Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 40.2 – Who are you, handsome?

He suddenly thought of Wen Renhe and Baili Qingmiao, during his second meeting with Wen Renhe he said that some heavenly treasures were predestined for her so he needed her for treasure hunting.

Could it be that Wen Renhe had already discovered this special feature of Baili Qingmiao? Zhong Liqian frowned and pondered.

While the crowd was discussing how to ignite the mountain fire, a fragrance came.

“This medicinal fragrance …… I smelled it when I met Purple Spirit Pavilion Master before.” Yao Wendan said “Could it be that the strange movement in the underground crater has alerted the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master?”

As they spoke, several people came from not far away. Several women dressed in purple robes pushed the luxurious rickshaw. Inside sat a person whose face was blocked by the curtain.

When they arrived near, the four maids dressed in purple put down the rickshaw and the leading woman said: “I wonder who started the fire just now?”

The crowd retreated, revealing Baili Qingmiao, then a low voice came from the curtain: “Sure enough, it’s you.”

Baili Qingmiao tilted her head, cupping her fists saluting as she said politely: “My name is Baili Qingmiao, from what the Pavilion Master said, have you ever met with Baili in the past?”

“Who knows?” A hand lifted the curtain, a man in a silver robe stepped out, his eyes sweeping over Baili Qingmiao face and said: “Perhaps we met in a previous life.”

His long black hair was combed back and bound by a silver hair band, a few strands of long hair scattered on his shoulders. His narrow phoenix eyes flashed with a trace of coldness and his thin lips were bloodless. Only after seeing Baili Qingmiao did he smile without any warmth: “The Shangqing Sect is the leader of the righteous path and this time many experts came that our Purple Spirit Pavilion do not dare to neglect. Why don’t you stay in the Purple Spirit Pavilion for a while, and we’ll figure out how to ripen the seedlings of the lock core herb together. It’s okay if you can’t, isn’t there still a mature one? As long as the Shangqing sect can come up with items of equal value in exchange, it is not impossible to give it to you.”

Everyone: “…”

No, that’s not what you said a few days ago.

Not only were the people present puzzled, but also readers of 《Abusive Love Affair》and 《The God of Destruction》were all dumbfounded.

The book review area of the two books became unprecedentedly unified for once asking “Who are you, handsome guy?” and even Wen Renhe couldn’t believe his own eyes.

The first wife of He Wenchao in 《The God of Destruction》and the number one female lead rival in 《Abusive Love Affair》, the female scattered immortal who was beaten up by Wen Renhe on the Wanli ice field, how did she become a man now?

Yin Hanjiang saw his lord standing in front of the Purple Spirit Pavilion, Misty Morning Bell flipping through the book. Then he suddenly settled somewhere, his face turning green and white as if he suddenly had encountered something difficult.

“Venerable?” Yin Hanjiang looked at Wen Renhe in puzzlement, he couldn’t imagine anything in this world that could be so difficult for Wen Renhe.

“Nothing.” The revised version of both books ended here, Wen Renhe put the book away and stood in front of the Mist Morning Bell thinking: “Patriarch Yin, it seems that you and I have to change our plan.”

Coming to the Purple Spirit Pavilion, Wen Renhe had two plans in mind, first violently destroy the Purple Spirit Pavilion’s formation and break in to find the scattered immortal to force out of her method of possessing the body. Second, blow up half of Taiyin Mountain and use the art of voice transmission to say his request, so that the Purple Spirit Pavilion will respectfully present the method to him.

But who could have known that the plot had already taken an unprecedented turn, Wen Renhe decided to change his plan and enter the Purple Spirit Pavilion with a new “polite” identity.

“You and I need to change our appearance and pretend to be… the gatekeepers of the Zhong family and submit the invitation in a proper manner to enter Purple Spirit Pavilion. Zhong Liqian should be able to guess it and cover for us.” Wen Renhe  quickly came up with a new plan and explained it to Yin Hanjiang.

He had a one-sided relationship with this Purple Spirit Pavilion master, so if he didn’t cover his tracks well he would be discovered by that person and then it would be difficult to guess why the plot changed so significantly.

If the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master does not marry He Wenchao like in the original book, then her fate as female lead rival would change. If her fate could be changed, can the fate of important male leads Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang also be changed?

The Xuanyuan sect naturally had numerous magic treasures to change their appearance so Yin Hanjiang took out two masks. They were different from human skin masks which could be molded to any appearance you want. This magic treasure was of the lowest level so it’s aura was extremely low, except for changing the appearance it has no other use. The only advantage was that as long as the face was not touched, they would not be recognized.

“Patriarch Yin, mold a face for this venerable.” Wen Renhe instructed.

Yin Hanjiang pasted the “mask” on Wen Renhe’s face and gently molded it with his fingertips as he asked: “What do you want to look like?”

“Do as you please.” Wen Renhe said, he had great confidence in Zhong Liqian intelligence so no matter how they looked, Zhong Liqian would recognize them and help them cover up their identity.

Yin Hanjiang was not short, only an inch lower than Wen Renhe, looking at Wen Renhe face he molded it attentively. After molding out a face he was stunned for a moment before hurriedly intending to remake it but Wen Renhe said: “Is it ready? Let me see.”

He pointed casually and an ice mirror appeared in front of his eyes, Wen Renhe stared at the face in the mirror silently.

The face was almost exactly like his own and only the eyebrows and eyes were slightly different from what they looked now. Giving him a little more heroic feeling, he looked just like General Wen Ren from the border town from more than a hundred years ago.

“In the eyes of Patriarch Yin, was this venerable always only this?” In Wen Renhe’s eyes, faintly flashed a trace of displeasure that came from nowhere : “General Wen Ren is only a brief experience of this Venerable‘s life in the mortal world. This venerable has already come out of his state of mind from that time, if Patriarch Yin’s perception remains stuck in that time period, he will never be able to advance to the Mahayana realm.”

“That’s not true, it’s just…..” Yin Hanjiang himself did not know how to explain it. Just now Venerable looked at him so intently and his gaze was so gentle that his hands moved involuntarily.

“Subordinate will change it for the Lord.” Yin Hanjiang hurriedly said.

“No need.” Wen Renhe said and a plain face appeared and his black robe became the gray clothes of the Zhong family.

Yin Hanjiang put the “mask”on his own face and was about to form an ordinary face for himself when Wen Renhe said: “Come to this venerable.”

A strong hand pressed Yin Hanjiang face as his whole body stiffened, he did not move and even his breathing stopped.

Wen Renhe made a mediocre face for Yin Hanjiang and withdrew his hand saying: “Patriarch Yin, don’t keep chasing this Venerable’s shadow.”

“This subordinate did not ……” Yin Hanjiang, was not able to end his sentence. He once told Zhong Liqian that he would not ask for anything and just watch silently. But in fact it was difficult to eliminate the delusions altogether.

He longed to become General Wen Ren’s soldier, even if he and his lord were mortal, it would not matter. They would wear the same robe in the battlefield so even if they died together it would still be some kind of happiness.

Devil Venerable was too powerful and difficult to chase, so Yin Hanjiang did not dare to even think about it. He could only hold it in his heart so maybe in his next life he would have an opportunity.

When Wen Renhe saw him like this, he couldn’t help but sigh slightly.

On the day when Alkaid’s sword was refined, he clearly felt that Yin Hanjiang was gradually opening his heart and was no longer the foolish and loyal Left Protector of the past. At that time, everything was going in a good direction, so why did he suddenly retreat back again? And even further than before?

“Patriarch Yin, do you have something on your mind that you are hiding from this venerable?” Wen Renhe asked.

“No……” Yin Hanjiang couldn’t say it, he really was hiding something from his lord that he would never be able to say in this life. Even if he died and his soul was taken out to be refined, he would never say it.

He looked up at Wen Renhe, his eyes full of determination: “I really have something on my mind, but it has nothing to do with lord. Venerable, please don’t need to be concerned, this subordinate will certainly handle it.”

“You ……” Wen Renhe turned his palm into a claw, stopping in the moment he was about to strangle Yin Hanjiang’s neck.

Yin Hanjiang did not avoid or dodge, instead, he obediently exposed his neck to allow his lord to strangle him.

“After returning to the Xuanyuan sect, go to the forbidden place to think about it for fifty years. If you don’t untie your heart knot in fifty years…” Wen Renhe paused, he did not know how to punish so he just added: “We will discuss it after fifty years.”

After thinking about it for fifty years… Yin Hanjiang bowed his head and smiled bitterly.

Wen Renhe noticed that no matter what he said, Yin Hanjiang wasn’t moved so a sense of powerlessness rose in his chest so he just rang Mist Morning Bell as he said: “Zhong family, Zhongli Qian grandson’s disciples Wenzun and Yinjiang seek to visit Zhong grandson. Hoping that Purple Spirit Pavilion will let us come in.”

Zhong Liqian who heard the news: “……”

Wenzun, Yinjiang …… wasn’t venerable afraid that with these names will others know their identity? 


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