In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 44.1 – Let’s Go Together

The education he received from an early age made Zhao Lingyu feel that he should increase Ren Sheng’s knowledge, but from a selfish point of view, he didn’t want to do so.

If what Ren Sheng made was just a beauty medicine, it would be good to produce it properly to let Ren Sheng have a job, but now… if Ren Sheng was too dazzling, he was afraid that countless people would observe him.

“Lingyu, the effect of this medicine is that good…” Shen Qiushi looked at Zhao Lingyu with a bit of hope.

“Mother, although the effect of this medicine is good, the raw materials can only be grown by Ren Sheng. It can hurt his body if he grows too many of these plants.” Zhao Lingyu said, “So even if this medicine is effective, it’s only like this. You shouldn’t tell Aunt Feng too much.”

Seeing Zhao Lingyu’s gloomy expression, Shen Qiushi did not doubt him. “I know… Ren, this child knew this medicine was so precious but he still gave it to me. Why?”

“Ren is like that.” Zhao Lingyu said, glorifying Ren Sheng in front of his own mother.

Thinking of Ren Sheng first saving Zhao Lingyu and then Zhao Peng, Shen Qiushi cherished Ren Sheng even more. “This child… you do not need to worry, I certainly won’t say anything.”

Seeing Shen Qiushi leave, Zhao Lingyu returned to his own room. Once inside, he saw Ren Sheng sitting cross legged on the bed holding something.

Seeing this scene, his heart suddenly settled down.

In fact, it was only right to not let this medicine come out. If Ren Sheng wanted to grow these plants he needed refined soil and only he could give him refined soil. This was the only way it could be produced. Under such circumstances, mass production was also not possible.

“You don’t want to let others know about the Nourishing Face Pill?” Ren Sheng opened his eyes. He had heard the conversation between Zhao Lingyu and Shen Qiushi.

“Yes,” said Zhao Lingyu. “Don’t you not have enough refined soil as it is? We certainly can’t waste any more refined soil on those spiritual pills.”

“You’re right!” Ren Sheng strongly agreed. “Now we don’t know how much refined soil the children will need, let alone if we will need to use refined soil to plant them when the time comes. It’s better to save a little. From now on we will deposit refined soil once every two days and I will save all that cannot be used.”

Ren Sheng’s face was very serious, but Zhao Lingyu once again did not say anything. When a child grows, it needs to be planted in soil? Was it really okay to use this kind of liquid to plant them? Was this really OK?

Ren Sheng was completely unable to understand Zhao Lingyu’s mood as he was now happily absorbing the refined soil and trying to communicate with his children.

Unfortunately, these four children could not give him any response except their heartbeat, because the seeds were a bit different this time, he still doesn’t know when these seeds will grow.

Rubbing his head, Ren Sheng’s expression changed again and again.

Looking at Ren Sheng’s reaction, Zhao Lingyu once again felt that Ren Sheng was like a child who did not know anything. So what else could be expected from boiling the frog in lukewarm water?!.

Ren Sheng was all right and Zhao Lingyu planned to go back to the First Legion to deal with the news from various garrisons. But at this moment his contact watch rang.

The message was sent by the military Department, saying that there was an urgent military situation which required him to go to the Central Building immediately.

Military emergency? The last emergency was the discovery of the Zerg Queen. What was it this time? Zhao Lingyu frowned slightly, but when he looked at Ren Sheng, his expression softened again “Ren, I have something to do so I need to go. Wait for me here.”

“Alright.” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu and nodded.

Zhao Lingyu seening Ren Sheng nod, quickly boarded the aircraft, and went to the central building.

This time, of course, it wouldn’t be another Zerg Queen. In fact, the so-called urgent military situation this time was that some star pirates attacked the Human Federation’s mineral resource star, 12534. There were some rare energy mines on that planet which were important to the Human Federation. However, the star pirates not only attacked it, but even occupied it, robbing a large number of commercial or civilian spaceships based on it, affecting whole star domains.

“Those star pirates are simply lawless! We must teach them a good lesson! Save the people of the Human Federation who were hijacked!” The military and the Parliament were filled with righteous indignation.

Zhao Lingyu took it all in. “What’s the situation on Planet 12534 now?”

“Now the entire planet 12534 is completely under the control of star pirates and any news can’t get out at all.” Yang Ye said.

“What do you plan to do?” Zhao Lingyu asked again. In his opinion, instead of wasting time verbally fighting against the star pirates here, it would be better to find a way to end this matter earlier.

“We decided to send our troops to retake planet 12534.”

“Who’s going?” Zhao Lingyu asked again.

“Marshal Zhao, you were appointed marshal after defeating the Zerg Queen. Since then, you have not made any military contributions and the First Legion has not been in battle. We intend to appoint you to recapture planet 12534 this time.”

“Marshal, this group of star pirates threatened to do so in retaliation against Elder Teng who had killed many star pirates before. They even used the entire planet 12534 as a hostage to see Elder Teng, who is now in your legion.”

“Lingyu, although you don’t have your ability anymore this is just a group of star pirates. I’m afraid if they see the First Legion they will simply try to run away, so this matter is as simple as picking up some military achievement for nothing.” Yang Ye said while smiling, but there was no warmth in his eyes.

“Why doesn’t General Yang go?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“I’d like to go, but I asked for a wedding leave the day before yesterday,” Yang Ye said with a smile. “Lingyu, I will wait for your triumphant return to drink my wedding wine.”

What else could Zhao Lingyu not understand at this time? There was no doubt that it was Yang Ye who wanted him to deal with this group of star pirates.

However, the Human Federation’s First Legion was by no means something that a group of star pirates could deal with, so what exactly did Yang Ye wanted to do?

Zhao Lingyu frowned slightly, but still agreed to take care of it.

No matter what Yang Ye was thinking, as long as he wasn’t a fool he won’t do such a thing again, right after someone just framed the First Legion. Therefore there was no need to worry about his safety.

Moreover, even if he does not agree at this time, Yang Ye may have some other ways to force him to agree.

Seeing Zhao Lingyu agree so readily, Yang Ye’s face flashed with a trace of surprise.

He had been prepared for Zhao Lingyu’s refusal and even thought of some special moves, but as a result, Zhao Lingyu agreed very quickly…

This meant that Zhao Lingyu was not afraid of him setting him up.

At this time, on the contrary, Yang Ye became uneasy and couldn’t help but suspect that Zhao Lingyu had prepared some conspiracy.

Zhao Lingyu did not plan any conspiracy, but since Yang Ye asked him to go, he must also have some reaction. “I agree, but I think with the current situation of planet 12534, we must find a good consul to deal with the follow-up affairs, or even immigration. I think Ethan Locke is very suitable, in addition, the energy mine of planet 12534 has been contracted to the Fang family, so why don’t Fang Chengjun also go to check out  the situation?

Ethan Locke was the eldest son of the Locke family and unlike Matthew who was the second son of the Locke family who was previously mixed with Wen Yue and had A-level ability. Ethan had S-level defense ability and was the pride of and the future successor of the Locke family.

Fang Chengjun needless to say, was the only son of the Fang family.

With this sentence, Zhao Lingyu clearly meant that he wanted to tie the Locke family and Fang family to his warship.

The patriarch of the Locke family had been smiling at Yang Ye’s scheming against Zhao Lingyu, intending to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight. But he did not expect that in the blink of an eye, his own son would be taken along with them. His face changed, although he had two sons, they were not very good. Matthew was a dandy and Ethan was too rigid and dogmatic to go there.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t give him the chance to refuse as he continued, “I have not yet recovered from my injuries and my ability is gone. I will have to rely on Ethan to help me.”

Zhao Lingyu looked straight at those people in front of him, making them feel guilty for no reason.

Zhao Lingyu was still wounded, but he was going to exterminate the star pirates. They really had no reason to stop Ethan. Moreover, Ethan has been staying on Capital Star so it was reasonable for him to go to other star regions now – without such a resume it was impossible for the Locke family to make Ethan move up.

The head of the Locke family immediately looked at Yang Ye, and others also paid close attention to Yang Ye’s reaction.

Yang Ye was very calm. “This should be the right thing to do. Planet 12534 now really needs more people to support the construction.” He didn’t intend to ‘leave’ Zhao Lingyu there, he only wanted to get more information about the First Legion. In any case there shouldn’t be any great danger this time.

By the time Zhao Lingyu returned home that night, his trip to Planet 12534 had already been decided, and even the media of Capital Star had reported on it.

“Lingyu, you are still injured, how can you deal with the star pirates?” Shen Qiushi frowned tightly.

“Mother, it’s fine.” Zhao Lingyu reassured her. What he was going to deal with this time was not a powerful Zerg Queen so there was no need to worry about anything.

“Forget it, I don’t care about you anymore… Ren Sheng and I will wait for you at home.” Shen Qiushi sighed.

“Auntie, I’m not waiting for Zhao Lingyu to come back.” Ren Sheng, who had his head buried in his food, suddenly said, “I want to go along.”

“Ren, what are you going to do?” Shen Qiushi hurriedly said.

“If I don’t follow Zhao Lingyu, I’ll be hungry.” Ren Sheng said. Refined soil once every three days, he didn’t want to miss it even once!


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