In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 22 – Ren Sheng’s Flaws

Allowing Ren Sheng to stay in the Enlightenment Class to study, Zhao Lingyu used his guardian privileges to supervise him, while entering a private meeting room and contacting Wu Shuai.

“Boss!” Wu Shuai, who reappeared in front of Zhao Lingyu, had changed his appearance again and although it was still beautiful, it was a self-contained image of the system that was said to have more than 100 million users.

“How is the situation outside recently?” Zhao Lingyu asked. Wu Shuai and the others had left the Zhao family after meeting him last time and were looking for evidence these days.

“Boss, we’ve found some evidence, but neither the Locke family nor the Yang family has taken action personally, so I am afraid we will only find a few scapegoats in the end.” What he didn’t say was that if Zhao Lingyu didn’t show up, they might not even be able to bring down these scapegoats. 

“Boss, the First Legion is a bit unstable right now.” At present, all soldiers, no matter if it was the First Legion belonging to the Zhao family or the Second Legion belonging to the Yang family, worshipped Zhao Lingyu, but some of the middle and senior officers were very ‘clear-headed’. Worship wasn’t something that could be eaten for a meal, so the First Legion was already looking for a new home.

“I understand. In a month’s time, I will attend Human New Life Day.” Zhao Lingyu could also guess that it was time for him to appear in front of the public, now that his body was recovering well.

As for Human New Life Day… it was on this day that they found Capital Star, when humans left the earth to find a new place to live. Finally, this day became a common celebration of all mankind, and the Capital Star would hold a grand military parade.

“Boss, are you alright?” Wu Shuai asked in surprise.

“I’m afraid my ability can’t be restored, but my body is fine.” Zhao Lingyu said. His body wasn’t just fine, it was simply too good to be true! Hopefully he will adjust a little better by then and won’t trample on the ship.

The surprise on Wu Shuai’s face intensified as he even choked a bit in the end. “Boss ……”

After talking to Wu Shuai, Zhao Lingyu looked at the small screen in the upper right corner, which showed Ren Sheng following the teacher in the class.

In order to prevent the child from thinking rigidly, beginners classes were taught by real teachers. Ren Sheng’s teacher was the little girl who had received them in the first place.

“Child Ginseng, will you answer this question?” The little teacher looked at Ren Sheng smilingly.

When Ren Sheng stood up, all those kids who came to class with their original faces were immediately looked down upon by him. He quickly answered the question and said, “I’m not a child.” He had gotten himself such a big body now, why was he still being called a child?

“I know, I know.” The little girl responded with a smile. Children didn’t want to be called children. She understood.

Ren Sheng saw the teacher’s expression and sat down sullenly. Zhao Lingyu who was looking at the screen, couldn’t help but smile. But then looking at the word ‘ginseng’ he frowned again.

Ginseng? Ren Sheng’s name was very strange. Does it have a special meaning?

Thinking of this, Zhao Lingyu immediately looked up the meaning of “ginseng”.

Ginseng was a plant from ancient earth and it was called the king of the herbs.

“Ginseng tastes sweet and slightly sour. Mainly used to nourish the five internal organs, calms the spirit, calms the soul, stops palpitations, removes evil Qi, enlightens the eyes, and prolonged use prolongs life…”

Looking at the explanation, Zhao Lingyu suddenly remembered the medicine Ren Sheng had given him.

This medicine can’t be a ginseng, right? But where would Reng Sheng get it?

At the end of the beginner class, Ren Sheng who came out of the classroom, had no idea of Zhao Lingyu’s struggles and was just eager to go to the plant ability class. “Ling… Yu Lin let’s go!”

“Let’s go.” Zhao Lingyu brought Ren Sheng into the Ability guild and then chose the training course for rare plant ability users.

Empaths were precious and plant-ability empaths were even rarer, so naturally no one would teach Ren Sheng this time. Together with Zhao Lingyu, he only watched instructional videos from the Empaths Guild collection.

Human’s abilities were acquired after entering the universe. At that time, the humans who knew about the existence of universe powerhouses and interstellar beasts suddenly found themselves extremely pitiful. In a state of panic, they suddenly received the help of an advanced civilization. That advanced civilization provided some genes to humans and after fusing with the genes, they gained supernatural abilities.

There were many types of supernatural abilities, but after tens of thousands of years of development, the characteristics of each type had become very clear.

Plant ability users had a natural affinity for plants and could use their powers to ripen plants or use surrounding plants to help them fight. For example, the most powerful plant user carried an interstellar variant vine with him. Relying on that vine, he once captured a small star bandit group on his own and also used this vine to tow the warship to a military garrison.

Ren Sheng was getting more and more excited as he watched the explanation.

No matter how high an affinity for plants a plant ability user had, it couldn’t compare to him who was a plant himself, and ripening plants… As long as he was willing to use the refined soil in his hand or energy in his body, it couldn’t be any more easier for him to make ordinary plants quickly sprout and bear fruit.

So, he could totally play the role of a plant ability user!

Zhao Lingyu didn’t pay much attention to the course explanation and only observed Ren Sheng’s expression. Naturally, he observed Ren Sheng’s expression of joy and made a decision at that moment. He must not let this child go out alone in the future or else he might sell himself out if he wasn’t careful!

“I’m a plant ability user and I am great at it!” As soon as he took off his starnet helmet, Ren Sheng immediately grasped Zhao Lingyu’s hand and unconsciously touched it.

Would he be able to stretch out his roots by pretending to be a plant ability user?

“Yes?” Zhao Lingyu asked rhetorically.

“Of course…” Ren Sheng coughed a little guiltily.

“Ren Sheng, you showed a lot of flaws.” Zhao Lingyu glanced at the teenager in front of him. “You eat a lot of food everyday, more than a normal ability user can eat but you never go to the toilet. You carry nothing with you but you can take out miraculous medicine. You are obviously very small, but you are admitting you aren’t young. You know nothing about the modern world, yet you’re proficient in ancient Chinese…”

As Zhao Lingyu spoke, Ren Sheng’s eyes opened wider and wider. He didn’t even know he showed so many flaws!

“Ren Sheng, these days, you should already know something about current technology and with your current situation, we can know a lot of things if we use your blood for testing.”

Ren Sheng stood up sharply and looked at Zhao Lingyu guardedly. He knew that his body parts had never been stolen these days, but Zhao Lingyu’s words still scared him.

The vigilance in Ren Sheng’s eyes made Zhao Lingyu feel a little uncomfortable, but he knew very well that if he did not know Ren Sheng’s situation, he would not be able to protect him. “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to hurt you, but I need to know the truth about you.”


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