TOFUH – Chapter 120.2 – The Farce Of The County Government

Most people of the country town had nothing to do with Jiang Zhen or Jinzhen escort agency. At this time they were just excited to see an imperial envoy trial a villain.

“My lord, please give me justice!” Old lady Jiang who followed after Jiang Zhen knelt on the ground, howling and crying.

Jiang Zhen was beautifully dressed, but the Jiang family that was dressed in rags looked very pitiful.

People sympathize with the weak so when they saw this scene even if some people still have some doubts before they now also thought that Jiang Zhen was not good and just like Zhou Maohe showed sympathy for the Jiang family.

Zhou Maohe them slapped the wood chair and said to Jiang Zhen: “Jiang Zhen, do you admit your guilt?”

Jiang Zhen did not say anything.

Zhou Maohe looked at the indifferent Jiang Zhen very angry but suddenly found that… Jiang Zhen never knelt down!

He immediately slapped the wooden chair again: “You kneel down for me!”

After he crossed over, he had never kneeled to anyone, even when he met Zheng Yi’s second uncle in the capital. He never keeled but now they wanted him to kneel down?

In fact, kneeling was not worth mentioning. It was said that man knees were made from gold but when he was trained he had to do everything. For those who kneel down to practice shooting guns, it was really not worth mentioning.

But kneeling down to Zhou Maohe he was still a little reluctant in the end.

“Someone, tell him to kneel down for me!” Zhou Maohe said.

As soon as Zhou Maohe words fell, someone came forward and wanted to kick Jiang Zhen in the crook of his leg.

“Wait!” Just then, a voice suddenly sounded outside.

That voice was familiar to Jiang Zhen, and when he turned his head to look, he saw Zhao Jinge.

Zhao Jinge after pushing away several people was now standing at the entrance of the court looking worriedly at Jiang Zhen.

“Impudent!” Zhou Maohe looked at Zhao Jinge with dissatisfaction.

Zhou Maohe was also very dissatisfied with Zhao Jinge, who was not filial to the two old people of the Jiang family. He would not have let Zhao Jinge go if he hadn’t seen Zhao Jinge dressed in rags and seemed to have been treated badly by Jiang Zhen.

But now he was even more dissatisfied with Zhao Jinge.

“Jinge.” Jiang Zhen frowned. He didn’t want to kneel before and there was a little dissatisfaction in his heart but now..

He could not implicate Zhao Jinge.

Jiang Zhen was about to kneel when he heard a sharp voice saying: “Where is Jiang Zhen? There is an edict here! Jiang Zhen accepted the imperial edict!”

The imperial edict? Almost everyone in the room froze at these words.

How could an imperial edict come out of nowhere? This edict was even for Jiang Zhen?

Zhou Maohe couldn’t help but frown, but no matter how discontented he was, he still had to give way for the imperial edict.

The Jiang family was stunned, the imperial envoy was already a legendary figure but there was also a imperial edict? That imperial edict? To Jiang Zhen?

What the hell is going on here? How could Jiang Zhen still receive the imperial edict?

Jiang Chengxiang’s face turned white and he suddenly started to regret it. He had already made up his mind not to provoke Jiang Zhen so why he could still be persuaded to sue Jiang Zhen?

The people outside also felt it was very strange, surprisingly and imperial edict had come… What was going on?

No matter how doubtful everyone was at this time all people have to kneel down to listen to the decree.

“the Imperial edict from emperor Fengtian Chengyun… for Jiang Zhen from Hecheng County for offering the strategy of saving people lives…”

The imperial decree was the most ordinary single-colored imperial decree, after all, Jiang Zhen was just a civilian.

The reward was also not much, in addition to a hundred gold, there was only a plaque that was a little embarrassing to Jiang Zhen – the benevolence of the doctor.

In the previous dynasty, if he was calm and good-natured, he might have been given the lowest rank. But in Daqi, if he had not made great contributions to the country, he could not be given the title so naturally, it was impossible for Jiang Zhen to receive this honor.

But the imperial edict still give him preferential treatment.

“Awarded person do not need to kneel, so there you are.” The middle-aged eunuch holding the imperial edict seemed to be a little uncomfortable, almost holding himself up to finish reading the imperial edict. At the end of reading his voice also becomes hoarse.

In Daqi as long as you have a scholar’s reputation, you can see face officials without kneeling down. This preferential treatment was actually nothing, but at this time there was such an edict.

Zhou Maohe face become black.

When eunuch saw Zhou Maohe his heart beat like a drum.

Zhou Maohe even dares to defend the Empress Dowager, let alone them eunuchs. In fact he did not want to talk to Zhou Maohe at all.

Just …… young master Zheng forced them so there was nothing he could do.

“Lord Zhou, Jiang Zhen offered a method of healing wounds, saving the lives of many people. Many generals, attach great importance to him, Lord Zhou ……”

“What exactly is this Jiang Zhen this official will naturally judge it clearly! There is no need for eunuch to say more!” Zhou Maohe said.

Although this edict allowed Jiang Zhen to not kneel before officials, it ended there. He did not believe that he could not let Jiang Zhen obey the law!

Thinking in this way, Zhou Maohe looked gloomily at Jiang Zhen and planned to teach Jiang Zhen some lessons before going on with the trial.

“Where grandparents and parents are present, but the children and grandchildren have established separate registries to divide the property, the penalty is 100 hits with the cane.” Zhou Maohe said: “Come on, men! Drag him out and beat him!”

In the previous dynasty, there were children and grandchildren who established separate household registers and divided property. This was splitting the family and hiding private money, they were sentenced to three years in jail, but in Daqi it was changed to a hundred sticks.

This change was made a long time ago but there were few who have been beaten for this reason. The people of Hecheng County did not even know that there was such a thing before.

This… it really worked like this? The people were full of doubts, but Zhao Jinge was very anxious.

“My Lord! Jiang Zhen became a member of my family so he can’t afford to be accused of it! ” Zhao Jinge said loudly.

Just then, the big drum outside the Yamen sounded, and at the same time, He Chunsheng’s father came out of nowhere: “my Lord, I want to complain! I want to sue my son… for hiding money! “

He father was stopped by Yamen officer but he still shouted very loudly, not only that, but soon several middle-aged or elderly men rushed over and crowded around him: “My Lord, my Lord, I also want to complain!”

“I want to complain, too!”

“Me too!”




All this people were introduced to He Chunsheng by his father, one by one… they were all gamblers from Hecheng County.

If these people lose money, they would need to sell their own children and wife but now they could get money if they come to Yamen to sue so they were naturally willing to do so.

They didn’t care about their married daughters or gers sons at all. Some of them even had gone to them to borrow money and were thrown out so they even held a grudge against their daughters.

‘My Lord  haven’t eaten for several days, and I have no money to spend. My daughter won’t give me any money. Your excellency, you must give me justice!”

“Your excellency, my son-in-law is very rich but he forbids my daughter from giving money to me. Your excellency, you must give me justice!”

Father He also shouted: “My lord, when my ger son got married he left me alone, my lord! I am very miserable!”

Zhou Maohe face becomes black: “Don’t mess around!”

These people were obviously here to make trouble. In this world, who would anyone ask a married woman for money to make a living?

This was definitely Jiang Zhen doing so he would let him get off the hook!

Zhou Maohe was already becoming a little angry but at this time Jiang Ping came inside with the people from Hexi Village.

There were so many people coming that they squeezed out the onlookers.

As a matter of fact, some onlookers were reluctant to leave, but among the people in Hexi Village, they are mixed escort guards from the Jinzhen escort agency,

It was really easy for these people to push those people away.

“My lord, we are here to testify for Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen did not commit a crime.  He did not commit a crime of unfilial piety! ” Jiang Ping said but when he spoke he felt a little guilty.

But soon his guilt soon disappeared.

Although Jiang Zhen went a little too far at the beginning, what Jiang Zhen did was much better than what Jiang Chengwen and Jiang Chengxiang did!

These two men were very unfilial, not only squeezing all the money from the old Jiang couple but also refusing to work and insasting on letting these two old people do all farm work for them.

“Please be sensible, my lord.” Others from Hexi Village also knelt down.

If Jiang Zhen had been unforgiving to Jiang’s family, they would not necessarily come to testify, but in fact, Jiang Zhen did not do anything to Jiang’s family! Before when the Jiang family wanted to sell Jiang Xiaomei, he also spent money to buy Jiang Xiaomei and let her live in his family. They also heard that Jiang Xiaomei will get married in few days and Jiang Zhen will even give her a dowry.

By contrast, it was…. Them who were not kind to Jiang family.

The Jiang family even went as far as wanting to sue their own son and brother, this… It’s not sure what they will do to them in the future!

At this time many people were kneeling one by one at the county courthouse door, some were here to sue, some were here to testify so the commotion was very big. 


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