In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 58.1 – Newlywed Marshal

“Lingyu, you’re up?” Sensing the movement around him, Ren Sheng immediately opened his eyes to reveal a smile.

He was now very comfortable and his whole body felt soothed.

When Zhao Lingyu first came in last night, he was in a bit of pain, but soon after he tried to run his spiritual energy, the pain completely disappeared. Not only that, he also found that his energy could be connected inside with Zhao Lingyu’s.

The energy in Zhao Lingyu’s body was very chaotic and strong, but there was also a huge piece of refined soil that he coveted. After the two spiritual energies connected, some ‘things’ were transferred and a certain part entered his body.

Transferring energy into the body was painful, but also very comfortable at the same time. Their cultivation has also increased. Ren Sheng was satisfied with this.

No, he still had some dissatisfaction… Zhao Lingyu didn’t cultivate properly but always moved!

It was not impossible to cultivate while moving, but he was not very skilled, so Zhao Lingyu definitely became distracted when he moved and he also couldn’t help but want to move along, so he could not cultivate.

“Got up.” Zhao Lingyu said, looking at Ren Sheng with some surprise.

He had already looked at Ren Sheng and could tell he was almost three centimeters taller and his skeleton was also slightly larger. The overall look of the whole person was also bigger. Although three centimeters was not much they only did it once, so if they went at this rate, after doing it ten times it would be thirty centimeters!

Wait… Zhao Lingyu suddenly thought of one thing.

Although Ren Sheng looked small, he was not small. If he grew another thirty centimeters it would be nothing at 1,8m, they would be matching. But if he continued to grow…

If Ren Sheng kept growing and became a giant…

Zhao Lingyu was shocked by his own hypothesis.

Ren Sheng has not found out about his situation yet, as he said, “Lingyu in the future when we double cultivate like last night, do not do it like last night. You should not move as much as last night and you don’t need to touch me all the time, It was distracting and even a little painful.” Ren Sheng pointed to his own small Ren Sheng below with his fingers. Zhao Lingyu’s strength was not small and because he didn’t stop, his skin was rubbed raw.

Friction can produce pleasure so it was not surprising that he couldn’t move, but to also not touch… Zhao Lingyu suddenly felt that it was necessary for him to take Ren Sheng to see an adult movie so that the two of them would not be so tragic.

“Didn’t you also get hard yesterday? Is it uncomfortable?” Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but ask.

“Comfortable! But cultivation is more important.” Ren Sheng said. He was very comfortable with Zhao Lingyu yesterday, but it was so strange that he almost let his essence flow out. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and used his spiritual power to plug the hole below himself then absorbed it again!

Zhao Lingyu didn’t know Ren Sheng’s situation last night and thought of last night’s incident with a bit of frustration.

Ren Sheng grabbed the clothes next to him and put them on “I’m suddenly a little hungry, let’s go eat… wait!”

Ren Sheng suddenly stopped his movements, then studied his body for a while before finally showing an ecstatic expression. “I grew up!” He also grew up so much in one go!

It used to take him a long time to grow even a little big, after meeting Zhao Lingyu he grew fast enough, but it was still just a millimeter or two. But now after double cultivation he grew a full three centimeters!

“Yeah, you’ve grown a bit.” Zhao Lingyu said. According to the current situation, if they did it another three or four times, he would no longer feel guilty because Ren Sheng was too small.

“Great!” Ren Sheng directly hugged Zhao Lingyu. “I never expected there would be such a good thing!” He always wished he could be taller and taller and now his wish was coming true! Well, Zhao Lingyu’s hard muscles were really awesome, so he wondered if he could also have… Ren Sheng directly went up and nibbled them a little.

His naked lover pounced into his arms and kissed him. Zhao Lingyu’s heart moved and a certain part of his body also moved.

It was said that the first time for a man was always fast, but last night because Ren Sheng wanted to cultivate they did it for four hours.

Such a long time sounded impressive, but if you try it yourself… huh.

Although when you first go in you feel good all over and finally venting off felt good, the process in between was really bad. Zhao Lingyu even felt that last night, their first time was not as comfortable as Ren Sheng helping him with his hands. But at last they didn’t need to stop after he felt too comfortable.

Last night was not good, so maybe he can make up for it now? Ren Sheng was now rubbing against him so maybe little Ren Sheng was also ready?

Zhao Lingyu thought well, but the red-faced Ren Sheng immediately pushed him away. Not only that, he also got dressed quickly. “Lingyu, get up. Let’s go to see the babies!” Although he was eager to double cultivate quickly again, didn’t Zhao Lingyu say before that doing it too many times wasn’t good? For the sake of Zhao Lingyu’s health, it was better to let him rest for two days before continuing.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t know why Ren Sheng refused, but he would not force Ren Sheng. The Marshal who was used to Ren Sheng’s fire, but never cared to put it out, eventually followed Ren Sheng and put on his clothes.

Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng came to the dining room. Feng Kexin and Elder Teng were already in, but Shen Qiushi and Zhao Peng hadn’t come yet.

Elder Teng looked up and saw Ren Sheng who was in a good mood. He wanted to tease him a bit, but he was suddenly surprised. “Master, have you grown up a bit?” Ren Sheng was now a little taller, not to mention that his face looked slightly more mature.

“You can see it?” Ren Sheng asked excitedly.

“Is it true? What’s going on?” Elder Teng felt tangled.

“I’ve grown up!” Ren Sheng was smug. It was a really good thing to get married. No wonder everyone wanted to get married.

“Did you take some kind of medicine or something? Was it uncomfortable to grow so much in one night? Do you feel any discomfort?” Elder Teng was a bit worried.

“It’s fine, I’m fine now.” Ren Sheng patted his chest.

Elder Teng looked at Ren Sheng’s face and thought of Ren Sheng’s special points. Finally he didn’t ask any more questions. At this time Shen Quishi and Zhao Peng also came.

Like Ren Sheng, Shen Qiushi was also blushing and glowing, but some fatigue still showed between her eyebrows. However, Zhao Peng looked very good.

“Ren you look very good.” Shen Qiushi had just heard the conversation between Ren Sheng and Elder Teng, so she also knew about Ren Sheng’s growth. But like Elder Teng, she didn’t pursue the root of the matter.

“That’s right, last night…” Ren Sheng said halfway before he was pulled by Zhao Lingyu and could only look at Zhao Lingyu in confusion.

“Hurry up and eat.” Zhao Lingyu sat at the table and said expressionlessly.

Shen Qiushi’s gaze turned from Ren Sheng to her son, becoming somehow torn.

Ren Sheng was obviously in a good mood, but her son was a bit… Shen Qiushi suddenly remembered Ren Sheng’s previous words, “very small, small”.

No, she should not think about it. Ren Sheng was obviously talking about something else at that time, her son must be very healthy!

Ren Sheng ate especially big this morning and after eating he went to see his children with great enthusiasm.

There were too many people at the wedding banquet last night and the four eggs were too small, so they didn’t bring them over. Instead they put them in the nursery, while setting the nursery defense level to the highest.

The eggs were not as fragile as they thought and they obviously liked to squeeze together, so just a day before Shen Qiushi ordered another large incubator so they could lie together.

When Ren Sheng went in, he saw four “red eggs” as well as the data on the eggs displayed on top of the incubator.

Ren Sheng looked at his fruit with great interest and inputted some spiritual energy into them, while Shen Qiushi used the ultra-wave device to look at the children inside. After looking at them for a while she scanned the data next to them and was shocked. “The children are getting bigger!”

“The children would have grown older.” Ren Sheng looked at Shen Qiushi in confusion.

“But aren’t Kay eggs always the same size as when they were born?” Shen Qiushi was a little puzzled, but also a little happy at the same time. She had been struggling with the problem of the children being too small, but now that these eggs had grown bigger. It meant that the children inside would also get bigger.

“Ren is not a Kay.” Zhao Lingyu said, but didn’t say anything else.

Then what race was Ren Sheng? Shen Qiushi couldn’t help feeling curious, but she trusted Zhao Lingyu’s trust in Ren Sheng, so she didn’t ask anything.

Zhao Lingyu’s vacation was long, so after he arranged the Nourishing Potion in ten days he had nothing else to do. Originally he wanted to take Ren Sheng out to play, but thinking about what happened a few days ago when watching the movie he decided to not go out. Together with Ren Sheng he pushed the incubator in their room, intending to spend some time at home.


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