In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 69.2 – Refining the Qi Replenishment Pill

He could barely drive the original mecha he made. He was only able to do it because he was an S-class ability user, with fast speed and familiarity with the machine armor. But as for the ordinary person, he was afraid it would take them a long time to practice just to walk with the mecha.

Such a heavy and troublesome machine armor was not as convenient as a warship at all!

However, the Ruoya civilization’s mecha seemed to be different from the way he studied it. What was mental strength?

Instead of looking at Crohn, Keith looked at Gerd. “Are you interested in mecha?”

Yes.” Gerd said at once.

I’ll teach you.” Keith said again.

Crohn shook all over and subconsciously tried to stop Gerd – what kind of mecha? If Gerd had really gone with him, he might be studied before he was able to learn about mecha.

But halfway through his action, Crohn stopped again. Keith was cold, but he was nice. At least he wouldn’t do anything to hurt other people.

“Mr. Keith, Gerd is in a special health now and he needs to stay here to recuperate.” Zhao Lingyu said. He couldn’t let the alien in front of him take Gerd away.

“I will live here, too.” ‘Keith said without hesitation.

There were more and more people living in his family’s house. If it goes on like this, there wouldn’t be enough guest rooms. Fortunately, the floating island above has already begun to be built. After arranging the accommodations for Gerd and Keith, Zhao Lingyu pulled Ren Sheng back to their room.

“Lingyu, that Keith is very strong!” Ren Sheng Immediately said as soon as he entered the room.

“I felt it.” Zhao Lingyu nodded. He thought he was very good before, but now he looked a bit bad compared to Crohn and Keith.

“Do you want to get stronger? Then let’s double cultivate.” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu with sparkling eyes.

In the previous month, Zhao Lingyu has been rejecting double cultivation. Although Ren Sheng couldn’t get refined soil, it would be difficult to absorb it without double cultivation, so he had been thinking about double cultivation for a long time.

“Ren…” Zhao Lingyu looked at Ren Sheng with a complex gaze.

“What’s wrong?” Ren Sheng asked in confusion.

“If you double cultivate, can you control yourself from growing taller?” Zhao Lingyu said, looking at Ren Sheng with hope in his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, Ren Sheng had changed from a young man who could sit in his arms to a 1,8m tall young man. He was very satisfied with this, but if he continued to grow…

“I’m afraid I can’t grow any taller.” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu with a face full of pity. “I transformed into human form, so it’s estimated that I can only be this height at most.” Although this experience to a certain extent affects the spirit human form, human form was still a human form.

Most of the people in the cultivation world were very tall. 1,8 was not short, but he probably wouldn’t be able to grow any taller.

“…” Zhao Lingyu felt helpless for a while. Obviously, he had made a decision a long time ago that he would ask Ren Sheng directly if he had any questions in the future, because he couldn’t guess randomly on his own. So how could he forget it again?

Although double cultivation occasionally made him feel helpless, it could improve the strength of both sides, which was also a good thing.

With a roll over, Zhao Lingyu directly pressed him down.

The next day, Ren Sheng, who was thinking of making some qi-supplementing pills for Gerd went to the backyard refreshed, intending to plant a few more plants, while Zhao Lingyu found Crohn.

“I want to talk about the cooperation between the Human Federation and the Ruoya Empire.”

“Cooperation?” Crohn looked at Zhao Lingyu with great interest.

There was the Ruoya Empire that was much stronger than the Human Federation hanging above his head, which was not a pleasant thing. Zhao Lingyu hoped that the Human Federation could get stronger.

The main content of this negotiation was that the Human Federation would provide Pregnancy Pills and Nourishing Potions, and allow people from the Ruoya Empire to come to study it. But at the same time, the Ruoya Empire would also give the Human Federation scientific and technological support to allow the Human Federation to study in the Ruoya civilization.

This negotiation was only preliminary and both sides only talked about the general direction. For those topics that are more in-depth and detailed, a lot of things needed to be studied before then.

Crohn sat in his chair and watched Zhao Lingyu get up and leave, his face showing some admiration.

Whether it was the Pregnancy Pill or Nourishing Potions, they were privately owned by the Zhao family. Just now he tried to encourage Zhao Lingyu to seek interests for himself and for the Zhao family, but Zhao Lingyu was unmoved and finally chose something useful to the entire Human Federation.

After a while Crohn took out his contact terminal and sent the situation here and Zhao Lingyu’s request back to the Empire.

In the Ruoya Empire waves were made again.

“If we really support the Human Federation in this way, it may eventually become stronger and stronger and they will want to annex us!”

“If not, shall we wait for extinction?”

“I don’t think it’s a problem. Even if the Human Federation wants to develop, it’s impossible to jump three times in a row. If we give them a little technology at random they won’t be able to surpass us by relying on that.”

“In fact, why don’t we accept the Human Federation? Human beings are very similar to us and they have no reproductive isolation. If the Human Federation is incorporated into the Ruoyan empire…”

“You’re crazy. Are you going to be on an equal footing with them?”




With regard to the attitude towards the Human Federation, the Ruoya Empire was roughly divided into two parts.

Some of them felt that since the Human Federation was once supported by the Ruoya Empire, it should belong to the Ruoya Empire, so the Human Federation would be completely obedient to them.

Some people were friendly to the Human Federation. Now that the Empire was short on people and the Human Federation happened to have many people, so they could increase the fertility rate. They felt that they could complement each other completely.

“All right, stop.” The emperor of the Ruoya Empire said. “It is still too early to cooperate with the Human Federation. We should first find out whether the Pregnancy Pill really will have that effect and then negotiate. Before that our attitude towards the Human Federation must be kind.”

He has no offspring, no brothers and now very few members of the royal family were left. Under such circumstances, he was very concerned about the Pregnancy Pill.

Although the royal family is not autocratic and most political matters were left to the parliament, since his Majesty, a nine ranked ability user spoke, it was impossible for others to object.

But there were still people who didn’t like it.

In the middle of the Empire, Prince Chapman was stopped by a middle-aged woman. “Your Highness, what do you think of his Majesty’s decision?”

“What can I think?” Prince Chapman hooked the corner of the mouth.

“Is Your Highness, the Prince, willing to let those lowly humans climb over our heads?” The middle-aged woman asked. Humans, in the eyes of some Ruoya people, were pretty much just dogs they raised for nothing. They could have their supernatural abilities thanks to them. Therefore, they were simply unwilling to talk to humans as equals.

“So what if you don’t want to?” Prince Chapman asked rhetorically.

He didn’t care about these humans, but if the emperor had a child because of those humans…

Whose will this empire be in the end?

When the Ruoya empire was surging, the Human Federation was also not calm.

Yang Ye took great pains to sow discord between Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu, but got nothing from it. The two people didn’t go out after the award ceremony.

Moreover, the people from the Ruoya Empire were also staying in the Zhao family house, not giving them any chance to get close.

Yang Ye became more and more restless. At this time Zhao stores also started to officially sell Nourishing Potions.

The price of the Nourishing Potion was one billion for one bottle. Which was very expensive. In addition to the sale, people who needed to buy the medicine but did not have enough money could also submit an application. After the verification of the Zhao family, if they really needed a Nourishing Potion they could receive it from the Zhao family as a free donation.

Of course, this donation was not to directly give them a potion, but to let the people who needed it stay in the Zhao family hospital and then drink the Nourishing Potion on the spot.

The Nourishing Potion sells very well and all the income was credited by Zhao Lingyu to Ren Sheng’s account.

It’s just that Ren Sheng really didn’t care too much about money. He doesn’t even know the password to his own bank card.

Ren Sheng, who had left all his belongings at Zhao Lingyu’s place, was researching the Qi Replenishment Pill at this time.

The essence of the Qi Replenishment Pill was different from the Face Nourishing Pill, and the Face Nourishing Pill was different from the Face Preserving Pill. It focuses more on maintenance and because of this, it was very useful for everything, but the effects were very average.

If Elder Teng didn’t eat countless beauty pills, it wouldn’t be possible for him to become younger. But for the diluted Nourishing Potion, the effect was much worse and there was very little spiritual energy inside.

Qi Pills were different from the Face Nourishing Pills.

Qi Replenishment Pills, which were used to replenish spiritual power, were necessary pills for every low-level cultivator in the cultivation world. They also have strong spiritual power far beyond that of the Face Nourishing Pills.

Gerd used a Pregnancy Pill to get pregnant, so he should need the Qi replenishment pill to replenish his spiritual power. In the future when his children are born, they will likely need the Qi replenishment pill as well.

Ren Sheng concentrated on refining the Qi replenishment pills, inputting his spiritual power. But after a long time, the result was still only some pill powder.

The powder was handed over to Elder Teng to study, as Ren Sheng took out another batch of spiritual plants.

Ren Sheng also knew that although this powder was a failure, it still had a certain effect. However, he still hoped that he could refine the finished product.

He didn’t know how long it took, but when Ren Sheng was going to clean up and go to Zhao Lingyu for double cultivation there were more than a dozen pills in the heater in front of him, which was made to imitate an alchemy furnace,

Qi Replenishment Pill refined.

Taking the Qi Replenishment Pills, Ren Sheng rushed out with great enthusiasm. Just after he went out, he saw that Gerd was walking on the courtyard, walking very slowly and fiddling with a mech model in his hand, while behind him, the expressionless Keith was holding a device and was observing Gerd’s babies that appeared on the device he was holding.

Are these two people mutually beneficial?


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