In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 72.2 – They Are All Out Of Their Shells

Ren Sheng circled the three children in his arms and continued to look above. At this time, without the control of the higher civilization, the robots in the convention center had all stopped moving and Little Green had regained its freedom.

Parts of its body had been burned before, so after it regained its freedom, it rubbed against Elder Teng so he could comfort him. However, Elder Teng who used to spoil it very much, didn’t do so this time.

After holding Little Green in his hand, Elder Teng suddenly controlled it to grow long and then rolled up the mecha that had fallen to the ground and dragged out a person from it.

It was the female ability user.

She was very beautiful. Although she was in a mess now, her fiery red hair and eyes still made her look very dazzling. But the people around her looked at her without the slightest bit of admiration, only with a strong hatred.

This time in the convention and exhibition center, there were tens of thousands of dead and injured people.

Little green tightened more and more, cutting the flesh on that female ability user’s body, making her finally wake up while screaming in the Ruoya language. “My psychic power! My psychic power!”

Her words could only be understood by Ren Sheng, who had used his mental power to scan the language chip provided to Zhao Lingyu by Crohn. But he only felt happy when he understood it.

“It would be too cheap to just let you die like this!” Elder Teng smashed the woman on the ground, not hiding the hatred in his eyes at all.

Elder Fang was dead.

At the beginning, Elder Teng also hated Elder Fang, but he was equally clear that Elder Fang had never wronged him. If Elder Fang had not compromised at the beginning, he might have died, even if the other party later got together with another woman and had a child, he had already broken up with him by then.

His parents’ death was not caused by the Fang family either.

Rather, it was him who in a moment of anger destroyed the ancestral home of the Fang family.

He was actually weak-minded, so he insisted on not setting foot on Capital Star and it was only after talking with Elder Fang, that he let go of the past.

Elder Fang didn’t have many days to live, he knew it. But if he kept taking Nourishing Potions, he could always live a few more years, which wouldn’t be difficult with the Fang family’s financial resources.

He and Elder Fang had been good brothers for decades. Leaving aside that relationship, he had already made up his mind to accompany Elder Fang through his last years, so that neither side would have any regrets.

But as a result, Elder Fang unexpectedly died.

Elder Fang was still standing there, with cold air coming out of his body, but there was no breath of life left inside of him.

Fang Chengjun’s ability had been exhausted, so at this time when he stood beside his grandfather, the ever-present smile on his face had long since disappeared, leaving only blankness.

After his mother gave birth to him, she handed him over to Elder Fang and then started exploring, rarely ever returning to Capital Star. He was almost single-handedly brought up by Elder Fang and now, the old man was dead.

Seeing this scene, Gerd’s mouth moved as he suddenly got up and walked towards Fang Chengjun. Somehow, he felt that Fang Chengjun needed him the most now.

He himself also wanted to stand by Fang Chengjun’s side.

Elder Teng didn’t pay attention to this, as he commanded Little Green to rip off one of the female ability user’s fingers and then watched as the other party screamed in front of him.

He had always acted very kindly before, but now his whole person looked like a Shura. {Shura is used to describe intense emotions like – to be extremely furious or jealous.)

“Elder Teng, this is someone from the Ruoya Empire! They can destroy the entire Capital Star with a single warship, aren’t you afraid of provoking revenge from the Ruoya Empire if you hurt her like this?” The patriarch of the Locke family appeared from nowhere and looked at Elder Teng discontentedly, as he started to blame him.

Elder Teng stopped and looked at the old man in front of him. “Little Locke, when you were still very young, you started going around scheming, but I didn’t expect that you would still intensify your efforts when you become so old.”

“What did you say?” The Locke family patriarch’s expression changed.

There were two protective shields surrounding the convention center before, one of which shattered with a single smash. It was you who did it, right? Are you planning to sell out the whole human race and let it go to another civilization as a slave?” Elder Teng said, as Little Green parted and wrapped around him.

“Elder Teng, what are you talking about! I just didn’t want you to make a big mistake, but you actually tried to frame me and accuse me?” The Locke family patriarch dodged Little Green’s attack, his face unchanged in the slightest and was even righteous when he spoke.

However, Elder Teng didn’t care about what he said and just directly launched an attack.

“Elder Teng, if you do it again, that’s treason!” Finally the Locke family patriarch became anxious and as soon as his expression changed, he propped up a protective shield and at the same time commanded the Capital Star garrison troops gathered near him to surround Elder Teng.

Elder Fang was already dead, Elder Teng who was already at the end of his rope was not afraid at all.

You know, the people of the Ruoya Empire had promised him that they would make him the ruler of Capital Star, as long as he helped them figure out Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng’s secret.

He knew very well how strong the people of the Ruoya Empire were and although the other side had lost one person now, he still didn’t think they would fail.

The Locke family patriarch felt a little proud, but at this time, a small silver warship descended from the sky and stopped in front of him.

Seeing that warship, Ren Sheng immediately tried to stand up, but his legs had already turned into roots, so he had to give up on this idea. At this time, everyone also saw a man lying on the side of the warship, which was Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Lingyu was now burnt black and had many bruises on his body, but his momentum was still very strong. The energy that rolled around him even made all the ability users present can’t help feeling afraid.

He jumped down from the flank and then looked at the Locke family patriarch. “The Locke family colluded with the alien civilization to invade Capital Star. You deserve to die!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a strong wave of energy wrapped around his hand and rushed toward the patriarch of the Locke family, whose shield was shattered as his whole body flew backwards.

“Arrest him!” Zhao Lingyu said. After hearing his words, the people from the garrison brought by the Locke family patriarch, actually arrested the Locke family patriarch. Obviously, they trusted Zhao Lingyu more than the Locke family patriarch.

“Where is the child?” Ren Sheng asked hurriedly.

Zhao Lingyu’s expression froze, his face fleshing with remorse. “That mecha entered the wormhole.”

Humans now traveled through the universe. They could drive their warship slowly and honestly, so travel between the two farthest planets of the Human Federation in a warship took one year.

However, the Ruoya Empire had developed wormholes a long time ago. At first, they only used wormholes that already existed in the universe to shorten their voyage. But later they began to create their own wormholes to maintain them, so it only took a few days to come from the Ruoya Empire to the Human Federation.

Now there was a newly built small wormhole just outside the Capital Star.

Even such a small wormhole requires enormous energy to open it. This time, the person behind it definitely had a lot of money and now obviously this money was not spent in vain. At least Zhao Lingyu didn’t catch up with them.

When Zhao Lingyu was in space, Crohn was still chasing after the mecha and kept launching attacks, but at this time the mecha flew next to the wormhole.

Crohn and Keith struck together and shattered one of his legs, but still let him enter the wormhole. Seeing this scene, Zhao Lingyu originally wanted to go after him, but was finally stopped by Keith.

Keith’s warship was small, and he himself was pregnant so he was unable to cross the wormhole. Not to mention Zhao Lingyu who was still outside the warship.

Moreover, who knows if there would be a large number of people laying an ambush on the other side of the wormhole?

Because of this, in the end only Crohn chased after the mecha, while Keith took Zhao Lingyu back to Capital Star.

“Wormhole?” Ren Sheng clenched his teeth.

“Yes, the wormhole should lead to the Ruoya Empire. Crohn has already gone after it.” Zhao Lingyu said. Then he saw Ren Sheng and the children in his arms, who had already emerged from their shells. “Ren, I’m sorry.”

He didn’t want Ren Sheng to be harmed in the slightest and wanted to protect Ren Sheng and his children. But one of their children was taken right from under his nose!

“It’s my fault.” Ren Sheng said. He has lived for so many years. If he had a sense of crisis earlier…

“Ren, it was me who didn’t protect you. Ren?” Zhao Lingyu’s expression changed. He felt that there was something wrong with Ren Sheng’s aura.

“I’m going home.” Ren Sheng said. He was injured and lost a lot of blood. He could just barely maintain his human form, but now he could no longer do it.

Zhao Lingyu next to him took off his clothes and wrapped it around Ren Sheng and his children, and then hugged them and left.

Feeling Zhao Lingyu’s aura, Ren Sheng couldn’t control his desire to faint anymore. He closed his eye, but then suddenly opened them again “Demonic cultivator?”

Before, Zhao Lingyu had spiritual power and supernormal abilities, making his energy very chaotic but now… Zhao Lingyu became a demonic cultivator?

Just as he found this, Ren Sheng wasn’t able to think straight anymore and fell into a deep sleep.

At the same time, a small wormhole just opened up and a mecha with a broken leg came from it, moving forward.

In the co*kpit of the mecha, the injured male alien who was absorbed in controlling the mecha. His mecha already had considerable damage and if he wasn’t careful at this time, he would most likely be thrown out of the wormhole and land in who knows where in the universe.

The pilot was so preoccupied that he had no time to pay attention to the baby he had left in the corner of the co*kpit. Nor did he guard against it. What threat could a newborn baby be?

It was indeed just a soft baby, but after gnawing on its own eggshell, the baby suddenly reached for the mecha’s backup energy.

A moment later, he touched the energy center again.

“Insufficient energy? How can there be insufficient energy?” The male alien looked at the data on the mecha with a pain in his chest and despair flashed in his eyes.

He had been seriously injured and there were still pursuers behind him, if he could pass through the wormhole smoothly, he would be able to see the people who would pick him up. But now that his energy was exhausted and even the backup energy was suddenly gone…

“Ah…” a voice suddenly sounded in the silent co*kpit. The male alien suddenly found something wrapped around his injured leg.

This was the small child that had just opened its eyes. It’s dark eyes looked at the male alien without blinking. At the same time, some small tentacles suddenly appeared from his hand and completely entangled the male alien.

No matter whether it was the male alien’s ability or blood, he began to lose them rapidly and he also sadly found out that he himself was completely unable to break free.


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