In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 40. 1 – Refining The Face Nourishing Pill

Elder Teng was very popular in the First Legion and everywhere he went, people greeted him excitedly. The soldiers admired strength and he just happened to have great strength, and did a lot of good deeds.

The management here is very strict. Elder Teng turned around the premises and felt a bit emotional.

“The Marshal has high expectations of everyone!” The rookie instructor said with a little pride.

“Don’t you think he’s too strict?” Those people from before were still running laps…

“The Marshal is doing it for our own good. A  little more training now will give us a greater chance of surviving in the future.” The rookie instructors were full of adoration.

Zhao Lingyu’s fans were really everywhere. Elder Teng coughed and asked again, “What about Ren Sheng? I see that you all seem to like him a lot?”

Here it was!  Elder Teng really began to inquire about Ren Sheng! The rookie instructor was excited. “Ren Sheng is very good. He not only didn’t leave the Marshal when he was injured, but he is also very powerful. He’s not only a plant ability user, but also an S-Class battleship pilot…” 

Ren Sheng was an S-Class battleship pilot? How was it possible? Elder Teng felt he was  hallucinating. Ren Sheng, who had small arms and legs had high hand speed?  You know, he had piloted a spaceship all over the universe, but his piloting skill was only A-class.

Seeing that Elder Teng didn’t believe him, the newcomer instructor added… “As long as you take the number plate, you can watch the video of Ren Sheng piloting the warship yesterday on the army’s internal starnet.”

“I want to see it,” Elder Teng said directly. Was the master he accepted really that powerful?

Ren Sheng has been playing all morning. While piloting the warship, he forgot the time as soon as he started, so he didn’t see Elder Teng again until he went to the cafeteria with Zhao Lingyu at noon. At this time, Elder Teng looked at him with a very strange expression.

“Elder Teng, the lab has been set up so you can go there after eating.” Ren Sheng thought of how he had forgotten his disciple once again this morning and was a little embarrassed.

“Good.” Elder Teng nodded and looked at Ren Sheng. He looked as if he wanted to say something.

“What’s the matter?” Ren Sheng asked and touched his face, his current appearance was not a problem, right?

“Ren Sheng, we showed Elder Teng the video of you and the Marshal piloting the warship yesterday.” Sutton, who was standing next to Elder Teng, stood up in a hurry with a sense of excitement. After he finished talking to Ren Sheng he said to Elder Teng, “Elder Teng, Ren Sheng is really powerful.”

“I know.” Elder Teng nodded. He was beaten down in a fight with Ren Sheng…

“Elder Teng, are you going to accept Ren Sheng as your apprentice?” Sutton asked again cautiously.

“…” Elder Teng was speechless for a while. He wondered why these people always boasted about Ren Sheng in front of him and it turned out to be because of this… “I have no intention of that.”

 “Ah?” The people who had previously helped say a lot of good things about Ren Sheng froze.

“Didn’t I already say it? Ren Sheng is my teacher. This time I came to the First Legion to learn from him.” Elder Teng looked at the faces of the people around him with a smile and then walked to Ren Sheng. In front of those people who did not dare to believe him, he said, “Master, I’m going to eat with you, after eating we’ll go to the lab!” Ren Sheng had said he still had some strange plants, so he must study them carefully!

“Don’t eat with us, eat alone. We’ll come to you when we’re done.” Ren Sheng intuitively refused. He wanted to eat with Zhao Lingyu and did not want to have others stare at him.

Rejected again… He was so unpopular? Elder Teng became a little sad.

Well, in fact, he also knew that Ren Sheng wanted to live with Zhao Lingyu in a two person world. But most people would not say it so directly, even if they thought like this. His master was really different. 

Zhao Lingyu had already ordered their meal, and he asked for more food this time than yesterday. The chef looked at him full with emotion. “Marshal, your appetite has grown again! Don’t worry, I will give you a larger quantity this time.” Yesterday he prepared a full portion of rice, but there was not even any soup left on the plate, so the Marshal shouldn’t have enough to eat, right? Today, he must not let it happen again!

“Yes.” Zhao Lingyu answered vaguely, not daring to say that most of it had gone into Ren Sheng’s stomach.

Seeing that Ren Sheng once again swept away all the food on the table not even letting go of the soup, Zhao Lingyu could not help but touch his stomach. “Ren, you’ve been eating more and more lately…” He not only just ate, but also used about 50% nutrient solution more at night. So in order to keep people from getting suspicious, he could only smuggle it back to his room over and over again.    “I’m pregnant, of course I have to eat more.” Ren Sheng said. This time, he consumed more energy than ever before, so he could not help but want to eat more. Now he has even begun to absorb the refined soil he saved up before. 

Pregnant? The fact that Ren Sheng always brings up the topic of pregnancy recently really makes Zhao Lingyu a little sad.

However, after Ren Sheng said it so often, it really made him feel a little different about the four fruit on Ren Sheng’s head.

For Ren Sheng’s sake, he will grow them well in the future and then find a way to make them gain their spiritual wisdom. Thinking that there may be a few children like Ren Sheng, Zhao Lingyu’s expression softened, “Then eat more, I also asked people to put a lot of nutrient solution in your laboratory. You can drink it at any time. Just be careful not to let Elder Teng find it out.” 

“Lingyu you are so nice!”  Ren Sheng stood up and gave Zhao Lingyu a kiss.

Zhao Lingyu liked Ren Sheng’s enthusiasm very much and remembered one thing. “By the way, Ren Sheng, do you have more Qiankun bags?  If there is, I help you fill it with nutrient solution or something so it will be more convenient.”

“Yes.” Ren Sheng nodded and quickly gave a bag in his hand to Zhao Lingyu.

When he input his spiritual energy into this so-called Qiankun bag, Zhao Lingyu found that there were several hundred cubic meters of space inside. There was enough for him to fill with nutritional liquid and nutritional meals not to mention, maybe it can also had other functions.

After eating with Zhao Lingyu, Ren Sheng went to the laboratory with Elder Teng. 

Zhao Lingyu gave them a large laboratory with a sun room. The things inside were all well prepared, so Ren Sheng observed them with great interest. Then he found a large jar of nutrient solution and poured it into a cultivation tank, and then quietly threw a small grain of refined soil in it. 


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