Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 58 – Foregone Conclusion

Yin Hanjiang’s words were shocking. Wen Renhe still remembered that Yin Hanjiang had never known anything about feelings. When He Wenchao deceived Baili Qingmiao that he was not having a relationship with Shu Yanyan, Wen Renhe once asked Yin Hanjiang “Protector Yin, would you believe such words? Is love really so demeaning?”

At that time, Yin Hanjiang replied: “Whatever Venerable says, this subordinate will believe, whatever the other people say this subordinate will only take it at face value.”

Wen Renhe had always thought that Yin Hanjiang was equally ignorant as him, but today Yin Hanjiang said that he wanted to like Wen Renhe.

Was it because of heart demons or was it Yin Hanjiang’s own thoughts?

Seeing that Wen Renhe did not answer for a long time, Yin Hanjiang became a little upset.

He pushed Wen Renhe down and stared at him with a lightly sinister look from above: “A mere heart demon, how dare you refuse me?”

Wen Renhe had never seen such an unreasonable Yin Hanjiang so he opened his mouth and said, “Patriarch Yin, I ……”

Before the words could have left his mouth, Yin Hanjiang lowered his head and decisively kissed Wen Renhe.

Slightly cold lips pressed against Wen Renhe with a slight wine fragrance. Wen Renhe had never had such an experience in his life and half of his body was already tingling. His body was made from chaotic Qi now so he couldn’t push Yin Hanjiang away by using his genuine Qi.

At this moment, Wen Renhe lost his sense of time, leaving only the cool softness on his lips.

He was still wondering why Yin Hanjiang’s body was so cold when the man in red had already released him and sat up trembling.

Yin Hanjiang rubbed his temples then took out a bottle of spiritual spring water and patted it on his face, whispering to himself: “Why should I care what the heart demon says.”

He squinted at Wen Renhe, his eyes cold as the corner of his lips curled up. Smiling without any warmth, as if he was mocking himself.

The man in red stood up and took advantage of Wen Renhe daze to yank off his robe, then the man clutched it in his arms and turned away without looking back, leaving Wen Renhe alone in the night breeze.

The red stone fell loose and Wen Renhe changed back into a chaotic Qi body, he touched his lips with his fingertips, only to feel that his soul was tingling.

He picked up the stone and took out theAbusive Love Affair》. The first time He Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao met, Baili Qingmiao touched the fingers of her elder martial brother and felt a tingle from the fingertips to the bottom of her heart making her heart beat wildly.

At that time, Wen Renhe only thought that this was the after-effects of Baili Qingmiao being struck by heavenly lightning.

Only now did he understand that there was really a tingling sensation when people touched each other.

Wen Renhe poked his hand into the spiritual spring, the warm spring water was much warmer than Yin Hanjiang’s hand.

After talking with Zhong Liqian, Yin Hanjiang and others during the day, Baili Qingmiao was almost killed by Yin Hanjiang. It was Zhong Liqian who dissuaded him, while Yin Hanjiang barely suppressed his killing intent. Before leaving, he gave Baili Qingmiao a vicious look that scared Baili Qingmiao so much that she started to have a high fever on the spot.

Zhong Liqian drove away altar master Shitan to prevent him from aggravating Baili Qingmiao’s illness. He also ordered Xie Huai to feed Baili Qingmiao medicine, after seeing her condition stabilizing, Zhong Liqian said to Xie Huai: “Come with me to the main altar’s spirit gathering formation, your master’s master is still waiting for help. It’s really not easy to worry about both of them.”

He instructed Baili Qingmiao to recuperate quietly, Xie Huai would come back to take care of her tomorrow.

Baili Qingmiao drifted off to sleep again but in the middle of the night, a chill suddenly rushed to her heart. She opened her eyes with a jolt, and through the night saw a man standing in front of her bed, looking at her quietly.

The last time she was woken up like this, she saw Yin Hanjiang holding a triangular bayonet and tracing it on her face. This time, before Baili Qingmiao could see the face, she pulled up the blanket and hugged it tightly, shivering: “Who are you, what are you doing here?”

It’s Venerable.” Wen Renhe raised his hand and lit up the oil lamp in the room with a move of his hand, revealing his face.

Senior Wen Renhe!” ” Baili Qingmiao was surprised: “Are you still alive, or am I dreaming?”

This Venerable is still alive.” Wen Renhe said.

“It’s great that you are still alive, it’s my fault that you fell into the Underworld Blood sea. At that time, I swore that if you survived, Baili would be willing to do everything for you. No matter what you want me to do, I promise you I will do it.” Baili Qingmiao was so excited that she burst into tears, she stumbled out of bed, and was about to kowtow to Wen Renhe.

“No need.” Wen Renhe couldn’t let Baili Qingmiao kowtow to himself, he turned sideways to avoid it and said: “This Venerable is here and just wants to know one thing. ‘

Baili Qingmiao: “Senior, please ask. If this junior knows anything she will say.”

“What makes love so deep that you don’t know where it comes from? I understand the meaning of this sentence so I don’t mean it literally. ” Wen Renhe said.

He was just thinking for a long time while he was at the back of the mountain but his mind was messy and he couldn’t understand whether Yin Hanjiang’s feelings were real or illusion. He also didn’t understand how he wanted to respond.

He thought that he probably still had a poor understanding of love, and still couldn’t understand the true meaning of this sentence. It was precisely because of this that the 30-year relationship between Baili Qingmiao and Zhong Liqian he arranged was still that of siblings. He could never understand why Baili Qingmiao was so devoted to He Wenchao and… he did not know how to respond to Yin Hanjiang.

This…what else could be said without explaining the literal meaning? Baili Qingmiao blinked her single black eye, hoping that she could have the wisdom of big brother Zhong at this time.

“You don’t understand?” Wen Renhe looked at Baili Qingmiao: “Isn’t that exactly what you felt for He Wenchao? Not only are you deeply devoted but you are also infatuated. He Wenchao has already married a wife, but you still can’t forget him. He imprisoned you in the back of the mountain, and hung you in the Underworld Blood Sea but you are willing to repeatedly attempt suicide because of him? This Venerable wants to know, what kind of feeling is that? Can people ……”

He paused, remembering Yin Hanjiang lips on the wine cup and clutching his robe as he sat alone at the edge of the spiritual spring. He felt a trace of inexplicable fluttering in his heart, so he continued: “Can make people go mad in love so they can’t help themselves?”

Wen Renhe thought that Baili Qingmiao could not give him the answer, but she scratched her hair and said: “I don’t know, I only know that I love my brother, even if he is already married. But why do I love it? Before he got married, I loved how gentle and considerate he was. I loved elder martial brother for secretly taking care of me, but now he is still pestering me after his marriage. I only feel sorry for both me and sister Liu, what do I love about him? It’s the most repulsive thing I have done so what do I love about him?”

She then closed her mouth and resenting it she said: “I still want to die for him, What do I want?”

Wen Renhe: “…”

Baili Qingmiao looked like she was on the verge of breaking down and couldn’t seem to be able to solve his doubts.

The more Baili Qingmiao thought about it, the more she felt something was wrong. She scratched her hair into a mess and walked around the room puzzled: “Strange, I …… seem to be divided into two parts, one who is sensible and telling me to let go and the other self that is still in love with elder martial brother. I even hope that when Sister Liu is gone, elder material brother could marry me, what exactly am I thinking? Senior, I ……”

She went to Wen Renhe side and tried to grab Wen Renhe hand looking for help. Wen Renhe avoided it in time, but his sleeve swept over Baili Qingmiao fingertips and passed through her hand.

Baili Qingmiao: “……”

“It’s just that, seeing as you can’t protect yourself, this venerable asked the wrong person.” Wen Renhe avoided Baili Qingmiao, took out a stone and said to her: “I need to borrow this object for a period of time, when you need it, it will be returned to you.”

“What is this?” Baili Qingmiao stared at the red stone and swallowed her saliva. She never wanted or longed for an object like this, as if it was originally hers!

“This is god’s blood” Wen Renhe said: “It can help stabilize the chaos energy of this Venerable and cultivate my divine body. Without it, I am just a shadow that no one can see or touch.”

This was another guarantee that the innate goddess had left for her reincarnated self, in addition to the innate godhood. She hid her blood in the chaotic energy of the Sea of Blood so when Baili Qingmiao became an immortal and was about to enter the divine realm she would be able to feel the echo of the divine blood. At that time, with the help of the divine blood that contained the essence of the innate godhood, she would be able to smoothly fuse with her divine consciousness.

In the book, the moment Wen Renhe fell into the Underworld Blood Sea because of his karmic relationship with Baili Qingmiao, he came into contact with the divine blood and he understood many things when he touched it, throwing the divine blood to Baili Qingmiao before he died. The moment Baili Qingmiao received the divine blood, the karma owed by Wen Renhe was paid off, and from then on he no longer had any contention to female lead.

In this life, Wen Renhe, just like in the book, fell into the Underworld Blood Sea and naturally came into contact with the divine blood. When he got the divine blood, Wen Renhe finally understood where his karma with Baili Qingmiao began.

More than 300 years ago, the divine consciousness of the innate goddess helped Wen Renhe set foot on the path of slaughter. Three hundred years later, Wen Renhe who had already become the Devil Venerable had to obtain the divine blood for Baili Qingmiao.

Every bite and every sip was preordained, all of them had their own destiny.

The so-called deep love without regret was just a karmic debt, it was to ensure that Wen Renhe would not covet the power in the divine blood and take it for himself.

Wen Renhe had planned to return the divine blood to Baili Qingmiao upon meeting her and have nothing to do with her from now on. However, at this moment, he needed this divine blood in order to convince Yin Hanjiang, who was haunted by heart demons, that he was still alive.

“How can I be the one to make the decision on such an important thing? Just take it and use it, senior.” Baili Qingmiao said as she held back her thirst for the divine blood.

“Thank you,” Wen Renhe nodded: “This venerable will certainly give all he can to help you get everything back.”

The person’s silhouette shifted after he said that, the oil lamp went out and Wen Renhe disappeared.

Baili Qingmiao was still feverish so she sat frozen on the bed, scratched her messy hair and said: “Was this a dream or it really happened?”

But not a moment later, she laid back down and fell asleep again.

After Wen Renhe borrowed the divine blood, he came back to his original room and saw that Yin Hanjiang had placed the robe on the inner side of the bed, sleeping himself on the other side not occupying the other half of the bed at all.

Most cultivators rested during meditation and cultivation so they hardly needed any sleep. However, Yin Hanjiang seemed to be drunk, his cheeks slightly red as he slept prudently in Wen Renhe bed, not daring to cross the half line of the bed even a little. He was like a different person compared to Yin Hanjiang that was controlled by ‘heart demons’ just now.

Wen Renhe gently climbed into the bed and lay down on his side, quietly looking at his sleeping face.

“Patriarch Yin…. Yin Hanjiang” Wen Renhe said softly: “You liked this venerable, it is your right, but this venerable is not qualified to make promises. As for me… how should I respond to you?”

Whether it’s a refusal or a promise, it’s not something that can be said in light-hearted words.

The heart of Yin Hanjiang needed to be cautiously cherished.

Yin Hanjiang slept until three in the morning, he bent his index finger and touched his brow. He then looked at Wen Renhe who was lying on the other side of the bed, looking at him, he reached out and pulled out the robe saying indifferently: “How can you touch this robe?”

Wen Renhe: “…”


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