Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 37 – Thirty years later

There are no bright spots in the plot of 《The God of Destruction》during this time. He Wenchao and Liu Xinye got married and then with the help of his master worked hard to cultivate, leading the revitalization of the sect and accidentally investigated the massacre in the small town. He would also occasionally miss Baili Qingmiao who had left the sect. But Liu Xinye was never mentioned again, his newly married wife seemed to be invisible. The supporting female rival in Abusive Love Affair》that was hated by readers had been reduced to the shadow of He Wenchao.

In fact, this was the basic operation of 《The God of Destruction》. In the plot He Wenchao has had sex with many women, and some of them were even married, but these people would not show up again after He Wenchao sleeps with them. The only female characters mentioned constantly in the first volume were the master of Purple Spirit Pavilion and Baili Qingmiao. The Master of Purple Spirit Pavilion was a “virtuous” person who helped He Wenchao settle his backyard and was the perfect first wife in the reader’s mind.

Baili Qingmiao, on the other hand, was a minor plot pusher, whenever He Wenchao needed to change his route or the target of his hatred, Baili Qingmiao would be “snatched” by man. Then He Wenchao would go to find his younger material sister, kill the other party and advance his cultivation. Then his younger material sister would be “snatched” again so after hearing about it he would go to rescue her again. From Zhong Liqian to Wen Renhe, but he never mentioned Yin Hanjiang, he was not sure why there was no mention of Yin Hanjiang in 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1)》.

Compared with 《The God of Destruction》 the plot of 《Abusive Love Affair》was much more lively, from Baili Qingmiao sadly leaving the Shengqiang sect to meeting Zhong Liqian in the Underworld Fire altar where Zhong Liqian finally revealed the truth about Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang. Even the identity of Ghost Face was exposed hundreds of thousands of words in advance making the book review section directly explode. The number of comments were almost higher than the number of words in the novel which made Wen Renhe dazzled.

[After 《Abusive Love Affair (revised version)》has climbed the list again I didn’t expect to see this cultivation scum novel re-enter the list in my lifetime. I really applaud it. it’s also worth noting that I started to follow this novel after the author completed it.]

[It is not uncommon for the author to be overwhelmed by the number of plot points but I just can’t guess how she’s going to write the rest of the plot. The bitter drama from the original novel becomes very reasonable and someone on the forum has already posted a comparison between the original text and the modified version. The author was actually able to change the plot to this way without changing the original character’s original persona, the writer is a genius!]

[Newcomer here who only read the revised version, why was sister Shu, who is such an excellent and lovely person, not popular in the original version?]

[Because your Sister Shu only showed her face once to sleep with unconscious He Wenchao in front of Baili Qingmiao making him a waste. She was also very unfriendly to the female lead and let her suffer a lot.]

[Forget the original sister Shu, now there is only sister Shu who gently wipes away tears of ‘silly girl, it’s really too great.]

[You are all fans of sister Shu? I became a fan of Qingxue, since she brought together He Wenchao and Liu Xinye. I have fallen in love with her, what an independent and special woman ah!

[No, why are you all siding with women? Isn’t Zhong Liqian smart? Isn’t Wen Renhe overbearing? Oh, my god in the revision version the devil venerable domineering aura has been upgraded again. He is the  first man I have ever seen to set up a woman with a man, in order to make her break up with the male lead. His brain circuits are really strange.]

[The words upstairs are a bit too informative. Let me get this straight, Wen Renhe, how crazy is he to wear such a big green hat by his own will?]

[I always feel that in this life Wen Renhe is raising the female lead as his daughter, the old father is looking for a more suitable son-in-law for his silly daughter.]

[He didn’t put on a green hat, Zhong Liqian was already looking at his sister…Oh, no, looking at her with brother’s eyes. I was afraid that in the next second Zhong Liqian would also introduce a man to the female lead or he would also turn out to be a woman]

[The heroine smiled boldly, I TM laughed to death! In my lifetime, I was able to see the word “heroic”  as an adjective to Baili Qingmiao. The one who came up with the heart compulsion is really a genius.]

【Knock the bowl and look forward to the next chapter, I want to see what the author can change this chapter into. ]

The majority of the reader’s comments were satisfied, and only a few people who liked the original plot were scolding the author for changing it. Wen Renhe secretly nodded his head and had an unusual sense of accomplishment in his heart.

He closed the book and touched his severed arm, then he took out a lot of cultivation methods from his storage device which were seized by him when he unified the demonic path in those years,

He knew that the cultivation methods of his subordinates may not be complete and some of the more important parts may be hidden or changed. Wen Renhe didn’t mind he would not practice them and collected them just as a warning.

He picked up one jade bamboo slip after another, checking them, spending a full month reading them all. There were very few records of blood cultivation and most of them had been lost for a long time and the method of Carving Souls was obtained by Wen Renhe when he seized the Red Underworld Sword.

The Red Underworld Sword was a demonic sword born from the Sea of Blood in the Underworld, and had a longer history than the Blood demon ancestor so Wen Renhe method of Carving Souls did not come from the Blood Demon Ancestor. In the remnants of the record of the siege against Blood demon ancestor ten thousand years ago, there was a sentence written by the leader of the righteous path of the cultivation world at that time, he wrote that if Blood demon ancestor wanted to follow the righteous path he needed to break to stand up. The Blood Demon Ancestor was obviously not a person with this determination so he eventually fell and became the cultivation world number one public enemy.

Break to stand up?

Wen Renhe was not unable to be this determinate but before that, he had to settle everything down. If he can’t stand after breaking, would the people who were left behind, be sad?

Wen Renhe hoped that wherever he was alive or dead, he would be alone so he wouldn’t need to worry about it.

Unfortunately ……

He looked in the direction of the outer room, Yin Hanjiang was concentrating on cultivation, hoping to become the Venerable’s power as soon as possible.

Wen Renhe settled down his heart to study his own body trying to find a way to absorb the aura around him or at the very least to restore his arm.

Cultivation took countless years so one year passed quickly. Then Shu Yanyan rushed from her seclusion, happy to bring her subordinates back to the altar after good cultivation. She improved a lot during this year so her subordinates also got more benefits than before, becoming more loyal to Shu Yanyan and working harder to serve her.

Only one thing was troubling, the right protector ordered her subordinates to buy a lot of books back and instructed everyone to read books together. She hoped to cultivate a gentleman to relieve her carving. But after three months she gave up, hypocrites are easy to cultivate, but true gentlemen are hard to find. She had never been a forceful character, and she also quite liked the straightforward character of her people.

The true gentleman Zhong Liqian, who was missed by Shu Yanyan for less than three months, left the Underworld Fire altar and accompanied Baili Qingmiao to the Shangqing sect.

After meeting several division elders, Baili Qingmiao took advantage of He Wenchao’s absence on the mountain to summon Liu Xinye and took out the seven-colored blue lotus heart.

“This… Where did this disciple get such a divine thing? ” Baili Qingmiao’s original master Qing Rong exclaimed.

“This discipline went to Golden Coast Cliff once with the help of elder Qingxue and obtained a seven-colored blue lotus heart.” Baili Qingmiao said: “I want to give this item to senior material sister Liu to help her recover her cultivation.”

In the presence of several elders, master Qing Rong was not going to teach her discipline but she was very anxious! If you have such a good thing, why don’t you keep it for yourself to improve your cultivation, why do you want to give it to Liu Xinye? This disciple of hers was good at everything, but his brain was a bit unusual. But since she accepted being named a disciple under Master Qingxue, she didn’t even know how to use her brain anymore.

“Child, do you still think of elder martial sister Liu?” Elder Qing Rong desperately blinked at Baili Qingmiao: “Why don’t you think of yourself? Look at your eyes, your left eyes were hurt and have been blindfolded all the time. Let the elders of the medicine hall take a look at it for you, maybe this seven-colored blue lotus heart can cure your eye.”

Baili Qingmiao’s right eye was clear and bright as she held with both hands spiritual medicine and said: “Master don’t worry, this discipline is also selfish.”

She turned to Liu Xinye, recalling what Zhong Liqian had said to help her safeguard herself, so now said firmly: “Senior material sister Liu, I’m at odds with you and this matter is known by the entire Shangqing sect so I don’t want to hide it. I don’t like you. I don’t want to give you the seven-colored blue lotus heart for your sake, but to break the delusional thoughts in my heart.”

Hearing Baili Qingmiao mention the word “delusional thoughts”, Qing Rong sighed. For the Shangqing sect, He Wenchao was a good disciple with extremely high aptitude and good cultivation. Even if the love affair between men and women was not handled properly, the Shangqing sect could turn a blind eye, as long as he did not make a big deal out of it and become consumed by heart demons, they would not intervene.

But to Baili Qingmiao, who had been in love with this martial older brother for many years, He Wenchao was really not a good person. As long as Liu Xinye does not recover, Baili Qingmiao would care about He Wenchao and even have such evil thoughts as “it would be better if Senior Sister Liu dies” which was not good for her cultivation. Her disciple’s choice was equivalent to opening a way for her own future, not foolishness.

Of course, Liu Xinye also wanted this spiritual medicine, she was already fed up with the look in He Wenchao’s eyes. She was the one who was willing to give up her life to save her big brother and willing to give up her spiritual root for him. But after being married, He Wenchao would sigh every time he saw her. The elder brother was a gentle person so of course he wouldn’t say things like “I couldn’t marry my little sister because of you.” but Lie Xinye always thought that if she was more powerful the big brother would like her more?

She stretched out her hand to take the spiritual medicine but Baili Qingmiao avoided it.

“Baili Qingmiao, you!” Liu Xinye was anxious and glared at Baili Qingmiao.

“I can give you the seven-colored blue lotus heart, and I also don’t need sister Liu to be grateful. But I didn’t get this thing alone. Master Qingxue also contributed. Shouldn’t sister Liu thank Master Qingxue?”

After saying that, Baili Qingmiao handed the seven-colored blue lotus heart to Qiu Congxue.

“Hmm?” Qiu Congxue, who had been dozing off raised her eyelids and struggled to stretch out a full hand from her black robe to accept the treasure, after all, she had lost a few pieces of flesh and still needed to maintain her face so putting together her arm wasn’t easy.

“Elder Qingxue…” Liu Xinye looked at Qiu Congxue, she could angrily rebuke Baili Qingmiao to her face but in front of this scattered immortal she did not have the slightest confidence.

The seven-colored blue lotus heart could repair spiritual roots and cultivation but it did nothing to restore the physical body. Qiu Congxue wasn’t very interested, but she was still a cultivator so even if didn’t use it, she couldn’t give it to others.

She tossed the shining spiritual medicine with one hand, Liu Xinye’s eyes moved up and down with it for fear that she would drop it and contaminate the spiritual medicine.

“Why do you want to give such a good thing to her?” After trying hard to recall the experience of the Golden Coast Cliff, Qiu Congxue said unhappily: “For this thing, I lost my cultivation and was lost in the sea for a long time.”

She spent a long time in the sea before going ashore.

Liu Xinye knelt down on her knees to beg: “Immortal Qingxue, this seven-colored blue lotus heart is useless to you so can you give it to me to use? I will repay you with a ring full of spiritual plants in the future.”

“Ring full of spiritual plants in the future?” Qiu Congxie frowned and looked disgusted: “Why not the next day? What should I do if I ascend the next day? What if I die tomorrow? “

Liu Xinye: “…”

Her master, the elder Qing Yi sent by the Shangqing sect hurriedly spoke for her discipline: “This is because Liu Xinye has no spiritual root now and is just like an ordinary person. Even if she promises you now, she can’t do anything about that, which is why she wants to repay you in the future.”

“I don’t believe in the future,” Qiu Congxue bluntly said: “I’ll say it now. Take an oath that you will find a treasure worth twice as much as this spiritual medicine for me in the future. If you can’t, your nascent soul cultivation and soul will be mine.”

Liu Xinye: “…”

“Immortal Qing Xue, you are… too demanding.” Elder Qing Yi said: “Such a treasure as the seven-colored blue lotus heart, not to mention double its worth, is already very difficult to get. With such a soul oath wouldn’t she really need to give you her nascent soul cultivation and soul in the future?”

“Of course, it is also somewhat useful for refining pills or refining weapons.” Qiu Congxue expressionlessly said: “Otherwise I will eat it myself, or put it on sale, someone will definitely be willing to buy it.”

Liu Xinye gritted his teeth and knelt down to swear the oath, Qiu Congxue unceremoniously drew a wisp of soul from her, and then gave her the seven-colored blue lotus heart.

When Liu Xinye’s soul was drawn she stared bitterly at Baili Qingmiao.

But Baili Qingmiao remembered Zhong Liqian’s words: “Miss Baili, I want you to hand over the decision to Master Qingxue. It’s not to embarrass Liu Xinye, but to test He Wenchao. Liu Xinye can’t afford it, but can’t He Wenchao do it? Since he accepted the great kindness of Miss Liu, it is reasonable for him to return it. If he would rather see his wife’s soul bound by oath, rather than help his wife pay back the favor, then you love the wrong person.”

Because of this she did not immediately leave the Shangqing sect but waited for several days for He Wenchao. Who after hearing that his little sister came back ran to look for Baili Qingmiao regardless of his wife, who was still in seclusion.

Baili Qingmiao wore a Qiu Congxue black eye patch on her left eye so she looked at He Wenchao only with one eye. He Wenchao took a deep breath and said, “Sister, your eye…. Is it injured?”

“It’s nothing.”Baili Qingmiao touched her calm heart and silently thanked master Zhong: “Aren’t you going to visit Sister Liu? She is in seclusion and will be able to regain her spiritual roots in a few days. “

“Younger martial sister!” He Wenchao said with a sad expression, holding Baili Qingmiao’s hand: “You know who I like in my heart.”

“But in this world, in addition to love, there is also responsibility and kindness.” Baili Qingmiao withdrew her hand decisively and calmly said: “Elder martial brother, you are a responsible person, then if you are in no position to marry me, please keep this feeling in your heart and don’t let the two women down. If you can’t even do this, how can you shoulder the responsibility of the whole Shangqing sect in the future? If you can’t keep family matters tidy how can you keep the world!”

She turned around decisively and reported to the Deacon Hall that she would go down to the mountains to travel for decades. She would return when she gives up on her feelings.

Elder Qing Rong agreed with tears in her eyes.

Down the mountain, Zhong Liqian leaned on his blind stick and smiled lightly while waiting for Baili Qingmiao to come down the mountain.

Two people who shared one eye smiled, and as soon as they were about to get on the road, elder Qingxue followed. She proudly said: “The Shangqing sect is boring, I want to go down the mountain to grab some…find some opportunities to improve cultivation.”

“Master is the best to wander around the world with me!” Baili Qingmiao happily hugged Qiu Congxue and pinched her sleeve: “Huh? Master, what’s wrong with your body?”

Zhong Liqian: “…”

Altar master Qiu was really a mysterious person.

After that, the three of them traveled together for 30 years. Zhong Liqian advanced to Mahayana realm while Baili Qingmiao continued to meet various opportunities and become a Soul Combination realm cultivator, joining the ranks of experts in the cultivation world.

The book review section was very dissatisfied with this development –

[No, Zhong Liqian and Baili Qingmiao are wandering around the world, what’s the matter with you, Qingxue? 】

【No, Baili Qingmiao and Master Qingxue are traveling around the world, what happened to you Zhong Liqian? 】

Basically, they are all dissatisfied with the above.

Wen Renhe read the book review area, closed the book with one hand, recreated a fake arm with blood fog and lifted the protective formation before walking out of the room.

Outside, Yin Hanjiang has long since finished his seclusion, and when he saw his lord come out he immediately went forward to greet him.

Unexpectedly, the Lord looked at him with extremely greedy and strange eyes, then quickly withdrew his gaze before saying faintly: “The peak of the void realm, just one step away from the Mahayana realm. It is rare for Patriarch Yin to have such progress in thirty years.”

“It’s all thanks to the spiritual array laid by my lord.” Yin Hanjiang did not take credit.

“You are already considered an expert, so this Venerable will give you a task.” Wen Renhe squeezed his sleeve and said, “Xuanyuan Sect has a traitor who will join forces with He Wenchao to rebel in the future. His name is Cen Zhengqi. This venerable is not quite sure if he has already joined the sect at this time or changed his name at this time. Find this person for this lord.”

Yin Hanjiang was slightly stunned, he was surprised that the Xuanyuan Sect had a traitor. Strictly speaking, apart from Yin Hanjiang, the Xuanyuan sect was full of traitors. As long as Wen Renhe would even slightly slip any one of them could rebel.

Wen Renhe also never cared whether his subordinates betrayed him or not, he once said that he only cared whether his subordinates were incompetent or not.

Thirty years ago, no matter if it was about war between righteous or demonic path or the reorganization of the sect, Wen Renhe never mentioned the matter of finding traitors, so why did the devil venerable start to care whether there was a traitor in Xuanyuan Sect after thirty years ?

 Yin Hanjiang raised his head suspiciously, seeing that Wen Renhe did not look at him directly, he did not see the gentle gaze of the venerable. 


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