then did he manage to calm himself down.

You can’t be possessed, at least not for now.

Wen Renhe initially believed that since at the end of the first volume of 《The God of Destruction》 the male protagonist ascended to the immortal world, then the second and third volumes would no longer appear in the cultivation world and he would need to ascend to the immortal world to find the second volume. Unexpectedly, the third volume appeared early, and judging from the time, it was not much later than the first volume.

Wsa it possible that the three volumes appeared at the same time, and he was just lucky enough to grab the first volume, while the other two volumes had already been grabbed by others?

The person chosen for the 《Abusive Love Affair》was the most important male supporting character Wen Renhe. For 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1)》 Zhong Lifei was chosen as the best friend of male lead. For the third volume it was the male lead’s wife who was the master of Purple Spirit Pavillon, they were all important supporting characters. From it, it could be deduced, the person who received the second volume should also be supporting characters.

The supporting characters who received books were all people who seemed to be very good to the male lead or heroine in the book. According to the current information, the most likely to get the second volume of the book was He Wenchao’s good friend, demonic cultivator Cen Zhengqi, or the scattered immortal medical cultivator Yao Jiaping.

He already started looking for Cen Zhengqi and while medical cultivator Yao Jiaping who was a scattered immortal was uncertain, it was also difficult to find this person.

In fact if the book was the hands of medical cultivator Yao Jiaping it was okay he was scattered immortal but if he wanted to deal with such big sects as Xuanyuan Sect or the Shangqing sect it would still be difficult. The worst outcome was if the second volume fell into the hands of Cen Zhengqi, the traitor of the demonic sect. If he gets the second volume, some of the content of the first volume could be deducted from it. The situation when he was kept in the dark while the enemy had a clear view of the situation would be quite bad.

For this reason, it was necessary to get the third volume, even if the closed-mouthed master of the Purple Spirit Pavilion skin was cut and peeled!

When altar master Miao interrogated the master of the Purple Spirit Pavilion, Wen Renhe had been cultivating his body and reciting the Clear Heart Mantra silently. After seven days of solitude and calmness, he was in a much better condition. After these seven days, altar master Miao also sent a message that the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master could not hold on anymore and wanted to see Wen Renhe.

In order to suppress his demonic nature, Wen Renhe blocked from his five senses smell, taste and touch leaving only his sense of sight and hearing. Then he took Yin Hanjiang, who looked the same as always, to see altar master Miao.

In a brightly lit room in the altar master Miao’s branch, the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master was lying on the floor as if he was dead, without any visible injuries on his body. Not sure how many Gu planted in his body.

Wen Renhe asked everyone to wait outside the room, wanting to be alone with the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master. After closing his sense of smell and taste, he couldn’t speak, so he transmitted his voice: “Did you think about it?”

“Haha…” the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master said with difficulty, “You… really deserved to be a devil venerable, you can make life worse than death. I never thought it was possible before. You ordered altar master Miao to use all his gu just to make me give you the book.”

“This Venerable gave you a chance and you refused, now you are not qualified to bargain with this Venerable.” Wen Renhe transmitted: “Hand over the third volume, this Venerable will read it and then decide whether to take out the Gu from your body. You can refuse again, this venerable is not in a hurry.”

But the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master did not want to endure this pain for another day, he just hesitated a moment and gave up on his resistance before taking out a book. No one knew where he had hid his storage magic treasure.

Wen Renhe was not afraid that he would try to temper with it, he didn’t have the guts.

The Devil venerable reached out to receive the third volume. On the cover there was a ruined temple and a man standing in front of it. Only the back of the man could be seen and it looked overwhelmingly lonely and depressing.

He opened the volume, and read on the title page: 【Due to excessive plot holes the plot was not recognized by the readers. Therefore, choose a character closest to male protagonist to help him form a soul contract with Baili Qingmiao.]

The task of this volume was to set up male and female protagonists, why?

He opened the second page. Different from the first volume, the third volume had an additional summary. It was not the summary of the first volume, but the content of the second volume.

Previously on: He Wenchao took his wife Purple Spirit Pavilion master and Baili Qingmiao to the Divine Realm after going through a lot of trouble to get rid of the Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven.

Burning Heaven Immortal? Should be like him, the final mastermind of a volume that He Wenchao finally defeated. Or just like the reader liked to call it a big boss.

Burning Heaven …… Looking at these two words, Wen Renhe couldn’t help but think of the top immortal weapon of Xuanyuan Sect’s Burning sky drums. 


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