Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 53 – Heart Demons Illusions

Zhong Liqian wanted to refuse, he was a Mahayana realm cultivator, with his cultivation and wisdom no one could stop him unless Yin Hanjiang abolished his cultivation. Also, since Yin Hanjiang wanted Zhong Liqian to work for him, he had to be treated with courtesy, and not like a prisoner.

He was about to argue his case and persuade Yin Hanjiang when he heard the man in the red robe say: “Zhong Liqian, do you know what was the first thing I wanted to do after I returned to the sect?”

Zhong Liqian’s heart trembled slightly as he said: “I might know a thing or two.”

“According to my plan, I will send Xuanyuan sect disciplines to collect some scattered cultivators and a small sect of righteous path. Those who are willing to join the Xuanyuan sect can be accepted after making a soul oath, and those who are unwilling will be asked for their cultivation method and then killed.” Yin Hanjiang said emotionlessly: “In three years, all cultivators except the great sects and big cultivation families will be under the Xuanyuan sect. At that time, we will start with the relatively weak sects, control their disciples and break them down one by one.”

Yin Hanjiang laughed mockingly and said: “I am not venerable, I don’t care about the death of the Xuanyuan Sect’s disciples, nor do I care about the lives of the innocent. As long as I can get to the point of achieving my goal, I will do whatever I need too.”

“Zhong Liqian, it was your words that persuaded me so you need to take the responsibility for disrupting my plans.”

“This ……” Zhong Liqian checked Yin Hanjiang’s state with his divine sense and made sure that what he said was true.

“Revenge must be taken, since you don’t want me to mess up the whole cultivation world, do your best to stop me. I will not imprison you Zhong Liqian whether you will be the altar master or not, you can decide for yourself!” Yin Hanjiang said and got up, turning around and leaving the main hall, leaving the final choice to Zhong Liqian.

Zhong Liqian smiled bitterly for a moment, he knew that Yin Hanjiang was telling him that once he left, he would follow his original plan.

He also didn’t lied, in Hanjiang really did not care about the Xuanyuan Sect, he also did not care about the cultivation world or people living in this world the only person worth caring about in this world was Wen Renhe and in order to avenge Wen Renhe, Yin Hanjiang would do anything.

Does lord Zhong still want to leave?” Shu Yanyan said happily.

Zhong Liqian sighed: “Patriarch Yin is as well versed in the hearts of people as lord Wen Renhe, who always disdained conspiracy and tricks. They have always been open and upright, but this plot… is more difficult to deal with than intrigue.”

“Then Yanyan will go to prepare a place to live for altar master Zhong. It would not be good to live in Qiu Congxue pavilion all the time, right?” Shu Yanyan said.

“Protector Shu doesn’t seem to care about Patriarch Yin’s condition, aren’t you worried about him causing chaos?” Zhong Liqian asked.

Shu Yanyan said: “Altar master Zhong, you will worry about it so why should Yanyan worry about the sky falling when there is such a smart person to support it. As for me, I don’t demand anything, but having good looking people around me, at least it’s pleasing to the eye. “

Listening to her crisp laughter, Zhong Liqian could not help saying: “Protector Shu has great wisdom.”

He then accepted his fate and followed Shu Yanyan to take over the general altar, no one was worried that Zhong Liqian would not be able to subdue altar master Yuan underlings with his ability, so rectification of the general altar was only a matter of a month or so.

A large pile of jade slips with the history of Xuanyuan sect, discipline roster and regulations of Xuanyuan sect were thrown to Zhong Liqian. In the cultivation world, one jade slip could hold as much information as a carload of books.At this moment, there are hundreds of jade slips here alone, Shu Yanyan put the pile of jade slips on the table and blushed a little, slightly emotional she said: “Young Master Zhong doesn’t need to worry too much, you give off a special flavor because of your white hair but if you become bald Yanyan will no longer like you.”

Zhong Liqian: “…… Liqian will try his best.”

While Shu Yanyan was teasing Zhong Liqian wantonly, Yin Hanjiang arrived at Wen Renhe’s former room, which now belonged to him.

Wen Renhe was a minimalist and unlike Shu Yanyan who threw her beds all over her rooms, his room only had four chairs, and a bed that could only accommodate two adults.

The rest of the large space was for cultivation, the floor was painted with formation patterns and as long as the spiritual stones were placed at the opening of the formation, the formation would be completed.

Yin Hanjiang came to the bed that venerable seldom laid down upon but often used for meditation and cultivation.

He stared at the simple wooden bed for a while, took off his boots, and laid down still fully clothed. His head resting on the pillow that his lord rarely used.

“Putong”, “Putong” The sound of his heartbeat at this moment was louder than the drumming of Burning Sky Drum. Yin Hanjiang counted his heartbeat and closed his eyes in pain.

When his lord was around, he often listened to his teachings in this room. Sometimes when Wen Renhe was reading a book and didn’t speak, Yin Hanjiang, who was quietly waiting for him, would become distracted. Sometimes he would look at Wen Renhe’s handsome face, and sometimes he would stare at the bed and lose his concentration.

What was he thinking at that time? Yin Hanjiang thought quietly.

He didn’t remember.

“You remember, right?” A familiar voice came from the front of the bed. It was none other than venerable, Yin Hanjiang did not open his eyes knowing it was all fake.

Patriarch Yin, what you were thinking was how nice it would be if you could secretly lie on this bed for a while, wasn’t it?” The voice intensified, getting closer and closer.

Yin Hanjiang opened his eyes and saw “Wen Renhe” standing in front of him wearing only a white clothes.

When he looked at “Wen Renhe” steadily and saw that the phantom got into the bed, lying on his side beside Yin Hanjiang, and whispered: “This Venerable doesn’t mind sleeping with Patriarch Yin.”

Yin Hanjiang patted the bed and sat up, his eyes locked on this “Wen Renhe” as if he was facing his own poor heart.

He once said to Zhong Liqian: ““If there is no desire, there will be no suffering, If there is only love, there will never be resentment.”

He had always believed that these words were from his heart without any hypocrisy. But the reason why love sins are called sins is precisely because it is difficult to cover up delusional thoughts. How is it possible not to ask for it, how is it possible to have unrequited thoughts? Even when he had not yet had such thoughts, he would feel that the wine in the Venerable’s cup was sweeter and would want to steal a sip. When he realized that he had fallen in love his delusion could not be controlled at all.

“Patriarch Yin, come here.” The “Wen Renhe” on the invited Yin Hanjiang: “Or would you like to be called by just Hanjiang?”

“That’s enough!” Yin Hanjiang shouted angrily, he jumped from the bed and wanted to hold the “Wen Renhe” but it was in vain.

His arms were empty.

Yin Hanjiang stared blankly at the empty bed, where “Wen Renhe” had been lying without even a single wrinkle.

He froze for a long time before slowly making his way to the place where the illusion was lying, as if he could feel a trace of warmth in this way. But when he moved to the other side of the bed, it was still empty.

There seemed to be a giant beast in his heart that could not be satisfied, devouring all of Yin Hanjiang’s emotions.

He didn’t dare to go back to bed and sat down in front of the table in disarray when another “Wen Renhe” appeared on the seat beside him.

Wen Renhe” took a cup and poured himself a cup of wine. After drinking half of the cup, he looked at Yin Hanjiang: “Hanjiang, why are you staring at me like this? Do you want a drink? For you.”

Wen Renhe” deliberately turned his wine glass in a different direction, directing the place where he drank from at Yin Hanjiang.

Yin Hanjiang bowed his head obediently to drink from “Wen Renhe’s” cup but it was also empty.

This time he did not lose his mind, he knew it was false, but let himself go telling himself that it was just an illusion and didn’t need to be taken seriously.

He wiped his face and took out the 《The God of Destruction (Volume 2 )》from his storage bag. In the room of venerable, he had to find something for himself to do.

Yin Hanjiang had heard Wen Renhe say that 《Abusive Love Affair》 and 《The God of Destruction》were the two books that recorded the destiny of Baili Qingmiao and He Wenchao respectively, making the two of them the center of the world. Yin Hanjiang saw with his own eyes the different scenes of the immortal spiritual illusion as Baili Qingmiao woke up and fell asleep and understood that this book was all about destiny.

If he wanted to deal with He Wenchao, he must know himself and his enemy. Although the second volume was about the immortal world, he could at last see the weaknesses of He Wenchao’s character.

Some time ago, Yin Hanjiang was still injured and didn’t dare to open the book that contained the story of his lord’s death, fearing that reading it would affect his state of mind and make it difficult for him to heal from his injuries.

Only when he returned to the Xuanyuan sect, and entered his lord’s room which was the only place that gave him some peace of mind, did he dare to read the book.

Ignoring as much as possible the news of Wen Renhe death in the previous story, Yin Hanjiang quickly read the book.

The book was about He Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao who had ascended to the Immortal Realm, first they kept a low profile but slowly rose to prominence.

Baili Qingmiao was beautiful and had a good aptitude so there were always some immortals who flirted with her, the early plot was basically driven by Baili Qingmiao. When someone bullied Baili Qingmiao, He Wenchao would step in and when she got bullied again, He Wenchao would stand up for her again.

He Wenchao’s cultivation made several breakthroughs, almost all of them related to saving Baili Qingmiao.

Women were He Wenchao’s weakness. After reading the book, Yin Hanjiang became determined.

Afterwards, the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master, Miss Gongxi, Zhong Lifei, Jia Ping and Cen Zhengqi ascended one after another. He Wenchao also met several female immortals with high cultivation as well as male immortals who were not happy with the Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven and his cultivation grew to the point where he was able to compete with the Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven.

In the process, Yin Hanjiang found that He Wenchao was almost defenseless against women, even if they were once enemies, he would treat them gently, assuming that this woman had no other male partners. At first, Baili Qingmiao had some role in the book but as other women increased her presence became dim. After a few quarrels with He Wenchao over these womens, she ran away in anger and was kidnapped by the Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven.

The Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven threw Baili Qingmiao into the Heavenly Fire of the Immortal World and wanted to refine her into a soul lamp.

When he saw the word “soul lamp”, Yin Hanjiang raised his eyebrows and felt that this Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven felt familiar.

As soon as he turned to the next page, he saw that the book wrote – Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven looked at Baili Qingmiao sorrowfully and said: “Since Wen Renhe liked you, you should not let down his feelings for you. I will turn you into an everlasting soul lamp and put this lamp into the sky above the Underworld Blood Sea so it could shine for a long time and you could stay with him forever, okay?”

These words coupled with the name of Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven, made Yin Hanjiang already completely sure that the Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven in the second volume was him, but what was his future self talking about?

Venerable likes Baili Qingmiao?

He put down the book and sat in front of the table in a daze, his eyes blank.

Baili Qingmiao had been recuperating in the Xuanyuan sect for more than a year, mostly in a sleepy state. Her soul-bound magic weapon was destroyed by chaotic Qi forcibly severing the connection between her and her weapon, making her dantian seriously injured, making it very difficult for her to heal.

But this was not a problem for Qiu Congxue, it was just a physical body, it would be good to destroy and switch to ghost cultivation. She can give Baili Qingmiao her best cultivation method and help her open the passage for Hungry Ghost Path before throwing Baili Qingmiao into it to cultivate, which was the holy land of ghost cultivation.

Qiu Congxue was a person of her words who liked taking action. Fortunately, Zhong Liqian arrived in time to tell Qiu Congxue that Baili Qingmiao’s most serious injury was not on her body but in her heart. Even if her soul was refined the wound in her soul might not be able to heal so if she went into the Hungry Ghost Path in this state, what awaited her was only death.

Zhong Liqian was not in a very good state at the time. He said that Baili Qingmiao’s heart was ashes, making even him affected so he had the urge to commit suicide every day.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Zhong Liqian’s mood control, Baili Qingmiao may have already committed suicide numerous times.

Later, Shu Yanyan asked the altar master Miao to help suppress the compulsion of the Gu. But because altar master Miao was not sure about Wen Renhe death he did not dare to completely remove the compulsion Gu from him and only relieved it with pills. After Zhong Liqian took the pills he temporarily got rid of his desire to die, but Baili Qingmiao’s condition got worse.

Zhong Liqian had to ask the master to take care of Baili Qingmiao for one night and after that night Baili Qingmiao became ill and fell into a state of lethargy. She was always dazed and confused, trying to kill herself, but having no strength to do so.

During this period of time, Baili Qingmiao would sometimes wake up from her sleep but she didn’t know where she was or how long it had been.

In her semi-consciousness, she vaguely felt that Xiu Huai placed a pair of white bones next to her, while wiping the body of white bones and muttering: “Are you stupid, what was the point of mentioning the pot? Is there something left in your brain except for fighting and eating?”

The white bones moved their jawbones, “click click click”, as if they were talking.

Baili Qingmiao couldn’t understand it but white bones and Xiu Huai were able to communicate as he said very naturally: “You are still proud of yourself that you have finally turned back into a skeleton? I worked hard to get a flesh body and I was so happy to get it. But you were able to become a scattered immortal with a real body and you are miserable?”

“Click, click, click…. Click.” The white bone’s jawbone fell.

Worry poured from Xiu Huai’s voice: “How long will it take for you to get better after becoming like this? Can you occasionally remember that you are no longer a ghost cultivator? You are a scattered immortal, your body is made up from Jiu Yang, if you lose a piece of flesh your cultivation will be reduced at one point. Your strength has already been cut down to the Nascent Soul by Patriarch Yin, if this continues, you won’t be able to keep your position as protector.”

Xiu Huai sighed while attaching the chin for the white bones, murmuring: “Protector Shu said that you first absorbed Jiu Yang by soaking your bones in Jiu Yang soup so the essence of it is in your bones. As long as you take care of it with top quality spirit stones, you can recover. Master Zhong is helping you to set up the spirit formation. I will carry you there later, cultivate well but don’t hurt your flesh anymore.”

He let out a long sigh, Xiu Huai was a Golden Core cultivator carrying a weight that a Golden Core cultivator could hardly bear.

After taking care of Qiu Congxue, he went back to feed Baili Qingmiao a spiritual medicine, skillfully pinching his master’s chin and stuffing the medicine inside. Then using his genuine Qi he pushed it down Baili Qingmiao’s throat, forcing her to swallow the medicine.

After doing all of it he carried the white bones to find Zhong Liqian.

Baili Qingmiao was conscious at this moment so she guessed that the white bones might be Qiu Congxue. She wanted to ask Xiu Huai what happened, and why she was so badly injured but even as her mouth moved slightly she wasn’t able to open it.

Xiu Huai left and Baili Qingmiao’s body became heavier when she suddenly felt someone sitting beside her and cold metal touched her face twice.

She felt a strong killing intent, and her survival instinct forced Baili Qingmiao to open her eyes.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Yin Hanjiang sitting beside her bed, a triangular bayonet dangling in front of her nose. Yin Hanjiang had a strange look in his eyes, and seemed to be hesitating whether or not to stab her.


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