Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 25 – The following offense

Wen Renhe planned to kidnap Zhong Liqian after refining the immortal sword. But at this moment he saw the brilliantly shining dubhe (star symbolizing lust) in the sky. Suddenly, he remembered that he still had a sect under him. His Xuan Yuan Sect also suffered heavy losses after the Massive Demon War and countless masters entered the reincarnation circle. From his four altar masters, three were seriously injured and one ran to Shangqing sect after becoming scattered immortal. After the left protector and Devil Venerable disappeared there was only the right protector left.

“Speaking of which, even if this lord kidnaps Zhong Liqian, there should be a place to hold him.” Wen Renhe said: “The right protector knows more about the love affairs between men and women than any of us. So we will leave the arrangement of Zhong Liqian’s affection for Baili Qingmiao to her.”

After accepting the immortal sword, Yin Hanjiang realized that he could not only be his lord’s puppet, but Wen Renhe’s helper who will help him share his worries.

He thought hard and said: “The Right Protector is not without ambition and the Xuanyuan Sect has no leader, so I am afraid it is in chaos.”

“I think she’s living a good life.” Wen Renhe looked at the Dubhe and said: “It’s okay, there are still a few decades before Baili Qingmiao and Zhong Liqian meet so we have plenty of time to go back and reorganize the Xuanyuan Sect .”

“Yes.” Yin Hanjiang answered.

Before leaving, Wen Renhe looked down at the ten thousand miles of ice plain that had been struck by the heavenly lightning. Originally in another hundred years, the new ice layer would cover the ground fire below so it could become Wanli ice field once again. But after the lightning struck it consumed a lot of the power of the fire, so the mountain rocks became the soil that would slowly cover the ground fire gradually putting it to sleep.

Under the thunder and fire, the new land contained a huge amount of energy, and this energy could breed new life. The land under his feet would become a huge plain sooner or later.

Wen Renhe glanced at it and then stopped paying attention as he turned into bloody mist and vanished away. Yin Hanjiang used his sword to keep up with Wen Renhe. Wen Renhe did not reduce his speed to wait for Yin Hanjiang this time because Yin Hanjiang’s sword speed was much faster than in the past.

Seeing that he could keep up with him, Wen Renhe sped up once again, Yin Hanjiang used his Alkaid sword to keep up with Wen Renhe, maintaining a distance of half a body between them.

It was not until Wen Renhe increased his speed to twice the previous speed that Yin Hanjiang’s acceleration stopped.

It took them more than half a day to come to the Wanli ice field before but this time it took them only an hour and a half to return to the feet of Xuanyuan Sect. Wen Renhe did not return directly to the general altar, but stopped nearby and said to Yin Hanjiang with satisfaction: “Protector Yin finally understood that the imperial sword is not just a mindless weapon.”

In the past, Yin Hanjiang always flew slowly not only because of his low realm but also because his magic sword did not connect with him. He needed to suppress the sword chiming all the time, which slowed down Yin Hanjiang’s pace.

“Sword cultivators were originally the strongest of all cultivators, Protector Yin was able to overcome stronger people with his weaker cultivation because you were controlled by your magic sword. This was not your power nor was it your sword intent. This time you fused with your own bound magic weapon so let this lord see how strong your sword cultivation really is.” Wen Renhe said, looking at Yin Hanjiang with an encouraging look.

Yin Hanjiang, however, stared at Wen Renhe’s arm that still had failed to regrow till now, his expression not very good.

“Don’t worry,” Wen Renhe covered his arm: “After all it’s just some separation of flesh it will not be too difficult to recover after a while. A few minor injuries will not affect my acceptance in the Xuanyuan Sect.”

Yin Hanjiang clenched his sword in his hand, he would never let go of this sword refined by his lord’s blood and soul. He clasped his fist and said: “The mountain protection array of Xuanyuan Sect has changed, which is completely different from that of the past, this subordinate will open the way by breaking the array.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Wen Renhe said, suppressing Yin Hanjiang’s fighting spirit: “I’d like to see what the right protector was doing these days. If we break in directly, people like her who are knowledgeable about it will surrender immediately, and it will be meaningless.”

Wen Renhe concealed their bodies with technique and then turned around outside the formation, and sure enough found several disciples going back and forth. They were all strangers to him and he did not know where they came from.

Wen Renhe attached himself to the body of one person and followed the team quickly, mastering the formula of the new array. He silently left that disciple’s body and returned to the mountain protection formation, opening a small entrance for him and Yin Hanjiang.

The Xuan Yuan Sect did not have the sect rules that prohibited one from flying inside the sect or fighting between fellow disciples in private. Everyone was free to challenge the mountain gate which showed who was at the bottom and who was at the top. Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang came directly to Shu Yanyan’s cultivation place. Her cultivation place was on a mountain peak in the main altar where the spiritual energy was relatively dense. She built a luxury palace that was full of bedrooms, hot springs, lawns, etc., convenient for Shu Yanyan to practice at any time.

Without the summons or personally going down the mountain to find good young male seedlings to be her subordinates, Shu Yanyan spent most of her time in the cultivation place cultivating. But today she was not there and even her subordinates who cultivated together with her were not there.

When Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang came to the palace, they saw that many rooms inside were empty, and there were not even a few beds left… The two heard the sound of someone approaching so they immediately hid only to see Shu Yanyan’s favorite subordinates with a few low-level skills and ordinary appearance subordinates, one of them said: “You two go to the Moon Hall and you three go to pick the Star Hall, pick all the things into the storage rings. You must be especially careful with the right protector’s bed, you must not touch it, if you damage it in any way you will be guilty of one of the greatest sins of interrupting the right protector’s cultivation!.”

He told people to pack up but he himself sat down in the main hall like an uncle, eating happily from a plate full of spiritual fruits.

Yin Hanjiang clearly knew that there was only one tree in Xuanyuan Sect that could grow this kind of fruit, and that tree was in the backyard of his Lord!

He was about to come forward when he was stopped by Wen Renhe… While others were moving things, Wen Renhe turned into a bloody mist and occupied the man’s body. He said to Yin Hanjiang: “Cover your appearance, we will go visit the right protector in a while.”

Yin Hanjiang originally planned to use a low level technique to change his appearance, but he thought that Shu Yanyan’s cultivation strength was not low and she would recognize him. Fearing that he might spoil his lord plan he took a black ghost mask from the storage belt and put it on his face.

When Wen Renhe saw this mask his heart suddenly jumped. As soon as he was about to say something, he saw some of his subordinates return and say to him: “Lord Helian, we’ve packed up.”

Hearing that, he suppressed the question in his heart and said: “Follow me.”

He then looked at Yin Hanjiang wearing a ghost mask and said: “You follow me too.”

Several of his men peeked suspiciously at the sudden appearance of Yin Hanjiang so he added a trace of anger in his voice: “What are you looking at? This is a new disciple that the right protector doesn’t want anyone to see, so keep your head down.”

At first, some of the people who were led up to the mountain by Shu Yanyan were reluctant to let people see their faces so several subordinates did not dare to question it. They quickly followed “Lord Helian” and flew to the main peak where Wen Renhe lived.

As soon as he arrived at the main hall of Xuanyuan Sect, he saw Shu Yanyan wearing a gorgeous red dress and talking with another subordinate.

One of her subordinates said: “My Lady, the four altar masters have been brought to the main peak, what should be done?”

Shu Yanyan thought for a moment, smiled beautifully and said, “Master Yuan was born too ugly. I don’t even know what he was thinking, making himself look so fat, I also don’t like his thick skin. I will seal his cultivation and lock him in an underground water dungeon. The altar master Miao is very good-looking, but who knows if he won’t use some Gu to save his life? I don’t want to be bitten and shut up in the water prison. As for the remaining Ruan altar master and the newly chosen altar master….. put them into my room so I will enjoy them.”

“Yes.” The subordinate nodded.

“Oh, wait!” Shu Yanyan suddenly stopped him, held up the man’s chin and left the kiss on the face of the extremely handsome subordinate as she said in a very delicate voice: “I forgot that my cultivation bed has just been moved. You send them to the room where Wen Renhe used to stay and stay yourself, wait for this Protector …… No, this Venerable loves you as well.”

Hearing that she was going to use His lord’s room to do that, Yan Hanjiang was so furious that he took out his sword to cut down Shu Yanyan. Shu Yanyan’s red robe was also a top-grade defensive magic weapon so she did not take the sudden appearance of the ghost-faced man seriously, which she regarded as one of the altar master men. She waved her sleeve to block, but the sleeve along with half of her arm was cut by this sword!

“Who is it?” Shu Yanyan was furious, an enchanting flower bloomed in the palm of her hand as she wanted to use it to attack the men.

Her subordinate hurriedly picked up the arm that had fallen to the ground so they could connect it after Shu Yantan finished the fight.

“What a strong sword intent! Are you from the Heavenly Sword Sect? How did you sneak into my Xuan Yuan‘s main altar?” Shu Yanyan exclaimed, using her genuine qi, the flower in her palm opened and countless blood red flowers paved the road at the foot of Yin Hanjiang in the main hall and transformed into twelve heavenly demons right in front of Yin Hanjing.

The Twelve Heavenly Demons were good at evoking the demons of the human mind and destroying the cultivator’s dantian. The cultivator mind would be controlled by them as soon as he relaxed even for a moment. But Yin Hanjiang treated all the beautiful heavenly demons as dirt, his eyes only at Shu Yanyan, the person he should kill!

The twelve heavenly demons were nailed to the wall, and the petals of the flowers were torn apart by the sword intent, creating a rain of red petals in the air.

Shu Yanyan saw that her opponent was determined and was not trapped by the heavenly demons, so she no longer concealed her strength. After fully absorbing Nascent Soul cultivation from He Wenchao, she became a level five Mahayana realm cultivator. She could call the energy of heaven and earth and with a flip of her wrist the broken flower turned into a red diamond before falling on Yin Hanjiang and trapping him in it.

The other side of this flower was a bone-crushing demon flower, which will absorb the genuine Qi of the opponent when it touches its body. Yin Hanjiang’s whole body was covered by the petals so his genuine Qi was quickly flowing away.

The onlookers sighed in their hearts, even if Yin Hanjiang had honed his sword intent, Mahayana and Void realm were ultimately a realm away, it seems that he still needed to make a move ……

When Wen Renhe was about to help, he saw that the swords that nailed twelve demons to the wall were flying up and forming a sword array around Yin Hanjiang, trembling in sword chant in unison. The red flowers trembled under the sword chant, and the man wrapped in the flowers, with a sword in his hand split the twelve swords into countless small swords, and using his sword intent destroyed the flower.

The ghost-faced man leaped out of the petals, his long sword pointing straight at Shu Yanyan’s heart!

Shu Yanyan failed in her fight with Yin Hanjiang and she couldn’t dodge. Although she dodged the vital wound she was still pierced in the left arm by the long sword.

She endured the pain and told her men, “What are you waiting for, set up a formation!”

But then her man named Helian suddenly released a cloud of bloody mist and condensed into a one-armed man. That person stood behind the ghost-faced man, calmly said to Shu Yanyan: “Right Protector, this Devil Venerable was not in the Xuanyuan Sect these days. Did you work hard to represent the Venerable these days?”

Seeing him appear, the ghost-faced man also removed his mask, revealing Yin Hanjiang’s icy face.

As soon as she saw their appearance, Shu Yanyan immediately knelt down on her knees and said: “My lord you finally came back, the four altar masters intended to plot a rebellion this subordinate had a hard time subduing them!”


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Shu Yanyan: I was woken up from my short dream.


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