In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 73 – Treasure Hunters

As soon as Ren Sheng was carried home by Zhao Lingyu, he completely turned into a plant.

His own speed was quite fast, but as a plant spirit, his strength was very poor. Before he resisted several attacks, so he couldn’t support himself anymore.

When Zhao Lingyu saw Ren Sheng in this condition, his teeth clenched. When he picked up the nutrient solution next to him, he almost accidentally crushed the bucket containing the nutrient solution next to it. He poured all the transparent liquid on Ren Sheng who was lying in the small bath.

Zhao Lingyu’s momentum was a little scary and probably because of this reason, the three children next to him looked at him suspiciously before hiding behind Ren Sheng.

Finding that he had frightened his own children, Zhao Lingyu hastily withdrew his aura and then took out two Qi Replenishing Pills and crushed them into the bathtub.

Ren Sheng didn’t react, but the three children were obviously very happy. The first one who came out of its shell even climbed up to him and rubbed his face on his hand.

The child’s skin was very, very soft, so Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help worrying that the child’s face would be scratched by the calluses on his palm. But then, he became even more worried about the child who was snatched away.

If his strength could be a little stronger, would he still have to watch his child being snatched away? Various thoughts went through his mind as Zhao Lingyu’s eyes suddenly turned red. A thick killing aura appeared around his body.

But he controlled it well this time and didn’t let his aura affect the few people in front of him, so his eldest child was still rubbing against him, while the second laid on his back in the bathtub, floating along the water waves created by the youngest child.

After his initial agitation, Zhao Lingyu found that these three children’s performance and that of real babies differed a lot. At least in terms of strength or IQ, they were far beyond those of real babies. They also looked a bit older, at least six or seven months old now.

With some vague relief, he found that the energy in the water was somewhat insufficient, so Zhao Lingyu put the rest of the nutrient solution and the Qi Replenishing Pills he still had into the bathtub.

After doing all of this, Zhao Lingyu didn’t leave, but instead contacted the people outside.

From those people’s conversations, Zhao Lingyu learned what was going on.

There were peace-loving conservative factions in the Ruoya Empire, but there were also radical factions.

The radical faction never cared much for the people of lower civilizations. After giving human beings abilities at the beginning, the radical faction once proposed to use humans for experiments, but in the end, they were stopped by the conservative faction and did not succeed.

Whether it was Crohn or Keith, they could be considered as conservatives. They have no malice towards human beings, even though they didn’t look up to them. The attack launched this time was done by radicals.

They have a lot of high-tech products and artificial intelligence, so it was very easy for them to control all the robots at the exhibition center. In fact, if it weren’t for Crohn and Keith, it would also be very easy for them to directly control all kinds of equipment in the Zhao family and enter the Zhao family house.

However, they were unfamiliar with the place, so although their technology was powerful, they didn’t know the specific whereabouts of Ren Sheng and the others. To do all of this, they needed an inside man, the Yang and Locke families.

They promised something to the Yang and Locke families, so the two families cooperated with their plans, because they were worried that Zhao Lingyu would come back to deal with them after he had a good relationship with the Ruoya Empire.

“Give that female ability user who was captured alive to Elder Teng to guard. Release the information on this, along with the information we found out about the Locke and Tang families previously!” Zhao Lingyu said.

Whether it was the Locke family or Yang family, if he touched them it would cause turmoil in the Human Federation. Because of this, he was much more tolerant before, just trying to find ways to cut off the minions of these two families.

But now it seemed he was really too kind to them before!

Keeping such people in the Human Federation will make them unable to develop, so now he doesn’t mind wielding the knife to cut off these two tumors.

The red light in his eyes flashed and dimmed, then after a long time Zhao Lingyu’s eyes regained their usual black color. Then his orders were issued one by one.

Whether it was the Locke family or the Yang family, they had previously thought that even if Zhao Lingyu was stronger than them, he wasn’t that much stronger. But after learning that Zhao Lingyu had let his people release the information, they realized that they were powerless to resist.

By this time, Crohn had already passed through the wormhole.

At the other end of the wormhole as Crohn had expected, was the center of the star field where the Ruoya Empire was located. There were also quite a few people who came to meet them, however the strength of these people was much weaker than the two level 7 from before. Basically they were all level 5 and 6.

He’s afraid that’s why they didn’t send more people there. More people would have leaked the news. If their existence were known in advance, they would have no chance to fight against Ren Sheng.

Crohn’s face was filled with anger at the thought of these men attacking a newborn child. He pulled out the big knife from behind his fiery red mecha and cut these people in front of him.

Instead of killing everyone, he seriously injured them and scrapped their mecha. After all this, he stepped on the leader’s chest and said, “what about the man who left the wormhole before me?”

“What? There was someone before you?” The leader looked shocked.

When Crohn came out, he saw that the people outside were completely unarmed, so hearing the leader’s words he became even more worried.

That man’s mecha had some damage, he shouldn’t have had an accident while he was in the wormhole, right? That would explain why he hadn’t been able to catch up to him even with his mecha’s good performance and these people greeting him instead of attacking as soon as he came out.

Thinking about this, Crohn’s expression changed a few times.

Artificial wormholes, relatively speaking, were quite safe. If a warship or mecha has an accident in it, they would be repelled out and then thrown into who knows which star space to be stranded? But can a newborn baby, thrown into the unknown star space still survive?

In the face of this result, Crohn preferred to believe that they had gone through the wormhole safely and just gotten captured.

He tied up all the people in front of him with ropes and then snorted coldly, “I’ll take all of you to see the emperor. Then we will see what will happen to those who make trouble behind his back!”

Crohn spoke in a gloomy tone, thinking of the child who had been kidnapped. His hands felt heavier.

Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng helped him have a child which was a great kindness, but the people of his empire tried to snatch their children.

How could he face Zhao Lingyu in the future? Will Zhao Lingyu still provide the empire with the Pregnancy Pill?

When Crohn was worriedly trying to search for traces of the child in the Ruoya Empire, a group of people smashed the door of a villa on the edge of the Ruoya Empire. It was a star that used to belong to the Ruoya Empire that had been abandoned for thousands of years, so they came to look for valuable things that had been left there.

The Ruoya Empire’s population was getting smaller and smaller, which forced them to abandon one inhabited planet after another, leaving some once very prosperous planets empty.

There were many of these types of planets left in the star field of the Ruoya Empire and the existence of this planet led to a new profession in the Ruoya Empire – treasure hunters.

Treasure hunters, as the name suggested were people who go treasure hunting, either individually or in teams on these abandoned planets. They look for useful resources like energy crystals and sometimes if they were even luckier, they would be able to find treasures left by old people who died without an heir.

Even if you don’t find the treasures on these abandoned planets, you can always find some antiques and so on.

The team that broke the door of the villa, was one of these treasure hunting teams.

“In the basement of this villa, there is a thousand-year-old commemorative mecha, which is very collectable. This mecha alone can make this trip worth it!” McCarthy, the leader of the team, let his people carefully get the commemorative mecha out, while laughing triumphantly. This time the decision to go a little further was really very right!”

“Boss, what’s that?” A young boy suddenly pointed to the air in surprise.

“A mecha! A broken mecha, an Imperial one!” McCarthy used his special equipment to see what had fallen and hastily waved his hand. “Let’s go and save the pilot! That mecha doesn’t look cheap so the pilot must be very rich!”

Treasure hunters in the Ruoya Empire also had a nickname of ‘rag pickers.’ Basically, only those who were very poor would become treasure hunters. McCarthy was very poor, so seeing a suspected rich person in trouble, he certainly didn’t mind going out of his way to get some money.

McCarthy and the others jumped on their aircraft and rushed to the place where the mecha fell. When they arrived at their destination, they found that the mecha, which only had a half left, had fallen into a deep pit.

“There’s still a sign of life inside, let’s pry the co*kpit open!” McCarthy said, as he skillfully pried open the co*kpit and then froze.

He thought that in the co*kpit there would be a badly wounded pilot but…

There was indeed a pilot inside but there was no sign of life left in him and beside him there was a child covered in blood.

This child was about two or three years old, naked, and his whole body was curled up together. His energy was very chaotic, making him look extremely pitiful.

“Oh my God! Didn’t they say that all children would grow up on Imperial Star? How could there be a child so small here?” McCarthy looked at what was in front of him in shock.

“This child’s energy is very messy. I don’t know if he’s injured. Pick him up quickly.” The only female in the group hurriedly said.

McCarthy picked up the child without hesitation. The child opened his eyes to look at him and then closed them again, as his lips only let out a small groan.

This was a child! This was a child! McCarthy was a hundred years old and never had a child, so now he was reluctant to let go of the child in his arms.

But others were also eyeing the child covetously. “Boss, quickly let us hug!”

“Boss, I’m a woman. I can coax the child!”

“No, I’ll hold it!” McCarthy turned down everyone else.

Finally, the doctor on the team said, “Give me the baby so I can check If he has any wounds.”

McCarthy finally had to hand over the child reluctantly and then they found that there was no wound on the child’s body. All the blood should have belonged to the pilot in the co*kpit.

“If it were me, I would die to protect this lovely child.” McCarthy snatched back the child, so he could hug it and sent someone to find the identification on the pilot’s body.

But as a result, there was no identification on the body at all.

“A child of this age should live on the Imperial Star, unless the identity of the child’s parents is not right…” McCarthy’s expression changed again, when he looked at the corpse. This person should not be a wanted criminal, right?

If this man was dead, he would take over the child!


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