Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 12.1 – Mountain rain is approaching

Yuan Tanzhu is one of the altar masters of Xuanyuan sect. He had the most contact with Wen Renhe and would most likely figure out what he wanted. Seeing his Lord’s gaze at the “useless group” , he hurriedly stepped forward and said: “The person Lord mentioned is a woman? It is not very useful to ask the Right protector and Qiu altar master about women’s affairs, you should naturally ask this subordinate.”

Both Shu Yanyan and Qiu Congxue looked at the Altar Master Yuan Tanzhu. What did he mean by “ it is not very useful “ to ask them about women’s matters? Aren’t they women?

Yuan Altar Master ignored their needle-like glares and continued: “This subordinate dares to ask, what Venerable needs this woman to do?”

“Nothing much, just forget a man.” Wen Renhe said.

Altar Master Yuan Tanzhu was very chubby, like a fat uncle next door. When he smiled, his eyes narrowed, making him look very friendly but his words were not gentle: “It seems to me that there are only two ways. First, kill the man and second, find another man to make this woman fall in love with.”

Wen Renhe thought about it and the first option was currently not feasible. Baili Qingmiao deeply loved He Wenchao, and if He Wenchao died now, it would become a huge scar on Baili Qingmiao’s heart. Trapped by this love, she would definitely not be able to survive Nascent Soul tribulation. The second solution was more interesting, but where to find this man?

In the book《Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change》 male lead no.1 He Wenchao, male lead no.2 Wen Renhe and male lead no.4 Yin Hanjiang have already been ruled out. Male lead no.5 was currently less than a year old and was temporarily useless, leaving only male lead no.3 Zhong Liqian.

However, Zhong Liqian’s appearance was much later than male lead no.5. On the day He Wenchao got married to the master of the Ziling Pavilion, he came to congratulate them on the behalf of the Zhong family, the No.1 family in the cultivation world. He met Baili Qingmiao, who was trying to escape from the trap set by He Wenchao. The incident takes place 50 years from now.

Wen Renhe didn’t have the patience to wait for fifty years so, after recovering from the wounds he would receive during the Massive demon war, he plans to go to the Zhong family, tie up Zhong Liqian  and then leave him with Baili Qingmiao so they can nurture their feelings slowly.

“The second solution is not bad,” Wen Renhe said and looked at the Yuan Altar Master appreciatively: “Let’s put this matter aside for now. We will focus on the  Massive Demon War and discuss merits and reward after the battle.”

“Yes!” Five people said in unison.

In the following meeting, Shu Yanyan shared the arrangement of the righteous path, and several altar masters each expressed their own opinions, finally setting the plan of the battle, each person had assigned their battle tasks before they left.

After leaving the meeting hall, Altar Master Yuan Tanzhu leaned close to Shu Yanyan and inquired: “ Right protector Shu, does Venerable have a woman he likes?”

“What?” Shu Yanyan glanced at the Yuan Altar Master: “Do you want to take advantage of the Lord’s love to secretly harm him?”

Shu Yanyan spoke frankly, and the Yuan Altar Master also waved his hand deliberately as he said: “No, no, how could it be?”

During their conversation, the other three Altar Masters also came over. Even the cold Qiu Congxue’s remaining head showed an expression of “I’ll be energized if you say that the assassination of Devil venerable is involved”, four pair of eyes stared at Shu Yanyan.

Shu Yanyan sighed: “You all have been thinking too much. Based on my many years of experience, the Lord shouldn’t be interested in that woman but just want to accept her as a disciple. He wants a person from a righteous path to cultivate a merciless path. I don’t know what he is thinking.”

The four altar masters immediately lost interest. Demonic cultivation wasn’t as focused on sect heritage as the righteous path. Their cultivation path was their own and when they were in a good mood they would also teach them to their subordinates, would that be considered taking in a disciple?

 “Why does the lord want to accept a disciple? Do you want to wait until she cultivates the merciless path and kill her own master?” Altar Master Yuan Tanzhu was puzzled.

“How would I know? That woman’s qualifications are really good, she built her foundation at the age of eighteen and reached the Golden Core stage in the same year. It’s just that her brain is full of a man.” Shu Yanyan shrugged her shoulders and quickly left the main altar, her pile of fresh dishes were still waiting for her to taste!

The rest of the altar masters nodded their heads after hearing about Baili Qingmiao’s cultivation speed, such a qualification was indeed worthy of attention. It was not impossible to accept her as a disciple at sight.

After his subordinates left, Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang were left in the General assembly hall and said “There should still be a two to three months time left till the Massive Demon War. During this period, you should strive to break through the Void realm and become the main part of the battle force.”

“Yes.” Yin Hanjiang said.

“This Venerable will take you to a place.” Wen Renhe got up and led Yin Hanjiang to the mountain on the back of the Xuanyuan Sect.

The valley at the back of the mountain was pitch black making it impossible to see what was below. Ordinary people should be able to see to the bottom under the sunlight, not to mention the fact that a cultivator’s divine sense was so powerful that even if their eyes couldn’t see, they could still use their divine sense to investigate.

Wen Renhe leapt into the valley and Yin Hanjiang followed, not stopping at all due to the strangeness of the valley.

Then he realized that he had flown dozens of meters before he stepped on something solid and flat, but it didn’t feel like landing on the ground at all.

“This place is?” Yin Hanjiang asked hesitantly.

“What is beneath your feet is the Burning Sky Drum.” Wen Renhe said “The most precious treasure of Xuanyuan sect. If it wasn’t for that old Patriarch’s sacrifice to use Burning Sky Drum to deal with me back then, I wouldn’t have known that this magical weapon was hidden here.”

This was a magic weapon that only the Sect Master of the Xuan Yuan Sect had the authority to use, and Yin Hanjiang did not expect the Lord would trust him to the point that  he would bring him to the Burning Sky Drum’s location.

“Although the Burning Sky Drum is a magic weapon, it has absorbed the blood of many immortals, and whether it is a righteous path or demonic path weapon depends on how cultivators use the drum. You will be cultivating on the Burning Sky Drum for the next few months, using the demonic Qi contained in the demon sword to stimulate the immortal Qi in the Burning Sky Drum. Using the immortal Qi of Burning Sky Drum you can quench the demonic Qi of the Demon sword.” Wen Renhe said

Yin Hanjiang used the Demon Sword to forcefully increase his strength, which was why his cultivation strength was already inseparable from the Demon Sword. Even if the new magic treasure was made, it would be difficult for Yin Hanjiang to successfully refine his own magic treasure, because it would be unable to overcome the residual power of the Demon Sword.

Only through this cultivation method, could he completely get rid of the Demon Sword’s influence.

“Venerable….” “Yin Hanjiang stood on top of the Burning Sky Drum and looked at the Wen Renhe.

The Xuanyuan Sect had obtained the Burning Sky Drum many years ago, but no one had the opportunity to see it except for the Sect Master. It was already surprising that Wen Renhe promised to let Shu Yangyan cultivate on the drum, but Yin Hanjiang didn’t expect that he would come here even before Right Protector Shu.

He didn’t say any more about what virtues he as a subordinate had and that he didn’t dare to accept. Devil Venerable already said it was up to him to decide whether or not he had virtue and ability.

Yin Hanjiang’s expression was firm, cupping his hands and kneeling on one knee, he solemnly said: “I will do my best to break through the Realm of Void and clear all obstacles for the Lord in the Massive Demon War.”

“I didn’t ask you to fight to death.” Wen Renhe raised his right hand slightly, and helped Yin Hanjiang up with all his strength: “Cultivate hard, this Venerable will wait for you to help me heal after the battle.”

Wen Renhe didn’t want Baili Qingmiao to save him this time, it was enough to owe karma for starting cultivation. He didn’t want to add favor of saving his life. In the book, double karma was added to  Wen Renhe’s  body, which was why he was willing to give up everything for Baili Qingmiao.

Speaking of which ….

Wen Renhe took out the book and tapped his fingertips on the cover, suddenly thinking that the plot of the book foreshadowed one more thing, this was – his love calamity was coming.

If it wasn’t for the perfect timing, location and harmony, how would Wen Renhe fall in love with Baili Qingmiao? At least in his previous meeting he never had the slightest bit of love for Baili Qingmiao.

He didn’t know if this love calamity would come again and who would be on the receiving end ?

Wen Renhe tried to deduce it but found that the will of heaven was unpredictable and he didn’t know what would happen in the future.

Withdrawing the《Abusive love Affair》, Wen Renhe said to Yin Hanjiang: “You should cultivate, this Venerable will protect you.”

When Yin Hanjiang heard that his lord would protect him during cultivation, he found this opportunity even more precious. He stared at the magic sword in his hand. If only he hadn’t been too weak to suppress the Demon Sword. How could he bother Devil Venerable so much?!

Wen Renhe left the valley and sat cross-legged on the mountain. He also closed his eyes to cultivate, feeling the breathing of Yin Hanjiang from below.

It wasn’t long before the sounds of war drums, swords as well as great changes in the heavens and earth were faintly heard. The memories of the righteous and demonic war in the Burning Sky Drum were inspired by the demon sword, and soon an illusion had become established.

The sword Qi of Yin Hanjiang seemed weak to the illusion. Seemingly hindered by something, Wen Renhe opened his eyes and offered his Seven Star Killing Halberd’s merciless path Qi. It was like a guiding light, guiding the way for Yin Hanjiang.

In front of him were mountains of corpses and a sea of blood, as well as his own small self as he searched among the corpses for his Lord, feeling more and more anxious. In the moment of desperation, the Seven Stars shone in the sky and a familiar Qi awakened his senses.

Yes, Venerable was protecting him while he was cultivating.


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