In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 72.1 – They Are All Out Of Their Shells

Zhao Lingyu had someone test the blood that he had gotten from Corbien before and after determining that Corbien was not a human being, he was always worried.

The gap between the higher civilization and the Human Federation was very, very large. Now people from the higher civilization have been watching them and paying close attention to them.

This kind of realization made Zhao Lingyu feel creeped out.

The Human Federation could not match the higher civilization, no matter if it was about technology or personal strength. At that time, the higher civilization chose to let Corbien secretly collect his blood quietly in order to not let the humans know about their existence, but after Corbien’s failure?

He has been thinking about ways to deal with it, but just from the fact that Corbien could use certain technological products to come and go from his main ship made all his ideas useless.

Humans were simply no match for the higher civilization for now.

It was because of this that Zhao Lingyu made the nourishing potion public.

But at this time, the gap between the two sides was too great. He could only show enough of his skills so that the other side wouldn’t treat him as an ant to be crushed at will, giving him the opportunity to start developing slowly.

He knew nothing about the Ruoya Empire and this was the best way he could think of at this time.

They and the higher civilization didn’t have a conflict of interest and the higher civilization even needed something he had in his hands. In such a case, the higher civilization wouldn’t only not harm them, but would even protect them…

After getting in contact with Crohn, he was relieved to know that the higher civilization had problems in reproduction.

Only, he was obviously too happy too soon.

Looking at the convention center that had almost become ruins, Zhao Lingyu felt deep remorse.

But he really didn’t have a better idea to deal with the situation at that time. Under the circumstances, it was impossible for him to leave when danger was approaching, not to mention that even if he was willing to travel to some faraway place, Shen Qiushi and Zhao Peng wouldn’t necessarily be willing to go.

The two mecha that launched the attack have already taken a child out of the shell, their speed very fast. But Zhao Lingyu couldn’t fly after them.

Grabbing several robots around him, Zhao Lingyu used all his strength and then threw it out to hit the machine holding his child.

Zhao Lingyu has never stopped practicing that body cultivation technique, so his strength was great. At the same time, double cultivation with Ren Sheng also allowed him to develop some spiritual powers. So these robots that hit the mecha made it shake and almost fall down.

Without thinking about it, Zhao Lingyu grabbed a piece of the ruins of the convention and exhibition center and threw it again.

At this time, two powerful auras rose from the distance and a fiery red machine armor rushed in from a distance.

The pilot of that mecha that took over the child was no other than the female ability user who had taken several hard attacks from Ren Sheng before. Her mecha already had some problems, so she didn’t dodge Zhao Lingyu’s attack, making her own mecha damage even more serious.

Now, seeing the fiery red mecha in the distance, the female ability user threw the child to another mecha and then swept the powerful chain from the top to the bottom, smashing the large pieces of ruins thrown up by Zhao Lingyu.

She wanted to use this momentum to leave the premises, but didn’t expect that the chains in her hands would break, leaving her without a weapon.

Zhao Lingyu’s expression remained the same as he rushed toward his own aircraft. Looking at the fiery red mecha at the same time and shouting, “Save the child!” This red mecha belonged to Crohn.

The child had been put into the co*kpit by another mecha. Crohn, who chased after it at high speed, concentrated all his attacks on its limbs. Soon both sides left the atmosphere.

Zhao Lingyu who drove the aircraft, however rushed towards the mecha that had fallen behind. His aircraft was specially modified, so it not only had amazing speed, but was equipped with many weapons. After activating the extreme speed mode, he rushed after the other party, just like he rushed toward the Zerg queen before. In the fire caused by the explosion of the aircraft, he climbed to the top of the mecha.

After a few punches, Zhao Lingyu’s now exceptionally hard skin cracked, but the mecha co*kpit was also finally smashed open.

Zhao Lingyu now used his fusion ability at full strength.

The effect of the dual cultivation was very good, so Zhao Lingyu’s ability has almost recovered. At the beginning, he could suck the Zerg queen’s power dry, so now he could also suck the ability of the man in front of him. Even more, because his body strength was much stronger than before, he didn’t need to worry about sucking too much energy and bursting to death. But there was so much energy that his ability nucleus once again shattered in pieces.

His ability was once again ruined.

The pain in his body was comparable to that which he felt when he faced the Zerg queen, but Zhao Lingyu didn’t fall unconscious and was very much awake.

He landed with a flip on top of an aircraft that the Human Federation sent for support and looked up.

The mecha that snatched the child and the red mecha that came later were no longer visible, but a small silver-white aircraft came from afar. Zhao Lingyu, who had been able to use some of his spiritual power these days under Crohn’s guidance, felt keenly at this time that the one flying this silver-white aircraft should be Keith.

Or rather, this was not an aircraft but a small warship.

With a hard kick, Zhao Lingyu accurately jumped onto the small warship and followed the warship out of the atmosphere.

By this time, Ren Sheng had already put away the turtle shell, and held the remaining three eggs tightly.

He had vomited a lot of blood, so if it was in the past he would have been very distressed and then hurriedly absorb it all or stuff it into Zhao Lingyu’s mouth.

He also felt the strong aura of refined soil, the mecha that was shot down by Zhao Lingyu was stained with Zhao Lingyu blood. If it was before Ren Sheng would definitely rush to it as well.

But now, he didn’t do anything and just stared at the sky as he clutched the children in his hands.

Whether it was his blood or refined soil it was not as important as his children.

When he decided to have these four children, he was actually completely unprepared. At that time, he didn’t even know how to be a father.

He decided to grow these four children, because he thought Zhao Lingyu wanted children… just like an experiment.

He never thought there was anything wrong with that before, but now he knew that he was a little irresponsible.

If he could be more cautious, if he could have understood earlier that he was no longer a plant that could survive as long as it had water, soil, and sun, and didn’t want children for the time being, would he still have to watch his children being snatched away?

Ren Sheng’s expression was somewhat bewildered and at this time the eggs in his arms suddenly moved.

Consumed by regret, Ren Sheng finally came back to his senses, only to find that the three eggs in his arms were all stained with his blood and one of them suddenly broke open and stretched out a small hand.

This little hand was very small, but was chubby and looked very cute. When he casually touched it, it shrank back. Then a small head with sparse hair stretched out with both eyes open, as black eyes stared at Ren Sheng.

The child made a small sound while showing a big smile towards Ren Sheng.

This was a very lovely picture and every time Ren Sheng used to fantasize about it, just thinking about it made him feel very happy. But now it only made his eyes heat up.

“Ren, don’t worry, the child will be fine, Lingyu will definitely bring him back.” Shen Qiushi said.

“Yes.” Ren Sheng opened his eyes, the child will definitely be fine!

He didn’t know if it was because of the birth of the two children, which drove the other children, or because Ren Sheng’s blood had a catalytic effect. But at this moment, the other two eggs also cracked open one after another.

The third child who came out of the shell looked at Ren Sheng through the crack, then shrank back again and began to slowly gnaw on the egg shell, or rather shell of it’s seed. The last child to come out of the shell after climbing out, hugged the shell in his arms and ate it in a big gulp, while eating and staring at the mecha that was knocked down by Zhao Lingyu.

The two children born later gnawed on their eggshells, but the second child who came out of the shell completely ignored his shell, instead crawling to Ren Sheng and licking the wound on Ren Sheng’s hand. After licking it for a while, he even showed a big smile towards Ren Sheng.

Ren Sheng used to value his own blood very much, but at this moment he didn’t feel the slightest feeling of reluctance. He stuffed two Qi Replenishing Pills into his mouth, divided his blood flow into four parts to give each of his three children. The remaining one filled a jade bottle for now.

At this moment he almost couldn’t maintain his human form, so his pair of legs suddenly turned into roots. Fortunately, before that, he had covered his legs with the cloth that originally covered the basket.


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