In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 76 – Spiritual and Demonic Cultivators

Of course, Zhao Lingyu couldn’t go to the Ruoya Empire without any preparation.

After attending Elder Fang’s funeral, he called Keith and asked Ren Sheng to make a Nourishing Potion in front of Keith. He also gave Keith several seeds and plants that were already grown of each plant that was required for creating the Nourishing Potion, so he could bring them back to the Ruoya Empire.

However, he didn’t give him any refined soil.

In the absence of the refined soil, even if Keith had memorized the process of making the Nourishing Potion and had the seeds of these plants, he couldn’t cultivate the plants and make the Nourishing Potion.

In doing so, he showed his importance.

As long as he was important enough, the Ruoya Empire would never dare let anything happen to them and would definitely protect them from the radicals.

As for the finished Nourishing Potion and Pregnancy Pill… he had said before that if something happened to his family, he would never provide them again, so now he naturally would not go back on his word.

These plants could only be grown by Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng. Keith had heard about it before, so he received the items and prepared the warship. The next day Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng were already on the spaceship.

This time Ren Sheng didn’t hold the third and fourth babies. Because of the strong demand of the Second Baby, he held the second and third, while letting Zhao Lingyu hold the Fourth Baby.

The Fourth Baby and Zhao Lingyu looked alike. It also liked to have a serious expression on its face, which made them look even more alike. When they told Shen Qiushi, Shen Qiushi looked at the father and son, and her eyes became very red, but in the end she didn’t say a word to stop them. However, she made Zhao Peng promise that he would take care of the Human Federation, so that Zhao Lingyu wouldn’t need to worry.

Not long after Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng got on the warship, Elder Teng also arrived, but to Ren Sheng’s surprise, he didn’t come alone. He was followed by Gerd and Fang Chengjun.

“You’re here, too?” Ren Sheng was a little puzzled.

“Of course we are going!” Fang Chengjun smiled. “For us, the Ruoya Empire might be safer than the Human Federation. Moreover, we also want to take revenge.”

It was very easy for the people of the Ruoya Empire to reach the Human Federation and they were powerless to resist if they really came. But if they went to the Ruoya Empire, the public security of the Ruoya Empire was very good, so they wanted to see if those people would still have the courage to attack them!

Of course, this was not absolutely safe, but it wasn’t up to them to overthink the present situation.

When Ren Sheng thought about Fang Chengjun’s words, he understood his reason so he just looked at Zhao Lingyu and asked, “What about parents?”

“Don’t worry, Keith left two people to protect them. Also, they really don’t know anything.” 

Zhao Lingyu had decided to negotiate with the Emperor of the Ruoya Empire after he arrived at the Ruoya Empire. If he had enough chips, the Emperor wouldn’t do anything more to them.

As for the possibility that the other party would play underhanded tricks… he and Ren Sheng might not be the strongest, but avoiding some underhanded tricks shouldn’t be a problem. After all, they were cultivators.

Thinking about cultivation, Zhao Lingyu’s brows frowned slightly. After the last battle, his ability core was broken once again and his ability disappeared again, but for some reason, the energies not only didn’t escape, but instead fused with his spiritual power, forming an odd energy.

After returning to their cabin and letting Ren Sheng arrange the formation, Zhao Lingyu, who had never had a chance to ask before, finally asked his own question.

“You have become a demonic cultivator.” Ren Sheng said. In the past, the cultivation world he was in was divided into two types, spiritual cultivators and demonic cultivators.

Spiritual cultivators were ordinary cultivators who absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, slowly refining themselves before finally ascending. His master was one of them, while the other type was the demonic cultivator.

Compared with spiritual cultivators, demonic cultivators progressed faster, but their cultivation was relatively more unstable and most of them were even unable to ascend. The reason for this was that they relied on the help of external objects to advance their cultivation, not just absorbing spiritual energy.

Some demonic cultivators would incorporate the energy of demonic beasts into their bodies, other demonic cultivators would absorb other people’s energy, while others would use the flesh and blood of ordinary people to obtain energy. Such cultivation methods would allow them to progress much faster than spiritual cultivators, but also made them more vulnerable to invasion of heart demons and at the same time made it much more difficult to ascend.

If Zhao Lingyu hadn’t relied on the energy in his body at the beginning of cultivating the body refinement technique and later on dual cultivation with him, he might have become a demonic cultivator from the beginning.

However, although Zhao Lingyu didn’t become a demonic cultivator then, he was now one. Ren Sheng didn’t like demonic cultivators. After all, he heard from his master’s mouth that they liked to hurt others wilfully, but now in Zhao Lingyu’s case, he was quick to accept it.

“Demonic cultivator?” Zhao Lingyu was a little surprised.

Ren Sheng nodded, introduced the information about demonic cultivation, and added, “There is nothing wrong with you being a demonic cultivator, this world doesn’t have heart demons, so we don’t have to care about ascension. I can also help you sort out the chaotic energy by dual cultivating with you. Most importantly, demonic cultivation will improve your strength faster.”

“I do feel that my strength has improved a lot.” Zhao Lingyu felt the energy in his body.

“Let’s double cultivate.” Ren Sheng suddenly said. In this way, their strength would grow faster and Zhao Lingyu would learn how to control the energy in a short time.

“What about the children?” Zhao Lingyu froze. When they talked, the children looked straight at them, which made him feel that he couldn’t talk freely. Double cultivation…

“I’ll set up another formation.” Ren Sheng said. Some of the means of the cultivation world would seem very magical to the technological world. For example, no matter how strong the technology, there was no way to get a glimpse of the situation inside an array.

It was a pity that there was no spiritual energy in this world, so for the formation to work, it must be maintained by his spiritual power… but in order to improve his strength, he gave it up.

“Daddy!” The Second Baby suddenly held out his hand to Ren Sheng, blinking it’s pair of dark eyes that were about to cry. He obviously didn’t want to enter the array.

“You guys cultivate well.” Ren Sheng said. He hugged the three children together and gave each of them a grain of refined soil and a small piece of energy crystal.

Of course, that refined soil was not the kind directly provided by Zhao Lingyu, but the kind Ren Sheng had combined after absorbing certain substances.

With such a thing, the three children stopped talking and the Fourth Baby busily held it in his hand and began to cultivate. Seeing this, Ren Sheng took a deep breath and put a grain of refined soil and a small piece of energy crystal of the same size into his Qiankun bag.

That night, both Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng were very devoted to double cultivation. They never stopped for the whole night, so the next day Ren Sheng had a lot of marks on his body.

“You guys were really fighting hard last night.” Gerd looked at Ren Sheng with some amazement, he didn’t know that Zhao Lingyu would turn out to be so ‘powerful.’

“En, we were very anxious.” Ren Sheng nodded his head.

What does this have to do with anxiety? If you’re in a hurry, shouldn’t you be in a hurry to eat and drink? But you were in the mood to roll on the bed? Gerd was very puzzled.

Fang Chengjun was a little envious. He had the intention to take this opportunity to tease Gerd, but thinking of his grandfather, this thought immediately disappeared. So he just reached out to hold Gerd’s hand.

On this trip to the Ruoya Empire, in order to ensure their safety, the Ruoya Empire spent a lot of energy to open a wormhole. Because of this, it only took two days and one night for the warship to arrive at the Empire Star and secretly land.

A few hours later, Zhao Lingyu and the others appeared in front of the Emperor of the Ruoya Empire.

The Emperor of Ruoya Empire was completely different from what Zhao Lingyu imagined. Zhao Lingyu thought he would see a powerful, iron-blooded, flavored man, but in fact, the Emperor of the Ruoya Empire was indeed a powerful man, stronger than both Crohn and Keith, but was chubby and looked very amiable. Not only was he not imposing, he didn’t even have the arrogance that Crohn had when he first met them and seemed very down to earth.

“I have no intention of starting a war. If I could, I would actually prefer that mankind and the Ruoya Empire could become one.” Seeing Zhao Lingyu, the Emperor named Will, said this shocking sentence.

Zhao Lingyu frowned and immediately refused. “No way.” Humans were too weak. If they really joined the Ruoya civilization, they would be considered inferior just like the Kay were in the Human Federation.

“You don’t have to be in a hurry to refuse. It can be done slowly.” Will smiled as the soft flesh on his stomach quivered. They were completely unable to see level ninth powerhouse in him.

“Then, thank you for your kindness, your majesty. I’ve come to the Ruoya Empire this time to discuss something.” Zhao Lingyu said without being too condescending.

“You are looking for the child, right? For the sake of the child’s safety, I didn’t release anything yet. I wanted to ask for your opinion on what to do first.” Will said. He was no longer young and he was no longer interested in fighting and killing, so naturally he was more willing to woo Zhao Lingyu rather than push the other party to the opposite side.

“I hope your majesty can give us some identities so that we can find him ourselves.” Zhao Lingyu said. He didn’t believe in the people of the Ruoya Empire, but he wanted to find someone in the Ruoya Empire, so it was better to have enough identity. Not only that, but if they had an identity, they could also do something else while looking for someone.

“You are very clever.” Will smiled and said. “I’ll arrange for you to be spectators at the Royal College. You can go out to find your child and learn about Ruoya’s technology.”

“Thank you.” Zhao Lingyu said. But he also knew that if he really wanted to learn science and technology, it would be more convenient for him to check it online.

The drawings of aircraft were of no benefit to a primitive civilization that couldn’t even make special steel. The knowledge of the Royal Academy was useless to them. But this identity was really good…

Will arranged identities for Zhao Lingyu and the others and also naturally arranged a place for them to stay. After giving them all the information, he let Crohn lead them away and called for Keith.

“Your Majesty.” Keith looked at Will expressionlessly, still with a cold expression.

Will didn’t care at all that he was being treated coldly. His face showed a smile and his eyes became slits from a smile. “Keith ah… Pregnancy Pills, do you still have any?”

Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng settled down on the Imperial star of the Ruoya Empire.  Meanwhile, the eldest baby they wanted to find was standing barefoot on a piece of land with a serious expression as he ran the energy in his body.

He was supposed to get a lot of energy before he could ‘come out of his shell,’ but he was born prematurely and was also kidnapped. In a rage, he simply absorbed the bad guy’s energy to supplement himself, but as a result he accidentally absorbed too much.

His body suddenly became larger, not to mention that the energy in his body also became uncontrollable. Sigh… the eldest baby looked up at the sky. He wondered when his two fathers would come to find him… However, even if they can’t find him, he would definitely become very strong and powerful, and go back to them himself.

Looking at the sun in the sky, the eldest baby confidently let the tentacles on his feet grow a little longer.

“Little one, why are you out in the sun by yourself again?” McCarthy called when he saw the eldest baby standing straight in a daze. He picked up the child horizontally and carried him back to the airship.



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