Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 32 – Godness of Shitan Xin

The reason for the fight between Shu Yanyan and Qiu Congxue was unusually simple. Qiu Congxue sent Baili Qingmiao to the Underworld’s Fire Altar and returned to the main altar to resume her duties. Then she met Baili Qingmiao at the main altar, Shu Yanyan did not expect that Qiu Congxue would be still alive so she lost her mind for a whole and couldn’t look away from her.

Since Qiu Congxue’s cultivation changed to the scattered immortal, the body under her black robe became bumpy and curvy, losing the texture of the old white bones and countless bloody and horrible ghosts, because of which she always had some inferiority complex about it. In the Underworld Fire Altar she also tried to avoid her former subordinates, afraid to lose the face of ghost cultivation.

At this moment, seeing Shu Yanyan staring at her she immediately thought she was laughing at her so she said unhappily: “Who allowed you to look at me?”

“What’s wrong with me looking at you,” Shu Yanyan said, holding her head proudly: “It’s your honor for this Protector to look at you.”

Then the two of them fought with this simple reason.

When Wen Renhe arrived with Yin Hanjiang, Qiu Congxue chased after Shu Yanyan all over the mountain. Altar master Ruan sneaked on Qiu Congxue from the side: “Let you take in so many disgusting subordinates, I will… I will kill you!”

In a short time, altar master Ruan would probably not dare to say dirty words to curse people. Wen Renhe finally nodded with satisfaction, their Xuanyuan sect finally had a bit of appearance.

“Stop.” Wen Renhe held the Seven Killing Stars halberd in one hand and drank lightly with another. The three people felt the pressure far beyond Mahayana realm so they simply could not figure out how strong Wen Renhe was not. They immediately cupped their hands and knelt down in front of Wen Renhe.

Qiu Congxue said first: “Venerable, subordinate…”

“This Venerable already knows.” Wen Renhe interrupted her: “You can stay at the main altar for a while, and then bring Baili Qingmiao back to the Shangqing sect when the matter is completed.”

“Venerable, my Underworld Fire Altar ……” Qiu Congxue suddenly hesitated for a moment: “Forget it, it’s better to give it up for now.”

Her position in Xuanyuan Sect now was a bit embarrassing. Just now Qiu Congxie almost suppressed Shu Yanyan in a fight so in Xuanyuan Sect except Wen Renhe, she was now the strongest. But now the positions of the two protectors and four altar masters were full, Qiu Congxue line of sight swept from altar master Yuan to altar master Ruan, trying to pick a target. Should she slaughter the other person and grab their position? Then whose altar was better?

Just seeing her gaze, altar master Yuan felt chills so he hurriedly said: “Venerable, Xuanyuan Sect main altar affairs are heavy and needs to coordinate with other sub altars. Altar master Qiu’s brain, ahem, personality is not suitable to take over the main altar so I think altar master Ruan turtle altar would be more suitable for her.”

“Master Yuan, your calculations are good!” Altar master Ruan said angrily.

“You don’t have to worry, this Venerable already has a plan.” Wen Renge said: “Altar master Qiu has achieved great merit so from now on she will be promoted to the protector and will be ranked above the four altar masters.”

Shu Yanyan’s face stiffened, she did not dare to resist Wen Renhe so she immediately looked at the altar master Yuan with poisonous eyes. Since she could no longer be a protector at worst she will become the main altar master.

Altar master Yuan’s back was full of sweat, for Qiu Congxue he could use her low IQ as an excuse but what he could do about protector Shu?

“This Venerable is talking about the left protector.” Wen Renhe said.

At this time the Shu protector and altar masters breathed a sigh of relief, Qiu Congxue was satisfied with her promotion and becoming Shu Yanyan equal so the inferiority complex in her heart finally slowed down.

Yin Hanjiang looked deeply at Wen Renhe. He never cared about status or power, these things that protector Shu and other altar masters were fighting about, these things Venerable would just throw to him casually.

Feeling the line of sight of Yin Hanjiang, Wen Renhe said: “Yin Hanjiang, the former left protector will become the deputy patriarch of Xuanyuan sect. In the future his words will be as good as mine.”

Sure enough, Yin Hanjiang bowed his head calmly showing only respect toward him.

Shu Yanyan frowned and felt that something was wrong. It was only when Wen Renhe took Patriarch Yin and Altar Master Miao to the Underworld Fire Altar that she thought clearly. Yan Hanjiang, who was at her level before was now above, while Qiu Congxue who was on a similar level to her had her status decreased instead of raised.

Qiu Congxue was happy for a moment but now…

The left and right protectors looked at each other and could only see the animosity in each other’s eyes.

Wen Renhe did not pay attention to the love-hate relationship between the new left protector and right protector. He left slowly with altar master Miao who was fast to escape and quickly came to the foot of the Underworld Fire Altar with Yin Hanjiang. After landing he asked: “Protector Yin….. Patriarch Yin you have been in a bad mood recently. Are you dissatisfied with the arrangements of this Venerable?”

If it was Shu Yanyan he would try to figure out what the lord meant, wherever he was dissatisfied with himself, and how to respond but Yin Hanjiang just replied bluntly: “If I can take just one step closer to my lord, it would be enough to fill this subordinate with joy. How could I be dissatisfied.”

“Then why do I feel that you have recently moved further away from me?” Wen Renhe looked carefully at Yin Hanjiang but saw that his head was bowed and he could not see his face so he becomes somewhat displeased: “This Venerable does not like you kneeling to me, does not like you bowing your head, does not like not seeing your face.”

Yin Hanjiang obediently raised his head to look at Wen Renhe properly, his eyes were full of extremely complicated emotions, similar to admiration, but with more things that Wen Renhe could not tell apart.

“That’s right, you are already the vice patriarch, every word and deed represents the meaning of this venerable. Show me your aura.” Wen Renhe encouraged Yin Hanjiang.

Yes.” Yin Hanjiang’s gaze gradually became firm.

What feelings he had for the devil venerable will not affect his relationship with the venerable. The most important person in Yin Hanjiang’s heart was Wen Renhe and this will not change in any way, which was enough.

Wen Renhe was very concerned about the Baili Qingmiao and Zhong Liqian situation so he and Yin Hanjiang concealed their forms and came to the place where Baili Qingmiao was being imprisoned.

Baili Qingmiao was laying flat on the wooden bed, blindfolded and on the chair next to her sat the altar master.

The darkness in Underworld Fire Altar was so heavy that even sunlight could not shine through so even during the day it looked gloomy. The altar master Shitan put an oil lamp on the table, coughed lightly twice before taking out a needle and putting it on the oil lamp to forge.

“What are you?” Baili Qingmiao’s voice was mixed with a hint of trembling, her chest was rising and falling nervously, but her voice was still strong “Where is my master? What have you done to my master? If you dare to hurt even a hair on her head, I will make you pay back ten times, no hundred times in the future!”

“Cough cough.” He coughed before he spoke, and only after he had coughed enough he said: “Who would dare to mess with her, you should worry about yourself first.”

As he said it he took two needles in his hand, one needle pierced on the tip of Baili Qingmiao middle finger as he took two drops of her heart blood. Then he took another silver needle with the blood of Zhong Liqian fingertip and removed Baili Qingmiao’s blindfold.

When Baili Qingmiao opened her eyes, she saw herself in a dark room with a sickly-looking man sitting next to her. The man’s face was only in his twenties, making him look extremely young. He had an extremely white complexion, so white that his fingertips were almost transparent in the dim light of the oil lamp.

He was dressed in a light white coat over a black robe with a black and brown fur collar making his face look even paler. With his long eyelashes down he was focused on the silver needles in his hands. He silently recited the heart technique as his hand performed spiritual technique , Baili Qingmiao has never seen any person perform the spiritual technique so fast as she could only see the residual shadow.

“Set!” The altar master Shitan called, his index and middle fingers together pointing at the silver needle the incantation had been completed.

Next, as long as the two drops of blood go into Baili Qingmiao eyes, she will always see Zhonh Liqian at first glance, no matter where she was in the future.

“Speaking of which, I’ve been casting spells for so many years, but this is the first time I’ve gotten such a spell casting request.” The Shitan altar master muttered while dripping blood: “Venerable is really an impenetrable person.”

He first dropped blood in her left eye and just as his hand moved to her right eye his finger jumped violently and the second drop of blood did not enter Baili Qingmiao eye and slipped down to the tip of her nose.

“What’s wrong?” Shitan altar master raised his dry and thin hand and turned it overlooking at it: “Strange, how can it shake?”

“What have you done to me? What did you drip into my eye?!” Baili Qingmiao braced herself not to cry, gritting her teeths.

Crying is for people who care about you, not for showing weakness in front of your enemies! Although Baili Qingmiao loved to cry, she would not do something so useless at this time.

“It’s not right.” Altar master Shitan moved his eyes to Baili Qingmiao’s face, then his whole person froze.

Wen Renhe who was secretly observing everything from the outside the room, also felt that the state of Shitan was not right. He quickly pulled out 《Abusive Love Affair》and found that the handwriting on it was changing wildly.

In the original book on the day of He Wenchao and Purple Spirit Pavilion master wedding, Baili Qingmiao first escaped with the help of Zhong Liqian and parted with him after exchanging names. On the wedding night, she met Wen Renhe who had always cared for her. Wen Renhe accompanied her through that difficult night and promised to become deity so he could help her arrange Cowherd and the Weaving Maiden stars together.

Today happened to be the day of He Wenchao and Liu Xinye wedding, Baili Qingmiao was not surrounded by male lead no.2 and no.3 anymore and the only one left was altar master Shitan who was casting a spell on her.

Wen Renhe watched as the words in the book became: Under the light of the candlelight Shitan looked at the tear-stained Baili Qingmiao, attracted by her fragile yet strong posture. Under the candle’s light Baili Qingmiao’s body seemed to be shrouded in a faint divine light making Shitan’s heart confused.

Wen Renhe: “…”

Seeing divine light, could the altar master Shitan also see the divine light? This passage was clearly given to Wen Renhe before, but now it changed to another person.

This line also emerged in the mind of Master Shitan as he raised the oil lamp and carefully observed Baili Qingmiao’s face. Pinching his fingers he measured the heavenly opportunity, and after arriving at the answer, he coughed violently.

He coughed too violently, as if he was about to cough out his lungs. Baili Qingmiao who listened to the sound felt alarmed, feeling that the person next to her would soon cough to death.

Wen Renhe frowned, Yin Hanjiang hurriedly put on a ghost mask and appeared in the room single-handedly picking up Shitan Xin and dragging him out leaving only Baili Qingmiao alone in the room full of confusion.

“My lord, cough cough cough ……” Shitan Xin caught furiously, and it took him a long him to calm down and say breathlessly: “I can’t seem to lay a hand on her anymore.”


Shitan Xin replied from his heart: “This subordinate cultivates seven sufferings of the earth, “life, old age, disease, death, resentment, separation and no desire”. This was originally converted from the Buddhist path, cultivators must experience the taste of a hundred diseases, five labors and seven injuries as well as the suffering of the world before they can ascend this path. But when I looked at this woman, I had the feeling of being shocked by the divine power.”

“It was as if she should have been this subordinate’s superior, one level higher than altar master Qiu and the venerable …… No, no, no, no, no more than the venerable. Once I saw her, it was as if .… altar master Miao gu worms met the gu worm mother. It was like a demonic desire to live for her, die for her and give everything for her.”

Wen Renhe: “…”

In the previous life Baili Qianmiao was the innate goodness of calamity, disease and death. It was not the source of his cultivation so even if he ascended to become a god he would not be following Baili Qingmiao.


The author has something to say


In today small theater, Shu Yanyan and altar master Qiu beginning of fight –

Altar master Qiu: What are you looking at?

Protector Shu: Just looking at you.

Altar master Qiu: who told you to? Just look at the ground!

Protector Shu: I’m looking at you today, so what?

Altar master Qiu: Then try looking at me again!

Protector Shu: Just try it!

Altar master Qiu: Go ahead!


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