Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 17.2 – The Border Town

Wen Renhe looked at the steaming pot and gave a slice of mutton to Yin Hanjiang, but he didn’t take even a single bite as he drank and listened to the show. Yin Hanjiang only thought that his lord might not like meat so he learned how to drink wine. As long as he got used to the spiciness of Shaojiu he, as a cultivator at Void realm, will not get drunk. 

In the hall on the first floor, there was a storyteller, with a strong border accent telling the story of a sharp woman from a small town who was set on her man coming home. The woman in the story has a straightforward personality, daring to love and hate, and never procrastinate so the audience applauded him.

“That’s what love should be like.”  Hearing this story Wen Renhe repeatedly nodded “if I have committed crime for love and that person also liked me I would definitely tie that person to my side. But if that person had no love toward me, I would let go. What is the use of being sticky like this?” 

With a bang《Abusive Love Affair》landed on the table. Whatever it was Baili Qingmiao or Wen Renhe they both embarked on a wrong path in this book. 

When Yin Hanjiang saw wine spilling on the cover, he revealed a curious look. Wen Renhe didn’t seem to treasure this cherished book.. 

Wen Renhe said: “This is a love story between Baili Qingmiao and He Wenchao. It tells the story of Baili Qingmiao, an excellent woman who was handed to He Wenchao to be trampled on. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”

Wen Renhe  thought it was possible to tell Protector Yin some of the contents of the book, so he could at last avoid Yin Hanjiang always looking like he wanted to say something. He was really afraid that this child would become suffocated. But those things that followed like Wen Renhe’s death or Yin Hanjiang’s madness there was no need to tell. 

“When I got this book, I only regarded it as a novel. However, after reading it, I found that it was a book that revealed the secrets of heaven.” Wen Renhe said slowly “This book is also a source of information about the Massive Demon war and I also relied on this book to predict the enemy movement.” 

Yin Hanjiang looked surprised, but did not ask questions, quietly listening to what Wen Renhe said.

Wen Renhe briefly talked about《Abusive Love Affair》that told a story of abusive love between Baili Qingmiao and He Wenchao omitting the fact that he also liked Baili Qingmiao and later died for her. But still explained what followed: “In this book I received the favor of Baili Qingmiao when she was the innate goodness in her previous life and helped me several times. That is why I wanted her to become my disciple and lead her to the merciless path to get rid of He Wenchao’s influence.”

“So that’s how it is.” The doubts in Yin Hanjiang’s heart were gradually cleared up as a sense of pride rose in his heart. Devil Venerable was really far-sighted, even if it was a romance novel he could still use it to find clues on war of demonic and righteous path. 

“I learned about the existence of snow flame thanks to this book.” Wen Renhe said “This book also mentions that Protector Yin will have an opportunity to go to Gold Coast Cliff, where there would be Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron which could be used to refine your sword.”

 In fact, the Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron was Wen Renhe chance but he subtly changed it to say that it was Yin Hanjiang opportunity so Yin Hanjiang would not be so grateful that he would live for him and die for him. Wen Renhe did not like seeing him like this. 

When he randomly picked Yin Hanjiang from a mass grave when he fought on a battlefield near the border town, he also benefited a lot, so there was no need for Yin Hanjiang to be so grateful.  

 “It so happens that both the demonic and righteous patch are recuperating at this time. Xuanyuan sect probably has nothing to do so this Venerable will follow you to the Golden Coast Cliff.” Wen Renhe said naturally.

The Xuanyuan sect… has nothing to do? Yin Hanjiang frowned and said: “Venerable,  Xuanyuan sect has no leader if Venerable leaves for too long, the Right Protector and Altars Masters might start to have second thoughts.” 

 “Doesn’t matter.” Wen Renge drank a large large mouthful of wine “It’s easier to kill all of them right away. If the righteous path can’t fight right now it is useless to keep Demonic path cultivators well. It would only bring more troubles.” 

Yin Hanjiang said reverently: “Just like Venerable says.” 

Wen Renhe hearing this curled his finger and knocked him on the forehead, displeased: “This venerable is not omniscient or omnipotent, there are times when he says things that are wrong. If protector Yin will always obey this venerable it will be hard for me to find out my own mistakes. You should use your brain once in a while and help me think about something. “

“This subordinate follows orders.” Yin Hanjiang touched his forehead and laughed.

 The trip to the border seemed to have brought them closer together, Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang had no longer rigid masters and servants relationship from the past they used to have.

 The two of them drank a total of ten jars of wine, they were a bit surprised when the shopkeeper came forward to ask for their names to leave them as a wine immortal.

Wen Renhe refused to leave his name and left without saying a word with Yin Hanjiang. The steaming pot on the table was not touched by Wen Renhe but Yin Hanjiang ate a lot.

After leaving the town before the night curfew, Wen Renhe said “It’s better for Protector Ying to take the sword to Golden Coast Cliff. The sword will not be useful for a few days so after we get Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron  we can refine it together.” 

Red Underworld Sword trembled as if it was protesting what Wen Renhe said.

 Yin Hanjiang didn’t doubt him and hurried to the Golden Coast Cliff with Wen Renhe. His sword speed was not as fast as Wen Renhe vanishing light, and the Golden Coast Cliff was a long way away, so he flew for a day and night to get there. Wen Renhe calculated that even if Baili Qingmiao returned to the sect she would not have arrived at the Golden Coast Cliff by now.

The Golden Coast Cliff was located in the most eastern part of the continent, the coast was full of fine golden sand, so it became called the Golden coast.

There was a cliff along the coast, the face of the cliff was covered with golden rocks which was called Golden Coast Cliff.

Yin Hanjiang landed on the cliff, when it was no longer possible to use the sword. It is rumored that the Golden Coast Cliff hides an immortal spirit illusion realm, but all places in the cultivation world where relics were hidden would suppress cultivation and the more profound the cultivation was the more restrictions there would be. But these cultivators below the Nascent realm could move freely. 

However even if Wen Renhe cultivation was suppressed, he was still stronger than the average person. Moreover, he has practiced martial arts and his body was lighter and more athletic than ordinary cultivators. Yin Hanjiang has been practicing sword since childhood so his skills were also quite good. The two of them stepped down from the cliff stepping very steadily on the rocks.

In the book, Baili Qingmiao fell many times and was carried back by Wen Renhe. She fell and he cried her back, strange to say but she never fell even once when carrying Wen Renhe and climbing Jiuding Mountain . But when she came to Golden Coast Cliff, she always slipped and fell. Maybe because the Golden Coast Cliff was washed by sea water for many years and the rocks were relatively looser?

Yin Hanjiang did not have this problem, he was steady on his feet and climbed fast. No matter how fast Wen Renhe went he could keep up. 

In the original book, they found the immortal spirit illusion after a month, entirely because Baili Qingmiao has to twist her feet once every few thousand words, hurt shoulder and change the pattern of her injury from time to time so he always had to stop to heal her. 

He didn’t know exactly where the Immortal spirit illusion was, in《Abusive Love Affair》Baili Qingmiao was bitten by a poisonous bat one day and passed out. Wen Renhe hugged her and found the entrance to the Immortal spirit illusion Realm while Baili Qingmiao was dying. The snow flame was found when Baili Qingmiao was about to freeze to death, and the Jiu Yang ran to her after Baili Qingmiao fell unconscious. 

Wait, could it be that the reason these heavenly treasures appeared was because Baili Qingmiao was dying?

After three days of searching, Wen Renhe stopped on his tracks. Was it possible that if Baili Qingmiao was not there, the Immortal Spirit Illusion realm would not manifest itself?

Wen Renhe was in dilemma.

“Venerable?” Yin Hanjiang saw Wen Renhe stop on the cliff deep in thought and quickly come over.

“This Venerable seems too….” Wen Renhe was just about to speak when he glimpsed a greenish-black thing rushing towards Yin Hanjiang. He immediately waved his long sleeve and turned his arm into a blood mist and wrapped that thing in it.

After a while, the bat melted into a blood puddle in Wen Renhe bloody mist and fell drop by drop into the sea water. 

“Venerable your hand…” Yin Hanjiang’s voice trembled as he looked at Wen Renhe’s arm that had dissipated into mist. 

“So you still found our secret.” Wen Renhe smiled, bloody mist condensed into an arm before he rubbed Yin Hanjiang’s head.


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