Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 21.2 – Wood Carving

He frowned and looked at the little wood carving with a sad face, as if he had encountered a great problem.

Wen Renhe turned a small knife in his hand but did not give it to Yin Hanjing, he waited till he asked for it himself.

But Yin Hanjiang did not ask for the knife from the Venerable but used his sword to chop off another branch and cut it into small pieces. He couldn’t bear to do it on the wooden carving that Wen Renhe gave him. so he cut a few more pieces of wood to practice carving first. He will only touch the small wooden carving when he becomes proficient.

Wen Renhe thought that Yin Hanjiang would carve it with his long sword but he controlled his sword with his fingertips and recited the sword technique making the sword split into countless small swords, positioned them in the air and released the sword qi at the wood.

Countless magnificent sword light fleshed. Wen Renhe looked at the wood blocks on the beach with great interest, thinking about what it would be carved into. But unexpectedly, there were only a pile of sawdust left in his sight, under sword qi the small wood blocks had turned into dust and disappeared in the fine sand of the sea.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Wen Renhe laughed out loud, Yin Hanjiang’s appearance was too childish just now. Seeing such a scene, Wen Renhe could not help laughing.

When Yin Hanjiang heard his lord making fun of him, he held back from looking at Wen Renhe’s smiling face and he kept his face straight as he controlled his sword Qi to carve the wood block.

His face was fine, even a little cold but his red ears exposed Yin Hanjiang’s shame and humiliation at the moment.

Baili Qingmiao and Qiu Congxue arrived at the Golden Coast Cliff two days later. During this period of time Yin Hanjiang “slaughtered” a whole cliff of trees and comprehended countless sword techniques. Finally he was able to control his sword with finesse and control his sword with great power that only a bit of sawdust would be chipped out of wood.

In the past two days, although his state of mind didn’t improve, his sword intent gradually changed from once sharp to gentle and even his sword skills become more proficient.

Wen Renhe was going to give him the carving knife after watching the fun, but Yin Hanjing was very persistent trying again and again and finally really finding a way out. When Wen Renhe saw that his wood carving was getting more and more shaped he secretly put away his small carving knife and let Yin Hanjiang practice his sword.

Baili Qingmiao landed on the shore first and once she landed she saw palm-sized wooden carvings all over the beach. Each shape was so extremely strange she was so scared that she took a step back and leaned against Qiu Congxue as she activated her weapon, the windless silver moon ribbon she said cautiously: “Master Qing Xue, I suspect this is a loathsome thing and someone is using this wood carvings to set up an evil array here!”

This kind of art was obviously evil and used to suppress the enemy. Some methods such as the puppets could suppress the enemy luck, or even attack you so many righteous cultivators held a strong aversion to such objects.

As soon as Baili Qingmiao gentle voice fell, a flying sword as if to destroy the corpse hovered on the beach and countless sword send sword Qi to cut the wooden sculptures to pieces. After the dust and smoke fell, a men in black stood in front of Baili Qingmiao with his sword coldly staring at her as he said in a cold voice: “It’s just a way to practice sword.”

Baili Qingmiao still remembered Yin Hanjiang so when she saw a familiar person she calmed down and calmed down as she said: “Senior!”

Wen Renhe also came out of dust and besideYin Hanjiang.

He didn’t pay attention to Baili Qingmiao as he held an object in his hand and said to Yin Hanjiang: “This wooden carving is the best one. It’s a pity to destroy it. I saved it before Protector Yin destroyed the rest of them, let’s keep it as a souvenir. “

Yin Hanjiang stared at the woodcarving that looks like child beginner’s carving and when he heard that his lord wanted to keep it he reached out and tried to grab it in vain. But only saw Wen Renhe lift the wooden carving high and say: “You can’t snatch what your lord wants to keep.”

Yin Hanjiang’s face was anxious but no longer looked as dead as when he was waiting for Wen Renhe. Wen Renhe casually tucked the wooden carving into his sleeve and turned around to say to Baili Qingmiao: “I asked Elder Qing Xue to invite you here.”

Baili Qingmiao was foolish and never knew that Wen Renhe was a person from a demonic path and only thought he was a kind-hearted senior. She did not regard this profound senior as the same person as the “Liu Xinye” of Shangqing Sect a few days ago so at this time she still politely performed the half-teacher salute, as a very polite and good behaved girl.

Elder Qing Xue was very pleased and smiled lightly as she said: “Your eye disease has finally got better.”

Baili Qingmiao: “Hmm? When did I have an eye disease?”

Qiu Congxue naturally did not explain, leaving Baili Qingmiao to doubt herself. Wen Renhe pointed to the Golden Coast Cliff and said: “It’s rumored that there is an Immortal Spirit Illusion realm hidden under this cliff, did you know about it?”

“I know,” Baili Qingmiao nodded solemnly: “I have read the records of the Immortal Spirit Illusion realm hidden in the book collection of the Shangqing Sect. The ancestors have recorded that the Spirit Illusion realm is a very small realm in the cultivation world but have countless treasures that have not been seen in the cultivation world. What ancestors remembered the most was the Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron because they could not even put names for the rest of the treasures.”

“I want to get the Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron.” Wen Renhe said and observed Baili Qingmiao’s expression, seeing that it did not change he felt it was a little strange.

In the book, Baili Qingmiao found Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron to save He Wenchao. So why didn’t she react just now?

But when Wen Renhe thought about it he understood it. In the book, He Wenchao’s Nascent Soul cultivation was seriously injured, but not like now when Shu Yanyan dug up his whole Nascent Soul cultivation. The degree of injury was not the same. Originally, Shu Yanyan sucked up He Wenchao and his Nascent Soul realm was cultivated by snow flame, not related to Protector Shu who would not be able to directly extract He Wenchao Nascent Soul cultivation. After changing the original story-line his Nascent Soul cultivation was cultivated with the help of Shu Yanyan and she could take his cultivation like an object she owned. He Wenchao’s injuries were so serious that he could not be cured with re-cultivation of his bound magic weapon. Therefore, Baili Qingmiao did not have much exception for this Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron.

If that was the case, does it also mean that Liu Xinye’s Golden Core cultivation alone was also unable to cure He Wenchao’s injury this time?

He did not know in what way that Blood Devil Ancestor will help He Wenchao recover this time.

Baili Qingmiao said: “If Senior has a need, Baili is obliged to help. Just ……”

She played with her fingers and said with some embarrassment: “My elder martial brother was seriously injured in the Massive Demon War and it’s very difficult to cure. If you find any way to cure Nascent Soul after the Immortal Spirit Illusion realm is opened, can you give, even a little bit to my elder martial brother?”

She stretched out her little thumb and showed out a fingernail sized gesture indicating that she really only needed a little.

“May.” Wen Renhe slowly nodded, anyway, when Baili Qingmiao goes back He Wenchao’s injury might already be cured.

When the four of them arrived at the Golden Coast Cliff, Baili Qingmiao asked: “Senior, it is rumored that the Immortal Spirit Illusion Realm at the Golden Coast Cliff has not been spotted by anyone other than that ancestor recorded in the ancient texts. How are we going to find this illusion realm?”

“That would require you.” Wen Renhe looked at Baili Qingmiao kindly.

‘This junior?” Baili Qingmiao pointed to her heart with an innocent expression. Her goose yellow dress was blown by the sea breeze just like small yellow flower growing on the edge of the cliff.

“Exactly.” Wen Renhe laughed, and then struck Baili Qingmiao heart with his palm, pushing her off the cliff.

Well? Ah — “Baili Qingmiao caught off guard and screamed as she was pushed down by her trusted senior.

The cultivation of cultivators was suppressed by Golden Coast Cliff. But the lower their power was the less suppression they felt. Unlike Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang, Baili Qingmiao could not mobilize her geeniue Qi. She could barely utilize her lightness and grab a vine and ask Qiu Congxue for help in fearful voice: “Master Qing Xue, my cultivation is suppressed to the Qi Refinement realm, help!”

Qiu Congxue looked at her struggling disciple expressionlessly from the top of the cliff and said indifferently “If I go down, I’ll probably only be left at the Qi Refinement realm too. You are probably stronger than me so you should persist.”

Baili Qingmiao: “……”

She was in despair when she heard Wen Renhe voice: “Immortal spirit illusion realm is your chance, only you can wake it up. We all depend on you.”

It turned out that her senior was also helpless and did not want to harm her. Baili Qingmiao heart slightly calm down as long as elder did not want her to die she was happy to contribute to the elders.

Baili Qingmiao who was fooled by Wen Renhe’s words began to climb the cliff. At this time at the top of the cliff cultivators at the realm of Void, Mahayana and Scattered Immortal looked calmly at Baili Qingmiao struggling below. Qiu Congxue was puzzled: “Can she find it?”

“If she can’t find it, then no one can find it.” Wen Renhe said with confidence.

Yin Hanjiang knew that Devil Venerable wanted to use this celestial opportunity in order to refine an immortal sword for him so he was a little uneasy as he hesitantly said “Venerable, this subordinate ……”

Wen Renhe knew what he wanted to say, so he raised his hand and stopped Yin Hanjiang’s next words, saying: “I have made up my mind.”

Yin Hanjiang pursed his lips and stopped talking. Once Qiu Congxue heard that he was going to refine a sword for Protector Yin, her heart became hostile. Wen Renhe was already so difficult to deal with, Yin Hanjiang was Wen Renhe confidant if he also improved his strength she was afraid it would take her longer to defeat Wen Renhe.

She had to think of a way, but what else could she do besides fighting directly? Qiu Congxue knocked her head, only to feel that it was full of the sound of the sea, completely unable to think of what to do.

It seemed she need to find an opportunity to join hands with Shu Yanyan and let her think of a way. Qiu Congxue would only implement it, this would be much easier.

As for learning to use her own brain, Qiu Congxue did not consider it.

Three people have their own thoughts, but only Baili Qingmiao searched seriously. She broke her foot and arm from time to time, and suffered all the injuries written in the book, but unfortunately this time without Wen Renhe’s careful care.

Wen Renhe silently counted the number of injuries, finally it was turn for blood bats. He saw a group of blood bats rushing toward Baili Qingmiao from a distance. After a scream, Baili Qingmiao was bitten by a poisonous bat and hung unconscious on the vine.

“Is she dead?” Qiu Congxue asked with concern “I have to refine her soul before it dissipate.”

Wen Renhe smacked Qiu Congxue, who was trying to refine the soul out of the way by a few miles and focused on the situation below. As expected, shortly after Baili Qingmiao fell unconscious, an extremely dense immortal Qi enveloped the entire cliff.


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Baili Qingmiao: They are all my seniors who are concerned about me~

Yin Hanjiang: ……

Qiu Congxue: ……

Hearing it Wen Renhe said to Qiu Congxue: Her brain is indeed the same as yo


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