Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 11.2 – Escaping by feign death

Baili Qingmiao broke away from He Wenchao’s embrace and hugged Shu Yanyan’s corpse, shaking her head in tears: “ “Brother, I don’t want to see you for the time being. I…. I want to give Miss Shu a proper burial first.”

Saying this she left the room with Shu Yanyan, He Wenchao wanted to chase after her, but who knew that just after going out he wouldn’t be able to find any trace of his sister and didn’t know where she ran off to.

Naturally, this is the result of Wen Renhe tricking He Wenchao’s eyesight, making him unable to keep up with Baili Qingmiao.

It was already late at night as she went to the coffin shop. Baili Qingmiao’s mind was a mess as she paid an ingot of silver and took a coffin for Shu Yanyan’s burial. 

Then she carried the coffin in one hand and flew to the graveyard near the town. She dug an earth pit and put the coffin in smoothly.

She stared at the coffin for a long time, never covering it with dirt. Then a voice came from behind her: “This Lord can teach you the Soul Locking Technique, so before she enters the underworld, you can catch her soul and ask for clarification of this matter. The living can lie, but the dead souls don’t dare to in front of the soul locking technique.”

Baili Qingmiao turned around and saw Wen Renhe standing behind her, she whispered: “Senior……”

“I used a technique to charm He Wenchao’s eyesight, so he can’t follow you.” Wen Renhe said “He won’t know about it, you can feel free to inquire.”

“Will it cause harm to Miss Shu’s spirit?” Baili Qingmiao asked

“That’s natural, after the use of Soul Locking Technique, she will be unable to reincarnate for eternity.” Wen Renhe said without a care in the world.

No,” Baili Qingmiao shook her head, “Miss Shu’s life was miserable, I wish she will have a good family in the next life.”

“Don’t you want to know the truth of the matter?” Wen Renhe asked

Baili Qingmiao didn’t speak, she lowered her head and looked at Shu Yanyan’s coffin, raised her hand and paused the dirt on the coffin. As the dirt buried the coffin, it also buried the doubts in her heart.

In fact, Shu Yanyan was telling Baili Qingmiao that she had a relationship with He Wenchao. But she liked Baili Qingmiao and felt ashamed to face her, which was why she chose to take poison before Baili Qingmiao could question her. Baili Qingmiao guessed it, but she was unwilling to believe it when there was no substantial evidence.

“If He Wenchao really betrayed you, I’ll help you kill him if you ask for it clearly.” Wen Renhe’s deep voice sounded from behind her back which was like the ravings of demons.

Baili Qingmiao was so frightened that she was frantically shaking her head: “No, No way, even if my senior brother really broke the promise, we only made a verbal agreement. We didn’t marry. How can you kill someone over this if you haven’t formed a dao couple with this person. At most, I will be happy to say goodbye to senior brother. Moreover, the senior brother may not be…. Maybe someone is framing him, he is a gentleman, he would never take advantage of someone and put them in danger.”

Wen Renhe raised his eyebrow, he also heard Shu Yanyan sigh in the coffin. It seemed that the Right Protector also felt that there was something wrong with Baili Qingmiao’s brain.

“If you really like He Wenchao, I have another solution,” Wen Renhe continued, “Refine him into a puppet so that he will listen to you and only you. This way he will never betray you for the rest of your life, isn’t it right?

Baili Qingmiao was horrified: “Senior, how can you think like that? Love is something you are willing to give, it’s not something you can force!”

“Suit yourself then.” Wen Renhe left, leaving Baili Qingmiao alone to carve the tombstone for Shu Yanyan.

As she left the town at the foot of the Shangqing sect’s mountain, Shu Yanyan also left catching up with Lord and Yin Hanjiang and the three of them returned to the Xuanyuan sect main array. Upon returning Shu Yanyan rolled her eyes: “Baili Qingmiao has a dead brain, what’s so good about He Wenchao? This protector was bored to death of eating him. Before the Demon War I’m going to eat more meat and other dishes !”

Wen Renhe asked: “You don’t understand either? I thought that you should understand Baili Qingmiao’s thoughts, being a woman.”

“Venerable, if I act like I have a deep and unrepentant love for a man, it must be because he has some use for me.” Shu Yanyan said positively: “If I backstabbed He Wenchao like I wanted, he could be sent away from the Shangqing sect.”

As she spoke she called for one of her currently favorite men, a handsome and extraordinary looking man. Shu Yanyan hooked the other’s chin and said: “Darling, tell this Protector what you like about me?”

That subordinate was also at the Nascent Soul, naturally embraced Shu Yanyan saying: “Naturally, the Protector is wise and beautiful, and this subordinate admires the Protector. “

Wen Renhe said: “Speak clearly”

The man fell down on his knees, not daring to tell a single lie in front of Wen Renhe pressure: ”Of course I follow the right protector to eat. Double cultivation can improve my power, and also the Protector is beautiful, I don’t lose anything.”

Shu Yanyan didn’t care and pulled up her subordinate: “I just like how you know what’s going on.”

“Why don’t you expose your relationship with He Wenchao and let Baili Qingmiao relationship die completely?” Wen Renhe asked

Shu Yanyan: “Of course we can’t. It is for the upcoming war! I’m afraid that if He Wenchao has a fight with Baili Qingmiao, the Shangqing Sect will change their plans and prevent him from guarding the formation. The position of every disciple in the Absolute Spiritual Array is calculated, so if you change even one person, you will have to change all the formations. Your subordinates can’t let He Wenchao get into trouble at this moment. Before this matter is solved, he will have a way to coax Baili Qingmiao, and the position of guarding the Absolute Spiritual Array will still be his.”

She was going to severely demoralize the righteous way and switch the balance power between the righteous and the demonic way, how could she ruin her plan over such a small matter!

Mentioning the Massive Demon War, Wen Renhe said “Order the four altar masters to prepare for battle!”

When it came to business, Shu Yanyan couldn’t care less about the lingering feelings of the heart. She patted her chest and said: “Call some people who have good skill, I will be in the Spirit Gathering array.”

The subordinate smiled and left, Wen Renhe nodded at Shu Yanyan’s unconcerned appearance, this was what a demonic cultivator should look like.

The four array masters of the Xuanyuan Sect immediately came to the main altar to discuss countermeasures after receiving the order from Venerable. Before the meeting, they heard Wen Renhe praising Shu Yanyan’s sacrifice in this matter and promised that after the Massive Demon War, Shu Yanyan could cultivate in the Xuanyuan Sect’s forbidden area for the next ten years.

All the major sects have immortal weapons, and as the first demonic sect, the Xuanyuan Sect also had immortal weapons in the forbidden area and the famous Burning Sky Drum is kept in this area. It was said to be used on the battlefield of the Immortal realm and the blood of countless immortal demons condensed into this burning drum which makes it extremely powerful. However, at present, no one in Xuanyuan Sect dared to play this drum and they only practiced cultivation on the drum’s surface.

 Back then, during the duel between Wen Renhe and the Old Patriarch of the Xuanyuan Sect, the Old Patriarch struck the Burning Sky Drum to save his own life, which indeed caused damage to Wen Renhe.

But before the old patriarch could kill Wen Renhe, he was possessed by the Immortal Devil battle intent of the Burning Sky Drum and had hallucinations of being in the battlefield of the immortals and demons. The devil which possessed him destroyed his soul before he could seriously injure Wen Renhe.

This drum cultivation was good, but one couldn’t use it, using it will only result in the cultivator’s death.

Shu Yanyan happily thanked Venerable Devil for his reward and glanced over the four array masters smiling: “After this cultivation, I may be able to advance to Mahayana realm.”

“Well and then be killed by heavenly thunder.” Qiu Congxue altar master said.

She was the only female cultivator among the four great array masters, and had been looking at Shu Yanyan cultivation in two different ways. She was also already a Mahayana realm cultivator stronger than Shu Yanyan.

Shu Yangyan was somewhat afraid of Qiu Congxue, she cultivated the most difficult ghost path. In order to advance to Mahayana realm she voluntarily entered the cultivation of the hungry ghost path. When she came out of the Hungry Ghost path fifty years later, all the flesh and blood in her body was gone, leaving only a withered body and an intact head.

The subordinates, who were led by Qiu Congxue, were also ghost cultivators and everyone dressed themselves in black robes. Their heads might look normal, but no one knew how the body under the black robe looked like.

Wen Renhe’s gaze swept over his six subordinates, to engage in intrigue, to fight with each other, to cripple each other even from the same sect. Deep in his heart he was quite satisfied that this was the way of the demonic patch.

Out of curiosity, he still asked Qiu Congxue, “Array master Qiu, if you have a lover and he betrays you to be with another woman, but still says, he loves you, what would you do?”

Qiu Congxue’s face was bloodless, her emotionless voice rang out: “I will not have a lover and if I do, I will turn him into an evil ghost and refine him into a magic weapon to hide him inside my robe.”

Shu Yanyan swallowed her saliva, she knew that Qiu Congxue robe was full of evil spirits and her body was withered!

Wen Renhe thought in his heart, it was really useless to ask his subordinates about it.


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