Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 33.1 – Unexpected

Wen Renhe did not feel angry he had already adapted to the plot’s connivance. The reality development becoming from time to time too close to the original plot was something that should be a normal phenomenon.

They reversed the fate of the heavens, constantly reversing the plot, but the original fate was still resisting. In this case, occasionally, the original plot would be stuck to someone who was originally not related which was normal.

So, do you have admiration for Baili Qingmiao?” Wen Renhe asked.

He suddenly found that the choice was more than just Zhong Liqian alone, this altar master… Wen Renhe carefully measured the division altar master, in addition to having a sickly appearance he was born quite good looking. With the physique of the Shitan altar master he was able to take in and release the sickness Qi freely. No matter who he double cultivated with the other person could die from his illness and only ghost cultivators could withstand the sickness Qi from his body which was also one of the reasons why Wen Renhe placed the Shitan Xin in the Underworld Fire Altar.

The only woman in the world who will not be afraid of the sickness Qi of altar master Shitan, wasn’t that also kind of unique?

Wen Renhe looked kindly at this ‘spare tire’ he had chosen for Baili Qingmiao. When Shitan Xin felt Wen Renhe’s expectation, he shook his head wildly and said: “Cough cough, how come? The only person I am loyal to is you, my lord.”

The meaning was, today when Wen Renhe was the devil Venerable of the demonic sect Shitan Xin will be loyal to Wen Renhe. But if Shu Yanyan succeeds in usurping the throne tomorrow, Shitan Xin would still be loyal to Devil Venerable. There was no problem; he was absolutely loyal to the Xuanyuan sect.

Hearing it Wen Renhe suddenly became disinterested, waving his hand he said: “Since you can’t do it to Baili Qingmiao let’s put it aside first. Go and put Zhong Liqian under the spell.”

Shitan Xin hurriedly retreated and thought the window looked at Baili Qingmiao, slightly shaking his head. Deeply in his heart he wanted to help this woman but… Venerable already ordered it so he had to do it. He might as well give her a hand in some harmless place in the future.

Seeing his performance, Wen Renhe shook his head in great disappointment and said: “Even against the orders of this venerable he can’t try to secretly save her, unworthy of using it!”

Altar master Miao who had just arrived: “…”

The so-called “using” of the Lord, was it to disobey his orders? Then he understands why Protector Shu has been able to sit in the position of Protector, in this aspect of secretly playing behind Wen Renhe’s back, Miao Qiuqing was indeed ashamed of himself.

The altar master Miao entered the room and continued to blindfold Baili Qingmiao with a cloth, feeding her gu worm and then left to give Zhong Liqian gu worm as well.

Zhong Liqian had just been enchanted by the master Shitan and then given Gu worm by master Miao. He was awake all that time and naturally knew that these two had done something bad to him but he was not afraid. Originally he was always worried that Wen Renehe would use him to deal with the Zhong family, or use Zhong Liqian fame in the common world to compel the students to establish a cult to enhance the strength of Wen Renhe.

At this moment, neither of these two things he was worried about happened. Zhong Liqian had read a lot of books and he also had a much better vision than Baili Qingmiao. When the blood dropped into his eyes, he could tell that it was a spell that relied on blood to track someone, which had no effect on his mind. The gu worm that altar master Miao applied to his abdomen he also knew as compulsion Gu, this kind of gu worm could make people’s emotions connected with another person, which was a variation of the love compulsion. Miao Jiang used it to sense the mood of their husbands.

According to legend, the reason why Miao Jiang cultivated compulsion Gus was because Miao Jiang women found that even if her husband loved her deeply it did not stop him from seeking other beauties. Some men separate lust and love so clearly that they can love a woman deeply while having sex with another woman and then after the fact turn their face and not even recognize them.

In order to completely subdue her husband, Miao Jiang cultivated compulsion Gu so that if her husband became interested in other women she could immediately sense it.

Zhong Liqian knew that this compulsion Gu did not have the ability to affect the human mind, you don’t need to listen to the mother Gu and you can only sense each other which was experienced emotionally in two-way. If one was strong willed, he could be completely unaffected by the other’s emotions, and can also suppress the other in turn.

“Master Wen Renhe should know that these two methods can not control me, so why is he doing it? Is it because he wants Liqian to track someone down for him?” Zhong Liqian asked: “But Liqian is not good at tracking, instead of looking for me, he should send a more skilled cultivator to do it.”

Zhong Liqian was a smart man, he had been thinking these days about what Wen Renhe was trying to do to him and for what purpose. During the days when he was a guest at the Underworld Fire Altar he often played chess against himself with the chess pieces and came up with countless possibilities, only to find out at this moment that he had guessed wrong.

“Venerable’s mind is profound and unpredictable, not something we can guess.” Altar master Shitan said: “It is better for Lord Zhong to obediently listen to the commands of Venerable, cough cough.”

He knew clearly that Baili Qingmiao was Wen Renhe’s favorite disciple, but now she was robbed by Qiu Congxue. He also knew clearly what compulsion Gu was used for, plus Wen Renhe had just said that he was “unfit for use”. With the above clues together, he thought that Venerable may want to use the hands of the Zhong family to get rid of Qiu Congxue who became a scattered immortal and take back his favorite disciples.

Of course, he would not tell Zhong Liqian his guess and after completing his task he left directly. The method of lifting compulsion Gu was handed by altar master Miao to Wen Renhe so the rest depended on Wen Renhe himself.

After the two altar masters left, Baili Qingmiao desperately broke free from the rope and sneaked out of the room. Seeing no one around, she did not escape, but went back inside to look for her master Qing Xue.

The two people who appeared were unpredictable. How could she escape from the rope as an ordinary Nascent Soul realm cultivator? There must be some conspiracy, maybe the other party was waiting for her to escape. Instead of foolishly planning by herself she better go find Master Qiu Xue who was a scattered immortal with profound skills, the two of them escaping together will be easier then her alone.

Wen Renhe originally thought that Baili Qingmiao would flee towards the exit, where an illusion formation had been set up. As soon as Baili Qingmiao would flee toward that direction, she would encounter a ghostly wall, and would go to the room where Zhong Liqian was being held, but she was smarter than he thought.

“Strange, is Baili Qingmiao such a smart person?” Wen Renhe frowned, always feeling that there was something that deviated from his plan.

If Baili Qingmiao went toward the exit she would find Zhing Liqian, but after going inside  there were countless ghosts hidden in the depths of Underworld Fire Altar!

Just after walking two steps in she heard a cry,  she couldn’t help but walk over and pat the other person on shoulder and asked: “Girl, did you also get caught here?”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.” The person in red only cared about crying with a trembling liver, so sad, so sad.

Baili Qingmiao listened to it with some heartache, thinking that this girl may have encountered something bad and become even more worried about her master Qing Xue.

“Wuwuwuwuwuwu, they, they finally elected me to meet him, why me, wuwuwuwuwuwu ……” the person in red cried: “Obviously so many of my  fellow cultivators want to get close to the master Ruan. Let them go! I don’t want to!”

“What did they force you to do?” Baili Qingmiao asked cautiously, for fear of touching the girl’s sore spot.

“Forced, Forced me….” The person in red was out of  breath, slowly turning around and raising his head: “They said I looked the ugliest and forced me to kiss altar master Ruan.”

“Ah !!!!” Seeing the face of the person in red, Baili Qingmiao uncontrollably screamed out, what kind of a face was this?! The eyes hanged from the eye sockets, the face was half rotten and his tongue had maggots crawling around, more importantly, this person …… seems to be a man.

The man in red clasped Baili Qingmiao’s arm, holding her up as he pointed to his face and asked: “It’s not that I don’t want to be with Lord Ruan but he scolded me and said that I will put bugs on him. There are obviously my little babies, do you think they are ugly? Look at one section after another, arch after arch, they are obviously so cute.”

“Ah!!! Don’t you touch me!” Baili Qingmiao used all her genuine Qi to push the other person away, she was a Nascent Soul cultivator and with all her strength she could only push the other person for half a meter.


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